B. sadhana

Horror Crime Thriller


B. sadhana

Horror Crime Thriller

Thrill Awaits Next

Thrill Awaits Next

12 mins

Once upon a time in Indore there was a group of friends in a college. They were well known group (A) in a college. They used to do many adventures and they were very good at studies so whatever they used to do the never get any complaints.

One day they gather at their favourite spot, and discussing about something very seriously. many people notice the tension in that gang but they didn't dare to ask them "what was the reason ?" because they were seniors and they never shared their situations with anyone

Few days passed. They started to ignore each other and people noticed the break of bond in between them. Opposite gang decided to plot against them because it was the final year and they were to leave the college; so opposite gang (B) decided to take their revenge.

And there was a competition held in the college, that was they should convince the principal sir for a trip. Both the gangs tried their level best to convince and finally they got permission and the suspense was to select the place.

And next day they went to principal sir and asked permission to go to a ancient palace, which was closed from many years and thousands of stories were written on that incidents going on in the palace.

They convinced all the faculty and students any how. but principal sir didn't allow other students for the trip rather than these two groups (A)&(B).two groups packed their luggage and went to that area.

It was night 12o clock, entire silence. It's was too dark ,there were no street lights,exept one light on top of palace which was bright red in colour. They were very nervous to enter inside, their legs started shivering. Their voices were very low, they gathered too close to each other and decided not to enter inside at night.

They collected some twigs and set up a fire and they have a little party to get some courage, they started singing spiritual songs, and praying to God.

Suddenly that red light intensity started growing more Bright.

And they saw a shadow approaching them.They started moving back and 

shadow started moving ahead ,they entered into a old house,and they saw A broken mirror in which blood spots are present.

They started screaming for help but No one listened to them, the turned back by hearing some suspicious voice ,and Raghu get hitted to An old desk with a locked drawer.

His wound started bleeding, so they started searching for something to stop the bleed, they tried to open the drawer ,but all their Efforts were vain.

So let me introduce characters

Raghu: A leader of one group(A)

Raghav: leader of other group(B)

Ramu, Rahul, Raju, were from group A

Michael, Monty, Mrunu were from group B

As they were trying to open that Drawer there was sudden blast of lights, and heavy winds started blowing, all the curtains were making dreadful noises. They were sure that that place is not good to stay. They rushed out but they can't stay outside as there were blowing winds.

And Raghu was badly injured, so they gathered enough courage and entered into the palace. It was locked and it started Raining. Their condition was miserable, they tried to contact their friends, principal sir, faculty, but there was no network. They decided to break the door and get inside the palace,

They found a big stone and they opened the door, suddenly a group of bats attacked them badly. They were injured, and very tired. They decided to be divided into individual groups

Raghu and Raghav were leading their groups and Group (A) decided to stay on ground floor, and Group (B)in first floor.

Then (Group A) lighted lanterns, and find a room with a bed but when they entered in they saw something it was An Old, locked box in the attic. They brought it down and started to open it but they were tired so Rahul sit on bed , when he went near it, he saw a skeleton on the bed covered with bedsheet. He screamed at once,they were shocked ,and took that box and rushed towards stair case butit was A Winding staircase that goes no where. They tried hard but they couldn't reach any where.

Raghu tied a cloth on his wound, and sat on step and he saw something shining in the room front to him,he said to the team and they entered into that room and the( Group B)

Also reached there and they discovered a sword on a table. It was rusted, and fragile with blood stains on it.

Tension between the gangs started growing and their body was shaking and sweating badly, they stood like statues for a while,and Mrunal gathered some more courage and in a low voice he asked Rahul about box in his hand. Rahul voice is too low yet he said about it and suddenly there was Rapid opening and closing of windows.

Even their heart beat is making them fearful, they are scolding themselves why we decided to come here? And a light ray was incident on a portrait, it was very big portrait covered with a red velvet cloth...the frame was shining they pulled the cloth and shocked to see the portrait.

There was something written on it, they observed it carefully and decoded it as a map which was directed towards the backyard, but it was too dark they stood in that room only. Aand it was Early morning. They felt like they are seeing a miracle when they saw sun rise. They thanked God for making them survived to see new day.

As directed they decided to go to backyard ,there they saw a area where there was very wet and neat soil rather than remaining areas, just liked dogged recently. They took the weapons near that area and started digging.

Raghu observed him and went near him, he asked that man about his where abouts ???

The man said that he was a the gardener of the palace, he was working there from years, Raghu asked about the history of the palace..

He shouted at once _what are you doing here? don't you know it's very dangerous to stay here? and ask them how did they enter inside because the doors were locked?

Raghu was very frightened to ask anything to him he called Mrunal for help. Mrunal started asking him about the history and the royal portrait. the person replied that it was very ancient story which he don't know whether it is true or are not. my grandfather told me about this history.

Long ago there was a family living in this palace they were very happy and very rich and very kind they used to help the people and one day one person enter into the palace seeking help for shelter and job. They offered him for help but he turned into a agent sharing all the secrets of the palace to someone else who was constantly trying to conquer that palace. And someone from that family helped him.

