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B. sadhana

Children Stories Inspirational Thriller

Search Of Poverty

Search Of Poverty

2 mins

Once upon a time in a town name the story land, there was a boy name the question who was sitting alone in his classroom and thinking deeply about something.

His teacher lesson noticed him and asked him the reason for his deep thoughts.

Question replied that he was thinking about that one word which he heard in a meeting of elections yesterday.

Lesson asked him "what was the word?"

Question replied it was" poverty"

Lesson suggested he meet different people named confusion a villager, knowledge the saint in that town, definition a saint in the town. And some other people.

The question agreed and stepped out of the school and started the search for the meaning of poverty.

He met confusion and asked about poverty.

Confusion replied, "that poverty is the state of not having ample amount of money to fulfil the needs."

He said ok and moved on towards


Definition answer his question in this way.

"poverty is something which we don't have but others do have most probably and we need the thing in our life mostly it's called as poverty."

Yet Question was unsatisfied with answers he moved towards knowledge a saint in that town.

And asked him about the actual meaning of poverty. 

Then knowledge replied.

"poverty is a path that connects us to the almighty. If we don't have poverty we don't remember God and ultimately we can't have a way towards him. In simple it's a bridge between humans and almighty.

Finally, Question was satisfied and returned to story land.

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