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Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Inspirational Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Inspirational Drama

The Final Kiss

The Final Kiss

33 mins 225 33 mins 225

Note: This story is based on Author's fiction. It does not apply to any historical references and is loosely based on some real-life incidents, that happened in my school days and college days. Not only my life, it's also based on few more people's life.




6:30 AM

Around 6:30 AM in Thindal, Erode district Raghuram visits his school The Bharathi Vidya Bhavan, which is one of the best schools located near Thindal, Erode district. When he stepped inside the school, he has the glimpses of Volleyball court. Sitting near the tree, Raghu recalled his school memories.

Looking at the canteen and Principal room, Raghuram called his best friend Sai Adhithya, who haven't called him for the past three years. Initially, he thought that Adhithya won't pick up his phone call. However, he picked up his call after three long years.

"Yes da." Hearing his voice, Raghu asked him: "How are you da?"

"I am fine da. How are you?"

"Yes. I am fine." Adhithya said. After some conversations, Raghu questioned about his whereabouts.

"I am towards Erode GH road from Bangalore to my hometown Meenakshipuram. Why da?"

"I came to our old school to meet our teachers da." Upon hearing this, Adhithya immediately stopped his car in the middle of Perundurai at SIPCOT in the corner. Closing his eyes for one minute, he recalled his school days.

"Memories of school can bring a smile on a tough day."



(I adopt First-person narration to make this story effective and intense.)

Memories of school remain with us forever. School memories are often both bitter and sweet. I was born on 5th November 1992 into a middle-class family in Meenakshipuram, Pollachi. My father Ponnuswamy worked as a professor, teaching Industrial Psychology in renowned college, National Institute of Technology.

Our ancestors were freedom fighters. They fought against the British and went to prison so many times for same reasons. When I was in my 2nd standard, I defecated open in my class, which caused the teachers to dismiss me from the school and I eventually joined Disha- A Life school when I was 10 years old.

2000 TO 2008, POLLACHI

At the age of 9 in a school affiliated to NIT, I sold my paintings and donated the amount to the Army's Kargil fund while studying. I was then awarded the National Balashree Honour in 2005 while studying at Disha- A Life School for creative writing in English. Initially, I was mocked by many of my friends for lack of fluency in English. Later, I was appreciated for my general knowledge and skills, which I gathered with the help of my father.

In Disha School, there were two friends, who played a vital role in my life. Teacher and a friend named Janani. My teacher Georgina Glenda Luiz and Muthu Saravanan played a key role for my success in initial years. Later on, when I was in Eighth grade, Janani entered into my life. Life takes a turn for the best. It can't get better than that.

Janani thought me the importance of moral values, ethics and integrity. In my later career until 8th grade in Disha, I studied about Ramayana, Mahabharata and political issues through newspapers. Subash Chandra Bose, Subramania Bharathiyar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi were my inspirations and influences. I firmly believed in supporting the plight and pains of Hindus being the victim of 2008 Mumbai attacks, where I lost my 8-year old elder brother. Since then, I hate Muslims and other religious people.

But my father said: "Terrorism has no religion. It's spread all over the world." Initially, I opposed his point of view. Then, I went along with him to see his friends. Through him, I met his friend named Kamaludeen. He is a down-to-earth person, who visits Temples, Pilgrimages and several other places. He further built Ganesha temple in a place, near to Pollachi.

Through this incident, I learned: "We have to respect all religion in this world." However, the next year, I changed to The BVB School, returning back in my 9th grade. Since, I want to experience the city life. Initially, I was poor at studies. Later on, I adapted with my friends and studied well. I was an above-average student.

In The BVB School, I had so many close friends that I can't name fully.


7:30 AM

At present, Raghuram was still in the call.

"Adhithya. Are you there?"

"Adhithya…"Raghu shouted. While, he opened his eyes and said: "Yes da. I am there in the line." He requested him to visit at once to the school in order to meet them. Accepting his words, Adhithya turned back the car and drives towards Thindal-Perundurai road.

While, Raghuram revisits his school days by roaming all around the campus. He recounts his school days upon seeing the desks.



