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Shubhangi Kotwal



Shubhangi Kotwal


Dr. Nitya - II

Dr. Nitya - II

6 mins 553 6 mins 553


That night Nitya was thinking about dr. Chaitanya and also how he has slowly made her change her behaviour towards him. Nitya thought she has changed now, her softer, tender side of her nature, which she never used to show anyone is now getting unfolded.

Next day morning she called her parents and told them about her performance last night on Army day function. Who all from team performed last night, and the Army chief ' s encouraging and inspiring words for all Army personnel all over the country.Dr. Nitya disconnected the call to her parents saying, " I need to get ready now for duty so shall talk to you later. Amma - papa take care. " 

 Her father must have not but her mother could notice the change of tone and the way of talking today by Nitya. She was quite tender and caring in her tone, and Nitya 's mother was happy about it.

Dr. Nitya reach on her duty well in time. Dr. Chaitanya and other colleagues were there in duty room, all greet Dr Nitya and she respond with good morning wish. Dr Nitya get ready for her round in wards to see her patients. She was almost avoiding talking to dr Chaitanya as she thought she won't be able to see eye to eye with him and converse. What kind of feeling was that she didn't know but this was happening with her for the first time.

After her routine round she come back. Now she had to control her unusual behaviour with dr Chaitanya and other colleagues and come back to normal. As usual they were discussing some patients health problems and how to deal with it. She was handing over file to dr Chaitanya and unknowingly their hands touch, for moment she could feel the touch, it was electrifying.

Dr. Chaitanya' s duty got over so he was leaving. While passing through a lobby he heard some noise and he stopped there. Dr. Nitya was checking one patient and few others from his group, were teasing dr. Nitya, " dekho tumhari bhabhi kitni sundar h ". Some of them started laughing. The other one was singing a hindi movie song. " It was so embarrassing for Dr Nitya. Dr. Chaitanya enter the ward and then there was a pin drop silence. But a army man who was singing a song was unaware about dr. Chaitanya''s presence there. 

They were all trainees and admitted due to small injuries they had got on hands, legs, knees. So dr. Chaitanya shout at them saying, " are you not been taught manners ? This is how you tease a lady doctor ? ???. Write your names on one paper and give me, I want to put a complaint against you all. Tell me the name of your trainer. They all apologize for their behaviour.

Dr. Nitya feel so nice and protected because of dr. Chaitanya and she thank him for that while walking in lobby. Dr. Chaitanya ask her if they can plan a dine out alongwith two other colleagues today ? So she agree to that 

dr. Chaitanya come to pick her up at home at around 21:00 hrs. and She was ready. Today he notice that Nitya was quite comfortable on his bike, without any hesitation she put her hand on his shoulder. both of them reach the restaurant where other two colleagues were waiting for them. Dr. Nitya and dr. Shivangi sit on one side and dr. Chaitanya and dr. Varun sit opposite side. 

They were deciding on their menu and see Major Shashank was entering into the restaurant. They all greet each other and tell Major Shashank to join them, as he was alone that day. The other Major chatterjee who is seen with him always had gone on leave.

Dr. Nitya was not very comfortable of Major Shashank joining them but she had to keep that respect. few months back dr. Nitya operated Major Shashank to remove bullet from his left arm. Major Shashank was very brave and his team performed duties in sensitive areas, where there used to be frequent terrorist attacks.

Major Shashank ask dr. Nitya, " how you are doing. I lost your whatsapp number and so a contact too. " Dr. Nitya reply to him saying, " I am doing great. How about you? Is your arm normal now ? no pain now ? So he says, yes. and I am fine now. "

They all decide on menu and order for it. The dinner is served. Dr. Nitya notice that Major Shashank was sometimes staring at her without others knowledge. So she think I need to do something. Dr. Chaitanya finish his dinner almost and was just sitting by putting his hand on a glass of water so Nitya almost hold his hand and start talking about food they had which was so tasty, and they should often come to this restaurant. Dr. Chaitanya and others noticed her closeness with dr Chaitanya, though all were surprised too. And dr Nitya notice difference in complexion with Chaitanya, he was very fair but she was not.

After they finish dinner, Major Shashank ask to give whatsapp number to Dr Nitya. Nitya give her number. And all part away by saying " good night ". Dr. Chaitanya drop Nitya home and while leaving, before he ask anything, dr Nitya tell him, " I will whatsapp you. "

After some time dr. Nitya send a message on dr. Chaitanya' s whatsapp. Conversation between them......



              I know it was a bit embarrassing for you when I held your hand

                                         Yes, surprise

I wanted to convey Major that we are dating

                                      Are we really ?

Hahaha Chaitanya

                               What is your story ?

Now you got me. Actually after I operated Major and we got to know each other, he shown interest in me

                                           Ohh I see. 

But Major Shashank may be a nice man but I am not interested.

                                          Why ?

Because he is 8 years elder to me. And I dont see any chemistry in us. 

                                Ok so you told him ?

No. But now I will tell him

                                                   Ok good

Thanks again to you


Ok gd night

                                                 gd night

Next day morning dr Nitya and dr Chaitanya meet in duty room. Both were quite relaxed and were smiling over yesterday's whatsapp chat.

Dr. Nitya was looking for leave application form. So her colleagues ask her, " ohh you are planning for leave ? Any specific reason ? So Nitya said, " ya leave for 12 days. Need some mental and physical rest, need change so going to stay with parents. "

Dr. Chaitanya wanted to know the true reason behind Nitya 's going on leave so after dinner he drop at her house. She had just finished her dinner and was talking to her mother, when Chaitanya arrive. Surekha open the door. 

Nitya' s mother was saying that Yes I was going to tell you that there are few good marriage proposals for you and we told them to wait till you come to Trivendram. Afterall decision will be Nitya said," what Amma. I am just coming to meet you as I was missing you all. About marriage proposals, fine I need to talk to you in detail about this because even I am confused. " 

Chaitanya was listening to their conversation. So after finishing the call she tell Chaitanya that can we talk on this subject in detail one day when have free time. So he says, " yes why not. Nitya but when you go on leave I really will miss you. I don't have that bonding with any other colleagues here except you. I won't get leave during that period when you are going. " 

They both chat for few minutes and then she go with him upto gate and unknowingly they part away by exchanging a flying kiss, which was quite unusual. 


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