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No Love Lost

No Love Lost

8 mins

Aditya is traveling on a dusty country road in his car when his car developed a snag, the time is almost sundown. He stops his car and comes out of his car he tries to fix his car but is unable to do so. A lovely girl comes up to him who has been collecting the flowers and has a flower basket in her hand and inquires what he is doing here. Aditya tells her that he is touring the country in his car and his car has developed a snag. The girl offers to help him out by telling may be she can fix his car. Aditya let the girl look at the car. Aditya asks her what is her name and she tells him her name is Kavita. Kavita tells Aditya to start his car, Aditya turns his ignition key but the car does not start. Kavita tells Aditya that his car is fine he is just out of petrol.

Aditya inquires if he there is any petrol pump nearby, Kavita tells him the nearest petrol pump is 10 miles away. But Kavita offers her help and tells hims that she lives just down the road about half a mile away and they can walk down to her hera and she can give the him enough petrol from her car to get to the enarest petrol pump. Aditya thanks her and accompanies Kavita to her house. It is late evening and Aditya ask if there is any guest house or hotel in the village. Kavita tells him there is neither and since it is getting late he can stay in her house for the night. Aditya agrees.

Aditya asks her does she stay alone in the house and is she not afraid of strangers like him. Kavita tells him that she knows who he is as she has seen him on TV, she tells hims that she knows that Aditya is the youngest billionaire and seems to like a lot of publicity and she has him seen many time on the prime time news, at this Aditya is embarrassed and says that it the media that keeps chasing him all the time. And he like it here in this village as it very peaceful and quite.

Aditya inquires Kavita about her family, and she tells him that she has a family business of a dairy farm and her grand mother runs the business and she helps her out. And her grandmother has gone out for a pilgrimage and will return after one month. That night there is a celebration in the village for the harvest season and Kavita friend Meena comes to take her out. One seeing Aditya Meena inquires who is he and Kavita tells her that he is a stranger who ran out of petrol on the village road. Meena also recognizes Aditya as a billionaire and kisses him on his cheek and ask him to marry her in jest. Aditya blushes and tells her he cant because he has a girlfriend. Meena tells him he has many girl friends but no wife so he can take her as his wife. Kavita tells Meena to stop teasing Aditya.

Meena holds the hand of Aditya and tells him that he too has to participate in the song dance of the harvest season. Aditya goes to the celebration of the village with Meena and Kavita. There is song and dance and the eyes of Aditya and Kavita meet often while dancing. The celebration over Aditya and Kavita go to her house. Aditya is infatuated by the lovely beauty and charm of Kavita. When they are in the house, Aditya just says maybe her friend Meena is right that he should take a wife as he has only girl friend. Kavita asks him who he has in his mind will be his wife and Aditya say it will be Kavita.

At this Kavita just laughs and ask him to how many girls has he said this before and he say only to her. Aditya gently holds the hand of Kavita and kisses her.

Kavita say if he wants to take her his wife then he should marry her right now. Aditya hold both the hands of Kavita in his hands and takes the vow that he has taken her as his wife and gives her a diamond ring. Aditya tells Kavita that this diamond ring has his name itched on it with a laser and that this ring is her wedding ring. Kavita says that the child out of their wedlock will be the hire of his business empire and no other child that he may have from his other relationship with other women. Aditya give her his word that her son would be the hire to his business empire. They both go to the bedroom and make love.

Next morning leaves promising Kavita that he will return with the marriage party. And leaves the village. 3 months goe by and Aditya does not return. Kavita gets pregnant, her grand mother comes to know of her relationship with Aditya and wants her to go and meet Aditya in the city. Kavita and grandmother goes to the city to meet Aditya but are unable to meet him as he has gone to london. Kavita is told by the girl at the reception that Aditya has many girl friends and he cannot just about marry girl who get pregnant from him by sharing one night of passion with him.

Heart broken Kavita returns to her village. A son is born to Kavita. He is lively and beautiful and love to ride the horses and the cows on the farm. The son name is kamal and he has grown to be four years old. Kavita tells her grand mother that she wants to go to the city and win the heart of Aditya. Grandmother says that she is stupid to go to the city to that billionaire playboy and he will never accept her, and Kavita should marry a boy from the village and be happy. Kavita say her heart is with Aditya and she want to win him over and will try for the same , her grandmother agrees and lets Kavita go to the city

Kavita comes to the city and joins the service of Aditya’s mother as her governess and she brings her 4 year son kamal along with her. Aditya mother take a liking to Kavita and makes her personal companion. Aditya see Kavita and recognizes her but ignores her and let Kavita go about living her life as the personal companion of his mother. Kavita lives avery simple life and shares her room with another staffer mera of the house.

Aditya mother see the young hyper active son of Kavita and finds resemblance in the smile of the child to that of her son and thinks that the child looks just like that of her son when he was young. Then one day there comes a palmist in the house and he is seeing the hands of all the girls. Aditya mother indrani ask Kavita to also show her hand to the palmist. As Kavita puts forward her palm to the palmist indrani notices the diamond ring on her hand. Kavita wears the diamond ring on her hand but with the diamond facing the inside of the palm and not showing on the back of her finger.

Indrani inquires who gave her this diamond ring. Kavita tells her that her husband gave her this ring and then abandoned her and forgot her. Indrani recognizes the diamond ring as that of her son but remains quite. The next day indrani goes to meet the grandmother of Kavita. On reaching her house she is curtly addressed to by Kavita grandmother and tells her that she does not like her presence on her farms as she does not like billionaires. Indrani enquires who the husband of Kavita is and her grandmother angrily replies that it is her son. She tells her that he is a spoiled rich brat how has ruined the life of her grand daughter. He can one day made the marriage vows to Kavita, took advantage of her beauty and simplicity and made her pregnant and then rejected her. Indrani after listening to all this say that she likes Kavita very much and that she will do everything in her power to make her son marry Kavita and accepts her as wife before the world.

Indrani goes back to the city and confronts her son. Aditya says that he does not remember anything and that he has many girls chasing him all the time. So how can he accept any girl just on her word as his wife without any official ceremony and that he accept that he is the father of her child with. Indrani is very upset with her son for behaving in such a cruel manner and playing with the life of a innocent girl.

In the night Aditya gets a dream and a revelation that he should accept Kavita as his wife as he has broken his vows and dishonored himself before her and troubled her very much. The next morning to test Kavita whether she loves him or not, Aditya disguises himself as manohar as the employee of Aditya, wears a blond wig, and a false beard and mustache and wears big sun glasses and goes to where Kavita is sitting. And starts insulting Aditya in front of Kavita. Kavita is angry and defends Aditya in every manner that she can in the end Kavita loses her patience and slaps mahohar on his face and pulls at his hair. The blond wig comes in the hand of Kavita, and Aditya takes off his false beard and mustache as well.

Aditya tells her he just wanted to test Kavita whether she really loves him even after he has abandoned her. He apologizes to her and kisses her on both her hand. He goes down on his knees and proposes marriage to Kavita and Kavita accepts it saying she has no love lost for him. 

The end.

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