Memories of school remain with us forever. Sports and school were often closely connected. I am quite rich. My father acted in a movie called Appuchi Gramam as a minor character. Since my childhood days, I am trained in Silambam and Martial arts. Just like Adhithya, my initial days were full of hurdles and challenges. I struggled hard to cope up in my academics.

Adhithya frequently got scolds from his father, who became very strict in the later years. He beat him up severely as he lied about his marks in Quarterly Examinations. When he failed in Social miserably during the Annual exam, his father became angry. After re-test, he was retained with strict warnings. Initially, Adhi misunderstood his father as he stuffed him with strict schedules and studying tables.

Using this as a weapon, Adhithya's mother brainwashed him by poisoning his mind against his father for her own benefits. While, I was pretty-stronger due to the support from my family. And my father too was very supportive of my works and passion.

"It wasn't all about going to the prom. We can probably all remember at least one teacher who had a great influence on us." Likewise, our teachers: Karpagam Mam and Gayathri mam were great influences. They are like Adhithya's god-mothers.

At that time, he firmly had faith and beliefs in God- especially Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. He used to talk a lot about them and their slogans. At times he credits them for the decent marks, that he scored in his school. Though poor at studies, he remained disciplined, good and decent, staying away from all problems. However, he had a camera, which one of our senior have gave to him to return in the evening. But, a coach caught him and returned this to the Principal.

It created big problems and his father scolds him for doing so. However, Adhithya coped out from that issues and moved on though some of my friends ridiculed him for his silence. Slowly, he recovered from the tragic issue. But, another incident happened in our life. Our friend Girivasan went missing for a petty issue with his father and roamed in several places including a hospital, where our friend Harsha Vardhan was admitted for dengue fever. The issue got solved. Our another best friend was R. Aditya, who is good and friendly. With him, Adhithya had initial clashes. Since, he accidentally spitted water in his pants.

Still now, he used to tell him: "My book and pants are still more smelly da." Life was happy as well as tragic in our school days. School was the place where you were genuinely yourself. It's the school memories, not the marks, that make one laugh.

Adhithya will never forget the love memories in school. And I will never forget my friends, who were the people that I miss when remembering school. The antics and atrocities, that we made are never forgettable in our life. During our last exam days on the birthday party of R. Aditya, I, Pavun Kumar, Keerthi Rahul and one more guy were affected with Chicken Pox. Yet, we managed to get cured and complete our Public exams successfully.

During the 2 months leave, Adhithya became busy meeting his friends Janani and other Disha school friends. Further, he developed conflicts and fights with his mother during this period of time. Problems worsened with his friend Harnish, whom he had huge ego clash and other disputes since school days. As his Instagram account was exposed, Kaushik, who had a vengeance with Harnish, blamed him as the cause for the issue and problems deepened between them. But, Adhithya solved the problems with that girl Harshini, whom he clashed and eventually solved the problems between them.

Adhithya was psychologically affected. He was completely devastated with the life, he lead during his leave. Unable to express his grief and pains to his father, he sat in between the four walls of the hospitals. Yes, his cruel mother left him in Shantigiri Hospitals, where he have to take care of his father. His father insulted him and scolded him while receiving treatment.

He became mad and insane by continuously looking the photos of bus, which he loved madly since his childhood days. Unlike us, he is very sensitive and emotional-type boy. He can't tolerate and accept simple issues. Having such plans to travel in buses made his mother anger as well as arrogant. They rightly used his innocence and emotional attitude. He turned violent and worse due to the tortures he suffered in the hospitals.

I was completely shocked to know this from him. Further, I scolded him when he said that, "He disrespects his mother nowadays and receives her curse." I was however happy that he is learning reality of the society and have so many general knowledge, which I failed to have. But, ironically, he became arrogant, over-attitude, aggressive and showed his temper with his mother for cheating him.

He continuously taunts and scolded her, accusing her of being responsible for the sufferings that he undergone. As his father beats him up for a petty mistake he did in Mathematics in 11th grade, Adhithya severely beats up his mother with Poori machine to the left of her spine after recalling the problems of reunion party and the memorable moments, that he missed because of her. Despite her beg to save her by admitting in the hospitals, Adhithya mercilessly left her and joined classes in the school.

