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sunil saxena



sunil saxena


The Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commander

25 mins 12.4K 25 mins 12.4K

The story of Earth 3 million years from today . Earth has a population of 1 billion people and is commanded by the supreme commander . He is married and has eight wives . earth has colonized the planet Mars and Mars is used as a mining planet only and as a forward out post in defense of Earth

Mankind from has gone far into the Milky way and colonized other habitable planets . one such planet that humans colonized far into the Andromeda galaxy is the planet Boron. The planet Boron is ruled by the man named Baron Tala . mankind into millions of years colonization of the planet Boron has multiplied to a planet of 6 billion people .

The planet Boron is overrun by a sub human species called jaes who multiply fast with a heart on the right hand side of their chest . the jaes has a gestation period of 3 months and look just like human beings . they are corrupt and criminal by nature and have degraded the human society on the planet Boron  to a point to where the humanity on Boron also started behaving like the sub human species jaes .

To safe guard the humanity Baron Tala took a decision to take all the 6 billion human species back to their mother planet the mother Earth . he leaves for earth along with all the 6 billion humans on an armada of 100 million space ships thousands of light years away from Earth on a 15 years journey to back to Earth .

All the humans leave the planet Boron on the armada of space ships and the Baron orders the destruction of all jaes on the planet Boron . the jaes have made the planet Boron barren and destroyed and made extinct all forms of life with their numbers rising to 50 billion on the planet and expanding still .

The warships of the Boron destroy all the jaes on the planet Boron and then embark on the long journey back to Earth .

The messengers of the Baron Tala go ahead of the armada and reach earth with a message from the baron Tala that he wants residence on earth along with all his people from the planet boron .

The supreme commander sends the message thru the messengers of baron that he is welcomes on earth with all the humanity as mother earth is big enough to accommodate them all and make them all prosperous.

Baron Tala is happy with the response of the supreme commander and accepts the welcome message of the supreme commander graciously . Although baron Tala has left all the jaes on the planet boron and annihilated the entire race of jaes on the planet boron , a handful of the jaes has come on board the armada as loyal servants of the wife of the baron tala . the wife of the baron Tala has argued strongly with the baron that he spares the lives of her loyal jaes servants or else she will not leave the boron . baron Tala surrenders before the wish of his wife and allows a dozen jaes to be taken aboard the armada .

The jaes with their heart full of hatred for the baron for annihilating their entire race wish that the entire human race be annihilated as well . among the servant jaes is a very beautiful female jaes and the remaining jaes on board the space ship use her beauty to charm the baron in listening to their scheming words . her name is Denara . Denara goes to the baron Tala and poisons his mind with the words that baron is more powerful and the ruler of 6 billion people and ruled the planets 12 times the size of earth and the supreme commander of earth is very small in status than the baron and the baron should should assert his authority over the supreme commander and ask for the rule of both earth and mars under his sole command and the supreme commander should surrender his command before the baron and the people of earth should live only as second class citizens before the people of boron.

Baron Tala is influenced by the beauty , charms and the words of Denara . baron seconds the messenger to the supreme commander with the rude message that he is coming to earth as her ruler and the people of earth will be subjected to only as second class citizens before him and his people.

The supreme commander sends the message that he and the people of earth welcomes the baron and his people with open arms and heart but only as equals where all humanity can together live in peace and in equality and offer the baron to be supreme commander of all the people the of earth and to treat all equally and no one as second class citizens.

Baron Tala on receiving the message is impressed by the warm heart of the supreme commander and want to send him the message that he would be happy to live a retired life on earth and see his people prosper under the gracious rule of the supreme commander .jaes on hearing the news that the baron is willing to accept the command of the supreme commander and relinquish his position as the baron of the people of baron is besides herself with anger . her fellow jaes tell her to control her anger and to snarl the baron in the web of her beauty and charms and then fill the barons mind with hate and deceit for the supreme commander and the people of earth .

Denara prepares herself to go before the baron and to influence the barons mind completely as per her wish . she dons her best makeup and dresses up scantily and sensuously and goes before the baron and performs a very scintillating dance before the baron and makes him to loose his mind and physical sense to the beautiful body of Denara.

