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Lavanya 's Birthday

Lavanya 's Birthday

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It was Lavanya 's birthday today. Her parents woke her up early in the morning. This was a very different birthday for her because this was like a new birth for her. She turned twelve today. 

 Why the new birth you all must have got this question in your mind. Fine it's a long story and Lavanya never had thought even in her dreams that this is her story, and this birthday will turn out to be a life changing for her. 

Till now she used to celebrate her birthday with her parents, younger brother and children staying in their colony. Her parents used to buy a nice dress of her choice for her birthday and get a birthday cake, chocolates for her friends. Her mother used to prepare sweets one day before and snacks on the day of birthday. Children used to enjoy the delicious food and used to play games.

Lavanya, her parents and her younger brother were leaving for Mumbai by early morning flight from Chennai. They reached Mumbai and gone straight to the hotel first. They got ready, had their breakfast and her parents told Lavanya that we are going to tell you a story and after that we all will go and visit one orphanage. Till that time Lavanya and her brother Sachin didn't know what exactly is going to happen.

Lavanya 's mother said that there was one couple who had everything with them, good job, money, house, car, friends but they were not blessed with a child even after five years of their married life, so they were sad. One day they read in one magazine about an orphanage and decided to visit that orphanage. 

Next Sunday only they went there to meet the head over there. During their meeting a staff over there came with a little girl saying that she has fever so head over there arranged for a doctor. That little girl was fair and beautiful. She had sparkling eyes, a sharp nose and little curly hair. They both just looked at her and then and there decided that we want to take her home.

After the necessary formalities and adoption procedure, which took some months, she became officially their daughter and in between they used to visit orphanage to see that little girl.

Lavanya somehow got tears in her eyes, so her parents gave her a hug and so she understood and asked, " that little girl was me? And you were that couple? And her parents broke down and with heavy heart they just nodded positively. 

All four of them came closer and their emotions burst into tears. There was silence for few minutes. Then Lavanya only told them not to cry. It was my past, today I have my lovely family, my parents, younger brother, who love me a lot.

And the tension and burden Lavanya 's parents were carrying with them about not telling truth to Lavanya, had disappeared. All this they thought of doing now is because one of their neighbors from Mumbai called them once and asked about that little girl whom they had adopted from orphanage. And they realized that though we left Mumbai and shifted to Chennai immediately after adopting Lavanya, to avoid this unpleasant situation about questions from friends and neighbors but in future who knows we may come across to any such people and then if Lavanya will come to know about the truth indirectly then she will get hurt. So, they decided to come to Mumbai for the last time.

Four of them visited orphanage, met the head and staff over there and celebrated Lavanya 's birthday by cutting the cake and distributing sweets, chocolates and gifts to all children over there and to all others. 

They decided to forget the past. After reaching Chennai they became the normal family like before and lived happily.

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