Angered further, his father came to the school and meets Adhithya during the break.

He said: "You bloody bastard and wastrel. How dare you beat up your mother da! Waste fellow, Useless dog. For what the fuck*** did you beat her da? For taking care of you when you are three-years old?" He was slapped by his father in front of the school campus left and right. I was left with no way to stop except to sit and watch with other students. Teachers were sympathetic of Adhithya. My wonder was that, "He didn't even utter a single word or objected his father although he shouted at his father in anger at times." Still more, he never said me the reasons for that.

Despite been beaten up cruelly, Adhithya pretends to laugh and didn't even cry. His father and I myself wondered alongside my friends. He said to the teachers: "I admit him in the hostel. Let him suffer the pain of being alone. Then only, he could reform." But, Adhithya was further angry with his mother and continued to hate her more.

One day, I secretly saw Adhithya crying inside the washroom in front of the glass and asked him, "For all these days, were you doing this da?"

"Yes da. I was doing like this only. Because, I doesn't want to expose my pains to everyone including my father. I am unable to tolerate the betrayal of my mother and my relatives da. Still, it hurts. You know? Whenever she needs money, she would beg me in childhood days." Wiping off his tears, he said: "I would ask my father and plead with him to give money to her. But, she! Completely deceived me when I needed support from her. This world is very selfish and fake da." What he said is right! How much they have degraded him and his mother was the main reason for his depression and aggressive behavior.

He thinks that, his father have changed. But, one day he met me personally before the 11th grade leaves. Adhithya stopped visiting his hometown, until he becomes successful in his life. Yes. His father refused to give money for him to attend reunion parties and other entertainments. Since then, he is determined to study well and score good marks.

"How are you uncle?"

"I am always good da. How is he?"

Thinking for sometime, I said: "He is not like before uncle. Unlike in 9th and 10th, he is very much sad and depressed. Life turned upside down for him. Except for studies, he never gives importance to other works. Completely devastated and depressed. All he wants is success uncle."

With some sadness in his face, Adhithya's father said: "I very well know. If he is determined to do what he targets, he would never leave that work. After me, he considered you all as his well-wishers. But, I didn't allow him to see you in reunion party. I am sorry."

"It's okay uncle. He didn't even utter a single word for your order not to go for the party. That itself showcased, how much is he inclined towards you. But, you shouldn't have beat him up like such in front of everyone. They all teased him and insulted for so many months."

For this, his father said: "I shouldn't have done so. But, you know?" Wiping off his tears, Ponnuswamy said: "His mother was temporarily paralyzed because of his cruel beatings. She is very bad. I know. She is the secondary reason for him to be bad and aggressive. If she is not there, he would be mute and deaf. She got him to this good condition. A good guy, now turned this worse."

Without discipline, we can't achieve anything in our life. What Ponnuswamy uncle said is right. Adhithya shouldn't be that aggressive. One of the surprising facts that his father told is: "A driver have praised Adhithya."

"Respect should be learnt from our son sir. Such a humble and respectful guy in the beginning. I don't know what happened to him. He is very arrogant and aggressive with everyone, nowadays." This one was said by his father, even now.

High school days only pointed the way towards an education. We didn't have time to chat or roam for theaters and outside. I and Adhithya were more inclined towards studies. We spent some time in Library studying the daily newspapers, books and some other novels, related to current affairs. Adhithya took time pass and entertainment by sighting girls of his junior and seniors in the school.

While, I took Silambam as my part-time hobby as a relaxation. Adhithya disliked girls after 10th grade and used their help whenever he gets doubt in Academics. After that, he would never mind them even if a problem happened to them. This really irked his close friend Abinesh, who is a Carnatic singer and good student in our class.

Except for us, he never pays heed to other people's words. He is still in the contact with Karpagam Mam and Gayathri mam. They guided him and advised frequently especially when Adhithya turned hyper-aggressive and violent. He bought Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana books from them to read whenever he felt depressed and sad. They are the true teachers, who defends their pupils against the own personal influence.

