False Love

False Love

32 mins

Vkram is a handsome young man, he is an industrialist and a multi-millionaire. He has a weakness, he just can’t stop falling in love with beautiful women. He has a swanky office in Mumbai and he employees a number of lovely girls in his office. He has a faithful secretary Sonali who keeps bailing him out of trouble when the girls that he two times get back at him. Sonali thinks that Vikram is although not perfect but he is a good kind man and the only fault that she finds in him is that he does not pay too much attention to her when she is always around him looking after him. Sonali feels she is as lovely as any other girls that he falls in love with but Vikram ignores her when she works very hard to doll herself up every day for him and his roving eyes is always looking at other girls in the office, in the club, in the malls, in the magazines and where ever he goes.


Vikram has installed closed circuit tv in his office from where he can watch all the staff in his office sitting in his cabin.


One fine day Vikram roving eyes falls on Shobha, who is a corporate relationship executive in his office. He changes her seat from the ground floor to the 5th floor and has her seat just outside his cabin. Sonali knowing very well what Vikram has in mind warns him that he better not have his fling with Shobha as her mother works in a  women rights commission and that Shobha is a possessive girl by nature and out of his nature Vikram juts won't be able to stop himself from two-timing her and then Shobha will create problems for him. Vikram just brushes aside the warning of Sonali and holds her hand and pulls her closer to him and makes Sonali sit on his lap. On his screen he is watching Shobha at her desk. Vikram cant stop praising Shobha to Sonali much to her dislike. He tells Sonali that Shobha is the perfect girl for him and that this time he will truly settle down with her, at this Sonali reminds him that he says these words every time he starts going with a new girl which is almost every 15 days.


Vikram praises Shobha her lips, her eyes, her cheeks, her curves and her smile. Sonali sitting on Vikram lap and watching Shobha on the screen just makes her face and tells Vikram that she thinks that Shobha looks like a witch. Vikram just smiles back at Sonali and tells her to arrange a date with Shobha as soon as possible as he can't stay away from her for very long. Sonali faithfully say that she will arrange his date with Shobha but warns him that this time round he will be in bad trouble with Shobha when he will two time her.


Sonali gives some work to Shobha, Sonali tells Shobha that 300 invitations have to be sent out to corporate clients of the company by e-mail by evening today to attend the party of the company on the coming Sunday. Sonali then goes into the office of Vikram and tells her that she has given enough work to Shobha for her to be sitting late in the evening and working late and then Vikram can give her lift back home. Sonali then says to Vikram that he has to behave like a gentleman in dropping Shobha home and not do anything naughty. Vikram makes a gesture of cross my heart and says cross my heart I will be a perfect gentleman and you can always trust me for that and then winks at Sonali. Sonali just frowns back at Vikram and raises her finger and waves it at Vikram and says to him, you will be in bad trouble this time and stomps out of his room. As Sonali is closing the glass door of his room, Vikram shouts back at Sonali, you are a darling and thank you for the date.


Late in the evening at 8 o’clock all the staff has gone home, but Shobha is still sitting at her desk , sending out the invitations to the corporate clients. Vikram looks himself in the mirror, combs his hair, brushes his shirt with his hand and gargles with a mouth freshener, sprays a lot of perfume on himself, satisfied with himself with the way he is looking he walks out of his room and goes over to the desk of Shobha. Looking very surprised he asks Shobha why is she sitting so late in the office and tells her that she can stop working and complete whatever she is doing in the morning the next day. Shobha is very happy to be relieved from her work and gets up from her table.


Vikram offers to give her lift and drop her home as it has got very late. Shobha declines the offer and tells him that she can go home on her own. Vikram tells that he is not obliging her by dropping her home but as a boss of the company it is his duty to see the welfare all his employees and a beautiful girl like her should not be travelling in the trains late in the night all by herself. Shobha tells Vikram that she is aware of his reputation of a womanizer and having a roving eye for women. At this Vikram say that he is a perfect gentleman and his womanizing reputation is just a rumor and there is no truth in it at all, otherwise how can he have so many lovely girls working in his office. Vikram tells Shobha that she need not worry about anything and he will drop her home safely. Shobha smiles back at Vikram and agrees to let Vikram drop home.


