Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Just One Sin

Just One Sin

34 mins

Akhil, Nikhil, and Sunny are 3 very fast friends. Happily married and successful businessmen. Of the 3 friends, Sunny is more adventurous and a happy go lucky person and likes to flirt with girls behind the back of his wife. While Akhil and Nikhil are more sober and straight forward and family men.


One fine day at the beach all 3 friends are watching a game of women beach volleyball. The match is exciting and the 3 friends cheer loudly for the girls in red who the three friends think are the loveliest girls. The girls in red lose their match and are walking back to their hotel unhappy at their loss in the game.

The three friends meet up with the 3 girls Daisy, Rakhee and Rita of the red team and Sunny introduce themselves to the girls.


Sunny: hello! I am Sunny, these are my friends Akhil and Nikhil. The girls smile at them. We watched your game. You girls were just great but I think you lost the match because our bad luck seems to have rubbed on you girls as well that is why you lost. Had we not been watching your game you girls probably would have won the game.


The girls laugh at the comment of Sunny


Rakhee: that is very sweet of you to say this. But we just love the people who come to watch us play and our good luck is better than your bad luck any day. We lost the match because the other team played better than us today.


Sunny: we just wanted to make you feel better. We are just your admirers. The way you play is excellent. It just was not your day today.


Rakhee: yes it wasn’t our day today. So long boys we are a bit tired and we will retire to our hotel.


Sunny: give us the honor of dropping you at your hotel. Besides, we are not doing anything the entire day today and if you girls don’t mind we will just love to show you the city today.

 Rakhee looks at Rita and Daisy and they just shrug their shoulders and nod ok.


Rakhee: we won’t mind the company of you sweet boys and I would love to cry on a man’s shoulder tonight about our loss in the game.    [ she then winks at the three friends and smiles softly ]

All the three girls walk hand in arms with the 3 friends.

Three years have passed since Akhil, Nikhil, and Sunny met up with Daisy, Rakhee and Rita at the beach volley ball game.


Akhil has been happily married for 5 years but is still childless. His wife Sonali, with a desire to have children, keeps inviting astrologers and tantrik and pundits at her house to bless her to have children. On one such occasion, Sonali has invited a tantrik to her house who is performing prayers to bless her to have children.


Akhil comes home in the evening from the office to see a lot of smoke in the house from incense sticks. He thinks the house is on fire and rushes to get a fire extinguisher and sprays the incense sticks and the tantrik with the fire extinguisher. The tantrik is upset with the action of Akhil and gets angry and says …


Tantrik: how dare you interfere in my deep prayers and now I can not bless Sonali to have children and she will remain childless.

 On hearing the words of tantrik Sonali panics and scolds Akhil.


Sonali: you can’t do anything right and now you have spoiled his concentration and prayers.

 Sonali then turns to the tantrik and falls on her knees with folded hands and request him to forgive Akhil.

 Sonali: please forgive my husband he is an atheist and does not understand the powers of the prayers. Please continue with your prayers.


Tantrik: I can not continue in my prayers because of this fool. But I will bless you and your husband with holy water from five different oceans.

 Sonali bends her head at the tantrik in respect to be blessed.

The tantrik dips his hand in five different bowls containing water and sprinkles the water on Akhil.


Tantrik: [ sprinkling the water on Akhil ] i bless you with this holy of the holiest water from 5 different oceans of earth and you will soon have children from the power of my blessing. Now give me rs. Ten thousand as donation.


Akhil gets annoyed at the tantrik and sprays a little more foam from the fire extinguisher at him and says …

 Akhil: I am not bothered about your dramatics of sprinkling me with your mineral water. Take this rs. One thousand and get out of here.


Akhil then grabs the hand of the tantrik and pushes him out of the door of his house and then pulls the dhooti loose of the tantrik from behind. The tantrik gathers his dhooti and runs out of the door.


Sonali breakes into tears and says to Akhil sobbing

 Sonali: I will never have children because you are a complete atheist and you did not let yourself be blessed by the holy water from 5 oceans.


Akhil: I take my bath every day with holy tap water and get blessed every day. All I need to get you pregnant is a bottle of viagra and a bottle of oil. I will take leave from the office for one month and stay with you only.


Saying this Akhil lifts Sonali in his arms and take her to their bedroom.


Nikhil has a lovely secretary Rajeshwari in his office who is always trying to win his attention by batting her eyelids at him and giving small flying kisses at him every time he calls her in his office and tells her to do some work and she always replies to all his orders with yes my love I will do it right away and then gives a small flying kiss to him much to the embarrassment of Nikhil.