We successfully finished our school days with the help of teachers and their full support.


8:30 AM


Meanwhile, Adhithya reached his school successfully around 8:30 AM as said by Raghuram. He too reminded off his memorable days with his father. There, Raghuram and Adhithya embraced each other. While, school vans were dropping children. Some teachers were noting the guys. A teacher asked Raghu: "Hey Raghu. How are you da?"

"Mam. I am fine." She said, "Have you came here to see us?"

"Yes mam." They goes for some works. While, Raghu said Adhithya: "Adhi. You know? School times end but the memories last forever."

"I still think I prefer school life to any other part of life and I am 19 now!" Adhithya said looking at a tree, where he used to stand whenever he is upset. The guys recalled their college days, sitting at the canteen, where the sister, who sells foods have not yet arrived.

JUNE 2011 TO MARCH 2013


In reputed colleges like PSGCAS, that's affiliated to Bharathiyar University, getting an admission is very difficult. No influences could work out in such colleges. Henceforth, we studied well and somehow managed to score good marks. I was very clear to choose my course and chose Visual Communications. While Adhithya juggled and chose B.Com(Accounting and Finance) that forced him to pursue Chartered Accountancy's foundation course, in which he failed.

He was very shy and feared to talk with girls. Since his father too became busy with Agricultural works in Kerala borders of Semanampathy-Meenakshipuram of Pollachi, Adhithya stayed with me in Tidal Park, where he met several of my friends Priya Darshini, Nithish and few more people. He started writing stories, poems and quotes. Further, he read so many books, novels and polity of India.

Unknown to everyone, Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world. It became more than two and a half years for we to understand that "The actors are not real heroes. They are just reel heroes." Especially when 2019 Pulvama Attacks happened in Kashmir borders, I stopped seeing cinemas. We stopped celebrating personalities such as- Thalapathy Vijay, Thala Ajith, etc., etc. Cinema is just for entertainment. They are not for discussing. But, our friends were addicted to drugs, alcohols and cinemas.

So, it's good for North Indians to learn how our Tamil work as owners so that, they could establish their supremacy in business. Since, we Tamils are not thought about the importance of hard work and importance of money. In between the second semesters of Adhithya, he met a girl named Darshini in his class, whom he referred as "Darshu."

She is sensitive, jolly-type and emotional girl, who can't tolerate hurtful words. She lost her mother in childhood and was raised up by her father and elder sister. Adhithya was good and loving with her. While, I just wanted to be friends with girls and was never interested to speak with girls. But, Adhithya loved that girl madly and even went to the extent of proposing his love to her.

Whenever he talked with her, he said: "Darshu. You are beautiful." She would feel shy and happier when he kissed her lips and face. She rejected his love. Since, she wanted to know his true character and dark side of his life. As time moved on, Adhithya joined several social clubs like- Golden Army club, Third Hand Club and Young Indian Club.

He did all these things once he learned the problems faced by Indian people- Especially the Genocide of Kashmir Pandits, Delhi Sikh people and few more riots like Godhra Riots and few more hidden atrocities in Indian History. This all feared Darshini and irked her. She was further feared as he developed fluency in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi languages. Darshini's sister comes to know that, "Adhithya fell in love with Darshini." She warned him to stay away from her and she too said: "She is just his friend." Adhithya was completely dejected when her sister threatened him to hand over to the police.

He blocked her account completely. Adhithya raised his support for RSS despite the warning from his father. Slowly with the help of Abinesh, he turned into vegetarian and trained in Carnatic music. He started an NGO called Mission India, in which he had an agenda to expose anti-national parties and cinema actors, who work with these people for their own benefits.

While, I was busy shooting short-films, acting and my course alongside my busy commitments with friends for film acting. But, Adhithya refused to act except for the snapchat, to which his friends conned him. Initially, he had ambitions to become IPS officer, IAS officer, doctor, etc., etc. But, now he changed his path once getting to know the Indian Polity and several other shocking truths.

