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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Divya Aggarwal

Drama Romance Others


Divya Aggarwal

Drama Romance Others

Unbalanced Warmth

Unbalanced Warmth

34 mins



‘Not all boys are the same’

‘They all are same’

‘But he was a lot different. He saved me from those people who were staring me in the metro’

‘Just to grab your attention Tanisha’

‘Let it be. Let’s enjoy shopping’

Karol bagh was such a place to shop where Tanisha and her friend, Simran could visit once in a week, they were shopaholic. New week, new clothes.

Tanisha was a girl who has a lot to believe in love. She loved reading romances and a great teddy lover who always asked her teddies- ‘When will I get the one who will love me and take care of my every small need’

On the other hand, her friend, Simran who have no believe in love. The only thing she loved was shopping with Tanisha and going on outing with her.

‘Tanisha you are always a kid to me’ was the only line she used to say when she saw her best friend with teddy bears and her room also.

Tanisha’s room was full of love. She had two huge teddies on her bed besides whom she slept. Four corners had two more each and then small line of ten more on her study table. Around five hung on her window and then so many portraits and posters of teddy bears. According to her best friends, she was a kid.


‘You came so early’, said Tanisha angrily.

‘Let’s do shopping’, said Aryan

Aryan was another best friend of Tanisha who gave a constant support to her whenever she needed and they loved spending time with each other.

Don’t misunderstand; they had no feelings for each other.

For him also, Tanisha was a kid who is difficult to handle but he was the only one besides her parents who could handle her.

‘The place was too rowdy. I came here for the first time that too just for you’

‘Thank you so much Mr. Aryan’

‘My pleasure Ms. Tanisha’

‘Leave, I want to tell you something’

‘I am hearing you since 4 hours’

Tanisha stared him but irrespective of his compliments, she continued, ‘There was a boy in metro yest...’

Before she could complete her words, Aryan asked her to stop talking about boys as he was fed up of listening about them.

‘You always talk about boys, their outer shell; don’t you have something else to talk about?’

‘Why are you getting angry?’

‘You only talk about their appearance, how handsome they were. Have you ever met them?’

Tanisha shouted on him and asked him to be quiet.

‘Listen to me first. I did not see that boy; it was just his voice which I could hear.’

Aryan was shocked and so many questions were in his mind but before he could say on further, Tanisha continued and did not gave him a chance to speak.



‘Sometimes it’s just the voice which touches your heart’

Tanisha left home at 11 bidding bye to everyone at home and most importantly her teddies.

‘I will be home soon, don’t miss me please and don’t cry. Don’t miss me otherwise I will get hiccups.’

No, no, she did not say this to her mother and grandmother but to her teddy bears.

Immature na!


Tanisha headed towards the metro which could take her to Karol bagh from Preet Vihar.

The 4 stations before,

‘I think I should take the next metro instead of continuing in this. It’s so uncomfortable. How could boys stare like that? What should I do? Should I call someone? But what does calling someone do? I should change the compartment. Yes, that might be the better idea’

Soon when she was going to take a few steps, a voice got down in her ears, ‘Don’t you have mother or sister?’

‘What happened, bhaiya?’

‘I am noticing you since 10 minutes and you are continuously staring a girl, making her feel uncomfortable.’

‘Is she your girlfriend?’

‘Are you getting down at the next station or should I call people her or the police?’

‘Why are you having problem? We are not staring the girl from your eyes and even she is not your sister or girlfriend so, don’t hit with us and leave’

The boy just took out the phone from his pocket and unlocked it but soon, the metro stopped and the gang of those six to seven boys got down and left.

Why do some boys do so? 

Don’t they have sisters? Yes, girls in India are now independent and they travel alone. They go outings with their friends, go shopping alone and leave everything, they go for a job and the most convenient transport they find is metro because of its safety. 

But what will they do when even metro gets unsafe. Should they stop going out alone? Instead of this, can’t some boys learn manners and treat other’s sisters like theirs? It would have a lot good impact on world.


‘Who was he? Why did he save me? Oho... Tanisha, he saved you as he is a human. Stop talking to yourself and say him THANK YOU’

Tanisha took a few steps forward but was unable to find any boy. She could not even recognise him because she did not see him.

She did not see him, but how?

There was an uncle who was standing there behind whom the boy was. She tried searching a lot at her surroundings but there was an announcement ‘Metro has reached Karol Bagh’ so, she had to get down.

There near the market, she met one o her best friends, Simran who was waiting there for her.

