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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ayush Sharma



Ayush Sharma


He - She Part 2

He - She Part 2

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PART – 2


—- (Ronit after leave cafe that day) —-

She - look at yourself you don’t even have guts to look into my eyes shame on you.

I shouldn’t have talked with you.

Just leave now I don’t wanna see you again.

He - … Okay, I promise if you don’t wanna see me you will never see me again.

(He smiled and left)

(He waited outside for his friend)

He - What took you so long?

Friend - Nothing was just talking to the waiter.

He - and why the hell did you have to say anything in there?

Friend - I am sorry, you guys looked so nice together and you guys were talking to each other smiling, I thought it happened.

He - If by any chance it would have happened don’t you think I would have told you by myself?

Friend - we haven’t spoken for the last few days I was busy with my game. And I don’t know it just came to my mind so I said it.

I’m really sorry what else can I do now?

He - leave. There is nothing we can do now.

I lost her now. And I don’t know what to do next.

I always thought this situation will come and I will walk out if needed…but I never thought it would be so hard to do so.

Friend - I won’t lie by saying I can understand coz I can’t even imagine what you’re going through.

but if this makes you feel any better, I told her everything about you, like key details.

He - wait! You did what?

You just had to mess around can’t you keep your mouth shut?

I told you no matter what happens you will never ever mess with her.

Friend - relax I took care of it. And if she is really a nice girl she will come around…you waited so long, you made so many sacrifices for her….and what she did? Kick you out!

And you know what buddy

you don’t want me to mess around her cause you love her, you care for her…

And in the same way, I can’t see anyone treating you like trash cause that’s only my right and on top of that, no one can dare to treat you wrong…

Hate me or beat me…I am not guilty of what I said to her

and she deserves to know what the real truth is, alright?

And I don’t think you ever going to tell her after all this.

He- man what have you done?

 Look dude I’m not angry or something at you.

 I would have done the same thing for you.

 But I don’t want things to be like this way.

I don’t want her to see me from someone else’s point of view…

I am the one seeing her from childhood I know her from my point of view and I wanted the same from her for me.

Now even she comes back it won’t be her ….just she with some manipulated, confused, and guilty feelings, and those feelings won’t stay for long, and then it will hurt more if we break up.

Friend - Wow dude!! When did you become so mature? I never thought of it that way.

He - I have thought of it that’s why I went to that cafe and waited for the time to get involved in her life and let her see me from her eyes…and develop the feelings.

I want love….not sympathy love…

Friend - you are right.

I guess I messed up big time.

Sorry, buddy.

How can I make up for this?

He - it’s ok, I already lost my crush today, I don’t want to lose my buddy.

And I don’t know what to do now…like half my schedule is as per her schedule and now that I can’t do anything I guess I had lots of free time.

For now, drop me at home.

Friend - As you say dude and now that you’re free, go home enjoy life…and let’s go out for a vacation…I will plan. What say?

He - I Will let you know.

As they were on the way to his place…his eyes were stuck at the café’s door hoping to see her for one last time but with each passing second he was getting far and far from her, his heartbeat started to shrink and deep down he knew it’s the time when he going to hit the rock bottom coz the love of his life is gone, his life has no meaning now, his only dream and passion is not a part of his life, he never expected anything from her….but he also never expected that he will lose her in a way that he can’t even see her….

Friend - hey dude you ok?

He - (lost in thoughts)

Friend - ( waving his hand in front of his eyes) hello Mr.? You there or did you leave your soul at the cafe?

He - getting into Senses (faked a smile)

I don’t know if I even have a soul now.

Friend - don’t lose hope buddy chill.

He - I don’t know what to say at the moment, but don’t worry I am going to be ok. Just need some time alone.

Friend - take all the time you need, but don’t forget your birthday is coming and you owe me a party.

Will see you at your birthday party. Meanwhile, relax and be fine.

He - (Faked smiles) and went inside.


Friend - Happy Birthday to my best buddy.

He - Thanks, dude.

Friend - so what’s up? Got any plans

He - Well I don’t know maybe I will go….

Friend - hold on I got a plan for you so you’re not going anywhere.

He - and what’s that?

Friend - I have a surprise for you.

He - sorry dude but I don’t think am in the mood to go out or something. Just come down to my place will hangout.

Friend - no way, it’s your birthday, and am going to make it worth it. Just come and don’t ruin my surprise.

He - Come where?