Adhithya actively contributed to the BJP campaign for the 2014 Indian general election and in 2017 he helped organize the BJP's "Mangalore Chalo" rally. He was an active member of Akhil Bharathiya Vidyarthi Parishad and was even the General Secretary of Bharathiya Janata Yuva Morcha(BJYM). Due to his intense work for politics alongside his college works, Darshini was feared. Yes. She was sighting him alongside he himself, who used to see her in anger for sometimes and in happiness.

One of his friend Kathirvel said: "If a girl doesn't like you, you should let her go. Don't force her." Since then, he stopped doing so. Although he chats with several girls who are friends with him, he can't replace them with his girlfriend Darshini. I asked him: "Why you love her madly when there are so many girls in this world?"

For that, Adhithya replied: "You know. You will never know how fast my heart beats when she's around me. My favorite place in the world is being by her side." His only fear is his father, who sees Caste and Culture.

He considered Caste and culture as important in order to safeguard their interests. However, Adhithya never believed in such things. Even some of his friends in High school such as Pavitran and Pavish are caste minded fellows.

Pavish is the nephew of a party leader Ravi Arasu, who is the leader of Kongu Tamil Party. However, Pavish is not interested with his uncle's party and instead he joined BJP's Youth Wing Associations, through which he conducted protests against people in the state. He was arrested by police for raising support for Hindu cause. Adhithya is not that much fond with him.

During the final semester when Adhithya was going outside towards the L Block, he searched the cars. When I asked about the same, he said: "A junior have said him that, 1st year fellows are in sexual intercourse. Yet they never removed their dresses." Hearing this, I warned him: "Hey. Just like you see some beautiful girls outside, don't say Wow by seeing this da. They would hit you then."

As there's no one like such, Adhithya said: "I don't have luck to see these people." But, in secluded areas of the campus, he noticed girls kissing in lips and having sex with their partners. Meeting me, he said: "Wow. Those girls are like Papaya juice da. Boys are lucky to enjoy their beauty."

His eyes turned red and threw his bottle at the wall. I was surprised. Adhithya questioned me: "Love means sex? Right! Meeting, having lip-kiss and then indulging in sexual intercourse. I feel ashamed of myself when I have thought Darshu in the same process da. I deserve the punishment da. She won't reconcile with me anyhow. Because, I was so obsessed with sex rather than true love."

Raghuram consoled him. Darshini and her friend Durga Haritha secretly heard Adhithya's comments, recording the audio. Her sister felt that, "It's not the right age for her to love a man belonging to other caste."

Darshini proposed her love to Adhithya personally, during her birthday. However, Adhithya have become obsessed with the agenda to destroy crooked politicians and corruption in Tamil Nadu. He said the same to her and asked her to move forward in her life, forgetting about him. But, he stopped her in the middle and said: "I love you Darshu. I love you more than anything in this world. The day when I saw you, I decided you are everything in my life."

Taking her to a secluded campus, he kissed her lips and said: "A day without kissing you is a day wasted." Adhithya was awarded the National Balashree Honour in 2003 while studying in his college for creative writing in English. He arranged a grand party, where I, R. Aditya, Harsha Vardhan and few more friends joined and celebrated alongside Darshini herself.

After the party got over, Darshini and Adhithya spent some private times. When speaking, Adhithya looked her eyes, very closer. He kissed her cheeks slowly and softly gave her a lip kiss.

Holding her chin up, he said: "Darshu darling. I am going to kiss you now, and I don't know if I'll ever stop."

Darshini tried to move from him. But, he kissed her. At his lip's touch she blossomed for him like a flower. Kissing her more passionately, Adhithya took her to the bed of the house, where we lived. I was actually out for a work in night time. She was kissing him as she had never kissed him before…and it was blissful oblivion, better than fire whisky; she was the only real thing in the world for him.

After having sex, the couples were sleeping with the help of blanket. Darshini said to him: "Adhi. You know. The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in return." He laughed and hugged her very passionately. But, the happiness didn't last longer in their life. Everything was ruined just by one incident.


