The Moll - Gangster's Doll

The Moll - Gangster's Doll

36 mins

 Ragani is a cabaret dancer in the Lilo restaurant. Today 1stt September 2009, don rumble is coming to the Lilo restaurant in the evening to see the show of Ragani. The restaurant owner has asked Ragani to put up her best performance in the evening for don rumble.


Don rumble enters the restaurant and is welcomed by the restaurant owner and is seated on a sofa.

 Ragani starts her cabaret show and slowly strips her clothes one by one and softly undulates her hips and body in a dancing groove and she sings the song


My claws

Waiting for my prey

Sharping my claws

Clicking them to check their sharpness

With faces painted like cats

The shining glossy lipstick on my lovely lips

The soft pink mascara gleaming on my eyelids

The black kajal adorning the lower tip of my eyes

Heightening the beautiful shape of my almond shaped eyes

A ever so soft gentle smile flirting on my glossy lovely lips

My eyebrows trimmed into a fine shape of a bow

The color darkened with the black eyeliner

Heightening the glare of my raised eyebrow

 Questioning the mischief of others

The pearl ear studs hanging teasing from my soft ear lobes

The tips of my round ear lobes looking shy in the soft rosy pink mascara

Colorful bangles jingling on my delicate wrist

The golden kara at the end of the colorful bangles

Soft design in mehendi at the back of my soft lovely left hand

The long caresses of the long hair covering my bosom

Half covering my smooth back

The soft red pink blouse barely concealing my full bosom

The ripe nipple erect trying to break free

From behind the soft fabric of my blouse

A single thread of my blouse tied like a ribbon behind my back

Holding the blouse just above my ripe erect cherry red nipples

Making one pray it will just slip

Exposing the glory of my beautiful soft gentle delicate slender bodies

The single blouse thread tied on my beautiful back

 Unable to hide my voluptuous curves

The lowly tied ghagra skirt

Just above the hip blades

Exposing my deliciously beautiful naval

Teasing the mind intoxicating the senses

The ghagra skirt split from the one side

Running down the entire length of the skirt

Exposing the my long slender legs from thigh to the ankle

Teasingly peeping from behind the soft fabric of the skit

Every time the soft wind gently un ruffles my skirt

The fragrance of my scent of a woman

Softly floating far in the winds

To the sands dunes

Shifting them from one place to another

In search of you

The sliver payal on my ankles softly

Jingling like the melodious songs of the one that you wait for

The red streak of color around the souls of my feet

Making the souls of my feet look like a new bride

The toe nails gleaming merrily in the

Bright glistening nail polish

Waiting for the prey

Sharpening my claws

Just for you

Who gets fascinated

 Intoxicated by my war paint

Who loses his soul in my worship

Keeps them waiting for eternity

Just escapes just runs away at the sight of my war paint

For you just for you

You just keep you waiting

Sharpening my claws waiting for my prey…


Ragani finishes her sensual dance and goes to her dressing room.

Don rumble takes an immense liking to Ragani and is very impressed my her seducing performance.


Don rumble: Dhoomal the girl is beautiful. I want her for the night. Bring her to me tonight.


Dhoomal: yes don rumble.


Don rumble leaves the restaurant with his men and Dhoomal goes to the dressing room of Ragani.

Dhoomal: you are a very lucky girl don rumble has taken an immense liking to you and he loves your performance. He wants all of you tonight just for himself.


Ragani: get out of my dressing room right now. I am a free girl and I don’t bow to anyone. Tell don rumble to entertain himself with some other girl.


Dhoomal: don rumble will like your wild cat spirit.


Ragani: I don’t care about your don, go away from here and leave me alone.


Dhoomal: I don’t to hurt you. I will tell you one thing very very politely,I can also use force to take you with me, but I won’t do it, if you don’t come with me,we will make sure to cancel all your future shows in this restaurant and we will also make sure that you do not dance and sing in any other restaurant. The restaurant owners do not have the same wild cat spirit as you do. No restaurant would want to see you anywhere close to you if you cross don rumble the wrong way.


Saying this Dhoomal holds the hand of Ragani, Ragani breaks free her hand from the grip of Dhoomal.


Ragani: I can come myself,I don’t need anyone holding my hand like a child, maybe your don rumble need to have his hand held and led like a child.


