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B. sadhana

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B. sadhana

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Being A Student...

Being A Student...

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Being a student we have to think on every issue around us. But apart from all these, we might be thought of these few things too.

1.Why we have to learn who killed whom.?

2.Who died on which date, year.?

3.What happened in past decades?

4.why they are teaching past.

Where we have no use of them now?

5.How can someone invent something, and it's just their imagination. We have to study their imagination their thoughts, their limitations.

It's okay we read about one perspective. But we have to read about the next inventor, his imagination, his theory if it's a success then it ends up with their invention, theory, their biography, etc.

But if it fails we read the next inventor. Isn't it?

Then here comes the actual headache when we have to know about when they were born, what they achieve, what they wrote, what they thought, and when this came into the limelight and when they passed away.

So at least once while reading history, we got these questions too.

Why we have to read about the past, these articles, who was king of which dynasty, what did he achieved, who were in his dynasty, whom did he married, who was his son, and his history continuation.

We may think that we even can't actually remember our own family history, how can we remember their history. And their life span. Poets, ministers, queens, in their dynasty, wars and their duration, etc.

And when we teach maths, it's a random question in everyone's mind.

Why we need to go through these many theorems, hypothesis, formulas,

Different methods, finding values,

Actually which don't have use in our daily life. Those who didn't learn them are better than us in these aspects we are still in confusion to use which formula, pen, paper or calculator.

When we have calci then why we learn to do additions, subtraction multiplication, etc. We might think about it even once.

And in English, Telugu, Hindi, etc we may not feel difficulty because we use them in daily life. I mean languages we use that knowledge apart from some parts.

In science, we might be left only with

Learning how, what, when, why, who, proposed, who invented them, what was alternative before it, how it was in previous and now and daily syllabus constantly increases. Then we don't actually think of inventing something new. (it's a random thought)

In geography, we may think differently, and when it comes to physical we are totally confused about the imagination. Actually, everything is imagination in physics and every one common enemy is this apple try why that Apple fall on Newton's head .and why he was sleeping under a tree, and we are fed of those imaginations.

And chemistry is really a headache mostly organic part this single carbon molecule pages of theory and structures is really the biggest task one can face along with chemical reactions and their products, reactants. Type of reaction etc.

And when everything is available on the internet we can use those source why they are forcing to remember these things. And Why the hell exams are to be conducting.? Isn't it?

And why those days they were in the mood to invent something. I think in that times they have nothing to study so they went on imaging things and finding and writing them and those systems including them in our syllabus.

But apart from all we should never forget our roots, we should learn about all the make them much better and utilities in life.

Many other random thoughts we might have thought apart from our syllabus. Let me know your version in the comments.

At least one you might relate to.

It's just about the thoughts of students .it's not mean to hurt anyone if so.


Did I missed anything??

And one thing last but not the

Least, we should respect every invention and inventor and those who made us be in the way we are in this modern era.

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