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Annabelle Smith

Comedy Drama Fantasy


Annabelle Smith

Comedy Drama Fantasy



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Chapter 1

Sapphire eyes (Moonlight's perspective)

        It was a beautiful night, the crickets were chirping, the light of the moon filled the den as my brothers and sisters were sleeping next to mom. I was a year older than them. Angel, Markie, Lilly, and Jackie were eleven months old. Hazel was five months old, and Ivy, my adopted sister, was my age but she mysteriously disappeared. My mother was a first class wolf. My father was a second class wolf. My mother had beautiful white wings and silky fur. My father had aqua blue markings under his eyes and rough but soft black fur. I had not received my markings or wings yet. I was a white wolf. Wolves usually have one color and that's it, but I have a black tipped tail, black paws, and black tipped ears; and a blue eye and a brown eye. My parents expected that I would turn out grey but I was a surprise to them. My mother and father also talk while they think I’m asleep, they say I’m always clumsy and always get myself into trouble somehow.

        I got up very quietly and looked back at my mother and father making sure they were asleep. “Moonlight, where are you going this late at night,” questioned my mother tiredly. I froze. “I was going to go to the pond to get a drink,” I answered. “Ok, but be quick,” said mother tiredly. I quickly got out of the cave and looked around. There were fireflies buzzing around and the moon and stars lit up the night sky. I walked up to the pond and took a few gulps of water and sat down to enjoy the beauty of everything. The frogs were croaking and the dragonflies were buzzing. Then all of a sudden ‘Snap’. A tree branch snapped behind me. I quickly turned around. There in the bushes were two sapphire blue eyes staring at me. I quickly, without thinking, backed up as the eyes emerged. Then with a huge splash I fell into the pond.

        I quickly swam to the other side and ran back to the cave using a long route without looking back. When I returned to the cave I quietly curled in my corner and slept the rest of the night. When I woke up the next morning I felt teeth on my ear. It was my sister, Angel. She had beautiful rubie eyes and white silky fur. She had purple markings on the sides of her tail. She started to play and wrestle with my ear until mother came in with food. My brothers started to fight over who gets to eat first. I waited till my brothers and sisters were done eating to get my share of food. When they were done there was none left. “I'll hunt my own, I need practice anyway,” I said. “Oh, all right,” said mother. I walked out of the den and sniffed until I got a scent of a rabbit. After searching and searching I finally caught the rabbit. As I was finishing my rabbit I looked behind me. I felt a weird feeling, like as if I was being watched. I turned around. In the bushes, where a ton of trees were, a glow of the sapphire eyes appeared in the shadow from last night.

        I got up and had a slight growl in my throat. I backed up and accidentally startled myself when I hit a tree. The eyes started to get closer. I started to panic so I turned around and hit the tree behind me leaving my snout in pain. I got out of the way of the tree, ignoring my pain, and ran home. Half way i stopped, I turned around and saw nothing. The mysterious creature did not follow me. So, I decided to quench my thirst at the lake nearby. As I was walking I heard a howl. ‘Oh, no’ I thought ‘A pack of wolves.’ I started to panic again. ‘Father told me to never get in the way of another wolf, under no circumstance,’ I thought anxiously. I started to run but came face to face with a brown wolf with orange markings on her tail and neck; and she had wings. ‘Oh, no an alpha,’ I thought frightenedly. I backed up and turned around to run but another wolf was blocking my way. This wolf had red eyes, black fur and wings. My ears were down and I was terrified as I started to get surrounded. 

        Then I saw that there was an opening. I ran through it and did not stop. Then all of a sudden a rush of pain came to my back left leg. I had twisted my leg. I finally came to an area where I could hide. I heard wolves howling and talking and running. Then silence. They were gone. I got out of the hiding place quietly and quickly. Suddenly everything fell into blackness. I had fainted. I awoke in the same spot, but it was dark outside. I got up and looked around. That's when I realized my back left leg felt weird. I looked down and my foot was bandaged. I looked up and saw the same sapphire eyes. My ears shot down and I wanted to be back at my den safe and sound. I started to limp away, then I looked back. The eyes were gone. I started to limp back to the den. When I made it back at the den, mother and father were gone. They were either hunting or looking for me. I curled into my corner and fell asleep.