‘You know what happened today?’

‘You saw a boy in the metro and he was handsome’

‘I appreciate the knowledge you have about me but this time, it was not the boy, it was his voice’

‘I think this is the child speaking inside you and further you would continue, we should shop’

‘No, first listen to me’

Tanisha narrated the whole scenario to Simran irrespective of the fact that she is listening or not.

‘All boys are same Tannu’

‘Not all boys are same Simmu’

‘He did so to grab your attention Simmu’

Tanisha knew it was worthless to talk about love to Simran as she had no faith in love and kept herself away from boys and their flirty behaviour.

They headed towards the market and started their shopping.

Soon, Tanisha’s phone rang.

‘You don’t need to come now. It’s been one hour we are waiting for you here. We could not wait so much so we started with the shopping as we are shopaholic and not like you.’

Aree... meri maa... Listen to me first’

‘Don’t make me angry’

‘Turn back’

Before the angry Tanisha could burst up, Aryan hugged her and said ‘Hello’ to Simran.

‘How much time have you been here?’

‘When you were taking that PANDA bear’

‘It’s been half an hour you are here and stalking us’

‘Taking care of you both’

‘I don’t need your care Mr. Aryan’ said Simran

Tanisha smiled.

Aryan continued, ‘What kind of problem do you have with me?’

‘My best friend also says you are her best friend too’

Tanisha and Aryan laughed and were unable to control their laughs till their stomach got hurt. Simran knew why they were laughing so loud so did not say anything till they stop.

You too get jealous when you see your best friend calling someone else also their best friend. It feels like kick in the teeth. 

Somewhat like- My best friend is only my best friend and not your best friend.

But sometimes, there are some moments, when you realise who is really your true best friend.

‘You both are my best friends, Simmu. Please stop worrying that he is also my best friend and let’s enjoy shopping now’

You would be thinking why Aryan was there. Am I right?

Tanisha was full of confusion when she bought clothes and felt that she should buy the whole market. To take her out from those confusions, the only person who could help was Aryan.

Most of the boys are really those having no confusions and straight decisions. But yes, there are some boys who are puzzled more than girls also.

Aryan asked them that they should leave now as it was already 6pm. But the girls refused. Soon in 5 minutes, Tanisha’s phone rang and it was her mom who asked her to come home as it was late then.

And then she told her buddies that they should leave.

‘We will leave after some time Tannu and Simran, let’s do more shopping’

‘Don’t irritate Aryan’, said Tanisha and slapped him slowly on his back.

They headed the metro and the happening Tanisha started with her gossips ignoring that Simran and Aryan were tired.

‘Aryan I want to tell you something’

‘I wish you got a boyfriend to eat mind and you would leave me’ he blabbered slowly so that no one could hear but only him.

‘I have listened to what you spoke a few seconds back


‘Listen to me, today when I was coming to the market, there was a boy who saved me from evil eyes of a gang around 6-7 boys’

‘You could have called me’

‘I was in the metro’

‘What happened? Did they say you anything? I hope you are fine and not hurt. You should have called me Tanisha’, said Aryan concerning about her friend.

He was interrupted in between by her, ‘I am fine and you are getting so tensed as if you are my boyfriend or husband’ she laughed.

He got quiet and she continued, ‘They were staring me so I felt uncomfortable. I was going to head towards the next compartment but soon I listened to the voice of other boy asking them to leave the metro at the next station and he blackmailed them by calling the police and those boys left’

‘Thank god you are fine’

‘Have you said THANK YOU to him?’

‘No dude’


‘He was not there when I moved forward of uncle to see who was he and to say THANK YOU’


‘It means you did not even have a look that how he looked and all you just listened to was his voice. Am I right?’


Listening to this ‘yes’, he was on cloud nine and it was something mysterious which happened to him. He got so cheerful and unable to control, had a slight smirk on his face.


Don’t get the wrong end of the stick. He had no feelings for his best friend as if now. All he wanted was not to lose his best friend. 

You have some connections like chalk and cheese with your best friends.

You can’t see them heart- rending, troubled, puzzled and most importantly emotionally involved with someone else.

All you want is; they stay on with you.


Tanisha was unable to identify why there was a smirk on his face but all she wanted was to meet that boy once as she was in love with his voice.

‘Can you guys please just stop talking about boys?’

‘Why do you hate boys, Simmu?’

‘Don’t call me ‘Simmu’ you Aryan’

‘Simmu put on ice’, said Tanisha trying to get to the bottom of the clash they were connecting in.