Today is Nikhil’s birthday and Rajeshwari has organised a surprise birthday party for Nikhil. As Nikhil enters his office in the morning he is greeted by all his staff and the office staff then lift him up and place him on the floor on all four and give him 28 birthday bumps. One bump for each of his 28 years. Nikhil is a bit bruised by the bumps and his staff help him on his feet and then the girls of his staff give him birthday kisses. The staff then urges Nikhil to cut the five feet high cake and as Nikhil is about to cut the cake lovely rajeshwari burst out from the cake dancing to the wild cheers of his entire staff and then puts her finger in his mouth making him lick the cream on her finger. Rajeshwari then dances a seductive belly dance around Nikhil and sing a song.


Bleeding in love


Bleeding in love

You never call me

I keep waiting for your call

Keep waiting for you to say you love me

Bleeding in love

I will just set you free

If you only ask me to

But you never let me set you free

You just keep holding onto me

Keeping my soul imprisoned in your heart

Holding my memories close to your heart

You never say to me you love me

You keep bleeding me in your love

Bleeding in love

You hold me in your arms

Only to let me go free

Till only as far as you can see me

You call me back again to you

Not touching me not holding me

Just punishing me for being unfaithful to you

Bleeding me in love

Bleeding me in your love

For your love embrace

For the touch of your gentle lips on mine

For you holding me close to your bosom

You just hold me down in my passion for you

You make me curse myself for being unfaithful to you

For hurting your feelings

For hurting your tender love

Bleeding in love

You make my heart bleed for your love

Bleeding in love

I only belong to you

In love in passion

My soul is for you to keep

My heart is only for you to love

My passion is only for you

I can only say i love you

I am yours

You don’t let me set you free

You don’t set me free

You don’t come to me

Bleeding in love

Bleeding me in your love

Bleeding in love

Bleeding inR love …


After the birthday celebration is over Nikhil goes into his cabin followed by Rajeshwari. On entering the cabin Rajeshwari closes the door and bolts it from inside. And looks at Nikhil naughtily smacking her red lips with her tongue.


Nikhil: you should be back at your desk and not bothering me in my cabin.

 Rajeshwari: I have yet to give you your surprise birthday gift

 Nikhil: another surprise now what is it this time.

 In reply, Rajeshwari tears open her top exposing her breast to the full view of Nikhil. Nikhil is taken aback.


Nikhil: i am a happily married man and you should leave my office immediately.


Rajeshwari: with my clothes torn what would all the staff say and think of you.


And walks seductively undulating her hips up to Nikhil.


Rajeshwari: i know you are happily married my love. I just want to spice up your life a little bit more.


Rajeshwari then pushes Nikhil on to his chair and Nikhil falls back on his chair.


Nikhil: what you are doing is immoral and you should get a grip on your emotions and behave yourself.


Rajeshwari: if you are bothered about so much morals then why are you looking at me without even batting your eyelids.


Rajeshwari then slides on the desk in front of Nikhil and stands on the desk. She unzips her skirt and let it fall around her feet.Nikhil just opens his mouth in admiration of her perfect curvaceous figure and blurts out.


Nikhil: i love my wife very much.


On hearing this this rajeshwari steps down from the table on to the chair of Nikhil and still standing over Nikhil says


Rajeshwari: now make love to me.


Rajeshwari then sits on the lap of Nikhil and kisses him passionately. Nikhil feel week in his knees and puts his arms around rajeshwari.


Nikhil: what you are doing is not right.


Rajeshwari: you are loving every moment of this and still complaining. I have been waiting to do this to you ever since i have set my eyes on you.


Rajeshwari tears his shirt apart baring his chest and kisses him on his chest with passion.


Nikhil, Akhil and Sunny all the three friends meet at a restaurant in the evening. On seeing Akhil tired Sunny asks


Sunny: why are you so exhausted Akhil.


Akhil: i am working very hard to get my wife pregnant otherwise i will just end up tolerating the nonsense of every tantrik that my wife can find on the road to bless her to have children. I have to do something fast to get my wife pregnant.


Sunny: [ laughs] i have a book of kamasutra and i will give it you for knowing more intense love making positions.


Akhil just waves his hand and ignores Sunny’s comments.


Akhil: why can’t you ever be serious.


