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India ~ My Pride

India ~ My Pride

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Five years later ...

It was morning of " Holi " festival and since yesterday I was missing our country there living in Canada. I got so many good wishes of Holi from family, relatives and friends, I too wished them but how can I express how I feel here. I do miss the people, places, food, friends and most of all the soil and its fragrance, of my country where I was born, spent my lovely childhood and my youth as a college goer, as an employee and did higher studies.

I was busy thinking all these things and my doorbell noise waked me up. My neighbor was on the door. She said, Shubhangi, you are not ready still? We are all going to Mr. and Mrs. Singh's house. You forgot? They have invited us all for Holi. I told her, "Actually I was lost in my old memories and just forgot that i have to get ready, Alina just give me five minutes to get ready. " Alina said, " ok Shubhangi come fast. We are waiting for you. " 

Mr. and Mrs. Singh had a big, huge garden at their house. So, they had devoted some place where they had a small pond and place to play Holi, so that people whom they know, don't have to play Holi on roads or at home and mess up. Because people in Canada are very conscious about cleanliness. Whereas Indians don't wait that a friend come out from home and then they play colors or water they just see a friend and start putting colors. That is India. And those colors leave their stains and the memories with that for months to come. 

We talk about the universe, earth, world and global as a whole but for us our birthplace is always so special that wherever we live on this earth, how much ever beautiful the people and places and nature there but what we remember about our country is our good memories, our festivals, family and friends, simplicity and warmth. It is not that people are not good here in this country where I am living presently but we miss India.

May be India is not so clean but it's the identity of that place (though the scene in India also is changing now. Cities and villages have realized the importance of cleanliness), it is crowded as the population is more. Various festivals that are celebrated with enthusiasm, colourful dresses, temples and religious places. 

There are many historical places in India which has reference to the time when lord Ram, lord Krishna lived. The places they stayed lord Ram, Sita, Laxman lived and visited during their 14 years of exile. The places that have historical importance and evidence and the stories that were related to those time period.

Before independence Indian states, places, areas were ruled and owned by many Kings. The good work they did for their kingdom and the people there. Buildings, schools, universities, temples and many such places still witnessing the generations of those Royal families who were protecting their land, people and natural and other properties. They were Rajputs , Marathas and many more from south India and other places. They fought the battles with Mughals, Britishers and others and finally our country got its Independence and the identity as country INDIA, which we all are proud of. 

There are many religious places and wonderful places that has special things which are even beyond the science. Our Indian culture is very rich and old. We have many resources like rivers, oceans, lakes, mountains like Himalayas and Kanchenjunga and many more such world-famous places. 

The culture of our country India is so vast and full of valuables that we should all feel proud of it. Like Vedas, Upanishad, Puran, mythological stories everything is just full of knowledge and life's teachings.

 I enjoyed my Holi the festival of colours , with my neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Singh served us delicious food with Indian food varieties that are prepared during Holi and overall made our Holi festival remarkable and memorable. We came back home and i still was busy thinking about my memories of India. 

Kudos to our motherland India where many brave and courageous and intelligent people were born and lived. VANDE MATARAM and JAI HIND!

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