On their way to Shobha home, Vikram comes across the coffee café day by the road side and tells Shobha that they will just have a cold coffee and then go, Shobha agrees. Vikram and Shobha go in to the café and have a coffee. Vikram tells Shobha that the rumor of his being a womanizer is completely false but instead he is fond of the latest electronic gizmos and loves to acquire one when ever they come out in the market. He takes out his mobile phone and shows off Shobha the latest features of his mobile phone. After showing off her mobile phone Vikram then start talking about his latest lap top computer and starts explaining its features to Shobha. Shobha listens to Vikram telling about all the features of his mobile and lap top with a quite smile on her lips and a bored expression on her face.


After they have finished their coffee Shobha tells Vikram that they can now go as it is getting late and her parents would be worried for her back home. Vikram just off handedly asks Shobha what mobile phone she uses and if he can see it. Shobha shows him her mobile phone, Vikram takes out the sim card from her mobile phone and place it in his mobile phone and gives his mobile phone to her. Vikram says that she can now keep his latest mobile phone. Shobha protest that the phone Vikram is giving to her is very expensive. Vikram brushes aside the protest of Shobha and tell her that the mobile is a beautiful creation of technology and craft man ship and it deserves to be in her beautiful hands rather than his, he then apologizes for boring her with all the talk of mobile and lap top. At this Shobha says that she loved his talk as it was very informative.


Vikram drives Shobha to her home. The car comes to halt under the building where Shobha lives. Vikram quickly get out from the side of his door and jumps and slides over the bonnet of his car on to the side of Shobha and open the car door for her. Shobha just smiles and say thanks for dropping her home. Vikram asks that won’t she invite him to her house and introduce him to her parents and ask him a glass of water. Shobha is embarrassed and invites Vikram to her house. Vikram meets Shobha's parents and impresses them with his smooth talk and good manners and asks the permission of Shobha parents to take her out for a date in the future. Shobha’s parents give their whole hearted permission to Vikram to take Shobha out on a date whenever likes. Shobha comes down stairs to see off Vikram, Vikram kisses her good night and tells her not to be late for the office tomorrow morning as he would be spending the entire day with her, Shobha just blushes and says goodnight and sleep tight to Vikram.


Next morning Shobha comes to the office in her prettiest make up and her best pink and white dress. Vikram breezes in to the office blows a flying kiss at Shobha and goes in to his cabin. Sonali comes in to Vikram office and say to him what magic spell has he cast on Shobha that she is looking glamorous best today and that this the fastest that any girl has fallen for him. Vikram says that Shobha is a beautifully charming girl and he would love to be in love with her and make love to her. At this Sonali says, that he should not rush with Shobha in any physical intimacy because if he falls out of love with her, which will be very soon as well before he finds another beautiful girl and falls just as quickly in love with her and forgets all about Shobha on the fast track.


Vikram says that Sonali worries too much, because girls love him just as much as he loves them. At this Sonali says that the girls love one man Vikram only, while he keeps falling in and out of love with many girls all at once. Sonali warns Vikram that Shobha would be trouble for him if he plays with her emotions and reminds him again that Shobha’s mother works in women rights commission and she will have him thrashed first by the women and then by the police. Vikram just brushes aside Sonali’s warning with a wave of his hand and says that he would love to be thrashed by the soft hands of the women and he will look forward to it. Sonali just stands with her hands by her side and says Shobha will certainly full fill his wish of getting thrashed by a lot of women, the only twist in his wish would be that the women who would thrash him would be fat and would have rough and tough hands and he would end up with two black eyes and his set of 32 teeth broken as well. Vikram just laughs and winks at Sonali, and tells her that he is taking out Shobha out for the whole day and will be having a great time.


