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Govind G Nair

Crime Thriller Comedy


Govind G Nair

Crime Thriller Comedy

The Dec's

The Dec's

18 mins 192 18 mins 192


The story begins 2 months after the Civil Service Examination. "Another boring day ", said the trio. The three were detectives but still no case to solve. Their names were Gautham, Prince, and Gokul. They were sitting eating breakfast in their apartment at Hyderabad.

Gautham was top ranker, Prince second, and Gokul third.

Gautham read the newspaper as usual "Doctors disappeared while returning back home". "Doctors to return home before 8 pm". "What's happening in Hyderabad?"." Will this mystery be solved?". "What a nice case to solve". "But don't think we'll get the case". "It's been 2 months and still no cases," said Prince. Gautham heard his phone ringing. "Pick the phone Gokul "said Gautham. Gokul took the phone "Displays risk". "It's another spam number". When Gokul was just going to cut the call Gautham shouted "stop". "You are holding the phone upside-down. Give it to me". He made it straight and read ksir "It's Kishore sir you fool, You'll have to wear spectacles soon". He took the phone and said "hello sir u there?". "Yes Gautham I have something important to tell you". "What is it, sir?". 

"You may have read in the newspaper about Doctors disappearing". "The department wasn't able to find efficient detectives. "I told them about you guys and stuff and they hired you people for the case". "Thank you sir," said Gautham. His face suddenly lit with a big smile as if he won a lottery.

From a boring day it turned into the best day ever. Gautham told this to Prince and Gokul and they went out for a big dinner. 10:00 at night Kishore sir called and said "start your work by tomorrow". "You have 2 weeks, got it". Gautham gave the reply "yes" with joy. The next day Gautham woke up at 6 in the morning.

While the other 2 were sleeping, he opened his laptop

to do some research and was shocked. "Oh no! all the information except the doctor's name were deleted from each hospital's site". Gautham already knew the names of the doctors which is of no use. The case is going to be tricky and interesting. Gautham suddenly called Prince and Gokul; they leisurely woke up. Gautham told them everything. They got mad "how are we going to solve this case?" both asked at the same time. "Don't worry, we" ll find a way" said Gautham." We have to inform my sister, she went to duty in Namaha Hospital. hurry!". By 8:30 they reached the hospital. "Thank god you're safe" Gautham said to his cousin sister Devi. "Go home before evening," said Gautham. He felt a bit relaxed and started searching for clues in the hospital. Even small clues were important at this time.

Next day at 7:30 pm Gautham with Prince and Gokul again went to see how his sister was, after going to a few hospitals investigating and returning downhearted. 

She was fine and safe. Suddenly there was a power cut and as the lights came back Devi was nowhere to be seen.

"Devu, where are you?" asked Gautham. Her room was on first floor. So Gautham heard an engine starting and rushed out of the room and saw an Auto going. Both Prince and Gokul were waiting in the car, "Start the car!" shouted Gautham. Gokul started the car but it was not moving. Gautham looked at its tires and realized it was punctured. "You were in the car till now, then how can it happen?" said Gautham. "Sorry dude, we were so deep into the music," said Gokul. "Oh god!". "What is happening on the Earth?". "Oh look, I found his wallet". Gautham took his wallet and got his aadhar, which was definitely a fake one. Gautham read his name T.Perrera. "What a funny name sounds like one of Sri Lanka's cricket players?". "Let's inform this to Kishore sir," said Gautham. "Ok ok" said Prince and Gokul. They informed this to Kishore sir. The police along with the cyber cell checked for him. After an hour or so Kishore sir informed that Perrera had flown to Spain and that they were unable to track him, "Back up boys!" he said.

                                                         Vacation/Criminal in Spain

 "A vacation in Spain," said Gokul jokingly. "No! a criminal in Spain' said Prince and Gautham, "no wonder that aadhar was a fake one or how he could manage to board the flight," the trio thought. Kishore sir immediately arranged a tutor for a Spanish crash course for the trio named Samayara Gandhi. "Ola means hello, adios means bye" taught Samayara. Within 15 minutes she taught them a few important words. Right after 45 minutes they boarded a private plane of the department which got permission to land on the airport by the Spanish government. In the plane, Gautham was remembering their detective code. "My friend in Spain will be waiting for you three in the airport he will say ola Me Perrera. in return you should say ola Me Perrera too" Kishore sir had told Gautham.