On seeing Nikhil sitting very gloomy Sunny asks


Sunny: what is the matter with you why are you sitting with a sad face.


 Nikhil: i got raped by my secretary today.


Sunny: you are a lucky man. Your secretary is very sexy and many men chase her for her attention but she is just crazy about you.


Nikhil: what if my wife comes to about my relationship with rajeshwari. Then what will i do.


Sunny: your wife will definitely come to know about your wild affair and then she will divorce you and then you can openly have a passionately affair with rajeshwari.


Nikhil: you are always talking nonsense and never serious because you are not facing the problems that others do.


Sunny to change the topic asks to his 2 friends


Sunny: do you guys remember the 3 girls that we shared 3 years ago. Daisy, Rakhee and Rita, the beach volley ball players.


At this both Nikhil and Akhil cheer up and Nikhil says


Nikhil: we enjoyed the company of the girls very much. I wonder where the girls would be now.


Sunny: i will try to find where the girls are then we will try to meet up with them.


Akhil: i would not like to meet those girls again. It would come in between my marriage. But i certainly do have some very fond memories of the girls.


Sunny: they were the sexiest girls that we have ever met.and i just can’t get them out of my mind.


Nikhil: that was the just one sin we have committed and i don’t mind it at all.


Sunny: i will raise a toast to that.


All the 3 friends drink their beer and go out of the restaurant to their homes and to their wives singing and drunk.


The next day Akhil is at his home and his door bell rings. The house maid opens the door and lets in a woman and a small boy. The house maid goes over to the study of Akhil and tells him that a woman is here to see him. Akhil goes in to the living room to meet the woman. On seeing Rakhee siting in his living room with a small boy. Akhil is speechless for a moment and then regaining his senses greets Rakhee with a warm smile.


Akhil: hello Rakhee how are you. It has been a long time since we met and how did you know i live here.





Rakhee: i always knew you live here. I had taken your visiting card from your pocket the day we had met and spent some very intimate moments together.


Akhil: [ saying hastily] we better not talk about what happened in the past, here. [looking at the small boy with Rakhee ] he is your son.


Rakhee: he is your son as well from our night of passion in the hotel room.


Akhil quickly look around the living room and then quickly get up from his seat and falls on his knees in front of Rakhee and begs her


Akhil: do not say anything to my wife. Please leave my house and we will talk about things later at some other place.


At this moment sonali enters the room and sees Akhil on the floor on his knees in front of Rakhee.


Sonali: what are you doing Akhil


Looking at sonali in alarm Akhil says


Akhil: the boy has dropped his toy and i looking for it under the sofa.


Sonali: who is the woman.


Akhil: oh ! She is Rakhee. She is my business associate.


Rakhee : i have to hurry now i have to go to my beauty parlor appointment. I will come back again.


Akhil: you don’t have to come back here again. I will meet you in my office


Akhil then leads Rakhee out of the door. After Rakhee has left sonali eyes Akhil suspiciously and ask him suspiciously..


Sonali: since when do you know Rakhee


Akhil:[saying nervously] i keep meeting people with regards to the business matters.


Sonali: your business matters or her business matters.


Akhil: you get suspicious without any reason. And now you must go and rest. The doctor has advised you total rest.


Sonali turns and leaves the living room.


Akhil rushes to the office of Nikhil and burst into his cabin and shouts in excitement..


Akhil: Rakhee that hot beach volleyball girl was at my house with a 3 year old boy and she claimed that the child is my son.


In reply Nikhil calmly points to a girl sitting on a chair in his cabin. Akhil turns and lets out a scream of anguish and sees Rakhee sitting on the chair.


Akhil: Rakhee what are you doing here.


Rakhee: i came here to see the union of 3 good friends. And now i am waiting for your third friend to arrive.


At this moment Sunny also enters the room and raises the hand and asks Akhil..


Sunny: why did you call me here. What is so urgent.


Sunny then sees Rakhee sitting on the chair with a small boy and lets out a wolf whistle and says






Sunny: is it not the beautiful Rakhee herself. I just can’t get you out of my mind. You are the sexiest of all the girls that i have ever met. [then looking at the small child ] your son, beautiful child.


Akhil: she is claiming that the child is mine. And i don’t believe her. She has a lot of boy friends the child could be from anyone of her many boy friends.


Rakhee: it is typically male to first sexually exploit a girl and when she get pregnant you run away from her.


Akhil sits down on a chair and pulls his hair and wails


Akhil: my marriage is over and this just one sin will be responsible for it.