Friend - I Will ping you the location. And just get there well dressed. Don’t you dare to show up in devas mode?

He - Hm ok.

Friend - What the hell is this Hmm.

Spit out whatever you’re eating and yes a proper yes to me.

I know you very well so make sure you show up else am going to come over there and hit you hard.

He - ok I got you.

Will be there for sure.

Send me the address.

Friend - Good, see you then. Bye.

 (As he started to think about how he had imagined this birthday to be celebrated by his crush, as he started to talk to her after waiting for so many years, he had his chance to be with her on his birthday. He heard a voice.....)

Sister - Hey Bhai, many many happy returns of the day.

He - Thank you siso.

Sister - who are you? And where is my brother? You’re not him. I haven’t seen him so dull ever…

You ok?

He - heh, it’s so obvious haa!!

It’s her…

Sister - it’s all over you…even mom dad is worried about you. And

What about her?

He - It’s over

Sister - What!! But how, like you said it’s going well you guys are finally talking to each other then what happened suddenly?

He - She found out the truth, I have been hiding. And she asked me to now show up again.

And I know I said am not expecting anything but it’s hard to accept the fact that it’s over. And not seeing her again is killing me from inside.

It’s like every now and then I have this pain in my chest like someone is hitting me. And it’s unbearable it makes it difficult to breathe.

He - Every time I close my eyes I see her and I can’t sleep because when j do I dream of her….and I always wake up with a disturbing breath cycle.

And no matter how hard I try to not think of her I end up thinking about her and then I feel like having panic attacks.

I know I sound like an idiot but it’s the truth.

Sister - Bhai I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

But one thing that I learned from you is no matter what happens you never gave up, not just with her but in life every problem you face with a positive attitude.

Sister - And now when it comes to her how can you be so negative?

You’re the strongest person I know and I don’t know whether she will be in your life or not but I need you to pull yourself together and try again…I know you will find a way.

He - your right, but I guess I need to stay at a distance, it’s not easy to understand and process this big info all at once….will try to talk to her just for one last time. But this time directly and on point.

Sister - Good now put a smile on your face and get your ass downstairs.

Mom made your favorites lunch.

And if I had to eat your favorite dishes then at least having you cheer full might help.

And they will feel happy too.

He - Oh really, since when did you start not liking planner Haan,!!

And listen to Thanks

Sister - what for?

He - You know for what, or else if you still want to know come here (started tickling her to change the vibes around the house. So that no one else has to be sad just causes of him.)

 (His phone started ringing)

Friend - Hey buddy, you got the address?

Should I come to pick you?

He - No I will take a cab.

Friend - Ok then see you in some time. Birthday boy.

 (He got ready and left for the venue.)

He - Bhaiya thora jaldi lelo late ho raha hu

Cab - Ok, don’t worry will take you at top speed.

He - Just be careful.

Cab - Don’t worry sir, it’s my daily routine so many passengers come saying getting late, I never let them get late; will cover the distance in a snap.

He - Yeah ok, but please keep your eye on the road.

I can still hear you.

Cab - Sir now you’re doubting my talent, am driving since I was 19. Am professional at this.

He - ok ok.

Friend - Hey, where you reach?

He - on my way will be there in a few minutes.

Friend - ok

He - go easy please, am in no hurry to die today (he said to drive who just broke the signal in speed)

Cab - don’t worry sir, I have it in control you just sit back and relax.

The driver was driving rash he was feeling uncomfortable and keeping eye on the road.

He - slow down at the signal it yellow light almost.

Cab - I will make it sir; let me show you my skills.

And just when they were in the middle

something happened. It felt like for a moment a vacuum force was created. And everything appeared to be blank before his eyes the only thing he could see was her smiling face. And even before he could realize anything else. There was complete silence ringing in his ears.


Friend - Amaira the call I was getting from an unknown number. It was from the hospital,

( Amaira sensed the vibe on the urge of losing herself)

Friend - On the way here Ronit met with an accident.

After hearing this Amaira fell on her knees bursting into the tears.

He ran towards her to hold her

Friend - aaa… Amaira!!!

She just kept crying.

Friend - hey, I can understand how you’re feeling, but pull yourself together.

(Getting up and wiping her tears)

She - You’re right I can’t lose myself, do me a favor please take me to him!!

I want to see him; I have to make sure how he is.

Friend - do you even have to ask!!! You go get into my car I am behind; you need to call his family. The last dialed call was mine so that guy just called me.