        I slept through the whole day. I woke up and it was twilight outside. I got up and there was  food next to me. I ate it and went to the pond to quench my thirst. I got there and drank the clear water. I turned around half expecting the sapphire eyes, instead of seeing the sapphire eyes, there was a wolf in the distance. It was a black wolf, but all I could was that it was black. After a second the wolf saw me and ran. I blinked and shook my head. I went back to the cave, and to my surprise my mother and father were standing there. “Moonlight, you are old enough now,” started mother. “You need to find a place of your own,” finished father. “You may visit from time to time, but you must find your own cave to stay in,” said mother holding back tears. “I understand,”I said. I was excited, nervous, scared, and sad all at the same time. I left without looking back and sat by the creek. I curled up and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

The black wolf


        The next day, I awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind. I stretched and started to walk around. I caught the scent of a deer and chased it down. When I was filled up I started to get bored, so I chased mice in the tall grass next to the forest. Once I caught a mouse I would release it and chase it again. I started to roll around in the grass and enjoyed nature. I felt free. A silhouette caught my eye. It was not a mouse because it was too big for a mouse. It was a wolf. I stood up, not knowing where to go, and ran. I looked back, and I saw a black wolf with blue markings under his eyes and sides of his tail. He also had wings with blue markings. I had never seen or heard of a wolf that had markings on their wings. I ran until I lost him. I seriously need to find and claim a den. 

        It was the afternoon, I was searching around the caves and finally found one. It was a small cave near good hunting grounds and a beautiful pond. I claimed the den and went out to find different types of grass for bedding to sleep on. I picked the most soft grass I have ever felt. After laying on it, I all of a sudden felt itchy. Mother had warned me to not touch parly grass. It is extremely itchy and can be for a week. I threw out the grass and tried to remember what mother said to get rid of the itchiness. Lily flowers, that's what makes it less itchy. I ran to the pond and looked around for lily flowers. I spotted one and hopped in. I grabbed the lily flower and hopped out of the pond. I put the lily on a rock and started to roll around in it. The itch went away and releaf swept over me. 

        I stood up and shook all the Lily leaves off me. Then there was a sharp pain in my back and legs. Mother told me when I would get my wings my back would hurt. If I would get markings my legs would hurt. I thought for a long moment. 'Wait, I don't come from an alpha family, how can I get wings and markings,' I thought to myself. My back and legs started to hurt so much that I fainted on the spot. I woke up to weird heavy things on my back and glowing neck and legs. I looked towards my back and I had...wings. I also had markings on my wings.

        I looked up and saw the glowing sapphire eyes. This time I did not run away. Every time the eyes were there, the creature never really chased me. So, I got up and turned my back to the eyes and started to walk to my cave. I looked back and the eyes were gone again. "How does that mysterious creature keep disappearing like that?! I walked around for a bit and stopped. I looked around and saw that I was going the wrong way. I was going the opposite direction of my cave. But before I decided to turn back, I realized I was in a meadow of flowers. They were violets, roses, tulips, and daisies

        I started to chase butterflies around to pass the time. After I had enough fun chasing them around, I started to become hungry. I got out of the flowery scene and started to sniff around to catch the scent of prey. I caught the scent of a moose. Usually moose are hard to take down but this was a weak one. I chased it and ate as much as I wanted. As I turned around I heard a rustle in the bushes. I looked over and saw a wolf. Hiding in the bushes. The wolf was completely black and the eyes were...sapphire. the wolf's ears were white and the tip of his or her tail was white, but I could not tell if he or she had wings. 

Chapter 1 

The White Wolf  (Moonstone's perspective)

        I decided to take a nap when the sun was shining. I woke up thirsty, so I went to the pond to get a drink of water. I walked up there and then I saw a wingless and markless wolf. I sat there in the dark just watching her. 'Interesting, she has not gotten her marking or wings yet,' I thought. Snap! Went a twig under my feet. Woops. Then she turned around and saw me. I almost laughed when she backed up and fell into the pond. She swam fast and ran away. Hmm, Interesting. I came up to the pond and drank the water. I ran back to my cave and when I got there I saw the alpha and the pack standing outside my cave waiting for me. 

      "Moonstone, I need you to keep an eye on a wolf," said the alpha. "She was in our territory," the alpha said. "She looks white and the tips of her ears are black, her paws are black, and black tipped tail," said the alpha. "Yes ma`am," I said. `I hope he does well,` said the alpha under her breath. Obviously she was worried if I would actually keep an eye on her.