Simran and Tanisha were poles apart towards their standpoint for love.

Simmu did not have faith in love because of her past. She finds that love is irresistible. Once you fell in love, you can’t explore the person inside you and it’s just the other person using you.

Tanisha, on the other hand have confidence in love. She was never in love with anyone but just want to be.

But we know loving someone is not in our hand.

She had different stipulate (demand) from love. All she wanted was a kind, divine and sweet boy who just give her time, love and care.


Simran- 4 years ago

‘It’s not always in our hand’

‘It has been 4 years to our relationship and all of a sudden you need breakup because you fell in love with someone else’


‘How can you love someone when you love me that meant you have never loved me?’ asked Simran with tears in her eyes

‘It was to happen. You become so irritating to me sometimes’

‘Nice, I care for you much so and love you so much is now termed by you as irritation’

‘I don’t want to talk anymore to you’

‘Ok, Bye’

Simran was left dejected and had no hope for his boyfriend, Chetan to come back. She loved him and they were together since four years.

‘All of a sudden how can he fell in love with someone else’ was the only question her mind and heart were asking her.

She was left with no hope and felt broken- hearted.

The moment made her believe that there is no ‘love’ exists. Everyone in this world is temporary.

Is it so?


No one was there by her side except Tanisha but she was also unable to have power over her. Simran was just crying and crying and was unable to control her emotions.

But Tanisha by her side, made her feel well but continuously making her recall that all boys are not same so that her friend does not lose faith in love as like Tanisha, Simran also had faith in love and believed ‘love is the best feeling’.

Does love happen only once? Can it not happen again? When you are broken, then why people start feeling we will never fall in love again. Might be there is something better planned for you by the god. 

I personally believe in love and do not feel love can’t happen again. It’s just happens because your destiny has something pre- planned for you and it does not want you to go off- track.


It took Tanisha a year to manage Simran and her emotions but yes, she was successful. But she was incapable of making her believe in love again.

All what Simran felt now was ‘all boys are same, girls should not blindly believe on them’ were all the negative thoughts she had in her mind.

Somewhere or the other she felt that she needed someone who utterly believe her and respect her emotions.

But her past not let that turn out.

She was losing her own personality.

‘I understand that boy hurt your feeling. He was unable value your love and care. It was difficult for you to come out from that phase. But dear Simmu, it does not mean all boys are same. Might be god had already planned something better for you’

‘I know Tanisha you only helped me to recover from that phase when no one was there by my side. But you know na, it will take time to believe in love. You know I loved him so much I took care of his every small thing, his breakfast, lunch, dinner and how well he is doing in academics, proper sleep and everything I used to ask him. But all he did was left me dejected.

‘Simmu that’s what I am saying, he did not really loved you and you deserve someone better who respect your feelings. Not all boys are same. Don’t you believe me?’

‘I do’

And this was how Tanisha made her friend fell happy when she felt low and never left her alone when she needed her the most.

When it’s your terrible time, friends and family is the most important people who can help you overcome. But before them, it’s you who could help more than anyone else. You should not spend time alone, be with someone and distract your mind from your past, go on outings, explore your inner self and then just let it happen with time.

‘Time is the best medicine to cure anything’


Was he the one?

‘With the same voice, heart beats faster’

Tanisha was going to her college and was following the same routine.

She left for her college but she did something this time which made her mom feel like bolt from the blue.

Before leaving, Tanisha prayed god, which she usually did not do.

It’s not that she does not believe in god but she is always in such a worry that she does not even have the time to have breakfast.

But her mom did not say anything to her and kept her questions inside her heart and let her leave.

Her lips were murmuring something when she entered the metro.

What could it be?


Metro has a lot of rush on weekdays, people going to their offices, college or an outing prefer to go by metro as these days it’s the most convenient transport.

‘Is it the voice of the same person?’ she murmured

‘No, it can’t happen. Why will he be in the same metro again?’

‘It can be coincidence’

‘But why will it be with me’

‘Have a look once’

‘Will it not look odd?’

‘Why will it be odd, I am not going and saying him something, it’s just I want to have a look at that boy’

‘Tanisha stop talking to yourself and have a look at the boy as at the next station you have to get down’

She took a few steps but the metro stopped and she was pushed from back and then all she had to do was to get down.

This time also she missed the golden chance to have a look at the boy and all she heard was his voice.

Was Tanisha in love? Or she just wanted to thank him for the help? Or she wanted to see how the boy looks?