Denara provokes the baron that he the strongest and the wisest man among all the men of boron and because of his great effort all the humanity of boron is safe and escaped being extent from disease and war spread by the jaes on boron . Denara tells the baron that he should send the message to the supreme commander that the supreme commander and his people will only be tolerated as second class citizens on earth before the humanity of boron and that baron will rule all earth and mars . she further tells him that should the supreme commander refuse his offer then the baron should challenge the supreme commander to a duel and kill him in that duel and then assert his lordship over the people of earth and take the wives of supreme commander as his concubines and make all the women and men of earth as servants to people of boron .

Baron Tala is reluctant to heed to the words of Denara , Denara kisses the baron passionately on his lips and make him put his hand on her full bosom and tell him that no man or jaes ever challenged the authority of the baron on boron and for her he his the supreme ruler of earth and mars and that is what is the wish of 6 billion of his people who are following him through the universe traveling for 15 years in space non stop to their new home earth . she whispers to the baron that he has weakness for beautiful women would he not desire the wives of the supreme commander as his concubines who she has heard are very beautiful.

Baron Tala tells Denara that he has make beautiful women in his harem and he has no desire for the wives of the supreme commander and he has only respect for them . Denera looks disappointed at this response of the baron and presses her body against the baron and says would he want his wife and his mistress being treated as concubines of the supreme commander after he relinquish his command over his people and give a full control to the supreme commander . she says that the supreme commander wont’ be as noble as the baron and will exploit the weakness of the baron and will subject the people of baron under his thumb and rule and wishes and will commit atrocities against his people .

Baraon Tala agrees that he does not want his people to be subjected to any kind of atrocities . Denara implores to the baron that he should assert his authority over the supreme commander and challenge to the duel and kill the supreme commander and then the people of the earth will be ruler less and will be afraid to stand up against the might of the baron and the baron will subject all the people of earth as his servants and slaves who will work for the settlement of the people of baron . Denara asserts before baron Tala that after killing the supreme commander the doors of earth will be wide open without challenge to them and all the wealth and people of earth and mars will be at the disposal .

The baron’s mind is changed and he calls for his commander and discuss with them that he wants to be the ruler of all the people of earth and boron and that the people of earth will live under then as their servants . the commanders tell him that supreme commander will not agree to this demand and he is noble man and that the baron should press for a command of earth as the numbers of the people of boron is greater and that the people of earth will be treated well under the command of the baron . baron Tala says that if the supreme commander disagrees then he will challenge him to a duel and kill him in it. The commanders of baron Tala are against the duel with the supreme commander , they say that once they land on earth the people of earth will be completely over whelmed by their superior numbers and that they will subject themselves to the will and rule of the Baron Tala .

Baron Tala says that supreme commander will be a hindrance . the commanders of baron that the supreme commander can be assassinated once they take control of earth . baron says that he is a warrior and that he would like to kill the supreme commander fair and give him a soldiers death rather than have him assassinated as a coward .

Denara and the jaes are very happy at this development . they have sown the seed of hate among the human race and that the people of earth and boron will not be able to live in peace on earth . the jaes will rise again on earth from the ashes and this time they will subject the humans as their salves only .

Baron Tala sends his messenger to supreme commander with the offer to surrender to the will of the baron and accept his as the absolute ruler of earth and mars and subject the people of earth as the servants of the baron and the people of boron. Supreme commander out right rejects the offer of the baron and tells the messenger that the people of earth are proud people and they know how to defend their honor . and they will not be arm twisted by the superior numbers of the people of boron.

The messenger says in such a case to avoid mass blood shed of the people of earth the supreme commander should accept the challenge of duel onto death by the baron . should the baron win the earth will bow to the command of the baron . the supreme commander accepts the challenge of the baron and tells him that the duel will take place over the space of mars. Supreme commander says that should he win the duel he will not kill the baron and will let him go free back to his people to be a good leader to his people as he could not be a just to earth .

The messenger of baron leaves . the commanders of supreme commander says that to fight the duel is foolish . should anything happen to the supreme commander then they would have no one to lead them ably .and since the numbers of the people of boron is 6 times more than them they have no chance of standing up against them . the supreme commander says that he is prepared to go to war with the baron for the prosperity of his people rather than make his people serve as salves to the baron .

