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B. sadhana

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End in Well..

End in Well..

2 mins

Once upon a time there was a boy named Srinu. He was very short in his height and his friends and family members like cousins used to do pranks on him and bully him. He used to get very upset and angry on them.

His anger indicates red colour.

And in his school he has to be seated in first row and always get punishment from the teacher. He can't sit in back bench and have the fun due to his height. He was very upset with this things. Silly incidents made his life colourful by vibrant colours and miserable by coating black on colour ful pages

Time passed and Srinu became very typical person and he was married to a girl named Rethu. One day he went out for market and returned very late turned pale with hunger and he was very hungry so he was asking Rethu for food.

Suddenly Rethu said "hey shorty can't you see I am doing some work why don't you take yourself? "He got very angry and killed her and buried her in garden.

After few days a brinjal plant was grown on the land where he buried Rethu, and that plant started producing Brinjals, he collected them and cooked the brinjal curry.

Suddenly all the brinjal pieces started saying "hey shorty comeon eat eat eat."

He became very angry took that plate near a cow to feed it.The cow ate Everything in that plate and started saying "Hey shorty Amba Amba."(sound from cow)

Again he got anger and killed that cow and went to a cobbler to make shoes from leather of that cow. the cobbler agreed and prepared a pair of shoes and he brought them from the cobbler.

The shoes started saying "Hey shorty Tap Tap Tap" .He became red with anger and threw them in a well and water in well started saying "Hey shorty bubble bubble bubble"

Finally he end up in jumping into the well and the End

Moral: Don't try to Avoid. learn to face.

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