Do you also get excited when someone helps you and you are unable to thank them?

Tanisha was right on her view ‘if someone helps you intentionally or unintentionally you should thank them’

I think it’s not that irritating that she is finding the person with that voice. But there are so many people in the metro. Will she be able to get to him?

There are so many metros for the same route, so it will not always happen that she hears the same voice whenever she travels from the metro.

In such findings, she forgot her daily routine in the metro.

Tanisha is a blogger and writes blogs on books. She had over 1 million subscribers and her blogs were most awaited by the readers. Her fan following on Instagram was more than 90K.

Elsa’s interest was reading romantics novels. If you look at the book shelf in her room, you will only find romances. Walls were filled with posters of best romantic author. The book shelf was attached on the two walls till the top and some books were kept in piles as the space for books got less.

Each time she went to the book store or book fair, she brought each book she liked and not read yet.

Her mom- ‘Tanisha you should prefer reading E-books’

‘I love reading books when it is in my hands’

‘But then where you will keep other books?’

‘I will clear my wardrobe or dad will arrange more book shelves for me’

‘Or it would be better if we convert one room into a library with all filled shelves for books’

And this was where her mom stopped the conversation always.

What do you guys prefer? I personally like physical books as I love reading with the essence of the books. They have some kind of connection which is strong that you can’t stop yourself from reading. E-books are not bad. If you love reading, you can read anywhere and everywhere.

Her reviews on the books on her blogs were such which made readers curious about the book. She always left the blog at such a place where it becomes the suspense to know what the story line would be and how it would end, a tragic or a happening.

‘I heard the same voice again’

‘Not again Tannu’

‘Aryan but please listen to me’

‘What happened?’

‘I forgot to work on my blog today in the metro’

Aryan gave angry expression seeing which she did not gave him a chance to speak and continued, ‘When I entered in the metro today, after few minutes I heard the same voice. Then I got busy asking questions to myself and giving answers to them’

‘But when I made inner me quiet, the metro stopped, it was the station which I had to get down on and the push from my back did not let me have a look at that person’

‘I don’t want to talk to you’ was all said by Aryan and he left from there.

Tanisha knew why he was angry and understood his argument but she felt ‘Was it her mistake? I know it is Saturday tomorrow and I have to post my blog and it’s not complete yet but I was lost in those questions’

She headed towards her class where Simran and Aryan were already present.

He saw her entering and started talking to his friends acting unnoticed.

She felt bad.

‘Simran I am just coming in a minute’

She went beside Aryan and said, ‘I am sorry. I respect your anger but please don’t get angry. You know I won’t be able to complete the blog if you remain like this’

‘Why will my emotions make you think? All you are busy with is the thoughts of that boy and that to the one whose voice only went to your ear and that to a few days back. A voice is such important to you now that you forgot about your blogs and most importantly the ones who wait for that day once in a week. Leave me’

Before she could speak, professor entered the room and she had to leave to her seat.

She was physically present in the class but mentally absent. She was just thinking how to make Aryan feel willing. In those 40 minutes, she did not have a single thought about that voice. All she was concerned about was her best friend.

The class was and as soon as the professor left, she ran to Aryan’s desk.

‘Tanisha I don’t want to talk’

‘I am sorry’

‘I am feeling hungry. Let me go to the canteen’

‘I am also hungry so I and Simran will also accompany you’

Aryan did not reply and took steps towards the canteen behind who were both the girls.

‘What is this happening? Why is he ignoring you now?’

She narrated what actually happened and asked for her help.

‘When you know he hates when you ignore your blogs due to some stupid reasons then why do you do so?’

‘I did not do it intentionally’

‘Ok now go to him, I am sitting here’

She went behind him to order coffee.

Bhaiya, one cold coffee for me’

Bhaiya, no cold coffee, just 3 hot coffees’

Tanisha made faces.

‘Don’t make me angry. You are having cold and you need cold coffee. Last time telling you, take care of yourself otherwise I won’t talk to you’

‘You are not talking now also’

‘I will talk with just one condition’

‘I agree to any of yours’

She was now trapped.

On the way back home, in the metro, Tanisha was sitting on a seat with her laptop and working on her blog which was not the part of her routine.

She worked on her blogs while going to the college and while returning it was the time of friends.

‘We had a plan to go park today’

‘Work on the blogs. You must have worked in the morning then at this time we might be enjoying in the park. But I don’t have any problem. At least from the next time, you won’t forget it whatever might the reason be’, said Aryan and smiled.