Sunny: [ laughs at Akhil] if your wife leaves. You can have another one and Rakhee even has a ready made son for you.


Akhil: your comment is not funny and it is in bad taste.


Sunny: you should have been careful when making love to Rakhee. You should have taken precautions, like i always do.


Akhil: i need proof that the child is mine. I will get a dna test done.


Rakhee: i will tell your wife of the romping time you had with me.


Akhil: you also had a one night stand with both Nikhil and Sunny, the child could be there’s as well.


Nikhil gets up from his chair and getting angry at Akhil


Nikhil: why drag us into your mess. Keep us out.

Akhil: besides the child may not belong to any of us and certainly not to me. Dna test is the only option to find the real father of the child.


Rakhee: one of you three is the father of the child. As you were the only men i was with when i got pregnant.


Akhil jumps with joy and says


Akhil: until now she was saying that the child is my son now it is any three of us.then the child may not be ours at all.


Rakhee: all i want is maintenance for my son and you can decide among yourselves who will pay for the boys maintenance. And if you go for the dna test then your wives will certainly come to know of your philandering ways. And your wives think that their husbands are very faithful to them but instead all of you have is roving eyes for other girls.


Just as Rakhee is about to leave the cabin of Nikhil, rajeshwari walks in to the cabin and on seeing Rakhee excitedly says


Rajeshwari: Rakhee is that you.


Rakhee on seeing rajeshwari hugs her warmly


Nikhil: rajeshwari how do you know Rakhee


Rajeshwari: we were neighbors for 5 years and were good friends and always shared our little secrets with each other.[turning to Rakhee] what are you doing here.


Rakhee: let go else where and talk and catch up with old times.


Akhil returns home and goes to his wife and asks her


Akhil: sonali would you like to adopt a three year old boy.


Sonali: from where will we adopt a child.


Akhil: we can think of adopting the son of Rakhee. Her husband died and she is having a difficult time being a single mother.


Sonali:[ponders for a moment] the small boy like more like Sunny.


Akhil: he does


Sonali: yes. I have seen the photographs of Sunny when he was a child and he looked exactly like the son of Rakhee.


Akhil:[ smiling ] you have taken a great load of my head.


Sonali: what kind of load.


Akhil: of not adopting a child but having our child.and that reminds me of getting you pregnant.


He walks up to sonali and lifts her in his arms and takes her to the bedroom.



Rajeshwari takes Rakhee to a restaurant for lunch and to catch up with old days.


Rajeshwari:[looking at the child] you have a very lovely son what is his name.


Rakhee: oh ! He is not my son but my friend Rita’s son. Rita is confused as to who the father of the boy is. Because she was having one night stands at that time and got pregnant.and now she is looking for maintenance for the child from prospective fathers of the boy. That is when we remembered of the three jokers that we had met and i came and told Akhil that the child is his son.


Rajeshwari:[ laughs] all three are misers and they won’t give you a single paisa for the child’s maintenance until proved whose son he is.


Rakhee: yes it seems so but no harm in trying. All three of them are stupid and scared of their wives and if i am able to fool them enough then i will get to fleece all three of them in paying maintenance for the child.


Rajeshwari: your scheme won’t work they are very clever when it comes to money.


Rakhee: anyway let us leave as it is. How come you are working for Nikhil.


Rajeshwari: i am his secretary and i look after him like he is my own husband. But he loves his wife very much and will not leave her unless she falls in love with someone else and leave him.


Rakhee: my cousin rohan is very handsome and you can try and link up rohan with Nikhil’s wife.


Rajeshwari: that good for nothing rohan is a complete idiot and he does no work at all.


Rakhee: he is creative and loves to act and write stories and if the man in front of him had not got the role of spider man then rohan would have got the role and he would have been a superstar by now.


Rajeshwari: well he did not become spider man and is still an extra.


Rakhee: he is not an extra, he is a junior artist


Rajeshwari: even a junior artist that no one wants to take in their movies.


Rakhee: he is very handsome and has his way with the girls.


Rajeshwari: the only way that he has with the girls is getting slapped by them.Nikhil’s wife will certainly not fall for a penny less pauper like rohan when she is married to a multi millionaire.


Rakhee: you can create suspicion in the mind of Nikhil that there is something between rohan and his wife and the over suspecting behavior of men will do the rest.


Rajeshwari: you certainly are a house breaker


Rakhee: it is you who is dreaming of a much married man as your husband


Rajeshwari: you keep your paws of Nikhil.