Vikram goes out of his cabin and goes straight to Shobha’s seat. Shobha on seeing Vikram at her desk smiles sweetly at him. Vikram on seeing Shobha luscious red lips simmering with glossy lipstick, falls on his knees and stretches his hand wide and says to Shobha you are an apsara from heavens and you make my heart beat stop with just your smile and I think you would just kill me with your touch. Sbobha laughs sweetly and says to Vikram that he knows how to flatter a girl very well. Vikram stretches his hand out to Shobha and says to her will you be my lady. And Shobha blushes and says yes to Vikram. Vikram in a frenzy of his passion tears his shirt and says to Shobha that the way she blushes the way she smiles, makes him miss his heart beat. Shobha is embarrassed as all the staff of the office is looking at the antics of Vikram and giving her hand in the hand of Vikram says to him, can he please do all his dramatics in private. To which Vikram replies that he expresses his love for a women openly for all the world to see.


Vikram takes Shobha out to a shopping mall for shopping and buys her clothes and shoes to her hearts desire. He takes her to expensive 5 star hotels and to musical programes in the 5 star hotels. He takes her out to romantic hill stations and sing romantic songs to her.


Your lovely lips your charming smile

Lips so red like the strawberries

So full like the blossoming red roses

The smile from your lips so bright

Lights up a billion stars

Your teeth shining like pearls

Playing hide and seek from behind your

Luscious lips every time you smile

The smile ever so gentle always seem to be in love with your lovely lips

I envy your smile that is always kissing your lovely lips

Ever so gently ever so softly you smile

 seems to be saying don’t touch me

Or I will burn you with my passion of love

The smile ever so beautiful like a sparkle of light playing

On the droplet of the morning dew on the rose petal

Your lovely lips

Red soft moist lovely lips

The touch of your lovely lips

Can even the bring the heart of steel to life

To make them bloom like flowers in the valley of flowers

To make them bloom like a thousand roses from a single bud

Your lovely lips so mesmerizing so charming

Makes the heart of steel to forget his

Stony vows his stony bonds

Your lovely lips

Your lovely red full lips

Softly smiling ever so softly ever so softly

Making the suns to shine just to see your lovely lips smiling

Ever so softly ever so gently

Your lovely lips your charming smile

Your lovely lips your charming smile

Your lovely lips your charming smile.


 Vikram and Shobha romance is one month old now and Shobha is very happy with Vikram and starts dreaming of marriage with Vikram. Sonali confronts Vikram and tells Vikram that he better stop playing with the emotions of Shobha as she as started dreaming of being his wife. Vikram says that he is truly in love with Shobha and he won’t mind marrying Shobha at all. Sonali tells him that he has being in love with many girls before as well and every time he falls in love with a new girl before his eyes he does not mind marrying her and if all his love stories were to be counted then he would have being married well over a 100 times.


Vikram brushes aside Sonali comments with a frown on his face and tells her that she does not understand love and she is not a romantic. At this Sonali says that she understands love very well, only she is not a play boy like him.


Vikram take Shobha out to a restaurant and while the two of them are having a cold drink Shobha sees a girl sitting on the next table and she recognizes her as Angie her best friend from her school days. Shobha calls out to Angie and waves at her. Angie on seeing Shobha excitedly gets up from her table and comes over to the table of Shobha and Vikram. Shobha introduces Angie to Vikram and tells him that they were very good friends at school and they are meeting are many years. Vikram shakes hands with Angie and winks at her. Angie is taken aback and tells Shohba that Vikram just winked at her. Vikram quickly says that something got into his eye. At this Shobha says that every time he sees beautiful girls something always gets into his eyes. Shobha tells Angie you better keep your hand off Vikram because he is her man. Angie jokingly says to Shobha that in their school days they always shared their lunch with each other. At this Shobha says that they are no longer in school and Vikram is not lunch. Angie eyes Vikram naughtily and says may be she will have him for dinner then and laughs and hugs Shobha, Shobha also laughs and both the girls plan to spend the next day together and refresh their old memories.