And Simran giggled listening to them.

Best friends are more caring. They take every single responsibility of yours and follow it as if it is their work. Aryan was a lot caring towards Tannu and really cared for her. He was the true best friend. He could not see her distracted from her blogs- which was her career.


It was just an hour

‘You feel happier when you hear the good from your friend’

The day before, Tanisha was busy working on her blog.

Early morning the blog was posted by her.

She did not take more than a minute by the actual time fixed for posting the blogs.

It was fixed that blogs will be posted every Saturday at 11 a.m. sharp and it was the time when mostly all the readers and subscribers were with the phone in their hand so that they could read the blog and know which book she preferred to read that week. And most importantly they could comment there as soon as possible.

As soon as she posted her blog, she turned notifications off and went to sleep as the last night she slept late.

After an hour, her phone rang. She knew it would be Aryan and she cut the call. But Aryan being Aryan, continuously called her till she attended the video call.

‘You know I slept late at night, please let me sleep. I will call you back later’

‘You should not cut the call’

‘Please Aryan’

‘Congratulations you got a girlfriend’

‘I don’t need the one. You are more to me to tolerate’

‘Ok Bye’

‘Oh hello madam, wake up’

‘No please’

‘You look so cute while sleeping. Hairs on your forehead and your hands irritatingly removing those bangs’

‘Good night’

‘Your Instagram followers have reached 2 million and subscribers on your blog to 5 million and in just an hour, you have lakhs of comments and likes’

She was shocked and in a second she sat with all her eyes open. She was feeling delighted and more than happy.

‘I hope you are not making me a fool’

‘Not at all baby’

Tujhe kitni baar bola hai mene mujhe baby mat bola kar’

‘Check the blog’


And unbelievingly it happened. She was on cloud nine and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Soon it was Simran’s call which she took on conference with Aryan and they all celebrated her progress.

Aryan was happier than Tanisha.

‘We are meeting at 4 p.m. sharp at Starbucks to celebrate. And the treat is from my side’

‘Why from your side? I will give the treat.’

‘Don’t be late you both and treat is by my side, just be there on time, said Aryan and disconnected his call.

As usual Simran was not there but Aryan and Tanisha had already reached waiting for the third person.

‘You look gorgeous in this black jeans and white top’

‘Thank you Mr. And it’s a crop top’

‘Please don’t start with your fashion knowledge. We are here to celebrate’

Sooner or later, Simran was there and they all celebrated for Tanisha’s progress and for such a huge fan base.

Aryan made her success filled with cheers. He booked the table in Starbucks before hand and on the entry, there was a huge balloon saying ‘CONGRATULATIONS’.

She was excited.

As the door opened, people were standing on both the sides in a line holding a pink rose and wishing her ‘CONGRATULATIONS’.

Tears rolled down her eyes to see such a beautiful surprise.

The happiness, special moments and excitement were recorded by the photographer.

On the booked table, there was cake saying ‘CONGRATULATIONS’.

Every moment of that evening was lived by three of them.

Simran gifted Tanisha.

‘There was no need of this, it’s not my birthday’

‘You should not say no’


‘For my happiness’

Tanisha unwrapped the packing and in all happiness, hugged Simran.

The packed had a set of 10 romantic novels.

‘This is for you’

‘Aryan no, you did so much, not this, please’

‘It’s a gift which you should not refuse’

‘Not again Aryan please’

‘I brought it will all love’, said he with a puppy face.

His cute puppy face melted her emotions and she unwrap the box.

There was a huge teddy bear in the box and Tanisha hugged him and said ‘THANK YOU’ for everything he did.

‘I would not be this happy if I would have seen such reactions of the readers but this is what I feel is only because I heard this news from you, ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH ARYAN’’



‘A person who loves you badly, can’t see you talking about someone else’

Sunday is a weekend when we are given a chance to spend time with our family. A person is incomplete without them.

On Sundays, the 3 of them spent time with their families and had a video conferencing call for only for about an hour at night as they could not resist themselves talking from each other.

It was like a drug to them.

It was Monday and Tanisha was having Monday morning blues.

After spending such a lovely Sunday, it is the problem of most of us to wake up and get ready and so it was for lazy and crazy Tanisha.

Aryan knew it was Monday and Tanisha like always would be having Monday morning blues so he turned to her.

‘Please Aryan, let me sleep. I am not coming to college today. I think you should also sleep today. Let’s make this day, a sleepy day. Good night Aryan, bye’

‘Please don’t act like a kid in front of me. I know you well. Wake up and come to college.’