Dhoomal: [ just laughs ] don will just love you.


Dhoomal drives Ragani to the den of don rumble and ushers Ragani to the room of don rumble. Don rumble has been waiting for Ragani impatiently.


On seeing Ragani in his room don rumble turns on his music system on which the song is playing, he turns up the volume of the radio a bit with a smile on his lips, the song that is being played on the radio is


You dream of revenge


In the passion of the night

You dream of revenge

But the time is not right

You give in to lust

In the passion of the night

Your bodies rub against each other

You give in to the lust of the dark knight

Seeking for the touch of your body

Passionately kissing the heat of your body

Unmindful of your desires

Wanting only your passions

Setting your passions of your body on fire

And the spirit of your soul to hatred

You give in to the lust of the dark knight

You dream of revenge

In the night of passion.


Don rumble takes off his house coat and stand naked in front of Ragani. Don rumble moves towards Ragani and undresses her, he takes one step backward and look at her full body and then lifts her in his arms, takes her to his bed and makes love to her.


Ragani lies expressionless under the weight of the body of don rumble. After two hours with Ragani don rumble get up and goes over to the bar and makes himself a drink.


Don rumble: Ragani you are wonderful and beautiful I want to see you again and again.


He moves over to the side of Ragani and kisses on both her cheeks.

In her heart Ragani if filled with hatred for don rumble and silently makes a resolve in her heart that she will get even with don rumble and destroy him.


Don rumble calls out for Dhoomal and asks him to take Ragani safely to her home.


Don rumble: Dhoomal take Ragani to her house and make sure she do not face any inconvenience she must have a comfortable ride.


Dhoomal: yes don rumble.


Dhoomal drops Ragani outside her house and starts his car to leave. Ragani puts her hand on Dhoomal hand.


Ragani: won’t you come inside my house and see me safely on the bed [ and she kisses Dhoomal on his cheek]


Hoopla: you are fine here and I must better leave now.


Ragani: you are now behaving like a lost child rather than a grown up man.


Saying this Ragani puts her hand on the thigh of Dhoomal, licks his ear lobes and kisses him on his cheeks. Dhoomal is unable to resist the seduction of Ragani and follows Ragani inside her house.


Inside the house Ragani seduces Dhoomal by taking off her clothes one by one and walking naked up to him. Dhoomal is besides himself for lust for Ragani and they both make passionate love.

After the love session is over Dhoomal and Ragani lay next to each other.


Ragani: Dhoomal you are such a man, all hunk and muscle and so smart and brilliant, why do you play second fiddle to rumble, when you should be in control and you should be the don.


Dhoomal: yes I am smart. Most of the work in the gang is done on my advice and suggestion, but I can’t do anything I am much lower in the ranks in the hierarchy of the gang.


Ragani: when you run the gang with your brilliance then you should be promoted, why don’t you eliminate rumble and take his place.


Dhoomal: [ just laughs] you are crazy and never say such silly things in the open to anyone or you would be in deep trouble.


Ragani: Dhoomal believe it or not,I have fallen in love with you, for me it is love at first sight.


Dhoomal: I also like you very much, bust don rumble also likes you, so it is better that we stay away from each other.


Ragani: how can I stay away from you when my heart beats only for you. You are my knight you are my love. Will rumble be so cruel to separate two hearts that love each other.


Dhoomal: I must not give in to my emotions my loyalties are to don rumble.


Ragani: then kill don rumble and become the don yourself then at least we can be together for love.


Dhoomal: you are mad get a control on yourself.


Dhoomal rise to go away.


Ragani: I know a simple way to kill rumble, just give him a strong dose of sleeping pills in his drink, he will sleep never to wake up and no one will suspect anything. because rumble will die of natural causes and it will appear that he died of heart attack and you will be done.


Dhoomal: it is too dangerous.


Ragani: you make drinks for him then you can easily slip sleeping pills in his drink and the work will be done, think Dhoomal think, you will be don and not just a second fiddle, when you are the think tank for the gang and make the gang move forward.


Dhoomal: I don’t think I can do it I am too scared. But it is good idea and a dangerous one.


Ragani: then I will do it for you. The next time rumble calls me again I will lace his drinks with sleeping pills and rumble will sleep in peace forever. And my love you will be the don. Don Dhoomal.