The commanders of supreme commander argue that they have no chance against the armada of 100 million space crafts of the baron and that the earth has no noticeable war space crafts or a big army to face the well prepared legions of the baron . supreme commander says that the armada will reach earth after 15 years and that they have 15 years to prepare for war either the baron should he so chose.

The commanders that the war would mean the destruction of mankind on earth only and nothing else and it would be better to leave in peace as second class citizens rather than see all humanity on earth being annihilated

Supreme commander says that is it better to live as proud citizens and to dies as heroes rather than live a full life as a slave . we will go to war to defend ourselves against a adversary who does not understand that humanity stands for love and equality and not to be treated as second to none. Those commanders who want to live as proud men and women of earth will stand by me and those who just want to live under the tyrant baron Tala can go join him . all the commanders silently rise and raise their hands in salute and say to the supreme commander we will stand by you until death do us part .


The message reach baron Tala that the supreme commander refused to accept the command of baron and has accepted his challenge to the duel unto death . baron also learns that the supreme commander is preparing for war with the baron. Baron laughs at this news and says it is unfortunate that the supreme commander want to force his people to defeat , war and death  only .

The baron and the supreme commander meet over the skies of mars for the death duel . supreme commander out maneuvers the baron in the duel and strikes a deathly blow on to his space craft . the space craft of the baron is damaged and crippled . supreme commander moves in for the final kill and then veers off at the last moment. He radios back to the baron that he is free to go back to his people and that he is leaving him to live because the people of boron needs a able leader to guide them thru the difficult time and journey that they a undertaking .

The escort space ship of the baron comes alongside his crippled space craft and the baron boards the escort ship . the baron radios back that this is not the end this is just the beginning and that he will be back a wiser and stronger man.

The baron reaches his armada and is crest fallen at his defeat . Denara meets him and tells him to again challenge the supreme commander and this time the escort ships of the baron should also engage in the duel and kill the supreme commander thru superior number and fire power. Baron says that it would be unfair and his people will call him a coward . Denara says that his people love and that they will love to see him alive rather than dead . baron says that the people are already talking about him as getting too old . Denara says that he should not listen to the people but focus on killing the supreme commander and the previous duel has proved that the supreme commander can fight well . baron tell Denara to leave him alone

Denara meets her fellow jaes and tell them that the baron escaped death this time because the supreme commander foolishly let the baron live . but in the next duel both of them may perish . Denara says that the baron will die soon in the duel and then she has in her control the second in command to the baron , general Tuma , as he is madly infatuated by her but keeping himself back only because of the baron.

Denara says that she has told the general Tuma to send his most loyal pilots as the escorts of the baron for the next duel . when the next duel will take place the pilots of general Tuma will gun down both the supreme commander and the baron and kill them both at one go. With the baron and the supreme commander dead and the influence of Denara on general Tuma the jaes will remote control both the armada and the commanders of earth . Denara is happy with her plans and claps her hands in joy and says very soon the annihilation of jaes will be avenged .

Supreme commander is soon joined by his commanders and orders them that all the eligible men of earth and mars should join the earth war force and push themselves to the rigors of space pilot training on the dusty plains of mars .the men from earth soon start reaching the mars for mining of war space craft metals oxilium and methilium the lightest and the strongest metals for the manufacture of the space crafts .

supreme commander orders the manufacture of 1 million space crafts over a period of 15 years . his commanders that the no. is very less as the baron armada is 100 million strong space crafts . supreme commander says that 100 million space crafts also consists of millions of passenger space crafts and the no. of fighter space crafts with the baron would actually be very less and that we will be able to answer their challenge and defeat them if our strategy is right.

Supreme commander starts spending more time on the plains of mars away from earth and his beautiful wives . the men of earth throw themselves into mining and make space crafts for the great war that will be forced on all mankind. When the going gets tough for the men they start the singing the song in chorus.