‘Let me sleep’

‘Are you coming or should I...’

‘Why do you blackmail me every time?’

‘I know your weak point. You can’t spend a day without talking to me’

‘This is not fair’

‘Be there on time’

Tanisha got ready for her college and left home by 9 am. As today her lecture was at 10 am. But she had to go early because one of her professor asked her to including Aryan.

She headed towards the metro and sat on the seat with her laptop for her blogs.

I hope you remember Aryan’s reaction when he gets to know about Tanisha skipping her work or efforts on her blogs.


Tanisha was having her laptop on her laps when from the next station, 2 boys came in and sat beside her as it was not the empty space in the whole compartment.

She was busy with her work so she left it unnoticed.

After a few minutes when she was working, it was again she heard the same voice.

Was it really the voice of that person? Can’t it be of someone else? Is she misunderstanding every voice with that voice? 

How could every time the same person head in the metro? Is it some type of ghost or what was actually happening?


After listening to the same voice, she just turned towards that person and got lost in her thoughts.

‘He is so smart and handsome. His cute face would surely be an invitation to most of the girls. His smile is killer and it seems as if he goes to the gym.

Tanisha, mostly every boy goes to the gym’, she thinks

The metro stopped and she was brought out of her thoughts.

Lot of rush came out and she against lost the sight from that boy but she was happy as she saw the person but hurt as again she was unable to thank him.




‘You might not know what the other person feels for you’

It was a rainy day but the weather was hot in the college park. There was complete silence except for the voice of 2 people fighting.

But the other college mates did not even try to have a look at the park as they knew it was a frequently happening scenario.

‘What had happened to you Aryan? You never acted this strange’

‘Past did not seem to have a need of that’

‘Present does not have its need’

‘It has’

Simran turn up to calm them but the anger has already made its path.

‘Simran, don’t speak in between. It is useless’

And she steps back as she knew that it’s going to be worthless interfering.

‘Will you tell me clearly what had actually happened to you?’

‘I think I don’t need to tell’

‘I am just talking about a boy whom I saw in the metro. What is the need to get angry?’

‘What is the need to talk to me about him?’

‘You are my best friend’

‘Yes, I am your best friend and I am concerned about you. That’s why I am saying you not to stalk him’

‘I am not stalking him. It’s just the destiny which is making us meet almost everywhere’

‘So why are you noticing him?’

‘I want to. He is so smart and handsome’

‘And again you are discussing about him’

‘What is the problem then? You are the best friend. I will share with you only na

‘I don’t want you to think about him’


‘I don’t have an answer to it. But I don’t want to discuss about him’

‘You are behaving as if I am your girlfriend’

Aryan hesitated to speak and he searched for word to counter back but failed.

Managing the words, he said, ‘I am your best friend’

They never fought like that before but the fate made them do so. It was neither the mistake of Tanisha nor of Aryan.

It was just they both had their point of view to step up.

But why was he reacting like that? 

Did he feel something for Tanisha?

But no, he was her best friend and just wanted her to focus on her career first as it was more central.

‘He does not love me. He is just my best friend. He has no feelings for me’, Tanisha convinces herself on the way back home.

‘Why does not she try to understand? I love her. And every time she end up talking about that silly metro boy. It’s not fair to me’, thinks Aryan

There were some unsaid words between the two.

He was unable to confess her with a thought that their friendship might come on a stake if he confess his love.

She acting immature in front of him never felt that he feels for her.


Something Strange

‘What happens is not always planned by the destiny’

It was 2 weeks to their fight and no one was trying to take a step forward.

They both had a huge ego problem which was now becoming a problem for their friendship and that too the finest one.

Simran, on the other hand tried a lot to convince both of them but they both were not within a reach.

These two weeks made Tanisha rely on a stranger.

Which stranger?

Yes, the metro guy.



Two weeks ago, Tanisha on her way to college was busy with her blogs in the metro.

‘Madam, the metro is on the station. And I think you also have to get down for the college’

She got her eyes away from the laptop and was surprised to see that handsome and smart guy.

She managed to get up and hesitatingly moved out of the metro with him.

 ‘Hi, thank you for that day’

‘To say THANK YOU to me, you fought with your best friend’, he said and smiled.

‘How did he now about our fight?’ was the only thought going in her mind.

‘Don’t give so much strain on your mind. The entire college knows about it’

And these words almost made her confused but a little happy.

‘You are from same college?’

‘Yes, you don’t know?’

