Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.



29 mins

Sunny is the pilot of the Sukhoi 30 MKI squadron based at Chennai. Sanjana is his co-pilot and also his beloved. They are out on a routine sortie when the plane develops a technical snag and the plane engine catches fire. Sunny does not eject from the plane as they are over the residential area of the city, he does his best to take the plane to the base, the plane loses height over the airfield and crashes with its engines on fire, Sunny ejects just before the plane crashes on the ground but Sanjana is late in ejecting from the plane and is badly hurt and is hospitalized. Sunny blames himself for not giving the command to eject earlier and bringing Sanjana close to death who is fighting for her life in the hospital.

An inquiry is instituted in the crash, and the inquiry clears Sunny of any fault of his in the plane crash and finds his decision correct in not ejecting over the residential part of the city as many civilian lives could have been endangered. The inquiry lauds the effort of Sunny in bringing the plane to the airbase while it was on fire and clears him of any human errors in the plane crash.

Sunny is transferred from the Chennai airbase to the Hindon airbase near Delhi. Sunny is given to fly the latest Tejas air crafts of the Indian air force. In the Tejas squadron, there is also a lady pilot Urvashi. Urvashi takes a liking to Sunny but Sunny maintains his distance from her. Sunny still blames himself for the accident of Sanjana and does not want to get involved with anyone else. Urvashi one day confronts Sunny and tells him that she knows about his plane crash and the near-death experience of his co-pilot who is now recovering in the hospital in Chennai. Urvashi tells Sunny that he should let the past be past and not blame himself for the things over which he had no control.

Urvashi tells Sunny that she has taken a liking to him from the day she has set eyes on him and would love to make him forget his past accident if he would give her the opportunity. Sunny tells Urvashi that he is no longer capable of emotions of intimacy as that clouded his decision as a fighter pilot and he now wants to concentrate on his flying and not give in to the matter of his heart at all.

Urvashi continues to woo Sunny and every time she sees him she would kiss him on his cheeks much against his wishes. Urvashi falling for Sunny becomes well known at the airbase and Sunny's colleagues tease him that he is a lucky man that he has a lovely pilot falling head over heels in love with him and chasing him all around. Sunny always just smiles at the talk of linkup with Urvashi but every time Urvashi comes near him he would go away from her .

One day at the briefing of the pilots for a dog fight training Urvashi is to be in a dog fight with Sunny to test and sharpen their flying skills . The pilots take off in their planes and the dog fight begins, Sunny has Urvashi in his target sights and is about to press the button for the kill, when he hears the voice of Urvashi over his microphones. Urvashi very sweetly says to Sunny, "I love you Sunny". On hearing the words Sunny hesitate to press the button and in the meantime, Urvashi maneuvers her plane out of the gunsight of Sunny, she flies her plane in a loop and comes behind Sunny's plane and has him in her gun sight and presses the button and scores the kill of Sunny in the dog fight .

Both the pilots touch down and Urvashi walks over to Sunny and asks him why did he not score the kill of her in the dog fight. Sunny says that he had something in his eye and could not see properly for a few seconds. At this Urvashi laughs at him and says it was probably his love for her that he could not press the button, Sunny just shrugs and says, think what you like but he has no love in his heart for her. Urvashi then makes a shape of a heart on the chest of Sunny with her finger and tells him with a smile that this is her heart in his heartbeat and blows a flying kiss at him and then turns away from him and walks away from him undulating her body in a seductive manner.

Urvashi is getting upset with Sunny as he continues to ignore her despite her paying full attention to him . The maintenance engineer Vinod at the base comes up with a plan to ignite the flame of Urvashi in the heart of Sunny by playing a villain. In the evening at the air force mess, Vinod comes and sits next to Sunny with a drink in his hand and starts speaking ill of Urvashi to Sunny. He says that she is no good and looks like a witch and probably she has bewitched Sunny and that is why he is unhappy. Sunny just brush aside the comment of Vinod and he tells that Vinod had a little too much to drink and moves away from Vinod and goes and sits on another table. Vinod follows Sunny to the table and sits next to him and comments on Urvashi that she looks like a stupid twit and she probably used her womanly charms over others to get into the air force and become a pilot when she should have been a cleaner of a truck driver .