Dhoomal just smiles at the mention of the name don Dhoomal and kisses Ragani on her cheeks


Two days later don rumble calls Ragani again to his house to see her perform the strip tease just for his eyes only.


Ragani comes to the house of don rumble prepared. She has grinded a bottle of sleeping pills into powder.


Ragani: don rumble I want to make you a special drink,I want to intoxicate you with both my body and my drinks.


Don rumble: would love to drink a cocktail specially made from your soft beautiful hands.


Ragani makes a cocktail drink for don rumble and mixes some of the sleeping powder in the drink. To entertain the don rumble she sings the song.


Sexy love

You are my sexy love

My darling my sweety

In the dreams of my passions

I and living in your arms of love

You are my sexy love

Your golden hair 

Over your bosom

Doing your flamingo twist on your heels

Sexy love your are my sexy love

In the passions of my dreams

You kiss me softly on my lips

You hold me in your arms

You love me gently

With the kiss of death

The kiss that makes me long for only your sexy love

The kiss I can never forget even in my death

Sometimes I feel in my heart that you are made only for me

Sometimes my soul say to me we are only made for each other

You are my sexy love

My sexy love

In the dreams of my passions

You take my soul away with your sexy love

Loving me softly

Kissing me softly my sexy love

My sexy love

My sexy love

My sexy love…



In between her performance and singing her song Ragani keeps preparing cocktails for don rumble and keep mixing the sleeping pills powder in doses each time she hands him the drink. Don rumble is quite drunk and Ragani fixes him the final cocktail and empties the entire small bottle of sleeping powder that she has with her. Don rumble drinks his final cocktail and falls asleep on his bed.


Ragani quickly undresses don rumble and dresses herself up and calls out for don rumble guards.


Ragani: don rumble has gone to sleep. Don’t disturb him.


Dhoomal takes Ragani back to her house and Ragani reaches over to Dhoomal puts her both hands around Dhoomal neck and passionately kisses Dhoomal.


Ragani: I have done it,I have given a big dose of sleeping pills to rumble and he will sleep forever peacefully and my love you will now become the don. Don Dhoomal.


 Dhoomal just laughs at Ragani and kisses her on her cheeks lovingly.


The next day don rumble dose not wake up from his sleep, a doctor is sent for and he declares don rumble dead of heart attack. The funeral procession of don rumble is taken out.

Ragani and Dhoomal rejoice the death of don rumble. But as per the general consensus in the gang, they make talwar the don, an old loyalist of don rumble  talwar has been the trusted right hand man of don rumble. Talwar is declared the new don of the gang.


Ragani and Dhoomal are shocked and Ragani is upset over the decision of making talwar the new don of the gang.

Ragani implore to Dhoomal to act.


Ragani: who is this talwar where did he come from. How can the gang members do this to you, don’t you have any loyalist in the gang who could propose your name as the next don.


Dhoomal: I also proposed the name of talwar for the next don as he is the senior most and has the complete loyalty of all the gang members.


Ragani: you are stupid then, eliminate this talwar as well, the road for your being the don is wide open.





Dhoomal: it is impractical to even think of eliminating talwar at this stage and  it is not possible to even touch talwar. He has many loyalist in the gang and I will be isolated if any harm comes to talwar.


Ragani: if you can’t eliminate talwar at this stage because he has too many old loyalist in the gang. Then bring in a new generation of boys into the gang who will be loyal only to you. The young and fresh recruits will give a more powerful look to the gang in the underworld. These new boys will be under you direct control and gradually you can establish your control over the whole gang.


Dhoomal: talwar may not agree for the induction of new young boys as recruits in the gang 


Ragani: I will not wait until my old age to see you become don. I will do something then.


Dhoomal: don’t do anything stupid that will get us both in trouble.


Ragani: what I will do not even your left hand will come to know what your right hand is doing. You just have faith in me. This talwar will not remain your don for very long, before this year is over you will become the don of the gang and talwar will sleep, just like your don rumble


Dhoomal: I don’t know what you plan to do but you are crazy.


Ragani: crazy for you only my love and for you alone.[ and kisses Dhoomal ]


 Ragani has a friend Mehima who is a sub inspector in the police force. Ragani calls over Mehima to her house in the evening to discus something very important. In the evening Mehima goes to the house of Ragani. Mehima rings the door bell of Ragan’s house, Ragani opens the door and they both hug each other and come inside the house.