After 9 hours 15 minutes, they reached Spain as it was a private plane. "I wonder where Perrera is" said the person who came to pick Perrera from the airport(both trio and Perrera flew at the same day). "Let me try saying the code then Perrera will reply and I'll get to know" whispered that man to himself. "Ola Me Perrera, Ola Me Perrera" he shouted. At the same time Gautham, Prince and Gokul were waiting for a person to say the code and pick them up. 2 meters away in a crowd a person was calling "Ola Me Perrera". Gautham heard it and went into the crowd saying "Ola Me Perrera". Then he finally saw that man and said Ola in reply to his code he called Gokul and Prince. Then the man asked, "Boss your assistants are also with you huh?". Gautham did not understand what he was saying "leave it," Gautham said to himself.

After 25 minutes T. Perrera arrived at the airport at the same time the man who came to pick the trio and the man started calling "Ola Me Perrera" Perrera heard it and in reply said Ola Me Perrera the code was the same for both trio and Perrera. Their receivers were switched, as Perrera had a halt hence his reaching was delayed. The trio followed the man to a car and got on it. While in the car the man asked "Mr. Perrera from which hospital are you going to kidnap doctors?". The trio realized they have switched places. "Let's arrest him" whispered Prince in Gautham's ear. "Not now I will pretend as Boss and will get to know about their plans" whispered Gautham in Prince's ear and Prince to Gokul. "K" said Gokul. "Hmm...Spain really the only thing I heard was some Spanish words spoken by Devi in her dreams"." It still irritates me when she used to learn Spanish aah!! Devi I should find her," said Gautham in his mind. The trio  planned of visiting IKEA. They already had visited IKEA in Hyderabad but in Spain, it would be more fun. They anyway had to check the plan of this guy. After 45 min they reached this hotel called Gran Via Centric. Then this guy gave the trio their luggage. "See you tomorrow in IKEA bye" said the Guy and drove off. "Really! is he able to read our minds," said Prince and Gokul. "You guys wait and watch," said Gautham. "Watch what"? Asked Gokul and Prince. "I have attached a tracker on the trunk of that guy's car". "While he was taking suitcase I did this" explained Gautham. 

                                                    The Chase Begins

"Let's follow him now" said Gautham. Wait don't be suspicious first let us be fresh" said Gokul. "K" said Gautham and Prince. After 10 mins they got fresh and rented a car for 2 days one for today and next for IKEA. With some money gone which Kishore sir had given they got a good car. They started following the car. they were 2 km away from that car. It was halted somewhere. "Let's catch him red handed" said Gautham. Gautham drove the car at speed of 70 km per hr. They went by a shortcut and reached there on time it was a traffic signal of 45 seconds. Traffic was over and all the cars started to move one car turned towards a small kind of shortcut road. And Also in GPS the car turned towards that same road. Let's follow him now, said Gautham.

While coming the roads had a lot of humps. The car was already hitting the ground and the small road was terrible!. After a long drive the car stopped at a place. Gautham parked his car 5 meters away. A man came out of car and ran to a place. The trio followed him and Gokul read something at top of the place "BENVINGUTS" read Gokul. It had a sign of Barcelona club. "Come fast Gokul" said Gautham in a hurry. Gautham had noticed he drove a Lamborghini car and was wearing jersey of Barcelona jersey with a random name at the back. "Oh! A Barcelona fan, a thief who stole a luxurious car and one who talked about kidnapping doctors came to this place I mean stadium". That man ran down the stairs of the stadium and a huge crowd gathered him. 'Did something happen? I need to catch him' said Gautham to himself. With some skills, Gautham came out of the crowd and saw that the man was going into the field. "I now think he is an enemy, not fan, is he going to attack? " said Gautham in his mind. Gautham ran as fast as he could. "Hey! Stop there" shouted Gautham. That man stopped before he could turn dishoom! that man fell to the ground. There was a huge 'boo' sound from the audience. They were furious or what.

Gautham pushed the body to see his face. He was surprised the person was actually a newly joined club player. Real football player from the club was lying on the ground. Gautham helped him to wake up and told him that they were detectives, showed proofs and the rest you know. "The tracker might have flew and landed in his car due to the humps" suggested Gautham. "True" said Gokul and Prince. They apologized for their mistake and then watched the match for free. They reached home at 9 and were tired. "Let us sleep guys" said Gokul. In morning they woke up by a sound of a horn of a car. It was that man. The trio had forgotten about the IKEA thing. They quickly brushed, took bath and ate some meatballs. Then they followed that man in their rented car all the way to IKEA. At IKEA they saw that man parking his car and they parked their car opposite to his car and before they could get down the car started going down underground. Gautham had only seen this in movies. They got out of their car and saw a door in front of them. Voices were coming from there it was creepy. That man with a key opened the door. "Go on boss" he said to Gautham. "He wants me to open the door, what will be inside?" wondered Gautham. The trio entered that room and saw some people with tied hands, leg and mouth. "Who are they huh?" asked Prince. "Oh they are doctors" said that man.

