B. sadhana

Crime Fantasy Thriller


B. sadhana

Crime Fantasy Thriller

Twister twisted tale

Twister twisted tale

8 mins

It was almost 12 :30 now and the silence is horrible and the night is so darker than all the sins in hearts ,darker than the darkest past .all of sudden a girl in white chudidar is moving all around the appartment her anklets sound is more than an atom bomb that notices were tearing ear drums of a kid aged 10 named Ramu .

All of sudden bulbs in entire appartment started breaking and scattering glass peices everywhere none can come out nor in all doors were locked . Ramu tried hard to open window atleast but all his efforts beared no fruits .he even took a flower vase to broke the glass windows but nothing was happening .

Ramu tried to call someone to help but his voice was too slow that he cannot hear his own .the intensity of voices and sound of anklets turned to grow more higher than ever.

He searched to find a matchbox and light up the candle but thousands of times his efforts were in vain .there was no problem in neither candle nor in match box but he couldn't light it up.

He tried to turn on mobile torch but every effort was in vain.

He was completely wet with sweat , shivering with fear .turned pale with cold hands . All of sudden his room doors opened with louder notice than ever he heard and that girl wet in blood screaming for help approaching him. Her appearance was even not acceptable to see for a while .every where scratches on her body .her lips were shedding too much blood and cheecks turned bony and body was like flesh sticked on skeleton .Her legs were burned untill no flesh left unburned . It was clear potrait of a victim but Ramu couldn't understanding why she is approaching him .all of sudden a glass from kitchen sticked to floor and ramu cry was louder than ever and his mother Sita was infront of his eyes and everything turned normal.

Ramu hided the dream from his mother and took a breath of relief and left for school and he was all upset day long and returned home as if a ball thrown out returned with no air in .

Every one asked him about reason but his smile masked their every question.

And it was night again Ramu decided not to sleep in his room and he entered his mother's room and slept in her lap


All of sudden a mumbling voice and blooded hand pulling ramu towards him and he can't hold himself strong and he was forced to go with it . And now ramu reached a dark forest where he can't even see a single tree empty every tree was filled with hanging skeleton. land was like bathing with blood and leaves of trees were just like scattered bangles of girls . He was forced to move front but he hold himself in a fix but couldn't make it hit .he was dragged by that hand deeper the core of forest where a well filled with blood surrounded by white demons awaiting for his arrival .

It was like demons waiting king demon for his royal entry .two flying hands brought a garland of flesh and twisted around his neck and a bouquet of hands was submitted as a sign of honour to Ramu .

His hands were wet with blood .he was completely amused when a bowl full of flesh was submitted to him as a cold drink and boiled flesh as a starter and desert was unbelievable made from bone marrow of those present around.

He was moving back but couldn't move ahead he tried to move front but it was not possible .he was fixed like a. Statue and they are believing him as a god of hell and his fears turned too old in a second when a group of devilish sisters brought a year old kid body completely wet with blood .

The scratches on her body were like tatoooes left no space uncovered .her lips were tuned blue as If a leeach squeezed all her blood out and her eyes were still seeking help to save her out .every tear convey her pain in every vain.

When he tried to hold the body of kid he was seen his mom turning of fans of her room and started sweeping .

He concluded that he was in dreams and he informed everything in detail to his mother .

Without wasting a moment he took her to religious preacher he tided holy ropes applied Devine powder of his forehead and asked them to take a leave .bowing heads and took direction towards home and all set for dinner .

Ramu was sure he was all safe tonight and laid in bed .

All of sudden a cyclone of tears holed him tight and took him away into a peaceful land where every face was blinking with joy and happiness all around .In a moment he moved ahead that smile vanished beauty tattered and he was blaming himself for their condition . unknown by actual cause hidden behind Ramu turned all around to find clues why is this happening .

He entered into saint Peter high school he remembered thousands of memories he had with his sister's his eyes were wet his tears tuney bloody tears and he started hitting himself hard as he couldn't save them .and a glass jar fallen down by his hand and ramu explained events to his mom.

It turned routine more than a week . Tensed sita took ramu to a psychologist and he asked few questions to Ramu and declared ramu is alright he is getting such dreams due to watching horror movies .I am giving this sedatives use for a week and he will be alright and they returned home but no effort beaded fruit . And then Sita's neighborhood mithura observed sita in distress and asked her about the reason and Sita narrated entire issues and then mithura suggested her another phsychilogist named bhuvan who left his practice and moved to a village nearby go and consult him it would be end to your troubles . So next day sita and ramu started to that village and reached home of that psychologist and he disagree to meet them made sita broken from deep after convincing by mala wife of that physiologist he agreed to go through ramu case and then

He asked ramu about his childhood he replied I was the only kid to my parents born in a middle class family and lead a very happy childhood. But one things missed by me is a desire to have a sister but it was unfilled .so them he saw sita wiping her tears and analysed something is fishy and then He asked ramu about his night mares .and he concluded that every night mare is interrelated and connecting to Saint Peter school so he asked sita about his daughters Reethu and Preethi Ramu was shocked as it was unknown to him and in every vain sita opened up and enterd into past 15 years ahead it was exactly that times when ramu was in woumb of sita and Reethu Preethi were going to school and every day they used to spend time with unborn ramu and it was the same day when ramu took birth and his sister's meet their death .

Then sita cried bitterly and explained next incident how they died .

Reethu was 12 years old and very active student among her classmates and Preethi was 5 years old very innocent preety cool kid of her school and they were brutally raped by principal of that school and none dared to raise voice against him.no one belived words of my daughter's and it was that night when he entered my home killed my daughter Reethu and kidnapped by angel Preethi and whereabouts of her were still unknown 

Then it was like all clouds moved and truth was out it was hard try of Reethu to save her sister Preethi from that man in disguise and than all together made up a plan to trap that principal and rescued Preethi .

That moment when sita. Seen Preethi is not less than a miracle and Raju was on cloud nine as he got his wish filled and truth about that principal is out he was thrown out of that village and things sorted soon and then ramu spent a lot of time with Preethi and learnt a lot about Reethu and he slept and he saw a girl in white shirt and blue skirt two braided hair smiling face was seen infornt of his eyes and she was happy and said bye to him and never seen her again in his dreams .

After years they shifted to new town and while unpacking Ramu find a old photograph in which he saw his mother ,Preethi .his dad any someone else and wiped the face of that person he was left shocked when he identified it was same girl he sawn in his dreams and when he turned back if that photograph it was written Reethu .

It was the end .

How miracle is the nature a bond between a dead sister unborn brother to save his unseen sister ....

Moral. Every dream has its own existence try to figure out .and wishing you all a very nice day ahead 

 Singing off 


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