Rakhee: of course i will but i want Akhil he is cute.


Rakeshwari: [laughs] what women do to get the men of other women


Rakhee: it is the men who first commit that just one sin to fall in our palms


The next day Rakhee brings rohan along with her and meet rajeshwari outside the mall.


Rajeshwari: wife of Nikhil is inside the mall at the watch store. Walk up to her and use all your charm to win her over and then come out of the mall walking hand in hand with her.


Rakhee: you stupid do you understand a simple thing like this. Charm her.


Rohan: ok


Rajeshwari: Nikhil will be coming to the mall any minute and use all your acting skills and charms to win her over even if it is show for just 10 minutes.


Rohan walks over to the side of Nikhil’s wife rohini who is looking at the models of the watches. Rohan introduces himself to rohini


Rohan: hello i am rohan. The watches designs are just like the ones i got from france and italy.oh! By the way i am actor in hollywood.i need to buy an expensive watch for my sister’s birthday. [ after looking at the watches for a moment ] the watches are as lovely as you.


Rohini just smiles at rohan and continues to look at the watches


At this moment Nikhil comes to the mall and is met by rajeshwari. Rajeshwari points at rohan and rohini standing together and says


Rajeshwari: i think rohini is seeing another man behind your back


Nikhil: that is not possible. The man standing next to her may just be another shopper looking at the watches.


Rohini walks out of the watches showroom and goes to a florist shop and looks at the flowers. Rohan comes and stands besides rohini and takes one flower from the basket of flower and hands it to rohini


Rohan: your beauty is like a flower in full blossom.


Rohini: stop flirting with me. I am married and i do not know you.


Rohan: [ going down on his knees] married women are more alluring [ again holds out the flower to rohini] one delicate beauty deserves another beauty.


At this road side romeo behavior of rohan, rohini lifts her hand bag and hits him hard on his head and then kicks him in his stomach, she then pulls at the ears of rohan and makes him stand and then punches a left and right hook on rohan’s face giving him a two black eyes and knocks him flat on the floor. On seeing rohini beating rohan black and blue Nikhil rushes to the side of his rohini and asks


Nikhil: what is happening


Rohini: this road side romeo is trying to flirt with me


Nikhil: you should not flirt with women who are boxing champions


Rohan: [ groans] nobody told me she was a boxing champion


Rajeshwari turns to Rakhee and says


Rajeshwari: i knew that good for nothing cousin of yours is useless.



Rita comes and meets up with Rakhee. Both of them call up Akhil and Sunny and tell them to meet at the office of Nikhil as they have to discuss their future life. Akhil and Sunny come to the office of Nikhil and there both Rita and Rakhee are waiting for them.


Rita: one of the three of you are responsible of making me pregnant and i am not interested in carrying on the burden of a single mother and i want meaningful money contributions from the three of you in bringing up my three year old son sohan.


Sunny: now when did you get pregnant. Rakhee claims that sohan is her son.


Rita: that was just a warm up game. Sohan is infact my son and Rakhee is his god mother.


Akhil: i would be happy to have a god mother too. To get me out of this mess.


Sunny: i don’t believe that sohan is the son of any three of us. And both of you girls just want to blackmail us and fleece us for the maintenance of the child. You girls are just conning us to believe that you got pregnant from anyone of the three of us. First Rakhee and now you claim to be the mother of sohan. I smell a rat in your story.


Rita: you did not smell a rat when you met us and wooed us and took us around the town for the whole day and told that we were the sexiest women that you boys have ever met and then spent a night of passion with all of us.


Nikhil: [banging his hand on the table ] i have had enough of this drama. I want to get the dna test done of the boy and the truth will come out as to who is the father of sohan.


Nikhil calls the doctor who has been waiting outside his office and tells him to take the blood samples of all 3 of them and send it for testing in the dna lab.


Rita: getting a dna test done will not absolve you of your duty as a father to sohan.


Rita holds the hand of Rakhee and both the girls leave Nikhil’s cabin in a huff.


Rohini, wife of Nikhil enters the cabin of Nikhil and see the doctor taking blood samples of Nikhil, Akhil and Sunny and asks


Rohini: why is the doctor taking your blood samples.


Akhil: [ says hurriedly ] we want to get ourselves tested if we have malaria or not.


Rohini: you are not suffering from any fever.


Nikhil: the fever is inside and not outside and of late we are not feeling very well.


