Shubhangi Kotwal

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Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Drama Action

Tale Of An Innocent Girl

Tale Of An Innocent Girl

8 mins

She was the only daughter of her parents her name was Suchitra. She did her graduation and after that she was not interested in studying further. Suchitra was tall and beautiful and was very innocent  kind of a person. She was quite religious and spiritual kind of a person because that's the way she was raised by her parents or rather by her mother because her father used to be very busy in the family business.

When they discussed at home about Suchitra' s marriage, both her parents wanted a son- in - law who will take over their family business. So, the boy should be highly educated, from their caste and community that's what was their wish.

Suchitra 's parents told few of their relatives to suggest a boy for Suchitra. Also, they thought of using the matrimonial column of a newspaper. On one Sunday Suchitra' s brief biodata and expectations about to be groom appeared in newspaper. There was an overwhelming response from the parents of eligible boys.

Since Suchitra and her family had a belief in matching horoscopes, they shortlisted a few proposals. Formal meetings and the scrutiny started, which is always a part of the traditional search for a life partner in arranged marriages. 

Finally, and unanimously, they finalised for a handsome boy and an MBA educated from IIM, who was from their community. Also, he too was the only son of his parents. His name was Durgesh. Both Suchitra and Durgesh tied knot as arranged by their parents and in a function where family, friends, relatives and known people attended their wedding and gave them best wishes and blessings.

 Suchitra was not a perfect match for IIM educated Durgesh, because she was a graduate, but she never took an interest in business and other office activities. Whatever was of her parents was going to be of Suchitra, so she didn't have any financial worries. Also, her maternal grandfather had made a will where she was going to get a good amount of property after her marriage.

Durgesh and his parents took practical decision because Suchitra was already going to get such a lot of property and as such, she was beautiful, so everything was fine.

Durgesh was staying alone in Banglore in rented flat and was earning good and his parents were staying in Manglore where they had their own house. Durgesh had job in IT industry, and he was in good position. Suchitra' s parents were also staying in Banglore .

Suchitra and Durgesh visit beautiful places like Ooty, Mysore and also Tirupati after marriage. They came back to Bangalore and were enjoying their time. Durgesh will resume office now after a month's holiday. And they were now quite comfortable in their routine. On weekends they used to go for site seeing and sometimes at Suchitra 's parents' house.

One day a distant relative of Suchitra come to visit them but Durgesh had left for office. Suchitra welcome him, makes snacks and coffee for him and also show their wedding photo albums. That distant relative, Ramesh was aware that Suchitra now possess the property that her grandfather had given her. He had come with bad intension , but he was trying to be very nice with her.

Suchitra was very innocent and religious kind of a person which Ramesh knew about. He told her that I come to Bangalore quite often for my work so Suchitra told him that he should come to their place when he comes to Bangalore. Ramesh as such wanted that she says this to him. He promise to come after 15-20 days and go back.

Suchitra tell Durgesh about this distant relative, so he says, "Thats good. why didn't you ask him to wait for me? So Suchitra told "He had come for some work and had to travel back." So Durgesh tells her that next time when he comes just inform me, I will take half day leave from office and come home. Suchitra agrees.

During next visit also Ramesh behave nicely, this time he meet Durgesh also and make good impression about him by telling all stories of his goodness and his achievements so far. Now Durgesh had no objection of his coming home in his absence and as such Ramesh was quite elder to them in age, and he was a family man.

Ramesh visited third time and this time he started throwing his cards. His intension was to take Suchitra into confidence and cheat her in such a way that she never would know about his bad intension. He asks Suchitra for their horoscopes and tell her that I know astrology and his predictions are always correct and infallible. she gets excited to know about this and give horoscopes. He tells her about some " dosh " in her horoscope and how this can create problems in her marriage and also that she may have problems to conceive child and also tells her that he knows the remedies for this.

Ramesh puts one condition that Suchitra should not tell anyone about this prediction and the remedies and solutions that he will give her to follow some measures she will have to follow. Suchitra gets convinced by what Ramesh tells her. now every time he comes, he takes money from her and either give her some " prasadam " or artificial stone and statues of God and Goddess and gives her one box and tells her to keep everything in that box and hide it somewhere that even Durgesh can't find.