Mehima: you look very happy


Ragani: I have a new rich boy friend.


Mehima: who is he ? Also find me some rich boy as well. What is his name ? Tell me all about him. I get so bored in the police station, all day just looking and thinking about the criminals and nothing else life gets so tiring. Tell me about this new boy friend of yours it would be a refreshing change from my daily routine just listening about the criminals and crime only.


Ragani: his name is Dhoomal.


Mehima: [ laughs and jokes ] you know there is a gangster with that name as well and also a comedian as well. Who have you got a gangster or a comedian.


Ragani: [ smiles ] a gangster.


Mehima: don’t be silly. He must be some very nice man. What does he do.


Ragani:I am telling you he is a gangster and he is the right hand man of don talwar now. Earlier he was the left hand man of don rumble.


Mehima: [ getting serious ] are you mad,going out with such a man. Do you know he must have killed many men and he is very high on the police records as a wanted criminal. Stay away from this man for your own good. The city is full of good men, you can find any man you want, you are a lovely girl, you don’t just need to have a rich man to be happy, you can be happy with a man of simple means as well and live your life in peace. Leave this Dhoomal at once.


Ragani:Inetted him with such difficulty, I had to work too hard to win his confidence and become his moll and you my best friend tell me that I leave him.


Mehima: it is for your own goodIam telling you this.


Ragani:Iam very happy to be with him.


Mehima: do you plan to marry him.


Ragani: who said anything about marriage ?Iwant to use him.


Mehima: use him for what, to play pocket billiards.


Ragani: silly I want to use him to become the don of the gang myself. I will become the don of biggest and the baldest gang in the mafia. Dhoomal is just my toy boy, my little play thing,I will just spin him on my little fingers as long as I wish and them toss him out for good when I don’t need him anymore.


Mehima: you don’t know what you are saying, are you drunk. Snap out of your foolish thinking. you don’t realize the kind of men you are dealing with.


Ragani: the men don’t realize the kind of woman they are dealing with. They have humiliated me and belittled me and raped me and now I won’t spare them. "beware the fury of the woman spurned", they should have known the phrase, but now I don’t intend to give them the chance of knowing the meaning of it.


Mehima:Idon’t know what you are talking about, but you need to take some rest, you don’t seem to be well, you are not talking sense.


Ragani: my dear Mehima, what is so wrong of dreaming about taking over as the don of the gang.


Mehima: if you had called me just to tell me this and talk all this nonsense, then I am leaving right now.

[ and starts to leave ]


Ragani holds the hand of Mehima and stops her.


Ragani: you are my only friend in this whole big city and ifIwon’t open my heart to you who else will I talk to.


Mehima: then don’t talk like a silly lost girl. You are tired and you need rest, it all your stress that is making you talk like this.


Ragani: no silly, I am very serious about all this, that is whyIcalled you to speak to you.Ihave plan andIwant you to help me.


Mehima:Idon’t want to listen to any of your stupid plans.Iwill advice you to leave this Dhoomal as soon as possible or you will be very unhappy with him.


Ragani: listen to me Mehima,Iam leading a very struggling life in this city as a cabaret dancer in a sleazy restaurant, with all the men leaching at me all the time, asIdance, their glares at me, their comments at me and then they all want me to go with them,Ifind it all very disgusting.Ialso yearn to lead a normal happy life, and ifIhave got this opportunity to lead a life of wealth and power thenIwant to make the most of it, andIneed your help, and don’t say no for my sake.and you are also not leading a very great life,Ican change the life for both of us dramatically [ and holds the hand of Mehima in her hands ]


Mehima: you have gone mad, andIwon’t listen to any of your foolishness, and your desire to be an underworld don is stupid, you don’t know what you are talking about, dons are criminals and not filmy heroes that you have begun to think they are.


Ragani: wait here for a moment.


Ragani goes to her cupboard and brings out a bag from it. She walks up to the nearby table and empties the bag on the table. From the bag wads of 100 rupees notes tumble out.


Mehima: where did you get all this money from, did you steal it from someone.


Ragani: no silly, Dhoomal gave it to me as a present, it is 15 lakh rupees. Have you ever seen so much money just for sleeping with a gangster.


Mehima: the money is still stolen. It has been given to you by a criminal and they just steal money.