The next morning Vikram calls Sonali in his cabin and declares to her that he is love again. Sonali says that she knows he is love with Shobha. Vikram says with an innocent childish look on his face not with Shobha but with her best friend Angie. Sonali just raises her eye brow and stands with her hands by her side and asks Vikram and when did he fall in love with Angie. Vikram says just yesterday and he could not sleep all night because he was dreaming of Angie baby all night long. Sonali raises her hand and holds her two fingers together and says that it means that Vikram is this close of being thrashed black and blue by Shobha and her mother and their friends and ending up in the hospital for some time.


Vikram gives a sad look to Sonali and says why can’t she ever think like a romantic, why does she have to bring in boxing and wrestling in between his dreams of being with beautiful women. Sonali says that she is romantic but not a play boy and Vikram should better start seeing some tv program of wrestling and boxing so that he can dodge some punches when women come to thrash him. Vikram gestures Sonali to go out the room, saying ‘out my lovely you are the devil in my dreams of love’. Sonali just shakes her head and leaves the cabin of Vikram.


Vikram goes to Shobha table and climbs over on to her table and reminds her that she is supposed to meet her best friend Angie and refresh their school days memories. Shobha says that he seems to be very eager to meet Angie. At this Vikram replies that he does not want to keep two best friends to be waiting for long.


Both Vikram and Shobha go and meet Angie. The trio spend the day at the mall where Vikram buys dresses for Angie as well and late in the evening they go out to a 5-star hotel and watch the belly dance program over drinks and dinner. Shobha has a little too much to drink and gets a little tipsy. Vikram says that he will drop Shobha home first and then he will drop Angie home later. Shobha agrees and Vikram drops Shobha home first. A little away from Shobha’s home Vikram stops the car and asks Angie to come in the front seat. Angie opens the rear door and comes out into the front seat. Angie sits next to Vikram and kisses him on his cheek. Vikram lets out a wolf whistle and Angie laughs naughtily.


Angie says to Vikram that Shobha has told her that he is very rich. At this Vikram replies that he is doing well in life and he is a successful business man. Angie says that what she can see is that Vikram is a successful rich spoiled play boy and that she has met his kind before as well but he seems to the fastest of all the men that she has met till date. Vikram inquires how is he the fastest of all the men she has met. Angie says that he is the only one to have winked at her the moment he met her even when he was with Shobha.


Vikram says that something had really got in his eye. Angie just laughs and says let us see what gets into your eye this time. She puts her legs on the thighs of Vikram and twirls her red lips and seductively raises her skirt above knees and then above her thighs and eyeing Vikram lustily. Vikram says that he is missing his heart beat and that he is driving and Angie should not do dangerous stunts while he is driving. Angie says that he can stop the car and see more of her with passion. Vikram says that she is the best friend of Shobha and does she not think she is stealing her best friend’s boy friend. Angie replies that Shobha and I always shared our lunch and dresses together in our school days, but now they are all grown up and things should change a little and she will have Vikram for dinner. Vikram just laughs and winks at Angie. Vikram and Angie go to a hotel and there they make passionate love.


Vikram says that he has fallen he love with Angie and it is love at first sight for him and he could not resist winking at her because he just could not help falling head over heels in love with her. Angie laughs at Vikram and asks him with how many girls has he fallen in love head over heels. At this Vikram replies ‘ I admit i have been in love with many girls and I have said I love you to many girls as well but I also have to stop some time and Angie you are the right girls for me, you are my soul mate ’. Angie quietly eyes Vikram from head to toe with a smile on her lips and says ‘ I will have you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and keep all of you for me only and there is no space for any other women in your life after me ’. 


Vikram starts avoiding Shobha and whenever she wants to go out with him he always gives some excuse that he is busy and cannot go out with her. On the sly Vikram keeps meeting with Angie and takes her out shopping, and to cinema and goes with her to hill stations on romantic passionate trips and sing songs to Angie.