Here Durgesh find change in Suchitra 's behaviour . Sometimes when he is talking to her or explaining something and she is lost in her thoughts, still he ignores it saying that it is just normal.

Ramesh takes thousands of rupees from Suchitra saying she should donate this amount to the temples, and he would go and donate it there. 

One day Durgesh saw two coffee mugs on table so asks her if Ramesh had come today, she took a pause for few seconds and tell him that " No, now he said he won't be coming to Bangalore, our flat mate had come to just sit and chat so these two coffee mugs." Durgesh believed in what she said but was little doubtful about the pause she took in answering his question. " 

Actually, Durgesh was not aware of the bank account and balance and other properties that Suchitra possessed. He never felt that necessary to ask or know about.

One day Durgesh thought of checking the mobile phone messages of Suchitra, just out of curiosity and the care because he had slight doubt too. He was surprised to see so many withdrawals. That day he call Suchitra' s father, ask about them, and tells him that if you are facing any financial difficulties in business then can tell him, he is always there to help.

Suchitra's father was surprised as to why their son-in-law was saying this. But then he says " no no , no difficulties in my business, infact, I was thinking of making FD in joint name for two of you. Because after marriage we have not gifted you anything. " 

Now to know this Durgesh's doubt turn into fear, it makes him think, but then he decides not to ask directly to Suchitra but to try and investigate about this as early as possible. And he suddenly remembered about one of his best friends who had just returned from foreign after completing his studies and training about investigation and he has started his firm in Mangalore.

Durgesh call his friend Satyen and tells him about the difficulty and invites him to Bangalore. So, Satyen promises him that he will try and come after two days. Satyen makes a plan, discuss with Durgesh on email about certain things, visitors to their house in last few months etc.

Durgesh and Satyen decide to find out about Ramesh first because he seems to be the regular visitor earlier and suddenly stopped coming to their house.

Satyen come to Bangalore after two days. Suchitra was a good cook. Three of them have lunch together. Satyen was trying to scrutinize Suchitra' s behaviour and suddenly threw some questions in the form of quiz to both of them like how would you behave under certain given situation? Or how to find out the intensions.

Satyen was waiting for a call from his junior, whom he sent to Ramesh 's town and to find out about him that even Durgesh was not aware. After lunch Suchitra served desert, which was delicious. Durgesh and Satyen were chatting about their friendship, how they met, and all the memories and other friends in their circle, Suchitra was listening to them.

Satyen gets a call from his junior, so he gets up and goes to balcony. His doubt about Ramesh was correct. Ramesh suddenly had started behaving like a rich man and was talking about his plans to go to a foreign country. This information they found from neighbours and some relatives and other people living in that small town. It is easier to get information about someone in a small town.

Satyen come and tell Durgesh, " hey come on, get up and get ready our old friend from our group has invited us, we are going there right now, if Suchitra also can join us then that would be wonderful. " 

Durgesh gets the idea. He tells Suchitra to get ready. They go by car to Ramesh 's town. Ramesh finally accepts about his misdeeds and now Suchitra also tells the truth. Suchitra starts crying and tells Durgesh to forgive her for her such foolish and unthoughtful behaviour and for hiding things from him.

Satyen take all the proofs and Ramesh get punishment for cheating a distant relative. Ramesh returns all the amount to Suchitra and was feeling very guilty. 

Satyen takes a promise from Suchitra that she will not hide anything, any transactions of her property from Durgesh and even from her parents. Durgesh give a tight hug to Suchitra and assures her that he will be always there for her, and he will take extra care of her now onwards and will give her more time. Hence forth, any decision that they take will be after discussing with each other. 

Satyen takes leave, Durgesh was very grateful to Satyen and promises to meet him whenever he goes to Manglore to meet his parents and they will remain in contact. 

Durgesh and Suchitra come back to Bangalore and start their lives fresh with more maturity in their behaviour.


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