Thanks to the emergency number written in the car. Prince dialed the emergency number secretly. "Why did you ask that boss"? Asked that man. He is no boss we are detectives from India. "What"! said that man. He ran towards the door but suddenly door got opened and that man fall down. "You are under arrest" it was the police. Someone called us, thanks to him. "I did, said" Gautham. Gautham said' we are detectives. But the police did not believe him. The trio was taken to jail. Gautham asked why there were no cars in parking area. Oh you criminal huh don't you know what you did? Kidnapped doctors and when they shouted for help everyone thought that it was a group of ghost said that policeman while beating Gautham in jail. "Believe us sir we came in search of T. Perrera we even have his aadhar card" said Gautham. The policeman went through the aadhar. "I have seen this guy he said he was detective Gautham he was right here in this station" said, policemen. "It's Perrera hurry let us out" said Gautham. When they were out of jail they heard a car starting "see ya later fellows" it was Perrera. "Hurry lets follow him" said Gautham. They started a jeep and followed him. Suddenly they had a call from Kishore sir. "We want Perrera alive so we can question him". After cutting the phone their glass broke. Perrera shot Gokul, his abdomen was bleeding. "You shot my friend huh!" shouted Gautham.

He suddenly took the gun from the policemen's pouch and aimed at the car's wheel which Perrera was driving. "No Gautham don't shoot. your sir said, he wants him alive!" said the policeman. Before he could complete Perrera's car rolled in the sky and had an explosion. "Friend's are Gautham's weakness" said Prince. While Gokul was at hospital they had a call from Kishore sir. "Return to India as soon as possible" said Kishore sir. They packed their stuff and set to India the very next day. When they reached Kishore sir was furious. "I told you to bring him alive but what have you done? we could have at least questioned him" said Kishore sir. "Sir he shot……..." tried to explain Gautham. "You are fired Gautham" said Kishore sir before Gautham could complete. "Gokul and Prince will handle this case' said Kishore sir". 

                                                       New Job (An angel in disguise)

The Spanish police at this time arrested that guy who picked the trio from airport in Spain. His name was Mahadev said the policeman in a phone call from Spain to Gautham. He was happy for Mahadev to be arrested. But was sad because he need to find another job. All his hard work was wasted. "We also quit" said Prince and Gokul. "Why should we investigate without our friend," said Prince and Gokul. "At least you two solve the case, no problem you can do it without me, we are also in the same room" said Gautham. At night while Prince and Gokul were sleeping he searched for a job in Worker needed in Domino's Miyapur and some address was written which Gautham read. Next day he called the office of Domino's pizza and asked will they hire him. Of course, it was a 'yes' am morning 8 :00 he told that he got a job in Dominos and will work as a delivery boy. Devi's friend Aviral was also working as a delivery boy there. Gokul and Prince were sad to hear he got a low-class job. They wanted him back to form a trio again.

At 5 in the evening, Gautham reported, after 15 minutes Gautham got a delivery at Raghavendra flat room no A-12. But Aviral said "I will go, not you I want to go" Aviral was arguing. Anyway Prince and Gokul were out side Domino's for Gautham's safety. Gautham for a movement moved aside and with a secret commutating device and told them to keep an eye on Aviral. Cheese burst pepproni pizza Devi's favourite pizza said Gautham to himself. Devi should be dead now it's been more than a week since kidnapping took place. Gautham sat on the bike and rode to Raghavendra flat after 25 min of drive he reached the flat. To his surprise, it was under construction. He thought his GPS was wrong. While he was about to return back he saw a room in which was written A-12. It was in 2nd floor he was surprised. He ran towards room A-12 and saw a calling bell. He rang it and the door suddenly opened. No one was there in front of the door. "Show yourself, it's Pizza time" said Gautham. No one came near the door. Gautham with courage entered the Room. This flat was near a village where people were less.