Angie baby

Angie baby

You are the one with the look in the eye

You always get the one you want

You are the man eater

Ange baby you are the one

With all the right moves

Ange baby you have that pout of your full red lips

I see you all with my all seeing eyes

You trap your playboys

With the wink of your artist perfect sexy eyes

You stick the corner of your eyes with a sugar paste

To get that mean look in your sexy eyes

To tell the other women you got their man

Angie baby

You got are the one with that lean and mean body

That fall like a lethal weapon

On the passions of the one you love

Making him fall at your feet

At your will, at the single wink of your eye

Angie baby you are the one with the sexiest walk of all

Just prowling to net your prey

You are the predator

Always on the prowl for your man

Angie Angie baby your are the sexiest of them all

Just beckoning your man

With your sexy index finger

Of your soft fair right hand

With the pout of your sexy full red lips

Just undulating your slender body

Softly from side to side

Your curves showing from knee length black tight skirt

Raising your beautiful face slightly up

That mean look coming in your eyes

I got your man all the way in me

Message to the other women

Angie baby you are the man eater

Your are the sexiest of a them all

With that sexy pout of your lovely red full lips

You are the conqueror of hearts

You conquer the heart of steel

Angie baby you are the most beautiful

Angie baby Angie baby my Angie baby

You know I lie when I say I love only you

Angie baby Angie baby

You are the loveliest of them all

You know I lie when I say I love you

You are the most beautiful of all

I love you with all my heart

You just brag what you do

You just cant stop telling what you do

You know I am the deceiver not you

Angie baby Angie baby

You got all the right moves baby

You make all the right moves love

You are free like a bird

You are beautiful like an angel

Angie baby my love my love

You are the sexiest of them all

Angie baby

Angie baby Angie baby…



After avoiding Shobha for a month on some pretext or the other, Shobha gets suspicious of Vikram that he is seeing some other girl and making a fool of her. Shobha complains to her mother that Vikram is avoiding her and probably going out with another girl. Shobha’s mother not to take things lying down hires a private detective to keep tabs on the movements of Vikram. Soon it is learned that Vikram is seeing Angie and going out with het on romantic trips. Shobha’s mother sees red and is very angry that Vikram has taken advantage of her darling daughter and played with her emotions. Shobha is angry with Angie and wants to teach her a lesson for stealing her boyfriend from her.


Sonali warns Vikram that Shobha is getting suspicious and angry with Vikram for avoiding her and that Vikram should stop his philandering and play boy ways or Shobha will teach him a good lesson for playing with her emotions. Vikram just brushes aside Sonali warning and says that he admires beauty and loves women and so no women will harm him the way Sonali thinks. Sonali says that Shobha is a very nice girl and he needs to settle down some time with some girl and Shobha is a fine girl to settle down with. Vikram says that he is willing to settle down but he just can’t stop falling in love again and again and telling all the women that he meets that he loves them very much. Sonali just shakes her head and leaves Vikram to his misdeeds.


Vikram goes out with Angie and is having lunch in a restaurant. Shobha comes to the restaurant along with her mother and following them is a group of girls who are all the ex-girl friends of Vikram. Shobha walks up to Vikram and confronts and angrily slaps him. Shobha tells Vikram that he has played with her emotions and misused her emotions and abused her physically and mentally. Shobha mother gives two tight slaps to Vikram and tells him that his play boys days are over as he has physically and mentally abused Shobha and many other girls who are here to teach him a good lesson of never to play with a girls emotions. After that all the ex- girl friends of Vikram thrash him soundly tearing off all his clothes and drag him to the police station and file a criminal case against him.


