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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

B. sadhana

Children Stories Classics Inspirational


B. sadhana

Children Stories Classics Inspirational



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It's a little description of a mythological character. which is very different. I think few may know about it yet I am trying to present it in a presentable way.

What do you think about

putting together two animals? was it be cool?

 Meet Navagunjara, who was named so because it is composed of nine different animals. It has the head of a rooster, and stood on three feet, each of which was of an elephant, tiger, and the deer or a horse. 

The fourth limb was raised as a human arm carrying a lotus. The creature further had the neck of a peacock the hump of a camel, the waist of a lion, and the tail was a looked in a very different way with a combination of several animal features.

so let's go more ahead to know about what's special about this.

This was actually a form assumed by Krishna .when he went to meet Arjuna in the forest. At first, Arjuna wanted to shoot at it with his bow and arrow, but he paused for a moment just to understand it.

Arujna thought that he was imagining that creature. but again realizes how can it be my imagination when it's moving here and there. he thought How could such a creature exist? It was then that he realized that this must be none other than Krishna testing him. He clearly understood that it's Krishna ....then appears to him and says that the Navagunjara is another of his forms, similar to the Viratsvarupa of the Bhagwad Gita.

 In the Navagunjara, Krishna expresses the plurality of approaches to and the understanding of reality. Krishna teaches Arjuna that you see only one person but it appears different to different people.

Depending on their point of view and their own innate nature. Krishna says. The Hindu tradition is neither monolithic nor unitarian, but instead, We have a number of gods and goddesses which lead to different religious sects and, therefore, there are many and varied temples, festivals, rites, and rituals or else no one would imagine in such a different way. He immediately bowed his head and sought his blessings...

And here as we know about the powers of Arjuna he aimed an arrow at Navagunjara .it's believed that no one should take aimed arrow back so he aimed it at a tree whose flowers fell on Lord Krishna ( a devotional scenario endorsed)

so this was the description of a mythological character Navagunjara.

hope you liked it. I will try to share more about these mythological characters who have a prominent role....and this character 

The Navagunjara-Arjuna scene is sculpted at the northern side of the Jagannath Temple, 

Navagunjaras appear in Odisha .and this concept of Navagunjaras was written by

Adikavi sarla Das in odiya version.

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