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B. sadhana

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Meat _mystery ...

Meat _mystery ...

2 mins

This was an incident that happened years long when I was studying 3rd standard. I was suffering from stomach ache, actually, it's a trick used to skip school as I don't want to attend school on reopening day.

So my mother granted permission to take a rest but she went to school.

Around 11:30 she called my grandmother and said about the meat she left in the refrigerator.

I and my grandmother opened the fridge and struggled a lot to pull the container from the refrigerator.

As it was completely frozen.

Nowhere comes the two genius minds who tried to separate pieces with knives and then kept the entire container on the flame which resulted in the burning of the bottom of the container.

And we tried for 45 min approximately till then it's 1:30 we are feeling too hungry so we ate rice with pickle ...

And then we started trying again but no use. We were tired and then decided to keep it aside and let's wait for my mom.

Evening my mom returned and when we narrated about how hard we struggled my mother laughed out of her heart.

That was the most memorable day in my life.

Hope u enjoy this part.

Btw we brought a refrigerator just two days before the incident so we have no clue what to do.


Cherished my years ago memory.

A funny imaginary reality

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