In the police station the lady police inspector Monica, writes the complaint of all the ex- girl friends of Vikram that he misused their emotions and entrapped them and abused them physically. Monica the lady police inspector locks up Vikram in the jail. Vikram calls up Sonali and asks her to come to the police station to bail him out. Sonali arrives at the police station with the lawyer. On seeing Vikram in torn clothes and with two black eyes and split and bleeding lips and scratches of women nails all over his body, Sonali can’t hold back her smile and says to Vikram ‘ you don’t know how handsome you look.’ at this Vikram says that Sonali has all her life to be sarcastic but first she can get him out of jail. Sonali says that a little time in the jail will do him good. Sonali then turn to all the ex- girl friends who are demanding that Vikram be sent to prison for life. Sonali says that none of the girl have the right to file a case against Vikram as all the girls have willingly gone out with Vikram and enjoyed all the lavish and expensive gifts that he gave to them and that all the girls have equally exploited Vikram in meeting their own ends and that all the girls have their other boy friends and had also been two timing Vikram.


Shobha’s mother says that Vikram has exploited her daughter and she will bring up a case against Vikram and his play boy ways. Sonali tells Shobha mother that Shobha herself was two timing Vikram and that Shobha was seeing her ex- boyfriend Sohan and taking money from Vikram and giving it to sohan and asking favours from Vikram that he use his influence and recommend sohan to his contacts in the modelling & advertising world and that Shobha was also going out with yet another of her boy friends mohan while she was with Vikram. Sonali says that she has all the proof of Shobha going out with other men on the video cd's that the detective agency had given to her. Sonali further says that it is not Vikram who is playing with the emotions of the girls but the girls are exploiting him both financially, emotionally and physically for their own personal gains. Sonali says that she has the video cd’s from the detective agencies that she has of the other girls, which will clearly show that the girls were going out with other men while still with Vikram and just using Vikram as a rich sucker for having a good time and playing with the emotions of Vikram.


Shobha’s mother asks Shobha that is she going out with mohan and sohan while she was with Vikram. Shobha say yes she was going out with both mohan and sohan but then Vikram also has a lot of girl friends as well. Sonali says Shobha and her mother and all the other girls have  wrongfully beaten Vikram up and filed a trumped up complaint in the police station and they now better withdraw their complaint and the police need to release Vikram up without delay. Monica after listening to Sonali agrees with Sonali and releases Vikram from the jail.


Sonali takes Vikram from the police station. On the way Vikram asks Sonali that is it true that Shobha was seeing her other boy friends and Sonali tells him that all her ex- girl friends that he so easily falls in and out of love continue to see their boy friends and they just use him for his money and influence for getting their own work done. Sonali tells Vikram that his parents has told Sonali to always keep a private detective on the tail of Vikram and his many girl friends so that they can both keep a watch on the misdeeds of Vikram and also protect him if he lands in trouble. Vikram is surprised to hear this and says ‘and I thought that I took everyone for a ride but it seems that everyone else takes me for a ride but no sweat, I have no hard feelings for anyone, I am just a hopeless romantic


Vikram recovers from the bad beating that he received at the hands of all is ex-girlfriends. He goes to his office after recovering from his beating and calls Sonali into his cabin and tells her that he is love again. Sonali patiently looks a Vikram and says that the first day in the office after a good beating he is back to his old ways again. Vikram just laughs at Sonali and tells her that this time he is serious and he has truly found his soul mate. Sonali inquires who would that lucky girl be this time. Vikram pauses and declares grandly Monica.


Sonali holds her head in both her hand and looks at Vikram incredulously and asks ‘not that police inspector’. Vikram says yes the very same. Sonali says that until now he has being getting away only with slaps and abuses from his ex- girlfriends but now he will certainly cool his heels in the jail for the rest of his life if he messes around with a police inspector. Vikram tells Sonali that he has inquired about Monica and she has no boy friend and that she is a very nice girl and he is madly in love with her. Sonali says that she can not understand how he can fall madly in love with girls without even knowing them. At this Vikram says that Sonali will never understand what love at first sight means because she is just pain in the ass. Sonali scowls at Vikram and warns him that he will get it to trouble as usual chasing Monica and stomps out of Vikram cabin.