Sunny gets upset and slaps Vinod and tells him that he should not speak of his senior pilot in this manner. Vinod falls on the ground from his chair from the impact of the slap. Sunny threatens to complain to his superiors and institute a disciplinary inquiry on Vinod that a junior officer was talking in an unbecoming manner about a pilot and a senior officer . At this Urvashi walks up to Sunny and asks him why did he hit Vinod, Sunny tells her that Vinod was talking ill of her and he did not think that it was right . Urvashi tells Sunny that he could not listen ill being spoken about her because he loves her in his heart but is afraid to tell her so . Sunny tells Urvashi that she is chasing him in vain and he does not love her , it was only to maintain the discipline and the code of conduct of an officer that he slapped Vinod. Urvashi tells Sunny that there are so many other officers in the mess hall who also heard what Vinod said but none retaliated like Sunny did unless he loves her. Sunny tells Urvashi that she can keep dreaming that he loves her and she can wait for all her life living in her imagination . Urvashi says that she will win his heart sooner than he thinks. Sunny just shrugs his shoulders and walks out of the mess .

The next morning in the briefing room his fellow officers tease him that Vinod was just acting silly by talking ill of Urvashi to see the reaction of Sunny and Sunny behaved like a hero trying to save his fair maiden in distress. Urvashi walks upto Sunny, blows a flying kiss at him and then goes and sits at her seat. Their commanding officer comes in and the order is restored . The briefing goes on and today they have to fly in pairs and do a practice run on ground targets and then engage the enemy in a dog fight in the air. Urvashi and Sunny are again pitted against each other in the dog fight . The briefing gets over and the pilots scramble for their planes. While going to their planes Urvashi tells Sunny that she will get him today as well in the skies and Sunny tells her that this time won’t be like the last time and this time he will get the better of her . At this Urvashi tells Sunny that she want Sunny to get the better of her all the time and smiles at him. Sunny just shakes his head and heads for his plane.

On the instructions of Urvashi, Vinod has placed a photo of Urvashi in the cockpit of Sunny with the words written by Urvashi, "I love you I am yours". As Sunny gets into the cockpit of the plane, he sees the photograph and inquires who kept the photo, but his orderly does not answer, Sunny takes the photo and throws the photo on the ground and gets into the cockpit . The planes take off and the practice run of hitting the targets on the ground goes smoothly and the dog fight begins . Urvashi again gets the better of Sunny in the dog fight and scores the kill.

After landing their planes on the ground Urvashi walks up to Sunny and asks him what got into his eyes this time and Sunny replies that it was the sun that got into his eyes this time. Urvashi laughs at him and tell him that she would like to go out for dinner with him at 8 o clock in the evening . Sunny tells her that he cannot go out with her as he would be busy watching the cricket match . Urvashi tells him that she will come to his house at 8 o clock sharp and will keep banging on his door until he comes out and goes with her whether he likes it or not.

In the evening Urvashi wears her short skirt and high heals and puts on her her best makeup and looks glamorous. At 8 ‘o clock she goes to the house of Sunny and parks her car out side his house. She calls him up on the phone and tells him that she is waiting outside . Sunny tells her that he is not coming outside. Urvashi says that she will blow the horn and will continue to do so until he does not come out. Urvashi then starts blowing the horn of her car. Sunny comes out of his house in an angry mood and when he sees Urvashi looking very glamorous his heart misses a beat. Urvashi seductively walks up to Sunny and kisses him on both his cheeks . And they drive away to a club and watch a song and dance in the club .