Ragani: now put all your police theories aside and listen to me .I don’t want you to spend your entire life as a sub inspector saying,yes sir, yes sir,to your superior officers. I want others to say yes madam to you.


Mehima: you are crazy but what do you have in mind. What do you want to say and what plan do you have in mind to become an underworld don. You know I will just listen to you because I am curious, how will a simple cabaret dancer, a stripper, now a moll, wants to become a don herself.


Ragani tells Mehima that she has suggested to Dhoomal that he recruit young boys, fresh recruits who will be directly reporting to Dhoomal and not to talwar. As she has influence over Dhoomal she will also exercise influence and control over the new recruits becoming a kind of a second boss to them and giving the boys orders both in the presence and the absence of Dhoomal. The boys will relate to Ragani as their boss as well in due course of time.

Mehima: it sounds all too simple, but Ragani you are being very adventurous and it is just a theory

But because I am your friend I wish you well whatever nonsense you are thinking and I don’t think it will really work and you soon be my dead best friend if your theory goes haywire and badly wrong, so good luck to you girl.


Ragani: I am telling you all my plans so that you will help me silly and not just go on giving me advice.


Mehima: how can I possibly help you in your crazy plans, do you want me to help you by praying that your stupid plans are successful.


Ragani: not by praying, but by becoming my accomplice, then together we will rule the underworld.


Mehima: now I am sure you have gone completely mad.


Ragani: no listen to me and don’t interrupt me at all in between,Ihave everything well planned and I know it will work, you just listen to me with your mouth shut, for the good of both of us, please.


Mehima: ok, tell me your nonsense.i am all ears.


Ragani: you know a DCP Ravinder Singh who works in the police headquarters.


Mehima: yes, so.


Ragani: have an affair with him and get the inside information of the police movements in the city.


Mehima: do you know that the DCP is married and he will not have any affair with me, leave alone an affair he does not even look at me.


Ragani: I know men better than you do, you seduce the DCP and it won’t be very difficult for you, because you are a lovely girl and besides all men are like dogs and they follow the women if the women shows them what men want to see and they dream of naked women all the time. And with the DCP under your control we will get direct information of the activities in the police headquarters and relay the same to Dhoomal. Whether the information is useful or not to the gang, Dhoomal, talwar and the other gang members will have the satisfaction of getting constant information and the police activities inside the police head quarters.


Mehima: easier said than done.Ithink it is a bit too much.


Ragani: Mehima believe it is as easily done as said, help me, be with me, and it won’t be long that we will be controlling the biggest gang in Mumbai.


Mehima is also influenced by Raganis ambition and the money lying before her eyes on the table and agrees to play along with Ragani’s plans.


The constant wooing of DCP by Mehima has its effect on him and he falls for Mehima and starts an affair with her.


DCP Ravinder Singh:I am happily married Mehima.


Mehima: your wife is at home and I am with you right now right here to take care of all your manly needs.


Mehima seduces DCP Ravinder Singh with her body, charm, loveliness and sweetness. And during their casual talk with each other, DCP starts revealing the happenings in the police head quarters to Mehima.



Meanwhile Dhoomal convinces talwar they need young and fresh recruits to give the extra punch to the ever growing gang.


The influence of Ragani also increases on Dhoomal and he starts listening and taking the advice of Ragani more and more in inter gang matters.


Ragani: the young recruits that you take into the gang should be unemployed graduates and with no criminal records.


Dhoomal: why graduates ?


Ragani: they would be easier to manage, will understand the job better and will not be told the same thing twice and they can do their own planning of the job better and they will only report to you.


Dhoomal: sometimes I am scared of you, the way your mind works I admire it.


In the evening the gang members meet at the house of don talwar, Ragani accompanies Dhoomal to the gang casual meeting for a casual drink.

Ragani servs the drink to the gang members and ask permission of don talwar to speak. Don talwar gives his permission to Ragani.


Ragani: give the job of of robbing banks to the new recruits. But the bank should be robbed not during the day time but at night. And tell the boys to plan a robbery during the monsoons. They will strike and rob the bank at the time when the rain is falling hard in the night, so on one will see the robbery at night. Also plan the robbery at the day when the next day is a bank holiday, so that it will give us time to clear our tracks give us more time to get the money into safe place as the robbery will be discovered a day latter.