Vikram goes to meet Monica at the police station and introduces himself. Monica does not recognize him. Vikram tells Monica that a month ago he came into her police station brought in by a lot of women. Monica laughs and says that he could not recognize him because she had seen him beaten black and blue. Monica then asks Vikram that has he learnt his lesson not to flirt with women or not. At this Vikram tells her that he never flirts with women it is the women that take advantage of his wealth and take him for a ride. Monica just looks at Vikram and asks him what brings him to the police station. Vikram hesitates and then asks Monica out for a date. Monica looks at Vikram surprised and asks him does he know who he is asking out for a date. Vikram smiles and says that she saved him on that day from all the half crazed girls who were thrashing him for no fault of his and on trumped up charges . Vikram begs Monica not to say no, but to give a simple law abiding citizen like him an opportunity to express his gratitude by taking her out for a date.


Monica agrees and tells him that he better behave himself when he is with her and not try to get fresh with her or try to flirt with her. Vikram says cross my heart I just want to take you out for lunch. Monica says that she is off duty tomorrow and he can pick her up at 12 pm. From her house.


The next day 12 pm sharp Vikram arrives in his mercedes convertible at Monica door steps, reeking of the best perfumes that women swoon over. Vikram rings the door bell. Monica opens the door wearing a simple blue salwar kameez. She closes her nostrils with her fingers after getting a blast of perfume and asks Vikram ‘ did you drown yourself in perfume’. Vikram just laughs and leads Monica to his car. He opens the car door for Monica and she sits in the car. Vikram drive up to a shopping mall and takes Monica to a clothes counter and asks her to buy a dress. Monica protest and tells Vikram that she does not want to buy any dress but Vikram insist and gets down on both his knees and pleads to her that she give him a simple opportunity to serve the tough law enforcer of the country. Monica just softly laughs and agrees to buy a dress. She selects a dress and Vikram buys it for her he then selects a dress for her, a white skirt and light blue top with pink flowers on it and a red belt. Vikram request Monica to change in to the new dress and Monica obliges. Vikram then take Monica out for lunch in a expensive 5 star hotel and ask her to order from the menu. Monica just looks at the menu and says in a surprised tone that she cant not afford any thing on this menu card. Vikram tells her to order for anything without hesitation. They have a nice lunch watching the girls troupe perform a scintillating dance and song


The deceiver


I deceive you in the vows I make to you

I deceive you in bonds that you bind me with

I deceive you with my smile

I deceive your sad smile with my laughter

I deceive your tears in your eyes with the drops of water in my eyes

I deceive your sorrows with look of sadness on my face

I deceive your pain in your heart with my heart of steel

I deceive the glare of your intense eyes by looking away from you

I deceive your ears by making a show of paying attention to you

I deceive you by moving away from you when your eyes are closed

I deceive your love by writing songs on you

I deceive your sadness by calling you beautiful

I deceive your sorrows by calling you charmingly lovely

I deceive your tears by calling them the water of life

I deceive your smiles by calling them charming

I deceive the shine of your teeth by calling them the sparkle of the pearls

I deceive your words with my lies of I love you

I deceive your soft long flowing hair by calling them the ripples in the ocean

I deceive your dreams by calling them your illusions

I deceive you with a straight heart 

I deceive you with my eyes closed

I deceive all the things that you hold dear to you

I am the deceiver

I am the deceiver without a second thought to you

I am the deceiver

I am the deceiver…


 Vikram and Monica start to go steady and see each other more often. Vikram shower gifts on Monica and send a room full of flowers to Monica on her birthday. Meanwhile Shobha and her mother learn that Vikram is now going out with Monica and they decide to catch Vikram red handed that he plays with the emotions of the girls by showering gifts on them and them exploit them physically and emotionally and then dumps them after his passion runs out for her and then chases another girls with the sole purpose of exploiting unsuspecting girls physically. Shobha’s mother lets loose a team of private detectives on Vikram, recording and reporting every move of Vikram to her.