I Dream Only Of You 

Every time I dream, I dream only of you

For you are my only dreams

Your face is like a moon shining bright

Your divine smile, your mesmerizing eyes haunt me in my dreams

I can only think about and your magical flowing hair

I am happy in the sorrows that you give to me

I am happy in the tears that I shed for you

For I can feel your tender soul from far

You have a heart delicate as the rose petals

Even in my dreams, I cannot think of hurting you

I fear if I come too close

You may wither from my heart of stone

I cannot show you my compassion because of my heart of stone

My soul is not tender like yours

I fear if I come too close

You will shy away from my heart of stone

I leave my soul to you

To keep my heart of stone with me

I fear if I come too close

My filth and wisdom will hurt your gentle feelings

I have a heart of stone, I have a heart of stone

Every time I dream I dream only of you

I dream only of you…


The next morning Urvashi meets Sunny and asks him whether he liked to be with her yesterday evening. Sunny says that Urvashi can think whatever she likes but he is in full control of his heart and he is not in love with her and that Urvashi is just wasting her time and energy on him when she can win the heart and love of any other man with the effort that she is making . Urvashi says that she does not want to win the love of any other man but only his love she wants to win over .

Vinod trying to play cupid for Urvashi sneaks up with two of his attendants and puts a garland each around the neck of Urvashi and Sunny . Urvashi immediately holds the arm of Sunny and stands close to him , Vinod then takes a photo of both Urvashi and Sunny with his polaroid camera . All the other officers cheer both Urvashi and Sunny and say that this is the way the story should be. Sunny just shakes his head and in his confusion puts the garland around the neck of Urvashi , at this Urvashi is very happy and tells him that she sees him as her husband from now on . Sunny folds his hands and says to Urvashi that he must have troubled her in his past life then he is very sorry , and that is why Urvashi is being a pain in the ass for him in this life of his and now he does not want to carry the burden of Urvashi in this life as well and saying this he walks away .

Sunny gets upset with Vinod for siding with Urvashi and troubling him. He goes to his senior officer and levels a trumped up charge against Vinod that he had left a screw driver in the cockpit of his plane and that was careless of Vinod. And the the screw driver endangered his life and the smooth functioning of the plane and could have been a cause of an undesirable accident . Sunny states that he had to take his concentration off from flying the plane a 30000 feet and had to put the screw driver in his flying suit . Sunny then produces the screw driver from his pocket and puts it on the table of his superior . Sunny request for an an enquiry to be instituted on this matter and that Vinod be transferred to another base . Vinod is soon transferred to another base .

Urvashi doesn’t like what Sunny has done to Vinod, he has put a blotch on the career of Vinod. She faces Sunny and request him to take back the complaint against Vinod, but Sunny refuses . Urvashi now fed up of wooing Sunny hits upon an idea to melt his heart and to look upon her with love and caring. On the advice of the wife of a fellow pilot she pretends to go on an indefinite fast of drinking only water until Sunny accepts her. The fellow pilots chide Sunny for ignoring such a lovely girl as Urvashi and a pilot too, but Sunny ignores everyone.

After 4 days of her pretending to be on fast Urvashi goes to the beauty parlor and get a make up expert to make her up with dark circles under her eyes and scratch marks on her face . She then walks up to Sunny and tells him that he is responsible for making her look like this. Sunny tells her that he never said the he loves her and she should leave him alone . Urvashi tells him that she has everything that a man would desire in a woman and she has fallen in love with him because he is a good man and a caring man and she wanted him to forget his past accident with his previous girlfriend and live his life anew and be happy again, but as fate would have it he will now be responsible if anything was to happen to her. And saying this Urvashi pretends to faint and falls on the ground. Sunny rushes by the side of Urvashi and holds her in his arms , Urvashi weakly opens her eyes and holds one hand of Sunny over her breast and says that she wants to die in the arms of Sunny with love only for him in her heart . Sunny says that he does not want her to die and that he will try to love her and forget his past. At this Urvashi smiles and raises her and kisses him . And then say she wants to eat some food .