We are the soldiers

We are the toughest rascals

We march for the biggest duffer in the world , the supreme commander

We march for the biggest “bloody fool” , the supreme commander

We are officers and gentlemen

We are the assholes

We don’t leave our enemies alive

We have no enemies , all enemies dead

We don’t leave our men behind dead or alive

We bring them with us alive whole or in body bags

We are the chutias

We march for the biggest asshole the supreme commander

We are the screwed up bastards

We march for the honor of all

We die for the honor of all

We obey orders and die and not to question where and why

We Are the best soldiers In the universe in the cosmos in the world

We will win the war of the worlds

We are one to hundred

We will kill them all , all the enemy

We will fight till the last drop of blood is in our bodies

We will stay alive and fight Till the last drop of our blood does not drain from our body

We will not die till we have killed the last of the enemy

We will storm the enemy throwing caution to the winds

We will kill them all

We will not die till we kill them all , our enemy

We will are the biggest screwed up bastards

We are the destroyers of the worlds

We love our women

We die for the honor of our women , Without a word on our lips without a flinch on our face

Our women are everything for us

We die for them with only their memories in our heart

We are the biggest bastards of them all

We march for the even for the bigger bastard of all , the supreme commander

We march for the guru of bastards the supreme commander

We march for the biggest “Ghan chakkar” of all , the supreme commander

When the “Ghan chakkar” can easily make a compromise ,

With the enemy and save our lives and we can all live as servants and as slaves of the enemies


We live and die in honor

We are free men

We love our freedom

We want freedom for all

Our women must live in honor and without fear

We march for the bloody fool

We march to be driven into the ground

We march to be ruthless to our enemy

We march to be barbarians

We march for the man who will not take a step backward

Not a step backward , we die where we stand

Not a sand of grain step backward

We march to die where we stand

We face our enemy without fear

We march for the honor for the safety of our beloved , wives , sisters , mothers ,all women

We march for humanity

We march for all mankind

We march so all the people can sleep in peace

We march for the honor of our countrymen

We march for the honor of our Mother Earth

We march for Prithvi

We are the ass holes




The preparation are going in right earnest on mars and earth for the great war among all humanity . the baron and the supreme commander prepares themselves for the second duel . the commanders of the supreme commanders have notices that the 5 escort ships of the baron are bigger and better fighter space crafts . supreme commander orders that a dozen of their fighter crafts should shadow the escort ship of the baron and should the escort ship intervene in the duel his fighter should engage the escort ship in combat

the baron accompanied by his escort ship meet the supreme commander again over the space of mars. The duel begins . during the duel the escort ship start firing at the supreme commander ships . immediately the earth ships engage the escort ships in combat . supreme commander scores a hit on the space craft of the baron as the baron take evasive action he is fired upon by his own escort ship . the baron is surprised by firing on him by one of his own escort ships . he immediately radios to his pilot to hold his fire but the escort fires at him again . supreme commander maneuvers his ship along side the escort ship and fires at him and downs him . the fierce combat ensues between the two sides . barons ship is shot at and crippled by the supreme commander and it lands on the planes of mars . the baron gets out of his damaged ship injured and walks a little distance from his ship and lies down on the ground with a rock as his cushion and . supreme commander land on mars and walks up to the baron and says you have lost all baron when all you had to do was to come as a friend to me . baron says I came back to my mother earth as a king and not a follower or friend of supreme commander and I will die as a king of my people . supreme commander says you can surrender now honorably and save the remaining of your people and soldiers . baron says there is no honor in surrender and my people are brave and honorable and will fight to the end until they have won the war. Supreme commander steps closer to the baron and says I am taking you my prisoner . baron raises his hand and shoots a laser from his finger at the supreme commander . supreme commander quickly side steps and grabs the hand of the baron by his fingers and says you are treacherous till the end baron but this is where it all ends . he draws his sword and with one swift move beheads the baron and bends down and lift up the lifeless head of the baron and lets out a loud roar from his deep inside his throat . he tosses the head of the baron away from his hand onto the dusty plains of mars and stamps on the chest of the baron and growls looking down at the baron’s body , I will destroy every one of your people for bringing misery to the peaceful people of earth . the supreme commander turns around and faces his commander who has also landed behind the supreme commander. supreme commander gives the orders to his commanders, destroy all the warships of barons fleet none must escape hunt them down all and take no prisoners.