Vikram take Monica to Khandalla for a romantic outing and they spend a romantically passionate blissful weekend in khandalla singing and dancing in harmony with nature and in love with each other.


Love and passions

I can feel your full red lips like the tulips of heavens

Caressing my ear lobes running down my neck line

Embracing my lips in the love embrace

Your ripe rosy bosom with ripe pink nipples

Caressing my soul making me pledge my life to you

The scent of your womanhood intoxicating me

Making me loose control of my senses

You caress my body and soul with your finger tips

The tears of joy sparkling in your infatuating eyes

Taste like the eternal ether of life

You embrace me in your gentle arms

Squeezing my life out of me softly

You hair kissing me softly

The tenderness of your hair touch on my soul

Moves even my heart of steel to beat faster

You caress me with your long soft hair

Covering my eyes with your eyelids clouding my mind

Intoxicating me only with the caress of your long flowing hair

You gently rub your lips against by body tingling my soul

Your lips flowering to crimson red

Addicting me to the touch of your lips

Intoxicating my soul yearning only for your touch

Yearning only for the embrace of your arms

Yearning only to be addicted to the sparkle of your eyes

Yearning only to be addicted to fullness of your red lips

Yearning only to addicted to lick of your tongue on my earlobes

You hypnotize me the soft dark love spot on your lips

As you kiss my eyelids with your soft wet lips

You mesmerize me by gently throwing your long hair over my face

You intoxicate my heart of steel

You infatuate my soul for eternity

You fascinate my dreams about you

You make me want to tear my hear of steel out for you

I want to give my soul to you for the caress of your soft body against mine

You bring me down to my knees

Leaving my will week in your touch

And controlling my senses with your will

To make my heart beat only for you, only for you

Your full red lips like the tulips of heavens

Make my heart grow founder only for you

My soul to live in my body only for you

You own me with only the touch of your lips against mine

You claim me with only the sparkle in your eyes

You mane me with only the gentle touch of your long soft hair

You bind me around your finger tips with only the charm of your smile

You can take my life with only the soft caress of your soft dark love spot on your lips

You make me a poet with your love and passions

I have a heart of steel

But it beats only for you.

For your love and passions,for your love and passions ….



Vikram and Monica return to their homes. Shobha and her mother had with the help of private detectives taken a video coverage of all the passionate intimate love relationship between Vikram and Monica. They present the video cd’s of Vikram and Monica relationship to the media and scandalize Vikram that he exploits innocent girls physically and this time he has exploited none other than a police inspector. The video coverage release of the relationship between Vikram and Monica in the media is a great embarrassment to Monica. A department inquiry is instituted by the police in to the Vikram – Monica episode, Monica clears Vikram of any misdeed or trying to exploit her physically or emotionally. Monica states that she was with Vikram on her own free will and with her own consent and some vested party is hell bent on tarnishing her image and her career in the police force. Vikram parents comes before the media and states that their son Vikram is the victim of conspiracy and that he has done no wrong and he has many girl friends and they go out with him on mutual consent and Vikram has never wrongfully exploited any girl. Monica is transferred to another city by the police department and Vikram parents calls for an inquiry in to the episode for trespassing the privacy of their son without any rhyme and reason. The scandal dies down its natural death.


After the scandal is over Vikram heaves a sigh of relief and attends his office. He calls Sonali into his cabin. He looks at Sonali from head to toe and says he is without a girl friend and he is feeling very lonely. He stretches out his hand to Sonali who takes his hand in her hand, Vikram then pulls Sonali to his side and asks her ‘will you go out for lunch with me’. Sonali on hearing this jumps on to the lap of Vikram and says


“I have been waiting all my life for you to ask me out, although I know I can never be your wife but I can certainly be your mistress for life”. Saying this Sonali kisses Vikram passionately on his lips.


The end.


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