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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Man Of Few Words

Man Of Few Words

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On the first day of my engineering my dad had come to drop me at college, he saw I was depressed, because I didn't get the college which I aspired for. He told its okay my son. It's not about in which college you study. It is all about how best you could live with what you have. Never complain about what you don't have. Learn to be happy with whatever you have that will ultimately make you great human being.

As the days passed,  I slowly started loving my college. It has provided me everything which I wanted. let me tell something about my college. It's a 30 years old college a huge campus of 70 acres full of trees, it has most sophisticated roads. Big indoor stadium, beautiful cricket ground with green grass where I used to play a lot.It has a great library it looked like an ocean of books. Syllabus curriculum everything was just perfect.

In addition to that, it has college hostel which was like our second home for all of us. We called it as a home away home. We all were brothers to each other. We played a lot of cricket late night counterstrike LAN gaming. One day before exams, with all these, I have completed my 2 years with distinction. Our college which was not less than compared to it or nit campus. I was happy. The only regret I have was not having a girlfriend.

My third year of engineering has started,

There were so many girls in my college but I never felt the urge to talk to anyone, any attraction towards anyone, I always occupied with my own thoughts. Frankly no girl had a chat with me, may be because of my attitude or may be because I talk less. I don't know.

But one fine day after finishing my class while I was returning to my room, there came a girl on a maroon colour activa towards me. She was in a blue colour dress and even though she was wearing a helmet, her eyes were sparkling which spoke about her bold attitude, her hair was dancing with the breeze.

She looked very simple, with light makeup, and some radiation forced me to stand still in the middle of the road until she lost her balance and fell just inches before me. That was the moment for the first time a girl who had caught my attention.

I ran towards her and offered to help her. I was very sad when I saw a cut on her elbow and her moist eyes. I requested her to have first aid at nearby dispensary but she resisted. I apologised her a number of times. She and she let me drive.

That was the first time a girl not from my family was sitting behind me. despite all these, I was enjoying the ride. Finally, we reached the dispensary. A nurse has finished the first aid. As we were waiting for the doctor, she asked my name. I was still lost in my dreams and in my own imaginary world I had even filmed a song in my dreams.

Finally, she woke me from my dreams and i answered I am Naveen. I asked her name she replied it's Meera. She asked why I remained so lost and whether I will be always like this.

I winked and said I was lost only because of her. She smiled and in the next step we exchanged our numbers and started talking. I felt very happy and so alive suddenly.

We talked over phone at times. The call was always from her so I could not dare to call her as I feared she might feel bad but whenever the phone rang I wished it was her.

In such conversations once she told me that when she saw me for the first time I looked genuine and an affection towards her in my eyes. That was the best compliment from her. It meant a lot to me. As she was from other branch our meeting spot was library. As Meera was a voracious reader she used to read a lot of books and asked me every time why don't I start reading. She insisted many times but I didn't take her seriously.

Instead I asked her to read it and narrate the story to me so that I could look at her eyes. She finally understood that I am not reading because of this reason and Meera said that may be you will start reading when I am gone away and she laughed ... I said this is never going to happen.

Our 3rd year has completed, 

I admired her a lot and she was the one whom I trusted more and loved the most. Everything was going good.

Our final year has started,

First company to visit our campus was TCS. I was placed in it. As she was from mechanical she was not interested in IT. She did not attend the drive.

Suddenly She stopped coming to college, I was confused and don't know what to do. I tried calling her but there was no any response. The only thing I can do was to wait for her.

I got her call after almost a month and when I asked where had she gone, and why did not she come to college, she said she had dropped from college....

By the holy lake…. she said that she will be getting married in the next month. I was lost and poured a lot of questions but there was only silence from her side. I knew that she was not happy. I know she loved me.

She said that 'I have to do it Naveen. It's so sudden but I have to. We may not meet again but try to be in touch with you. You are one such person whom I admired a lot. You were not like others. She wanted me to keep my attitude and not change. These were the last words she said……………….

I stood still and numb even after the call was disconnected. All I heard was 'don't change'….

So my friends, I never changed. I missed her, my eyes kept searching for her in every crowd and all her memories would keep flash in front me every time. Those memories made me smile even in my sadness. I decided to keep these memories of her through my life and I will always be in the way she wanted, the only girl whom I loved.

After this incident.

The only thing she was not happy about me was I won't read books

I started reading books and I couldn't realize that books can transform me this much. In that process I did not stick to one book I read a lot of books, watched a number of movies, a lot of documentaries. I fell in love with the history of INDIA I fell in love with Hinduism, Mahabharata. Even now Whenever I read a good book or a good article I thank her. Because with out Meera I was just a ordinary person.

May be Meera has gone away from me but in my heart she has and will have a special place till my last breath. Because I am still a One side lover.

To end I quote from the book I too had a love story.

Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born just to experience the abbreviation of it.

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