The war continues for another 4 days with most of the fleet of the baron being destroyed. the remaining fleet is given the offer to surrender and they accept the surrender offer. the remaining warship and passenger ships of the barons fleet are ordered to land 100 km from the grand canyon of mars which is 3 km deep and runs for a stretch of 150 km of barren land . all the people of Boron are ordered out of their ships and made to march for 3 days without food and water towards the grand canyon. the teeming billions of the boron walk like zombies broken in spirit and war-weary towards the grand canyon many km from their ships their last refuge towards the edge of the canyon.

When the people of the boron are miles away from their ships and into the open barren land of mars the supreme commander orders the mass execution of the boron people . his commanders object and say ‘my lord they are billions in numbers, it would be genocide if we kill them’. the supreme commander says they can destroy my people and enslave them I will not spare them at all I will kill them right down to the last man and women and child. the commanders refuse to obey the command to execute the people of boron. the supreme commander relieves his commanders of their command and has then arrested for disobeying the orders and assume full command of his forces and orders the full-scale genocide of the boron people . the Earth space ships open fire with full force. the people of boron are taken unawares and start running wildly on the barren land of mars only they have nowhere to run. The 8 wives of the supreme commander known as the mahadevis implore to the supreme commander to stop the mindless mass murder of the Bostonians . the supreme commander refuses to listen to them and the genocide continues for 4 days and at the end of it, all the barren land of mars is covered with the dead bodies of the people of boron all dead to the last man woman and child.

The supreme commander returns back to earth but on the orders of the mahadevis there are no victory celebrations and welcome is extended to the supreme commander and his troops. the supreme commander goes to the palace of the mahadevis to see them but the mahadevis refuse to see him and order the palace guards to ask the supreme commander to leave the palace. the supreme commander brushes aside the palace guards and walks past them to the living chamber of the mahadevis . upon seeing the supreme commander in their chamber the eldest of his wife divine get up from her sofa and raises her hand and voice at the supreme commander and tells him ‘get out we know man such as you to be our husband and lord . on hearing this the supreme commander unties his sword from around his waist and holds it up in both his hand and says I have no more use of this anymore take it away from me and I will use it no further . divine says ‘the sword that you hold in your hand so proudly is smeared with the blood of the innocent . baron was only treacherous but you are savage . you are the destroyer of mankind . you have dishonored not only yourself bust us as well , that we cannot face our people with our heads held high but we see only shame in our eyes and our souls when we think that we are the wives of such a savage murderous man as you . with the sword still in his hands the supreme commander says I did what was necessary to defend my people from a savage enemy and from the jaes because of whom the baron had to destroy his planet and come back to earth . I have no regrets over my actions and I stand firmly behind the valor of my soldiers in defending earth . divine say ‘you are unforgivable for your deeds, leave us now forever to our fate’. The youngest wife Angie steps forward and walks up to the supreme commander and takes the sword from his hand and draws the sword from the scabbard and says ‘my lord the blood has been washed from the sword but your sins have not been washed whether you killed innocents of the one who deserved to die it does not matter now as it is all over and the living can continue arguing over your actions whether they were right or wrong , for most of us they were wrong but those who followed you though they were right . I am not a soldier for I am just a woman and I lost my father and my brother in the war like many other daughters , wives and sisters has done as well. The war was thrust upon us you did not go looking for it . so whatever happened in the heat of war is now over forever and we can now look for a peaceful future but that does not mean I will forgive you for what you did but I am your wife and love you and I will still bear you your children with either hate or love for you in my heart only do not ask me how. Divine steps forward and puts her hand on Angie shoulder and says ‘ we know amongst us all you love him the most but now we must forsake him for his actions’. Angie steps back with tears in her eyes . Supreme commander says ‘my lovely wives I am a warrior and a husband and the lord of my people and I love you all more dearly than any thing else in the whole universe. I will ask for your forgiveness again when time has healed the wounds of the deeds I have done’

 Saying this the supreme commander turns around and walks away from his mahadevies and out their living chamber .

The next day sun rises in the sky and the supreme commander walks bare feet on to the sands of the beach with a sword in his hand his chest bare his long hair neatly combed back and curled at the bottom of the neck , his side burns neatly turned facing his cheeks , wearing a dhoti waist down he quietly walks on the beach leaving his foot prints on the sands of time .

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