Rohini: the three of you are all alike and silly. You even fall ill together. [ waving her hand up in the air ] anyway i came here to tell you to come home early, i have called some friends for a small party in the evening.[ and leaves the cabin of Nikhil]


Rajeshwari then enters the cabin of Nikhil


Rajeshwari: doctor if you are finished taking the blood samples. Then everyone please leave the room i have something very important to talk to Nikhil.


Sunny: all three of us are best friends you can say whatever you want to say in front of all of us.


Rajeshwari: whatever i have to tell Nikhil is for his ears only and i can not share it with his best friends.


Sunny: [ looks at Nikhil] well i guess you seem to be in trouble from another girl she seems to be having some ace up her sleeve. I think she has you in her palm.


Sunny, Akhil and the doctor leave the office of Nikhil.


Rajeshwari then bolts the door of Nikhil’s cabin from inside and turns towards Nikhil. On seeing rajeshwari bolt the door from inside Nikhil says


Nikhil: oh no! Not again.


Rajeshwari: i have always dreamed of you doing a striptease just for her.


Nikhil: you are going too far in your dreams and this is reality and such things don’t happen in reality.


Rajeshwari: i would love to tell your loving faith full wife your wayward ways and that you had a night of passion with three girls at a beach volleyball match and you also have a young son from one of them.while your faithful wife is still thinking of starting her own family.


Nikhil: this is pure blackmail.


Rajeshwari:i love everything black about you. Your black eyes. Your black manhood and also your black passions when you go out with other girls. Now i want a part of you to be mine.


Nikhil: what do you want from me to leave me in peace.


Rajeshwari: striptease. That will be good enough to keep my mouth shut and to get rid of me for now.


Nikhil get up from his chair and starts to unbutton his shirt. Rajeshwari raises her hand and says


Rajeshwari: get on the table and do it slowly swaying your body from side to side with the beat and rhythm of the music [ switches on the music system with the remote, then throws the remote over her head]


Nikhil slowly unbuttons his shirt. Rajeshwari smiling gestures to him with her finger to take off his pants. He unzips and unbuckles his pants and let them fall around his feet. Rakeshwari then gestures him to take off his underwear. At this Nikhil puts both his hands in between his legs and bends in knees and sits on the table and says


Nikhil: i will go no further than this.


Rajeshwari walks up to him and says


Rajeshwari: i will take over from here and take you further


Nikhil lay on his side with his hands in between his legs and his legs firmly bent into his stomach, pleads to rajeshwari


Nikhil: please leave me alone i am a faithful husband.


Rajeshwari: you can pretend to be a faithful husband in front of your wife. While i will be your faithful girl friend.


Saying this rajeshwari pulls at the legs of Nikhil. Nikhil closes his eyes shut and says


Nikhil: no leave me alone


Rajeshwari: feel the heat in my bosom


Rajeshwari then gets on top of the table and stands over Nikhil with her legs on either side of his body and looking at Nikhil with passion in her eyes.



In the evening Sunny, Nikhil and Akhil meet at the beach


Sunny: the dna result will be out in a month’s time.


Akhil: that means we will have to keep up with Rita and Rakhee for a month.


Just then three girls pass them jogging. Watching then from behind Sunny says


Sunny: these girls have a fascinating figure


Nikhil: we are already in trouble and you are still looking at other girls


Sunny: let us do some jogging


Nikhil: you want to run behind those girls


Sunny: looking at lovely girls keep the eyes sharp and jogging behind them keeps the body healthy


Sunny nudges Nikhil and Akhil and the three start jogging behind the three girls on the beach


Rajeshwari, Rita and Rakhee are watching them from a distance


Rajeshwari: i can’t believe it they are already running after other girls and we are standing here for their attention


Rita: why are you so jealous


Rajeshwari: Nikhil is my husband to be after his wife divorce him and i will be waiting in the wings to marry him


Rakhee: let us teach them a lesson for chasing girls.


Rakhee then calls up the police patrol and tells them that 3 men are flirting with girls on the beach and running after them. The police men catch up with Sunny, Nikhil and Akhil and tell them they are troubling women on the beach and take them to the police station and put them behind bars.


Rakhee then calls up the wives of Sunny, Nikhil and Akhil and tell them that their husbands are in jail. Rohini, sonali come to the jail. On seeing their wives at the police station all three of them turn their backs to the jail bar so that sonali and rohini do not see them in jail. 


Sonali: for what charge have you put our husbands in jail.


