Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Romance


Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Romance

Dr. Nitya-IX

Dr. Nitya-IX

2 mins

This story is a continuation of Dr Nitya, dated 2nd May 2022.

Every day, Chaitanya would go to the seashore to enjoy the beauty of nature, the sunrise, and the open air. He missed these things in Delhi. One morning, he thought of making a video call to Dr Nitya.

Nitya had just finished her coffee and was reading a newspaper when Chaitanya called her. They talked for almost ten minutes, and Nitya was happy to see the beautiful sunrise and shining sea water that Chaitanya showed her during their conversation.

After his morning walk, Chaitanya asked his mother what she had made for breakfast. It was his favourite Pongal, which she served to everyone. As his father was busy plucking flowers from the garden and Athvika had left for the office, Chaitanya's mother took the opportunity to ask him if Nitya has arrived at any decision about marriage since she has been to her hometown ?? Chaitanya was surprised and told his mother that Nitya had not finalized a boy for marriage.

 Then his mother ask about his plans for marriage. Relatives and families who are interested in Chaitanya for their daughters had already started asking. 

Chaitanya's mother asked him about his feelings towards Nitya. She said, "Ok, Chaitanya, tell me what is going on in your mind about Nitya? You always seem happy when you talk to her." Chaitanya didn't know what to say, but he told her that they spent a lot of time together at work and sometimes had meals together. His mother asked him if he minded meeting other girls, and he said that casual meetings were okay but he wasn't interested in formal ones.

The next day, while walking to the beach, Chaitanya notice that a couple is coming towards him . It was Riya, a former college classmate who was now married. She invited him to meet with some of their other classmates. The next evening, they all met at a five-star hotel for dinner. The married couples teased Chaitanya, Sudha, and Jyothi about marriage, but everyone laughed it off.

The next day, after breakfast, Chaitanya's father told him that Athvika's marriage was fixed and that he should make a decision about marriage. That night, Chaitanya's mother secretly called Nitya's mother and told her to prepare for good news.

Chaitanya texted Nitya and asked her to spare some time for an important conversation. The next morning, he called her and asked, "Will you marry me?" Nitya was surprised but happy and immediately said yes.

Chaitanya explained to her that there was pressure from his family and that he had finally made the decision to ask her. Nitya was happy but wondered how he had come to the decision so unexpectedly.

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