Sunny falls in love with Urvashi and they are both happy together. Sunny declares that he will marry Urvashi and they fix their wedding day 3 months later. The day Sunny announces their engagement Sunny is promoted to the rank of squadron leader and is posted back to the suqadron of the sukhoi 30 mki . One year has passed since the plane crash involving Sanjana and Sunny.

Sanjana has recovered from her injuries at the hospital and is declared flying fit . She get posted at the Hindon air base where Sunny now is the squadron leader . She arrives at the base and learns that Sunny is the squadron leader of the squadron to which she is posted and she is to be again his co-pilot . Sanjana also learn that Sunny is engaged to Urvashi and is due to marry her in 3 months time . When Sunny learns that Sanjana has fully recovered and is posted at the Hindon air base as his copilot again in the Sukhoi MKI squadron, he is very happy. Urvashi feels uncomfortable with Sanjana coming to the hindon airbase and tells Sunny that she loves him very much and that she will hurt herself if he was to leave her for any other woman. Sunny tells Urvashi that he also loves her very much and will be hers only .

Sanjana and Sunny meet at the briefing at the air base . On seeing Sunny, Sanjana greets him by kissing on his cheeks. Sunny tells her that he is now in love with Urvashi and that both he and Urvashi will be getting married soon. Sanjana shows Sunny a locket that Sunny has given to her with a photo of both Sunny and Sanjana together. Sanjana asks what kind of a man Sunny is to leave her behind when she needed him most and instead of being by her side in the hour of her need he chose to run to the arms of another woman. Urvashi intervenes and tells Sanjana that Sunny did not leave her but was transferred and now the past is bygone and now they are living in the present and both Sunny and she are engaged to be married and Sanjana should remember this and not try and create trouble , Urvashi also reminds Sanjana that she is a junior officer and should respect and obey her senior officers. Sanjana just says that Sunny belongs to him and she will have him back and turns away and walks away without saying a word.

When Sanjana and Sunny go to their plane and get into their cockpit, Sanjana just blows a kiss at Sunny and says, ‘our beats together’ . Sunny tells Sanjana to stop trying to win him back because he is truly in love with Urvashi and will marry her in a short time and Sanjana should stop trying to woo him back. Sanjana says that Sunny is her first love and her last as well . They fly their sukhou mki and engage into a dog fight with that of Urvashi , Sunny out guns and out maneuver Urvashi’s plane and scores his kill over Urvashi .

On landing, Urvashi walks up to Sunny and tells him that before today he has never been able to out gun her and at this Sanjana tells Urvashi that is because now his mind is not clouded and nothing got into his eyes today . Urvashi grits her teeth and takes the hand of Sunny in her hand and walks away from Sanjana.

In the evening, Sanjana sends a bouquet of flowers to the house of Sunny with the message , "I love you". The flowers arrive just as Urvashi and Sunny are going out , as Sunny takes the flowers from the delivery boy and reads the message , Urvashi angrily throws the flowers on the ground and lead Sunny away from them . Sanjana watches this from a distance from her car and follows them at a distance in her car. Urvashi notices in the rear view mirror that Sanjana is following them and tries to shake Sanjana by driving fast and furious but Sanjana holds on to their tail and keeps following them .

Urvashi and Sunny finally come to a club and go in there with Sanjana following them . There is song and dance going on in the club and Sanjana goes on to the stage and announces that she want to sing a song in memory of the one she loves very dearly. Sanjana sings the song:



