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In a public event, a professor told a story to the audience about the topic of "HUMANITY AND GOD IN YOU". The story was about a 5-year-old married couple invited to a TV talk show to debate the topic of "who is the priority - parents or partner?". During the show, the husband complained that his wife, Rosy, always gave more importance to her mother than him, and shared data points to support his claim. The audience and anchor sympathized with him, and they believed that Rosy was not fit for married life.

Rosy listened calmly to her husband's complaints, and tears started flowing from her eyes. However, the audience and anchor continued to express anger and agitation towards her. Rosy finally spoke up and admitted that her mother was her priority in life, above her husband, children, or anyone else in the world. She started leaving the room, and everyone, including the audience and anchor, shouted at her and asked her to leave her husband by providing a divorce.

As Rosy reached the exit door, the chief guest of the program called Rosy and asked her to come near. The chief guest sensed that Rosy had a strong reason for her behavior and encouraged her to share it. Rosy then shared that at the age of 14, she was the happiest in the world. She had always had a strained relationship with her mother, who favored her brother Throne, even though he was 25 years old and did nothing at home. Her mother always treated Throne like a king, even though he used her mother for financial and moral support but did nothing in return for the family. Rosy began to hate her mother and become distant from her.

One day, when Rosy returned home from school, Throne mistreated her and forced her to have physical contact. Rosy lost her teens because of this traumatic experience. She locked herself in her room, and when her mother returned home, Throne acted as if nothing had happened. Her mother was clueless and could not understand why Rosy had locked herself in the room. After some shouting, Rosy opened the door and hugged her mother tightly, crying uncontrollably. Her mother looked at Throne and sensed that something terrible had happened. She took Rosy inside the room, and after some time, they came out and called Throne. Her mother asked him what he wanted to eat and ordered pizza and coke for him. This made Rosy feel even more pain, and she questioned whether she was her mother's real daughter or born for someone else.

As the night wore on, Rosy continued to cry and did not know what to do. Eventually, she fell asleep. At around 3:25 AM, she woke up to the sound of a discussion outside her room. She saw a policeman, and her mother was having a serious conversation. They asked her to get inside the room and not come out until they called her. Later some time, the police office opened the door and told her that Throne had killed himself, and she was not allowed to tell anyone, including her dad, about yesterday’s Throne’s behavior towards her. The police officer warned her that she had to be strong.

As people began arriving at my house one by one, my grandparents arrived and started crying upon seeing Throne's body lying on the sofa. They scolded my mom for not taking care of him properly. Soon, the house was crowded with relatives, neighbors, and friends, all asking my mom how the suicide happened. My mom remained silent throughout the funeral. Despite my initial shock, I began to wonder what had happened to Throne and why he had killed himself. I thought about whether my mom's scolding had caused him to take his own life, but I quickly dismissed this thought, knowing that my mother was not to blame for what he had done to.

As I lay on the sofa in shock, I noticed a micro camera installed on the roof. My father had installed it before leaving abroad for safety purposes since my mom and I were alone at home. Only the three of us knew about the camera's existence, and no one could see it in the hall.

I immediately turned on the desktop and started reviewing the footage from that day. I saw my mother tie up Throne's hands and legs and cover his mouth with heavy parcel tape before placing a dustbin cover over his head and securing it with tape. Despite my horror, my mother remained calm and composed throughout the ordeal, almost like a professional killer.

After some time, she called the police and police arrived and mom told that she killed her brother and told him what has happened. The police asked about me, and my mother told them I am in the other room. The police inspected the scene and made it look like Throne had hanged himself on the fan. They then informed my mother that they would file the case as suicide rather than murder and that she need not feel guilty. They even praised her for what she had done, saying that she was brave and had done what no other woman could dare to do. My mother broke down in tears, and the police consoled her, asking her to forget the incident and move on. They believed that Throne deserved this punishment for his heinous crime against 15-year-old girl.

I was watching the footage as if it was a thriller movie. When I turned back, my dad was standing there and had also seen everything. I hugged him and cried, and dad asked where my mom. We went to her room, and my dad hugged her tightly, gave her a kiss on her forehead, and apologized for leaving her alone all these years. He acknowledged that she was always thinking about her brother and not giving priority to him. He knew how much she loved her brother and how important he was to her, but after what happened to our daughter, she did something that no one else could have done. He promised to be with her and our daughter from now on. However, my mom didn't react or say anything. I used to believe that my father left us because of his job, not because of a disagreement between them.

My dad permanently deleted all the footage that was recorded and stored in the system.

Now, returning to the TV show, the entire room was silent, and everyone had tears in their eyes. They all hugged me, apologizing for hurting us. My husband was still speechless and calmly held my hand.

Someone in the group asked if revealing everything would emotionally affect me and my mom, as I had promised the policeman that I wouldn't reveal anything. I replied that I didn't want to lose my husband, who is always my priority. Hearing this, my husband apologized and begged for my forgiveness.

The director of the play came to the stage and requested everyone to commit not to expose anything that occurred here outside the room, and everyone agreed. And he, too, deleted all the scenes that were shot, and the camera is now stopped.

Finally, It was surprising to know that the chief guest was a blind man with a doctorate in psychology.

The story has come to an end, but it leaves us with an important question - where does humanity truly exist?

Is it in the actions of the blind chief guest who recognized Rose's pain and gave her a chance to speak?Is it in the brave decision of a mother who chose to kill her own brother to seek justice for her daughter?Is it in the approach of the police officers who prioritized civility over strict adherence to rules and laws?Is it in the actions of the show's director, who chose to delete the recordings rather than exploit Rose and her mother's story for monetary and TRP rating gain?Is it in all the above?

When asked to stack rank these examples of humanity, everyone shared their views. However, the professor stopped them and asked how many of you have tears in your eyes had while hearing the story. Almost everyone raised their hand, and the professor explained that their tears showed that they are the best examples of humanity and God in you.

In conclusion:

True manliness is more than physical strength or worldly goods; it is the ability to defend and provide protection to women regardless of who they are, where they are, or how they are.

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