‘Never saw you there.’

‘Might be because I am a second year student and you the first year’

She said Ok and they headed towards the college.

After reaching college, she entered the class and as usual, they were all early and waiting for the professor.

‘Simran, that guy is from the same college’

Aryan sitting behind them was almost shocked. He knew that she was going away from her.

Almost every best friend when finds their friend going away from them just because of their new love life feels insecure. Most of these insecurities become the reason for the breakup of friendship.

‘Are you serious Tannu?’

‘Yes Simran, today also he was there in the same metro.’

‘Not possible, I think you are day dreaming’

‘I was working on my blogs and he was the one who made me notice that the metro has reached the station’

‘Finally you met him’

‘Yes, and we came to the college together’

Aryan unable to control himself took out some words and said, ‘Have you gone mad Tanisha? How can you trust a stranger? If you were having problem coming alone to the college then you might have called me but please, for the god sake, just don’t trust a stranger’

Tanisha was unable to find words to speak and managed to keep silent.

But their fight continued.

‘Tomorrow it’s a weekend so can we go for an outing?’

She was surprised.

‘My name is Chetan and you?’


‘Nice name’

She smiled.

‘You could ask your friends also to join us’

‘Why is he asking me to bring my friends too? Oho... Tanisha, he might have said so, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable’ she thought.

She was delighted and agreed to accompany him to the nearby cinema for a movie.

Early in the morning, she called Simran.

‘Simran get ready, we are going for a movie’

‘All of a sudden, fight resolved?’

‘No... He is not even texting me even after being online for almost the full day’

‘Only you and me are going?’


‘Tanisha, I am not coming with you guys’




‘Have you thought how would Aryan feel if he gets to know?’

‘That is why I am going alone; I am asking you to join us’

‘That’s not fair’



They three were out for a movie but Tanisha was a little upset as it was not as usual three of them. Instead of Aryan, it was Chetan then.

We just pretend to be happy when we are not actually happy. Fight from a best friend just makes you a half soul as your half soul is with them. We don’t have mood to have food, play, enjoy and chill. The each moment of fun is gone astray without them.


Something strange was noticed by Tannu while the movie was going on. She being child like ignored the fact and enjoyed the movie.

‘Tanisha you are thinking so much. Just close your eyes and have a good sleep.’


The Game of Destiny

‘It’s the destiny which brings you back on your track’

Monday morning, Aryan thought of calling Tanisha as she was usual to Monday Morning Blues but this time, it was not.

She had updated her status early morning

Hi Guys,

I hope you liked the book review which I posted on my blog yesterday.

The book was fantastic.

For the first time I am updating my status this early otherwise, it’s always the MONDAY MORNING BLUES, I suffer from every Monday morning.

Thank you everyone for your support.

He was shocked. ‘How did she wake up so early today?’

He called Simran

‘You woke her up?’



‘No, what happened?’

‘She has updated her status so early. It’s unexpected and that too on Monday, it’s unbelievable’

‘Chill dude, she might have learnt to wake up without getting your call as you both are on a fight which seems to have no end’

College was beautifully decorated by the students as it was teacher’s day and they had planned to make that day special for their professors.

The auditorium’s ceiling had pink, blue and blue balloons attached with a ribbon. There were banners all over the college for teachers. Every teacher was given a special invitation card.

The function was well going with all the music and dance, photo booths and food.

‘Tanisha I need your help’

‘How may I help you Mr. Chetan?’

‘First promise, you will not deny’

‘Why will I?’

‘Can you call your friend Simran?’

‘Do you have any kind of work from her?’


‘May I help you with that?’

‘Ya, sure’

‘But promise me you will not deny later on’

‘Why will I?’

‘Can you ask her if she feel something for me?’

She was shocked. It was unexpected.

She never expected that her life would bring her on that stage where she would feel like she is on an island having no communication, no food, no human and just have salty water all around.

She was unable to speak but took a few steps away from there and straight away without saying anything to Chetan.

The destiny played its game. Tanisha was so attracted to Chetan that she never felt that this could happen. 

Has something like this happened with you also?

Some things happen just for our god.

(As I usually say- God might have something better planned for us)

‘Simran, Chetan is calling you’

‘Why is he calling me?’

‘Please for me, don’t disappoint him’

‘What happened?’

‘Just go he will tell’

‘You tell me, kya hua hai?’

‘He loves you’

‘Have have gone mad Tanisha?’

‘I am your best friend, right?’