You talk to me through your eyes only

Now it is you, only you in my soul

I see you everywhere

I drown myself only in your lovely memories

Being separated from you

I remember only your fond memories

You talk to me through only your eyes

You are so near to me yet so far from me

Why are you doing this to me

You only talk to me through your eyes

I remain lost only in your love

Crazy in love

Extreme love for you and you alone

I just die in my soul

Thinking when will you accept my love for you

I remain lost in my love for you

What kind of blind justice is it of yours

That you accept the voice of my heart

You accept the love of soul

You keep my heart and soul in your control

And still, you stay far from me

Your fragrance is in my soul 

What kind of sin did I commit

That I am crazy in love

Extreme love with you

I will just live my life

In the sin of being in extreme love with you

What kind of blind justice is it of yours

You make me fall in extreme love with you

You just tie me up in the thread of your love

Neither do you let me go free

Nor do you let me come close to you

You just let me follow you crazy in your love

You stretch out your hand to me

To hold on to your hand

But you bat your eyelids

And speak to me with your eyes

Telling me to stay away from you

What kind of test are you taking of my love for you

That you laugh at me through your lovely eyes

For being crazy in love with you

For my extreme love

You call me closer to you

Yet you stay away from me

You take the test of my love for you

By treating me like a stranger

I will die in your love

Without a word on my lips

But you don’t even let me die

And I can’t live without you

What kind of blind justice is it of yours

What kind of test is it of yours

You laugh at me through your eyes

At my being crazy in love with you

At my extreme love

I am lost in your love

Only you can take me out of the vortex

Of your love

You just smile and laugh softly

You stretch out your hand

And hold me in your arms in your love embrace

You just take control of my soul

Engulfing my soul in your soul

I remain lost in your love

I am drowned in your extreme love

You are with me

Extreme love for you

Crazy in love

That you made me crazy in your love

Extreme love

I am your lover, your Juliet

The one deeply in love with you

Extreme love

Till I die and beyond

Now that you have held my hand

Then I also have the right of one sin of one love

Of loving you crazy in love

Extreme love

I was crazy in love with you

I am crazy in love with you

I will be crazy in love with you… 


Every day at the air base when Sanjana meets Sunny she gives him a red rose and tells him she loves him and in the evening sends a bouquet of flowers to the house of Sunny. Urvashi is infuriated by this behavior of Sanjana and confronts Sanjana. And tells her that Sanjana has no right to give roses and flowers to Sunny and remind him that he loves her. Sanjana says that she is Sunny's first love and the roses that she gives to Sunny are simply a token of her deep love and respect that she has for him. Urvashi threatens Sanjana that she will get Sanjana transferred to another base. At this Sanjana says that it is highly unbecoming of a senior officer to speak to a fellow junior officer in a threatening manner. Urvashi just stomps her feet and walks away from Sanjana .

In the evening at the air force club swimming pool Urvashi is sitting near the pool side drinking her cold drink and watching Sunny swim and play water polo with his fellow officers. Sanjana walks in her glaring red and white swim suit , making heads of all males turn towards her and inviting a frown on the face of Urvashi. Sanjana climbs on top of a low diving board showing her full figure and dives into the pool , she surfaces from her dive and swims straight towards Sunny and then kisses on both his nipples.

Seeing this Urvashi sends out a cry and jumps into the swimming pool fully dressed and starts shouting that she can not swim , Sunny swims up to her and hold her in his arms and wades to the pool side with Urvashi in his arms in five feet of the swimming pool water. Watching Sunny go to Urvashi, Sanjana slaps the water hard with her hand. When Sunny climbs over by the side of the pool, Sanjana then swims backstroke showing her full curvaceous body and drawing wolf whistles from all the men in the pool .

Sanjana does not let any moment pass without reminding Sunny of herself . At his desk, at the base, Sanjana places a photo of her and Sunny together in their happier times, on seeing the photo Sunny quietly put the photo in the drawer of his desk. Sanjana would bring coffee to Sunny in full view of Urvashi and when Urvashi would see it she will take the coffee cup from the hand of Sunny and throw it in the dustbin, at this Sanjana would simply smile and blow a kiss at Sunny .

Sunny is hard pressed between two beautiful women who equally love him and the pressure begins to tell on him and he address Urvashi as Sanjana. Urvashi slaps Sunny on his face and tells him that he is being unfaithful to her now that he has started calling her Sanjana. Sunny says that it is just a slip of his tongue and he could not help it as Sanjana is always around him.