At present, Adhithya sat in the same tree, where he used to sit sad during the school days. While, Raghuram asked: "Hey. Did you meet Darshini again da?"

"I hope to meet her and apologize da. I want to hug her. Although I am patriotic, sincere to the nation, I failed to do the duty as a family man da." Now, Raghuram recalls how his life turned upside down.

MAY 2013 TO JUNE 2015


We all completed NPTEL Course, EDC Course and MSME courses in the college. Since, they said only when we complete all these courses, "We can get our degree certificate." Adhithya completed NPTEL of-late. However, he managed to complete Add-on course in General Sociology earlier. He scored good marks. Although there are offers from Placement companies and his coaching classes in UPSC IAS Study circle, he decides to pursue Master of Arts in Political Science in order to gain knowledge of Indian Politics.

Darshini was talking about this to him and she romanced with him by trying to share her Diary Milk chocolate with him, which he likes since childhood days. However, a senior student, who's ardent Vijay fan. As Adhithya criticized the actor's movie for his controversial political statements, he protested and threatened to get the film banned. Seeing this as an opportunity, the senior brother clashed with them and misbehaves with Darshini.

Angry, Adhithya beats him up severely in front of the Principal, who warns Adhithya of his aggressive and angry behavior. Fear of getting caught with her sister, Darshini lied to the principal that, "Adhithya was just his friend."

This angers him to the core. Thinking about his father, Adhithya apologized to the senior brother for his rude behavior and eventually walked to the basketball ground, showing his anger in the ground. Following him up, Darshini said, "Please stop playing. I want to talk with you."

"I don't have anything to talk with you."

"Adhi, please."

"Darshu please. I am not in good mood now. Once again I talk and you could get hurt. You may feel bad."

"Just five minutes. That solve." Looking at me and Durga, Adhithya handed over the ball to Darshini and said: "Talk with this. Take it."

"Stop talking like such, Adhithya. I am your girlfriend."

"Inside the principal room, you said that I am your friend."

"Don't blame me for that incident. I am not responsible for that. That's your fault."

"What?" Adhithya asked coming near to her.

"Yes. I said not to fight with him. Because of you, it went to the principal's table." An angry Adhithya said, "How he saved her for misbehaving with her" and questions her for blaming him. Angered, Adhithya lashed out at her stating: "Hey. You proposed your love during the birthday party. Doesn't even said anything when I kissed your lips for three times and more."

Calming himself down, he raised his voice: "When having sex, you don't find anything bad. But, for this fucking*** problem alone you are trying to escape. Right?"

"Stop Adhithya. Don't talk vulgar."

"Hey you retch******I will talk like such only di. You ***bitch***I would talk even more bad when I wanted to speak like such." Adhithya said. Darshini feels bad and looked here and there. She explained how her father and elder sister would look her in a bad light when Principal complains about them. Angered further, Adhithya said her love as calculated love and he never thinks about consequences and situations.

Darshini mentioned about his ego, which is the main reason for him to blame her. Irritated, Adhithya mentioned: "How he tried to tear her dress." He said to an angry Darshini: "Now I understand well. You said, you felt satisfied when you are followed by men. Even when they strip your clothes, you feel happy." Darshini slapped him for his blatant remarks.

Remembering his father, who too scolds and slapped him, beating him up in the same way, he gets angered. I tried to stop him. Pushing me asides, Adhithya went near to her and said: "You are anger for telling bad about you. He touched the girl, whom I kept close to the heart. How painful it could be for me? I beat him up for your sake. But, got hurt because of you. Compared to you, my mother is far more better Darshu." Taking the ring from his hand, Adhithya threw beneath her legs.

Before leaving, he turned back and asked: "You gave me something right." Thinking for some time, Adhithya gave her a tight slap at her face. He said: "You deserve this. Deserve this a lot!" Tears flew from Darshini's eyes like a river. Durga tried to console her. But, everything gone vain. Adhithya was more inclined to his degree. While, I joined Film and Television Institute of India in Mumbai, where I studied Film Direction and Screenplay for three years and Film acting course for one year.