Police constable: they were behaving like road side romeos with the girls on the beach.


Sonali and rohini bail the three out and hold their ears and take them out of the police station. Akhil protests to his wife


Akhil: the police have some misunderstanding, we were just jogging on the beach when the police came and caught us.


Sonali and rohini just pushes their husbands inside their cars and drive away.


Sunny walks up to his car and gets into it and drives away. Rakhee and Rita follow him in their car. Rakhee brings her car alongside the car of Sunny and tells him to stop his car. Sunny parks his car on the side of the road and gets out of the car. Rakhee walks up to Sunny and unbuttons her two buttons of her top. Sunny puts a hand on her hand and tells her


Sunny: what are you doing. Don’t unbutton your shirt in a public place. I am a happily married man and a respectable man.


Rakhee: i am also a respectable woman, but you were not thinking about your happy married life when you were in the throes of passion with me and found me the most beautiful girl in the world and made passionate love to me.


Sunny: it was a bad mistake


Rakhee: then was it also a bad mistake that you shared the same passion with Rita and Daisy as well.


Sunny: what do you want. Money. How much do you want


Rakhee: i want passion. I want you just as you wanted me


Rakhee pushes Sunny against the car and softly kisses him on his ear. While Rakhee kisses Sunny on his ear she puts her hand in his jacket pocket and takes out his wallet and mobile phone. Rita comes over to both of them and says


Rita: i am in a hurry otherwise i would have loved to see your love story. O’ Sunny i will just borrow your car and return it tomorrow.


Rita then gets into the car of Sunny and drives away. Sunny is shocked to see Rita drive away in his car and runs after her. Rakhee gets into her car and drives away. Sunny is left looking at Rakhee drive past him waving goodbye and smiling


Sunny reaches into his jacket pocket and finds his purse missing he searches into his other pockets and does not find his purse or his mobile phone.Sunny walks up to the nearest railway station and get in to the over crowded local train and reaches home with his jacket missing and his shirt torn and his hair disheveled. On seeing Sunny his wife mehima ask him


Mehima: where are you coming from


Sunny: i am came home in a local train


Mehima: why did you not come in your car


Sunny: it got stolen


Mehima: you could have taken a taxi


Sunny: my purse got stolen. I had no money other than small change just enough to buy the train ticket.


Mehima: silly you could have taken the taxi and then paid him when you came home


Sunny: i am not as intelligent as you


Mehima: you could have called me up and i would have come and picked you up.


Sunny: my mobile also got stolen and now don’t bother me i have had a bad day


The next day Rita and Rakhee come to the office of Sunny and goes into his cabin. On seeing Rita and Rakhee in his cabin Sunny jump up from his chair and ask them


Sunny: what are you two doing here


Rakhee tosses the keys of the car to Sunny and says


Rakhee: i am a bit sorry, your car met with a little accident and it is a bit banged up. You can look at your car out of the window if you want to, it is parked under your window.


Sunny sees his car parked under the window with it’s side banged up and the bonnet over the engine missing. Sunny wails


Sunny: my beautiful car


Rita and Rakhee then hold him by both his hands and tell him to come shopping with them.


Sunny: if you want to go shopping then go yourself i am not going anywhere with you two


Rakhee takes out a debit card from her pocket and says


Rakhee: this is your debit card and we cannot shop if you do not come with us


Rita then hands him his purse and says


Rita: we spent all the cash in your purse having tea in a five star hotel


Rita, Rakhee and Sunny reach a shopping mall with Rita and Rakhee on his either side and holding his hand. Both the girls buys up a dozen dress each with Sunny silently looking at them. When the girls are not looking at him Sunny tries to slip away only to walk right into Rita.


Rita: going somewhere lover boy. Not so fast. You have to pay for everything [ and leads Sunny to the payment counter]


Sunny meekly hands over his debit card to the sales girl.both Rakhee and Rita kiss him on his cheeks


Rakhee: don’t forget us. Bye for now till we meet again


Rakhee and Rita walk away from Sunny who keeps looking at both of them with a sullen look on his face


A month is about to come to an end and the date of the result of the dna test is coming near. All three Sunny,Nikhil and Akhil are sitting together in Nikhil’s office. Akhil is the first to break the silence and says


Akhil: if the dna result show that i am the father of the child then i will not be able to show my face to sonali. I have betrayed her trust in me


Akhil get up and drives straight home


Akhil in his depression writes a suicide note and leave it on the dining table and goes to the nearby cabinet and take out the bottle of sleeping pills and eat them all up and drink water straight from the bottle and then goes and lay on the bed in his bedroom. Sunny with his wife mehima, Nikhil with his rohini and sonali come into the house concerned about Akhil. Sonali sees a note on the dining table and reads it. And screams in agony and cries out


Sonali: Akhil has committed sucide. Atleast he should have spoken to me before taking such an extreme step.