Urvashi feels threatened by the presence of Sanjana around Sunny all the time and she asks him whether he loves her or Sanjana. Sunny say that Sanjana is his past and he loves Urvashi only now. Urvashi holds the hand of Sunny in her hand and places it on her head and ask Sunny to swear that he loves her only and will not leave her for any other woman .

To ease off his tensions Sunny goes to the gym for regular workouts . A fellow officer tells Sanjana that the coast is clear and that Urvashi is not with Sunny at the moment . Sanjana rushes to the gym from her house and finds Sunny exercising on the treadmill . Sanjana takes out her best perfumes from her purse and sprays it on her. She changes into her hot pants and revealing t –shirt and opens her hair and let them fall around her shoulders. She then puts a rouge on her cheeks and glossy lipstick on her lips and goes to exercise on the treadmill next to Sunny. On seeing Sanjana looking beautiful and appealing in her revealing outfit , Sunny’s heart misses a beat , but he pretends to ignore her. Without a word Sanjana starts the tread mill next to Sunny and starts to jog on it with her bosom heaving up and down as she jogs on the machine . Sunny looks at Sanjana in the mirror in front of him and can't take his eyes off Sanjana and is intoxicated by the fragrance of Sanjana.

 Sunny misses a step on the tread mills and falls, twists his ankle and falls flat on his face .

Sanjana rushes to the side of Sunny and holds him in her arms and ask him where he is hurt. Sunny tells her that he is not hurt but has only twisted his ankle . Sanjana brushes her long hair gently over his face and kisses Sunny on his lips . Sunny gently pushes Sanjana away from him by his hand, Sanjana takes his hand in her own hand and kisses it softly. At this Sunny lets out a groan and lays flat on the ground .

He says to Sanjana that he must have committed some sins in his past life that he is pitted against two women in this life . Sanjana laughs and helps Sunny up on his feet . Sunny is unable to put weight on his sprained ankle and stumbles, Sanjana holds him firmly in her arms and doesn’t let him fall. Sanjana tells Sunny that she will take him home and will attend to his sprained ankle . Sunny agrees .

Sanjana helps Sunny into her car and drives straight to her own house . On seeing that Sanjana is driving to her house Sunny protest that she should drive him to his house . Sanjana says that she has an ointment in her house just for sprains and besides after massaging his ankle with the ointment she will take him back to his house .

Sanjana reaches her house and help Sunny into her house , she helps him on the sofa and takes off his shoes and socks . Sanjana goes over to her drawer and get the ointment and rubs it gently on his sprained ankle . After rubbing the ointment on his ankle she just pushes Sunny back on the sofa and stands up in front of him . She then takes off all her clothes and stands naked in front of him . Sunny just gapes at Sanjana with and open mouth then gaining control of himself tries to get up from the sofa. Sanjana pushes him back on the sofa by putting a foot on his chest . Sunny tells Sanjana that he is engaged and will be marrying Urvashi soon . Sanjana says that if he ever marries any woman then it will be her and not Urvashi , because he is her first and last love . Sanjana says that Sunny rightfully belongs to her only and that she had just lend him to Urvashi for sometime to look after him while she was recovering in the hospital and now that she is fine, she has come back to claim her man again .

Before Sunny can say anything , Sanjana lunges at him and tears off his shirt exposing his bare chest , she then quickly unbuckles and unzips his pants and take them off , making him naked. Sunny holds up both his hand in protest and tells Sanjana to stop doing what she is doing. Sanjana says now it is too late to stop and she cannot hold herself back now and saying this she throws herself at Sunny and kisses him passionately on his cheeks , lips and his chest . Sunny is unable to resist the heat and warmth of the body of Sanjana and they make love passionately .