Aftermath, I debuted with an action-thriller film in Telugu cinema and slowly established myself with several genres after two years. While, Adhithya completed his Bachelor of Academic Law and an LLB. As a lawyer, he had represented many BJP leaders like Mahesh Hegde, editor of Post-card news, Pratap Simha, an MP from Mysore and had helped Lawyer Ashok Haranhalli in defending corruption cases of Karnataka Chief Minister. He has been mentored by R. Ashoka and V. Somanna. A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.

The Bangalore South was represented since 1996 by former minister Ananth Kumar until his death in 2018. Adhithya was chosen to contest for the 2019 Elections from this constituency over Kumar's wife, Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, due to his previous work. He won the elections by defeating Congress by 331192 votes, making him the youngest MP to represent the BJP, after having assumed office at the age of 25 years, 6 months, 7 days.

Adhithya took oath as an MP in Kannada on 17 June 2019. In June 2019, he requested the central government to revert it's 2014 decision to remove the requirement of knowing the local language in the recruitment for banks. In between the times, Darshini, who worked as a lawyer by extending her support to BJP, also joined the same party, which irked Adhithya.

She became a worker of the BJP after returning from London in 2013. She became a member of the Delhi BJP's working committee. She was appointed as an official spokesperson for the BJP's Delhi unit under Adhithya. In 2020, she was appointed as a national spokesperson of BJP under the presidency of J.P.Nadda. She was often sent out for TV debates on national issues because of her legal acumen, sound knowledge of national issues and bilingual skills. She was seen as young, energetic and brash, with regular appearances on television debates.

In 2022, when she made remarks against Prophet Muhammad's controversial issue of marrying a 9-year old women Ayesha, Adhithya used this as an opportunity to slam Darshini and dismiss her from the party. However, she was instead suspended from the political party. While outside, Darshini said Adhithya in tears: "I too have one agenda Adhi. To destroy anti-social parties and to reconcile with you somehow. But, you are not at all changed. And I have no use to reform your ways." She left in tears.

I directed and wrote The Kashmir Diaries, a film depicting the real-events of 1990 Kashmir genocide. By facing numerous issues, the film was published pan-India with low-key releases and promotions due to the intervention of Bollywood mafia and the industry. Actors like Rakesh Raj were trolled brutally by people for criticizing the film. Many criticizers were mostly anti-national elements. Muslims and Hindus realized their fault in saving Kashmir Pandits. Like Darshini, Adhithya faced problems because of his staunch ideologies on Hinduism. Swami Vivekananda, Aurobindo and Veer Savarkar are his other inspirations.

He had previously said: "If you are with Narendra Modi, you are with India." And claimed that those who did not support Modi were "Strengthening Anti-India forces."

"BJP should unapologetically be a party for Hindus." Adhithya faced numerous allegations and controversies by opposition party. Leaders even tried to murder his mother and father. Eventually, his mother was murdered. While, his father escaped who motivates him to fight against injustice by telling: "Adhi. Teaching is the highest form of understanding. When one teaches, two learn. A teacher affects eternity. Your job is to simply do your work…sacredly, secretly, silently…and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will respond."

In between this time, my teacher Gayathri mam, called me and appreciated The Kashmir Diaries movie. She also called Adhithya to come and meet them whenever they can find sometime. In between this, I advised Adhithya to reconcile with Darshini, who still loves him truly.


9:30 AM

At present, Adhithya had tears in his eyes, while recalling these events. Raghuram tapped his shoulders and said: "Adhithya…" He looked at him. He had surprise in-store for Adhithya. Their school friends- Vaarana, Vandhana, Girivasan, Reshika, Evangeline, Pavun Kumar, Kiruthika and Keerthi Rahul were waiting for the duo's arrival. The friends embraced each other.

Girivasan asked Adhithya: "How are you da?"

"For me what. I am always good." Adhithya said and Reshika questioned him: "Do you remember me da?"

"How can I forget you Reshika? My closest friends are from my high school days." Adhithya said. Surprisingly, his school correspondence have arrived. Adhithya's father have a long wish that, "Correspondence should make Adhithya to talk on stage." His wish had been fulfilled successfully.