As soon as he entered he was hit on his head with something and he fainted. When he woke up his hand and legs were tied with a rope. "Thought you're a smart detective to find me" muttered someone. " Oh you took my ex ID card from my pocket and are you the kidnapper huh?" asked Gautham in reply. "I am not a baby sitter to make kids nap" muttered that person again. "Who ever comes here never goes back alive such as those filthy doctors" muttered that person again. "Show your self and why are you kidnapping them" asked Gautham. "I told you that I am not a baby sitter and I am going to kill you I think you are also filthy" muttered that person. He suddenly appeared with a knife and was going to stab Gautham. Before that person could stab the person was shot at his head. It was Prince who shot him along with Gokul beside him. They untied Gautham with happiness cause Gautham was safe. "How did you find me"? Asked Gautham. Prince explained that Aviral tried to follow him but Gokul and Prince caught him red handed and questioned him at the police station. Aviral told him that boss told to deliver pizza to this place. "Who is boss"? asked Prince. His name is Mouli said Aviral. We studied together in class,11 and 12 and did engineering together. I failed and he succeed. I heard his emotional story and helped him for the last 5 years delivering pizza to this place. In between the conversation Aviral suddenly tried to snatch the gun from Prince. Gokul before anything bad could happen shot Aviral right at his chest and he lay dead. Thus, they were not able to question him more. "Police will be here in any minute" said Gokul.

There they were the police along with Kishore sir. He was more furious than before. "Both Mouli and Aviral killed huh? did not even get a chance to question any one of them" shouted Kishore sir. When they were examining the room they saw a small room in which was written lab. Gautham kicked the door and it got open. There she was Devi hearing music in her headphones. "Devi how are you alive?" asked Gautham surprised. She said that "Mouli used to ask to make a cure to wake his elder brother but I haven't even seen his elder brother". "Then what"? asked Gautham. When ever he kidnapped doctors he would ask will you cure my brother he hasn't waken since more than 5 years every foolish doctor said he must be in comma and there is no cure for comma and he killed them but I your genius sister said I can make a cure but it will take weeks and he agreed I knew you would come explained Devi. Then they saw another room called etta which means big brother they opened it and one of the police vomited. There was a skeleton which was good to be placed in a chemistry lab. Then 2 policemen brought a person from a room called hacker. "Oh you are the one who deleted data from the hospital right?" asked Gautham. "My name is Santosh" he said. "You are Dr.Santosh" said Gautham. Santosh started explaining I am not a doctor I was interested in computing but my parents were doctors and when I told them about it they refused and said that I should also be doctor too. My parents were abroad and I was staying in hostel my roommate or my best buddy 's father owned a hospital and my parents sent me to the same college as my friend to learn doctoring but I failed due to lack of interest. I told my BF's father to help me by making me a doctor for one day next year I will pass and be a true doctor by then my parents will come back to India. My friend's father made a doctor for one day and gave me his old coat. While I posted it on Instagram Perrera kidnapped me and took me that's why everyone thought I was a doctor my friend's father was also killed. When I reached this place I told I was not a doctor before Mouli could kill me I told I could help him in hacking and he agreed. "Hmm… you see how taking photos and posting them on instagram nearly put your life at risk" said Gautham. 

                                                    Flashback/ Case Solved

 Gautham searched the room and in one of the rooms he found a drawer in which was a diary. It was written by Mouli about his life. It explained that he had anosmia that is lack of smell. When he was born his mother died and his father died in an accident. He also lost his brother. Mauli's brother used to steal food for him and diamonds which he gave to a person who would give him money in return. One day his big brother stole a gun from a policeman's pocket for money as that person told him to do so. Another policeman saw it and ran after him when he was 15m away from Mouli, police called surrender. Not knowing what surrender meant Mouli's big brother continued running. Police aimed at Mouli's big brother leg but target was missed and bullet shot his head. The police, shocked went away. One day, while orphan Mouli was walking he saw a T.V. in a shop in which main headline was doctor saves number of lives.

From then on he studied in a free government school and kidnapped doctors after +12. First doctor who he kidnapped told he was having some mental problem and his vision showed him his dead brother as if he was sleeping after looking at the decomposing body of Mouli's brother. After hearing this Mouli killed him. After reading Mouli's diary he informed this to Kishore sir, who was was impressed and hired him back for job. Gautham was very happy so were Gokul and Prince. Gokul suddenly remembered something "Isn't this Mouli the same as the Mouli who was behind the construction of the flat in which we live?". "Shit! it was him all the time! said Prince. They left the rest to Forensic department, Gautham asked Santosh to become their private hacker to which he refused and said he wants to be a good doctor and fulfil his parents dream. Four days later Kishore sir again booked the trio ticket to Spain. "A criminal in Spain" said Gokul. "No a vacation in Spain" said Gautham and Prince laughing.

                 THE END


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