Talwar listens to Ragani’s plan of robbing banks silently and smiles.


Don talwar: I am impressed Ragani. Dhoomal can’t get enough of praising you and I don’t blame him, you are a beauty and have the brains. Dhoomal go ahead with the bank robberies. I am sure you will pull them off successfully.


Dhoomal: yes don talwar. We will plan the robberies and when the time is right we will go about our work.


The new recruits go about planning the bank robbery and make the recess of the city and select five banks. During the day time the boys break the street lights around the bank premises leaving the bank area in total darkness in the night.

On one monsoon night of saturday when it is raining hard the new recruits 11 in number enter the bank building from the back of the building. They break open the back wall of the bank using a heavy duty driller and using a generator to power the generator. A team of 7 boys sneak up to the guards in the front of the bank and put the guards to sleep by overpowering then and then holding a chloroform napkin under the noses of the guard. They then place the sleeping guards on the chairs in a sitting position.

A second team of 4 boys cut out the hole in the back wall of the bank and make their way to the bank vault.

Using small explosives they blow up the bank vault and then take all the money out into the waiting vans outside the back of the bank and make a clean getaway.


The robbery is discovered after one day on monday and by that time the money has reached to safe hide outs of the gang.


Five more banks get robbed in the same fashion and a total amount of 100 crores is robbed. The police is clueless about the bank robberies, there are no finger prints as the robbers wore gloves during the robberies. And the money has also not reached to any of the, known to the police,  hawala channels of the mafia. Mehima keeps getting the inside information of the police headquarters thru DCP Ravinder Singh and the police remains confused with no information about the robberies from their informers either.


Ragani calls Mehima to her house one evening after the spate of bank robberies have subsided and the police investigation is in full swing without any success and leads.


Ragani: Mehima drop the name of talwar to DCP Ravinder Singh as a possible suspect behind the robberies, and take tawlar into preventive custody only for two or three day.


Mehima: Ravinder Singh may not take my suggestion of arresting talwar without any proof, talwar is a very big mafia fish.


Ragani: even if you give Ravinder poison to drink, he will drink it, he is so much besotted with you. Then what is arresting of talwar is for him, he will just do it, then it is only a preventive arrest and bailable.


Mehima: ok, I will try.


Mehima meets DCP Ravinder Singh and during a casual talk of the bank robberies she unfolds her cards.


Mehima: Ravinder why don’t you arrest don talwar and take him into preventive custody for two, three days, there are rumors that his gang has recruited new boys without any criminal record. Just take talwar in for questioning on suspicion, may be you will get some useful leads on the bank robberies.


Ravinder Singh: it is difficult to get a warrant on talwar without any conclusive proof. But I think I will take your suggestion and have a warrant issued in talwar’s name on suspicion. I will speak to the commissioner. I will get moving on this fast, maybe you are right maybe we will get some leads, right now we are just groping in the dark.


DCP Ravinder Singh get the approval of the police commissioner and has a arrest warrant in the name of don talwar and make the preventive arrest of don talwar. Don talwar is taken into police remand for 3 days for questioning.


After the arrest of don talwar Ragani meets Mehima.


Ragani: Mehima make arrangements for me to meet talwar in the jail. I will come with Dhoomal to meet talwar. There in the jail I will inject plain water with bubbles into the veins of talwar and then we will bail talwar out right away.


Mehima: how will injecting plain water help your cause of becoming the don of the gang.


Ragani: silly, the bubbles in the vein will kill talwar in 2 to 4 hours, when the bubbles will enter his blood stream and reach his heart and he will have a heart attack and heart failure and he will die of natural causes. We will get him out of the jail before the heart attack to avoid the post motrem. We don’t want talwar do die in jail. And my road to being the don will be a little more easier.


Mehima: you certainly are becoming a hardened don, Ragani take care, you are going too fast in the rough and tough lane of mafia.


Ragani just laughs and winks at Mehima and walks away.


Ragani with the help of Mehima and DCP Ravinder Singh obtain the permission to see don talwar in the jail for 20 minutes.


Ragani is accompanied by Dhoomal and Mehima stays by the side of Ragani. Mehima puts a tiny drop of chloroform on her index finger and holds her index in a crooked position.


On seeing Ragani and Dhoomal in the jail don talwar comes forward to greet them. He embraces Dhoomal and nods towards Ragani.