On the way to the hospital looking outside from the window, all she could think of was him.

Her mascara shattered down with every tear, her eyes were red all her hair all messed, she kept praying for him and in her mind, she kept thinking what would have happened to him…

How is he…how bad his injuries are….will he be ok?

What am I going to do, how I will face him…

Friend - (passes the tissue) Amaira take this….and clear your mascara it’s all over your face…

Amaira looked at him and asked him just one question.

She - he will be ok? And what will I do if something happens to him…I can’t lose him…

It’s all my mistake it’s all because of me…

Just because of me, I don’t deserve him…

He - could see how worried she was and he could see the pain in her eyes, they were red because of the tears. She could barely talk anything, her voice started to break every passing second.

Friend - Amaira yaar please stop crying …and nothing will happen to him I know him. He is a strong guy, I have seen him whole my life…nothing will happen to him…I know that…and don’t blame yourself 

(Even tho he was shaken up from inside by himself with the news he was holding up himself, barely with the fear of losing his friend as he knew Ronit had a serious accident which he didn’t tell anyone….deep down both of them were praying for Ronit.)

She - it’s all my fault…

If I wouldn’t have ignored him whole my life and if I wouldn’t have scolded him when I came to know I asked him to go away from me…and then I would not have organized this party and he didn’t have to leave his place and then no accident would have happened…

Friend - will you please shut up Amaira…are you even listening to yourself? I know you’re worried and losing yourself with all these negative thoughts but just stop blaming yourself… It’s not you or anyone…and am his BFF too…and I was the one who asked him to come alone…am already feeling guilty and cursing myself….why didn’t I pick him up…

If I would have picked him nothing would have happened…

She put her hand on his shoulder and said nothing just kept staring and said

She - Ronit promised me that I will never see his face again…

Friend - No, don’t you dare to complete that sentence …no matter what am not going to happen anything to him… I will do anything to make sure he is ok…( And he hit the accelerator and rushed towards the hospital wiping his tears and held the pain he was feeling inside him….the fear of losing his friend….the pain of not being able to be with him right away…..

 They reached the hospital and rushed inside without wasting a second.

She - hello, where is Ronit?

Reception - sorry Ronit who?

Friend - sorry, we are looking for the patient from an accident case?

Reception - Oh ok!! He is in ICU, on the second floor.

Friend - ok thank you.

Both of them ran to the 2nd floor by taking the stairs...

Outside the ICU his family was already standing there. His mother and sister were sitting together and crying ….his father was standing at a distance holding his tears but with one look it was so clear that he is in so much pain that at this moment all he wants is just his son to be normal….the father who can’t even shed some tears in pain because he knew if he broke down into tears it will be hard to handle his wife and daughter…..

They started walking towards them…..there were too much fear and pain in everyone’s eyes.

And hope for their son…brother …friend and love.

Everyone important to him was standing outside the ICU praying for his wellness…

Without even blinking their eyes.

Friend - Uncle!!

Father - ( barely audible….sobbing )

You’re here.

Friend - yes uncle am here… Uncle what happened did you see him?

Father - (lost his patience and started crying holding his hands) he is in a bad condition…I can barely see him… it’s so hard to look at him….it’s blood all over his body…..he was in so much pain….what is this happening to my son…

Friend - (stepped forward and hugged him to comfort him)

Uncle everything will be ok please don’t lose hope…

 (On the other hand, Amaira went to his mother and sister....)

Amaira - Aunty! How is he now?

His mother didn’t have the strength to say anything.

His sister wiped her tears and gathered the strength.

Sister - Amaira had lots of injuries… They did the stitches but he is unconscious so they kept him under observation…next 30 hours are crucial.

Amaira - (looked away to hide her tears)

Aunty, did you see him?

Aunty - beta I can’t see my son suffering…I don’t have guts in me…am not a bad mother …but I can’t see my son in pain…I wish god take my life but let my son live…

Amaira - hugged her tightly and both started crying…

 Friend - Amaira!!

Amaira - yes

Friend - I spoke to the doctor … As per the rules it’s past time to meet him but I asked him for 5 mins…

Do you want to come?

Amaira - yes

Both of them walked in and as soon as they saw him

Their face became pale….Amaira lost her strength to stand after seeing him.

There were huge machines and screens showing his updates….one glucose bottle and syringe attached to his hand….. An oxygen mask on his face…

He was nothing like how she saw him the last time.