        I went hunting the next morning and saw the white wolf again. She was fast, and she was also hunting. So as my alpha told me to do, I followed her. I came into a clearing and watched her. She turned around all of a sudden and jumped. I almost jumped too because it was so sudden. She slightly growled and backed up into a tree. "My!she is very clumsy," I thought. Then she ran. I did not follow her so she would not be scared of 'my eyes' because thats all I'm showing. Then I heard howling. They caught her. So I started to run towards  them. I saw her surrounded and then...she ran in a gap. I followed her without any sounds. I followed her till I saw her faint. Her leg was bleeding very badly.

Chapter two

The Flower Field 

        A twig was jabbed into her leg. I pulled the twig out and started to clean the wound. Then I wrapped it in a leaf. I waited for a little bit, then she woke up. She got up, looked around and saw her leg. Then she looked up and saw me. She froze for a moment and started to limp away. You are so lucky that I'm nice not to drag you to my pack and turn you in, I thought. I followed her but in a different spot. She looked back and went back to limp away. I followed her to her cave and left to go to my cave. When I got there I fell asleep. I woke up and left the cave to hunt. I found the scent of deer, found it and hunted it down. I ate until I was full and grabbed some meat. I went to the white wolf's cave and left the meat there. I ran quickly to get out of the territory.

        At twilight, I went to the pond nearby to scout out the territory. I stood there for a moment, and felt as if I was being watched. I looked over and saw that the white wolf was there, staring at me. I panicked and ran into the woods. I scouted the woods until dusk and went back to my den and slept. I slept till midday and left the cave. I went to the field to play with mice, but spotted the white wolf. The white wolf spotted me and ran quickly. I ran after her. She looked back at me and saw that she had real fear in her eyes. I stopped following her. Two days later, I was strolling around the creek near my cave when I spotted the white wolf. She appeared to be pain, and laying on the ground. All of a sudden, she sprouted wings and markings appeared on her face, neck, and legs.

        I hid in the nearby bush and watched as she got up after a few hours. She looked around and saw her wings. She was shocked and confused. She looked around and finally spotted me. She did not run, instead she turned her back and walked away. Good, she is not seeing any threat in me. After she walked a few feet, I ran to another bush to hide myself. I followed her. She walked into a flower field. I hid in a bush and followed her. Then she caught a deer after she chased butterflies. I hid in the bushes, then realized she was in the middle of my pack's territory. She looked up and saw me. The bushes were not dark enough to hide my body. We were staring right at each other.

Chapter 3



        As the black mystery wolf kept staring, I slowly backed up. I backed up slowly till I was a few yards away and ran back into the direction of my den. I looked back to make sure the wolf was not following me. I looked back to make sure I was going the right way, when I almost hit a tree with poison ivy. I made it back home curled up and slept. The next day, I went to a nice clear area and tried to practice to fly. I kept trying and trying over again, until I got tired and layed down for a moment.

        I started to miss my family. Mother, father, Angel, Markie, Jackie, Lilly, Hazel,and Ivy. I was so busy with hunting and getting away from that odd wolf. Then it hit me. ‘Wait, why does that wolf keep following me,’ I asked myself. Then with a rush of fear came to me ‘I’m in a pack's territory,’ I thought. My mother and father were in a pack but left because of me and Ivy. They would soon return once my siblings were a year old; but Hazel had to be six months old. It’s been around a week since I last saw them. I must wait till around a month before I can visit them again. ‘Four more weeks,’ I told myself. ‘Anyway, if I need to be clear from being on a packs enemy list I had to either join their pack or join a pack to protect myself,’ I thought anxiously.

        While I was in my cave, I heard a tree branch snapped outside. I quickly turned around and saw….black. Everything went black. I opened my eyes and saw that I was next to the pond near my cave. I looked around and saw a bright silver wolf. She had bright green eyes and neon green markings. I looked at her closer and saw she had wings. She was an alpha. I panicked and tried to get up. As I was getting up I tried and fell. I looked at my paws and saw that they were tied together. "Ah, you're awake," she said calmly. "W-who are you," I stuttered anxiously. "I am your mother's alpha," she said proudly. "Wait… you are not from an alpha family, why do you have wings and markings," she said worriedly. "I-i don't k-know," I stuttered.


        "Hmmm," she said. "Well, what ranking did you test while you were young," she asked. "I never got one," I said. "What is your name," I asked. "Silver," she said. What is your name," she asked. "Moonlight," I answered. "Why were you in the Nightstand territory," she questioned curiously. "I didn't know I was in territory until I was about to leave my cave when did you do," I said. "I sprinkled sleepy seeds on you," she said. "Oh," I said stupidly. " Anyway I wanted to ask if you wanted to join my pack," she said.      

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