At this moment Mehima comes forward and just touches don talwar under his nose with her index finger that has a drop of chloroform on it. Talwar feel a bit unconscious and staggers a bit. Mehima seats the don on the chair and stand next to his head caressing it and holding his hand down with her hand. Ragani then quickly goes behind the don and quickly pushes the needle of the syringe with water bubbles into the vein in his neck. The don feels the pinch in his neck and tries to move his head but is unable to do so. With Mehima holding his head and one hand the don just makes a week shake of his head. Don talwar recovers from the feeling of unconsciousness in 5 minutes.


Ragani, Mehima and Dhoomal come out of the prison after meeting the don and as planned a battery of lawyers come to the prison armed with the bail papers of the don. The don is released and goes to his den and there is celebration and song and dance and Ragani dances and sings the song.


Sexy eyes

I like the way you walk

The way you talk

The way you see askance

The style the way you look behind

Sexy eyes watching all

Sexy eyes looking for a chink in the armor

Waiting to pierce the heart

Sexy eyes waiting to melt the stony hearts with their glare

Sexy eyes watching all

Where ever everyone goes

Sexy eyes watching all

Seeing all waiting waiting

Sexy eyes cant be deceived

You cant cheat the sexy eyes

Sexy eyes watching all

From their secret chambers

From behind the curtains

Looking deep inside the hearts

Looking deep inside the mind

Sexy eyes watching all

With their third eye sexy eyes understanding all

Knowing all the deceits of stony hearts

Knowing all the lies

Sexy eyes watching all

I like the way you walk

I like the way to talk

I like all your ways

I love your sexy eyes

Sexy eyes watching all

Sexy eyes knowing all

Sexy eyes learning all

You can’t beat the sexy eyes

You can’t get away from sexy eyes

You can’t hide

You can’t run

You can’t fake you smiles

Sexy eyes can see right through your lonely hearts

Pierce your soul

Sexy eyes know what you worship

Sexy eyes know your religion

Your love your passions

You cant hide form sexy eyes

Sexy eyes knows all

Sexy eyes knows every move you make

Sexy eyes all

Sexy eyes sexy eyes sexy eyes…



Don talwar has a little too much to drink and fells uneasy with the water bubbles in his blood stream playing havoc in his veins, inside his body, the bubbles reach the heart and don talwar collapses on the ground from heart failure.


Another don is dead.


The road for Dhoomal to become the don is open.

The rise and rise of Ragani is now imminent.


Dhoomal becomes the don of the gang but Ragani wants to become the don herself and with her growing popularity in the ranks of the gang she knows she is close to be a don and have to remove Dhoomal from her path but she has to be careful in her planning.


The gang is flush with money from the bank robberies and the gang is looking ways to channel the money in profitable ways. Ragani suggest the ways.


Ragani: we should go into the production of goods and services, specially into the grains and spices and agriculture product business and soap and detergents, as it is the daily requirements of the masses and then diversify into electronics and home appliances business.


Dhoomla: how will we show our investment. Our, money is all in black.


Ragani: we will obtain a small business loans from the bank to set up the business, and then channel our money into the business and not disclose our investment in our business but show in our books of accounts only the loan money. The loan is there to just open our doors for our money to be channeled into white business. With graduates from all streams in the gang we would soon rise into a business empire controlling both the underworld and the white business empire.


Ragani suggestion has full backing of Dhoomal and the new recruits, but the old guard of the gang members are not sure if the business will succeed.


Shetty: I don’t understand all this loan and business talk, we are gangsters not business men, I am happy with our traditional gang business.


Ragani: you traditional gang business is extortion, which is just child play. You give a gun in the hand of any child and he can also go about the extortion business. What we need now is to grow and to expand beyond our traditional business of the gang. We must have a vision to move forward.


Dhoomal: I fully agree with Ragani. We must have a vision to move forward.


The graduates that Ragani is recruiting into the gang are all for the business proposition. The new recruits are not looked with high esteem by the old guard of the gang.


Dhoomal is totally smitten by Ragani and approves what she says. The stature of Ragani has grown to that of equal of don Dhoomal in the gang.