He disclosed the secret entry in that palace from outside to them, it was night 12o'clock everything was silence and group of men in Black clothes enter into the palace killed the people even they did not left the little kids and buried them in the garden they fight vigorously for their survival. they conquered and  started living in the palace. few days passed and different different sound started to come from the garden everyday something suspicious used to be happen in the palace which left the people shocked, Disha was the queen of the palace she begged them for her survival but they did not listen to her and killed her daughter in front of her eyes.

She wept bitterly but after few days they started hearing the sounds of Disha and her daughter seeking for help they were very scared and some people started to die unexpectedly in the palace due to fear the people left the palace forever but still the incidents are going on who ever are going to stay in this palace are going to meet their end.

Mrunal was terrified on listening to this and asked that man did you ever heard that voices the man replied that is the reason I don't stay here at nights. and remaining people from both the groups started digging deeper and found a bodies of people belonging to the palace they identify them based on the jewels on their body and recognised as king and queen of the palace as this are those in the portrait which was described earlier.

They understood that this story was not fake but they could not get why still the incidents are going on when they were died? how could this history is repeating who is trying to scare people. there is added to decode the suspense hidden they made a plan to enter the palace from back yard and identify the real culprits.

One from the group Raghu who was injured was sent back to the college to inform principal sir and remaining faculty about the incidents going on with them. it was night 12 o'clock the noises started again the red light intensity started increasing there was a sound of anklets which was very horrible they can hear the cry of little babies begging for life they can see their shadows on the walls which were very scary they were very tensed and murmured themselves should be proceed or escape from here.

Here Raghu Reached college explained everything to the principal sir and faculty, they consulted poilce officers and started journey towards that palace. But Raghu condition was worsen due to improper medicinal help, he was shifted to hospital. They were scared by those repeating noises, they were shivering ,wet with sweat but they decided to find the culprits. They started to work on their mission.

the light up every corner in the palace by some tricks, some lanterns, some candles everything they found which could make a light. They were very scared when suddenly there was a rapid rupture of different things and fall down of that royal portrait which broke into pieces.

They United together holding each other hands tight ,and hides in a corner of the palace and saw some suspicious people entering into it from the carpet laid on the floor.

it was an underground entry into the Palace, they entered and moved directly in ground floor.

In ground floor there was a big hall which was very dark with dim lighting and numerous number of tables lying there and every table has something kept closed with a glass containers and weird type of smell was coming out.

on one side Raghu was getting treated in hospital and the remaining people were travelling in the bus towards the palace along with police.

and this persons from Group A&B

sorted the differences and and entered into that room and saw that number of animals were laying dead there , there was the skins of animals bones and even human bodies were there. rare variety of snakes and many other suspicious things they founded.

it was clear for them but someone is trying to misguide the people who were are entering into the palace. so that they could get out from that place and they can continue their work without any interruptions.

They were smuggling different things from near by forest and selling them in foreign countries and earning money , and they hired a team from that villages to scare the peoples to make the different types of typical noises and the uses of some techniques which made it look realistic. and the story related to the palace was not revealed by them.

But when the gardener said it was clear that they didn't kill the owners of the palace. they said they didn't buried any in garden.

this groups confronted them and they accepted their faults and reveal their ideology ,their deeds in front of police and they were arrested. and this gang left from that palace immediately with the the principle sir and faculty.

But the twist is still left they saw someone hiding there did not revealed about him..

 after finding that person hiding there, They did not revealed about that person they identified and they decided to to reveal his true colours when they are in a fix.

After the return to that college they went to meet Raghu who was recovered by the treatment and they discuss their entire incidence with Raghu and revealed about that man who was hiding there.

so this people again make it clear to expose the person but in a different way that he don't get any doubt on these people they started to live normally for few days and attend the college and finally one day they put up their plan into an action. And they acted like they didn't sorted their differences.

After few days they went back to the palace from the back the backyard slowly a group of people sharing some items which they noticed in the palace they were distributing them among each other. they realised that those people were no other than the culprits who killed the people of the palace because when they open the box which they found in the Attic something was written on it back it was nothing rather than a description of the people who were killing them they wrote the reason why they are killing them and who are killing them and they made clear description that about typical ornaments & talking in code language.

this both Gangs identified the real truth behind the palace incidents. the person those who was hiding is none other than the chairman of that college. He was performing illegal activities behind the Mask of chairman and trustee of that palace.

and as revealed that was a something hidden in the box it was a photograph of this chairman and some people along with Queen Disha and the king and the chairman. And as the plan they called the police officers and reveal the entire truth that they observe and showed the evidences. Now the chairman has revealed the entire truth behind why he created the palace as a evil spot.

Long ago when he used to live along with his family he thought the he is not getting any importance from the people because everyone are praising his elder brother who was king of the palace and he did not get any sufficient and amount for his requirements (excess)and fed up of all. This he decided to end his brother's family and he joined hands with the the people who were anti to this Brother.

And he settled them in house far from palace, where this two Groups saw broken mirror and blood in the start. He put his plan into action at that night and ended up with their death but accidentally he did not notice that his brother was hiding a photograph and writing about this description in that box and put it on attic. After the death he hired some people to create the impression of some evil powers in the palace to hide his deeds and vacated that town for years. And after years he started his underground activities. The police arrested him and congratulated the groups for their achievement in solving the case which was pending from years. And principal sir arranged a grand farewell for them.

Now after this terrible incidents both the Groups became friends and completed their course happily.

______THE END________

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