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Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

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 If we are determined then the world unites to accomplish our dreams. Gandhi believed in the process of nonviolence many great leaders contributed and stood behind him in the process and ultimately got rid of the invaders. 

Do you know why Gandhi Ji didn't receive Bharat Ratna?

Even though Gandhi was known as the father of the nation he did not receive Bharat Ratna.

 when a request is made to give Gandhi Bharat Ratna posthumously then the court replied

"Gandhi is an idea. Gandhi Ji is above the recognition of civilians award.we can't devalue his stature by giving just the Bharat Ratna".

 do you know why Gandhi didn't receive a noble prize either?

Gandhiji has been nominated several times for the noble prize before 1947. But he did not get it because the noble committee members undervalued the contribution of Gandhi to the nation. When India got independence in 1947. The next year Gandhi was again nominated for the prize but it was unfortunate that just a few months before the announcement of a noble prize.

Gandhi Ji was assassinated. There is a clause in the noble prize that it should be given to people who are alive only after Gandhi Ji was assassinated. As a mark of respect  

The noble committee didn't give an award that year to anyone.

To date, noble committee regrets that they have not honoured the great man of all the time.  

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