Now, he can speak in the mike. In the mike, he addressed to the school students after the correspondence finished talking.

"Good morning." Looking at the students who are tired and sleepy, Adhithya said: "I too was like this during my school days. Tired and sleepy. But, memories of school can bring a smile on a tough day. The teachers are the cornerstone of most school memories. School was the place where you were genuinely yourself. You know? Even celebrities have memories of being bullied at school." After the children laughed, Adhithya continued saying: "Friends are the people that you miss when remembering school. School times end but memories last forever. Looking back school seems like the only place you can truly be yourself. According to me, A good teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary. Happy teachers day! Do well and all the best." Raghuram also thanks his teachers and addressed his point of views to the students.

Adhithya goes on to meet his class teacher and the teachers, who handled his subjects. He felt emotional and breaks down in tears. They consoled him and said, "We are really happy to see you in this good position, Adhithya."

While coming out, Raghuram have another surprise in store for Adhithya. As he asked for what it is, Raghu said: "Come along with me da. Let me show you."

Darshini have been waiting for him in Raghu's car. Seeing her, Adhithya takes her to his car where he asked: "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to stay away from few things."

"Why you joined BJP and took part of social activities, if you want to stay away?"

"It's before. Now, it's not like such." She tries to move out of the car. But, Adhithya apologized and pleads her to stay with him. As she asked the reasons, he said about his school friends, which she replied: "It's already finished."

"Please stay back. I need you Darshu."

"Where did you go when I need you? For six to seven years, no messages, no replies. You said you never forget."

"Yes. I indeed said that. But not from my heart. I said it in anger. My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never. Darshu! I love you not only for who you are but also for who I am when I'm with you. You're a little crazy, a little different. When I met you at first, I was afraid of falling in love. And now that I am in love, I am afraid of losing you." After pausing a while as Darshini laughed, he said: "I chatted with several girls. But more than those girls, I loved you madly and truly. I can't forget you that easier. Wherever I went, I remember your face. It's difficult for me to forget you." Kneeling down, Adhithya said: "A hundred hearts would be too few to carry my love for you, Darshu. The world wants all the happiness and I want just one person, you."

Adhithya takes the ring, which he throw in Darshini's face during their college days. Kneeling down, he said: "During the college days, you asked me whether I am Lord Vishnu. But, now I ask you whether you are my Lakshmi."

Feeling happier, she showed her hands in tears and happiness. The duo comes out, where Adhithya wears ring in her hands. Now, Darshini said: "For this only, I have been waiting for so many days." As he looked at her she said: "Hey. You will never know how fast my heart beats when you're around me. I wish I could turn back the clock to find you sooner and love you longer."

"If a hug showed how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever, Darshu." Adhithya said. As she neared to kiss his lips, Adhithya said: "Think well. If you kiss me, you should definitely marry me."

"Hey Adhi. Let your lips touch mine and be grateful to almighty for giving us each other. Mm!" Adhithya nods his heads as Darshu showed her eyes expression for his acceptance.

They both shared the final kiss through lips. Raghu's assistant, who was shooting this said to him: "Sir. I took that shot clearly sir. Because this is the final kiss as you said to me."

His friends and few teachers gathered around the place already when they were romancing. Upon seeing them, Adhithya said: "Take that slippers, you dog. For your film subject, are we two the scapegoats?" Adhithya laughed and chased him. But, leaves him after Darshini asked him to stop chasing him. Since, it's school, where discipline needs to be maintained.

"Oh ho! Discipline, it seems." Reshika said and the people laughed. Finally, the friends and teachers happily stood for a selfie.

"Hey. Take the photo properly da. Because, this is one of my memorable moments with our friends and teachers. Especially during Teacher's day." Vaarana said to which Giri said: "You are guiding a photographer itself ah? I will handle. You, keep quiet."

"Smile." As everyone smiled, Giri happily took the photos by standing with them. After taking the photos, Adhithya gets the photo of his final kiss with Darshini from Raghu's assistant director and writes, "My eyes are jealous of my heart because you are away from my eyes and close to my heart."

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