All of them look for Sunny in the house. Sonali finds Sunny lying on the bed with his eyes fixed on the ceiling. Sonali rushes to the side of Akhil with tears in her eyes.


Akhil: i have been unfaithful to you. But that was just once and i do not want to break your heart anymore, so i am taking my life. I can already feel life ebbing away. I can hear my stomach growling


Sonali: [with tears in her eyes ] i wanted to give the good news to you. I am pregnant.


Akhil: [ speaking weakly] if you can forgive me then please forgive me for being unfaithful to you. After i am gone marry again and live happily ever after with your new husband.


Sunny then opens his fist and the bottle of sleeping pill falls from his hand.


Sonali picks up the empty bottle from the bed


Sonali: Akhil did you take this bottle from the cabinet in the living room


Akhil: yes


Sonali: honey how many tablets did you eat


Sunny: all of them


Sonali: i had constipation and so i had kept laxative pills in this bottle and you are not going to die, you will just have your stomach and intestines flushed out.


Hearing this the stomach of Sunny growls loudly and Sunny doubles up on his bed and then putting both his hands on his stomach rushes to the bathroom.


After the 14th visit to the bathroom and flushing the toilet Sunny is exhausted and lies flat on the floor.


Rohini and mehima knowing the unfaithful behavior of their husband demand a divorce


Sonali: that is what Rita, Rakhee and rajeshwari want you to do. You will just place your husbands in their hands. Once you divorce your good for nothing stupid husbands those scheming girls will move in to claim your places as wives


Rohini: these faithless men have a candle of emotions burning for these girls. I don’t want my husband to get away with it, i have been trying to start a family and here i learn that he could well be a father of a 3 year old boy


Sunny: i am definitely not the father of the child. I always wear protection and there were no slip ups.


Nikhil: i can not be the father of the boy because i had taken contraceptive pills


Akhil: i can not be the father of the child. I had no viagra pills with me. Sonali keeps the bottle of viagra under lock and key. No viagra so nothing.


Sonali: none of you fools are the father of the child.


Akhil:[ raising his head] how come you can be so sure that the child is not from anyone of us.


Sonali: i have the result od the dna test with me


Sunny: how come you have the result of the test before us.


Sonali: i was suspicious of Rakhee the first day i saw her in my house. I employed a private detective to keep an eye on Rakhee. The child is the son of the landlord of Rita and they are just baby sitting for their landlord’s son, the landlord has gone to spain for a month long vacation.


Sunny: then the girls were just conning us and making a fool of us.


Rohini: [ angrily ] all three of you are just a bunch of monkeys and nothing else and were conned by three simple stupid girls [ twisting the ears of Nikhil ] from now on you will do whatever i tell you to do and nothing else and no more looking at other girls anymore


Nikhil:[ with folded hands ] i will do whatever you say


Rohini: you will fire rajeshwari right away


Nikhil: she is fired


Mehima: i have had enough of your roving eye and looking at other girls all the time. From now you will just stay in front of my eyes all the time


Sunny: i am always with you for you my darling


Sonali:[ looking at Akhil on the floor] what about you


Nikhil: i am ready to die for you my love


All the three Nikhil, anhil and Sunny make up to their wives and they are all happy


A week later all the three friends are sitting in a restaurant and having a drink together when Sunny says


Sunny: well our wives have forgiven us and we have mend our ways as well. But i would say that the volleyball girls were indeed very sexy


Akhil: i will raise a toast to them


Nikhil: i kind of miss them i wish that the girls were with us as our top secret girl friends


Three girls, Rita, Rakhee and rajeshwari come from behind the partition from where the three friends are siting and say in chorus “we are right here boys” and Rakhee says to Akhil


Rakhee: you are just too cute to be left alone and missed out


The girls sit on the lap of the three friends


Rita: if you bury the dog’s tail in sand for 12 years and then take it out it would be still crooked and that is what you three are a crooked dogs’ tail 


Rajeshwari kisses on the cheek of nihkil and then raises her hand up in the air and shouts


Rajeshwari: i am in love again




The end



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