The gang started their agriculture business and the detergents business, they would disclose to the government and in their books of accounts just 20 % of their total production and the remaining 80% of the production would be undisclosed the gang would evade all the government taxes on the undisclosed production, keeping their products much lesser priced than the other similar products in the market, they established their retail distribution network professionally and kept undercutting the prices of their competitors and the market share of their products kept on rising making the demand for their products to rise beyond expectations.


In one and half year Ragani has established herself as a successful business woman in the eyes of the world and she heads the white business of the gang herself.


Now all that stands between her and absolute control of the gang are the old guard of the gang and Dhoomal.

Mehima has left the police force and joined Ragani in her pursuit of absolute power. Ragani wants to control both the under world and the business world.


Ragani starts throwing lavish parties to the old guard of the gang and indulge in excesses of wine, drugs and women. The excesses of her parties start become known in the business as well as the under world. Ragani wants to eliminate the old guard and Dhoomal completely in one flourish.


Ragani and Mehima sit together to make the final plan that will eliminate the old guard of the gang and Dhoomal and pave the way for her to become the absolute don of the gang.


Ragani: the time has now come to make our final move and get rid of all the loyalist of rumble and talwar and Dhoomal himself and then I am don Ragani.


Mehima: what if something goes wrong and Dhoomal becomes suspicious.


Ragani: nothing will go wrong and the time for Dhoomal for the long and permanent sleep has come. It is time he handed over the reins of the gang to me, of course after he is deadIwill declare myself the don. I don’t need Dhoomal anymore. On that night when rumble raped me I had made a resolve that I will destroy this gang and myself become the don of the gang and the time has now come for my resolve to be completed. I will kill them all in just one flourish.


Mehima: what is your plan.


Ragani: we will leave the country for London for ten days. Behind usIwill arrange to throw a lavish party and entertainment for the old loyalist of rumble and talwar and Dhoomal. Only their loyalist in the gang will attend the party. I will declare that we are grand and we only indulge in excess. The party will have the excess of wine, women, drugs and cigars, they will be used freely in excess. The cocktail of drugs and cigars and smoke would be their undoing and they will die a natural death, all of them.


Mehima: it is a bit ambitious. But will it work.


Ragani: all my plan works. Make arrangements for our tour to London. I have made all the arrangement for the big bash. We leave for London in 3 days time, the party is planned for the weekend for 2 days of orgy in excess of drugs, wine, women and smoke.


Ragani and Mehima leave for london. The grand party is held at a farm house in the suburbs of Mumbai over the weekend. The special party is attended by the loyalist of the old dons and Dhoomal and drugs and drinks and cigars are freely used in excess. The song and dance goes on till late in the night and the dancing troupe sings the song


The deceiver

I deceive you in the vows I make to you

I deceive you in bonds that you bind me with

I deceive you with my smile

I deceive your sad smile with my laughter

I deceive your tears in your eyes with the drops of water in my eyes

I deceive your sorrows with look of sadness on my face

I deceive your pain in your heart with my heart of stone

I deceive the glare of your intense eyes by looking away from you

I deceive your ears by making a show of paying attention to you

I deceive you by moving away from you when your eyes are closed

I deceive your love by writing songs on you

I deceive your sadness by calling you beautiful

I deceive your sorrows by calling you charmingly lovely

I deceive your tears by calling them the water of life

I deceive your smiles by calling them charming

I deceive the shine of your teeth by calling them the sparkle of the pearls

I deceive your words with my lies ofIlove you

I deceive your dreams by calling them your illusions

I deceive you with a straight heart 

I deceive you with my eyes closed

I deceive all the things that you hold dear to you

I am the deceiver

I am the deceiver without a second thought to you

I am the deceiver I am the deceiver.



All the men retire to their homes in their drunken stupor. They all go to their bed but do not rise again the next morning, they are all dead. The excess of deadly cocktail of drinks, drugs and cigars became poison in the human body system of the men and they all died in their sleep.


Ragani and Mehima return to India after the death of don Dhoomla and the gang members.


The police investigate into the deaths of the gang members but the police investigation into the deaths of the gang members remain inconclusive because the party was being held on an isolated farm house that belonged to a couple that rented it out to the gang for the night and all the gang members died of natural causes only.


With Ragani and Mehima out of the country at the time party no evidence could be brought against them or anyone and no one is under suspicion.


Ragani declared herself as the undisputed don of the gang and was accepted by all her gang members as the don Ragani.

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