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Dushyant-Shakuntala (Mythology)

Dushyant-Shakuntala (Mythology)

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This story is about the ancient times. There was a big forest with lot many fruit - bearing trees. Also, there was one river Malini. There were many Hermitages in these forests. The Rishis and Saints used to live in those Hermitages. The forest was full of all nature and beautiful plants and greenery, animals like deer, and a river flowing through the forest. 

On God's and especially on Indra's saying Menaka, extremely beautiful female, celestial that is beautiful dancer and singer, was sent on earth to distract the great sage Vishwamitra from his deep meditation. Menaka got success in that and Vishwamitra got attracted towards her and she sired a child with him.

Menaka's task was over, and she had to return back to heaven. So, Menaka left that beautiful child, a girl at the banks of river Malini. This area was surrounded and protected by birds. 

Sage Kanva was passing from the banks of river, and he heard a baby cry, and he found a newborn girl there. He took her along with him to his hermitage. He found her in the place that was surrounded by birds, so he named her " Shakuntala".

Kanva Rishi took care of Shakuntala, and she was now grown into a beautiful young girl who used to play with deer and birds and other young girls from the Hermitages of sages there. 

One day King Dushyant along with his army was passing through the desert, and he entered into the forest where he could see the Hermitages. He was searching for a deer which was wounded by his Arrow.

Shakuntala found a deer which was hurt by someone, at banks of river Malini and she took that deer along with her. She was cleaning his wound and nursing him, and Dushyant found them. Dushyant saw Shakuntala and fell in love with her. He apologized for hurting her pet deer, he started asking for forgiveness.

both Dushyant and Shakuntala got married, Dushyant gave her a Royal ring and promised her that he will return back but he will have to leave due to disturbance in his kingdom.

years passed but Dushyant didn't return in the meantime Shakuntala used to think and busy daydreaming about her husband Dushyant. One day sage Durvasa came to Kanva rishi's hermitage and saw Shakuntala, but she failed to greet him because she was busy daydreaming and thinking about Dushyant. 

Durvasa got angry and cursed Shakuntala that about whoever you were thinking about will forget you, her friend explains the situation to Durvasa, and he modify his curse saying that if she shows him the token of their meeting, love then he will remember everything.

After a long wait Shakuntala and her father i.e. sage Kanva along with some other persons go to Dushyant. They had to cross the river to reach there. While crossing the river her ring fall in the river from her finger. 

They reach to Dushyant, but he fails to recognize her and denies that they were married few years back in Kanva rishi's hermitage. 

in the meantime, a fisherman found a royal ring when he cut the fish that he fetched in the river. So, he come to Dushyant to return this ring recognizing that this is a Royal ring, and he should go and give that to Dushyant.

By seeing this ring Dushyant remember everything about his marriage with Shakuntala and his love for her. "Bharat" was son of Dushyant and Shakuntala; on whose name our country has got name " " " Bharat " that is what the history says.

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