‘You promise me you will say him yes and trust me he is a good person’

‘I said you all boys are same’

‘No they are not’


‘Simmu, go to him. He is waiting there for you. And trust me he is not like your ex. Please’

‘Tannu... But...’

‘Please...’ said Tanisha and tears rolled down her eyes.

Simran knew that she needs some space and letting her alone for some time could make her feel better.


Simran went to Chetan and did the same as she promised to Tanisha.

After the party got over, Aryan asked Simran, ‘Where is Tanisha?’

‘She have gone home’

‘Not possible, she was so excited for this party’

‘But something unexpected happened’

And Simran narrated the whole scene to Aryan.

‘Why did not you tell me at that point if time?’

‘Tanisha did not give me a chance. She just made me promise her to go to Chetan and agree to his proposal’

‘You said him yes’

‘Yes, reason one was Tanisha. She asked me to. Reason two was I seriously do not believe boys and they all are same but Tanisha made me believe not all are same so she asked me to give a second chance to my love life.’

‘No need of such explanation Simmu. I know you did this for her’

Simran smiled and they both left for their home.


Unexpected Warmth

‘Sometimes, you misunderstand attraction with love’

Early morning bell rang.

Namaste aunty ji, is Tanisha at home?’

‘Yes, she is in her room but she might be sleeping’

‘But it’s jogging time’

‘You can only wake her up. Go to her room and try’

Knock... knock...

‘Mom please let me sleep’

Knock... knock...

‘Mom I will not go to college today. I am tired’

Knock... knock...

‘Even I will not go to college today’


‘Open the door baby’

‘I told you don’t say me baby’

‘Ok fine, open the door’

‘Please let me sleep’

‘I beg you to open the door’

She can’t listen to such words from him.

‘Get ready in 5 minutes, we are going for jogging’

‘Not today please’

‘We are going to jog because we patched up’

‘May I know Mr. Aryan, when did it happen?’

Aryan smile and said, ‘Now’

‘Please get ready’

‘Go out and sit downstairs. I am coming in 5 minutes’

She did not want to disappoint his best friend because of what happened to her the day before.

She was such a girl who could hide all her troubles and sorrow just to see her family and friends happy.

At present, she was trying hard to show her duplicate self full with happiness and hid her tears and words which were agitating her.

‘I am not going anywhere from your room.’

‘I have to get ready’

‘Go to the bathroom. After so many months, I have come to your room’

‘Let me get ready then afterwards, you can sit in my room’

Mein kahi bhi nahi jar ha. Mein yaha tere teddy bears ke saath time spend karunga

She knew it was hard to get him out of her room so stepped back and went to another room to get ready.

The weather was awesome as if god has something planned. There was a cold breeze and the birds were enjoying the weather.

‘I got to know what happened yesterday’

‘Simran told you?’


‘I told you not to trust a stranger’

‘But he is from our college only’

‘But he is a stranger to us’

She sighed.

‘You know we had a fight because of him’


‘Tanisha you were just attracted to him. It was just his voice which touched your heart. You don’t have to cry for a boy who used you for proposing someone else.

‘He did not use me’

‘He did’

‘OK, tell me if he did not, then how he can ask you to ask Simran about her feelings for him’

‘Simran is my best friend’

‘And he took that opportunity’

‘It’s not like that’

‘OK, why did he ask you to call your friends for a movie with you?’

‘So that I don’t feel uncomfortable’

‘He just made your fool’

Tanisha felt bad and started crying.

Soon, it started raining. The cold breeze and the rain along with the birds made the weather pleasant and romantic.

Aryan gave a tight hug to Tannu and it was something unexpected felt by her

It was after 2 minutes he got back.

He took her out in the rain from the shed and kneeled down.


It was unexpected for her. She had questions in her mind about it but ignored them all feeling he had no feelings for her.

He saw her expressions and seeing her looking so cute in the rain he got up and hugged her tightly.

‘I never felt the same for him. He had hugged you earlier also Tanisha but this time the hug has some unexpected warmth. I don’t know why. Do I also love him? Was it just an attraction with that metro guy? Do I seriously feel for him’ thought Tanisha

“I LOVE YOU TOO”, said she managing to come out of her thoughts.

 God has always better planned for you.

If something bad happens, it does not mean you don’t have a good life.

It’s just you need time and people beside you who seriously care for you and want to see you happy.


The love is all the game of a destiny.

If you are heart-broken today, it does not mean you will not fell in love again. It’s just you will get a better love planned for you by your destiny.

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