The next morning Sunny tries to avoid Urvashi when he see her . Urvashi confronts him and asks him where he was last night when she tried to call him on his mobile and he did not take her call. Sunny tells her that the battery of his mobile phone had run low and that is why he could not take her call . Sunny declares that he will throw a big party for her birthday and will announce the date of their wedding at her birthday bash . Urvashi is very happy and kisses Sunny on his cheeks .

A day before the birthday party of Urvashi , Urvashi and Sunny are sitting and talking to other officers in the officers club . Sanjana enters the club and sits at the table next to Sunny and Urvashi and facing Sunny she starts to blow kisses at Sunny . Urvashi gets up from her seat and goes over to the counter and get a drink , she then takes out a small packet from her pocket and empties the content of the packet in the drink and then stirs the coffee well . Sanjana sees from a distance in the side mirror that Urvashi has drugged the coffee . Urvashi walks up to Sanjana and sweetly smiles at her and tells her that she has got a drink for her and that she wants to be friends with her. Sanjana smiles back equally sweetly and says that she will love to be friends with Urvashi as well and takes the drink from Urvashi and pretends to drink it . Sanjana gets up from the table and empties the drink in the plant pot nearby and then pretends to faint and falls on the floor .

Sanjana loudly calls out to Sunny and Sunny on hearing his name and seeing Sanjana on the floor rushes to her side . He holds Sanjana in his hands and asks her what has happened to her. Sanjana tells him that Urvashi has given her a drugged drink and that Urvashi has probably poisoned her . Urvashi says that Sanjana is talking nonsense and that she probably had one too many drinks and that she needs to just sleep it off. Urvashi tells Sunny to take Sanjana to the dormitory on the first floor and let her sleep off her drinks .

Sunny lifts Sanjana in his arms and takes her to the dormitory followed by Urvashi . Sunny places Sanjana on the bed and leaves the dormitory and goes back on the ground floor to the club . Sanjana on seeing that no one is around gets up and quietly lights up a fire at the back of the dormitory . The dormitory catches up fire . Sanjana then on her mobile calls up a fellow officer Radha sitting in the club with Sunny and speaks to her in a mans voice that the dormitory is on fire and Sanjana is lying unconscious in the dormitory . Radha takes the call and tells Sunny that she just got a call from a man telling her that the dormitory is on fire and Sanjana is in it . Hearing this Sunny rushes to the dormitory and leaps into the flames and brings Sanjana out of the flaming dormitory ... Sunny brings Sanjana down into the club and places her on the table and sprinkles water on her face . Sanjana pretending to be semiconscious wrap her arms around Sunny and tells him never to leave her again like he has done her earlier . Sunny says that he will never again leave her and will stay with her forever .

Urvashi repents and tells Sunny in fornt of everyone that she has indeed drugged the drink of Sanjana because she did not want her to come to her birthday party and be a bone of contention in Sunny declaring their marriage date . Urvashi says that deep down in his heart Sunny only loves Sanjana and that he belongs to her only . Sunny is upset but forgives Urvashi for her misdeed saying that all is well that ends well. At this Sanjana opens her eyes and kisses Sunny on his lips .

A week later both Sanjana and Sunny are married . Urvashi walks up to the newly married couple and says that she wants to talk to Sanjana privately. Urvashi takes Sanjana aside and says that out of curiosity she wants to know how the fire in the dormitory started when there was no electricity in the building that day and the generator also had broken down so there was no chance of even a short circuit causing the fire. Sanjana says that she did not drink that drugged drink that Urvashi had given to her because she had seen in the side mirror that Urvashi has spiked the drink and that Sanjana had herself started the fire in the dormitory knowing well that Sunny will come to rescue her and to win back the heart of Sunny once and for all and her plan worked . Sanjana winks at Urvashi and rushes back to be by the side of Sunny.

Urvashi clinches her fist , grits her teeth and says you bitch it is only for a very short while that you have Sunny for yourself and it won't be long that Sunny will be mine forever and you will end up just being his mistress only and she, his wife ... 

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