His hand is broken….his legs are stitched…

His arms had cuts burned…some of his visible parts had skin scratched out in the accident and

His face had cuts and stitches all over his face, his eyes were swelled…..his lips had cuts…

The guy that never lost his smile and has always been active is now lying on the bed having no idea what everyone else is going through…….

Amaira walked towards him looked at him for few seconds brushed his hair, leaned down and kissed his forehead, and said

Ronit am here please wake up…I am sorry for everything…I am sorry for behaving like a bitch…Look am here, I realized my mistake…Now please wake up and talk to me…I lost you once when I didn’t know you. But now that I know you I can’t lose you.I beg you please wake up…It’s your amaira…Today on your birthday…I wanted to tell you that I Love You Ronit…..


“It was the darkest night of my life!! The whole sky around night time was scary as it occurred at no other time.

Everyone was busy rushing towards their home, and the people who were away from home found shelter at the nearest safe place.

Every living being on the street is scared of the lightning, With each passing wind waves hitting the trees making noises as if they wanted to say something.

I was walking in the street but these heavy wind waves kept pushing me back making it hard for me to walk. It’s like nature is also crying with the loss of something very precious.

I am losing my senses as I have been crying for the past couple of hours or maybe for days, My eyes are paining and they became red with the flow of tears.

I don’t know how far I can go like this, my body is getting weak.

All I can think of is that I had to go back I have to talk to my Girl again.

I just need one chance to prove myself.

I am fighting with my inner darkness to just push for one last time. to try one more time. but I am barely holding one.

I’m moving towards her but my legs are shaking, my chest is paining, it feels like my whole body is going to collapse soon, the weather is getting wild each passing moment, raindrops are getting thicker and thicker. Raindrops are hitting like an arrow which feels like they are going to rip me apart with each drop.

My body is getting numb, I am wet and shaking with cold, it’s getting harder to breathe, my heartbeat started to skip. These lights scared me to go back to my place, where I can be safe.

Am losing control of myself, can’t feel my hands anymore. My health is getting worse, I don’t even remember when the last time I ate something was.

Streets are filled with water. My pain is getting intense, I am getting so worn out on my own psychological and physical condition that I can hardly feel my legs, my hands, or any piece of my body. My eyes are too swelled that it’s difficult to see anything around.

This Is the end of my life, I can’t fight my fate anymore, and yet in these last moments of my life, all I want is to see her, just for one last time.

All my heart can think about is she is completely unaware that I am lying on the street, helpless and drowning.

My eyes are closed and all I can see is her face, her big bright eyes, her pinkish cheeks, her beautiful and precious smile.

The way she carries herself around, the way she talks, the way she looks Oh my God!!! there is nothing in this world I want more than her, just want to see her again, hold her in my arms close to me, just want to hug her before I die and tell her that how much I love her and tell her that even in the last few moments of my life I want to die in her arms.

I began shouting taking a look at the sky, why are you’re doing this to me, God??

My throat gagged out of pain. I fell on my knees and began punching the earth out of resentment and for the sole reason to lose my internal agony.

Right then I heard a voice, RONIT…..Ronitttt!!!

I tried opening my eyes but could hardly see anything clear it was all blurry,

but with each passing second, the voice started getting louder, as soon as it hit my ears I knew whose voice it was, but I was not sure if this was real of I was just dreaming in my last moments, I wanted to make sure.

I crawled towards the corner of the road where the water of wain was getting collected. I poured it into my hands and splashed it on my face. It smelled horrible I guess was the water from a broken pipeline but I wasn’t worried about that. I splashed again and then I slapped myself to get into my senses and put all my strength together and see her at least for once before dying.

I saw her!!…. Truly it was her voice. She was running towards me, it was her.

But the brightness of her eyes was turned reddish, the charm on her face was now dull, the smile I loved was not there, she was looking at me from a distance and running towards me trying to keep a smile on her face.

But even in this rain, I could see her tears rolling out of her eyes.

I believe God heard my last wish to see her for one last time and die in her arms. but now that she is in front of me I don’t want to die, I want to hug her tight, I want to be with her, and make things right and never be apart from her ever again.

and at this moment I don’t know how but an amazing source of energy started flowing into my body, All my pain is not my concern anymore all u can think of is to stand up and reach her to take her in my arms.

As I woke up I could see a truck was moving towards her. I attempted to scream and tell her to get out of the way. But my throat was choked. I started running towards her to protect her. I looked at her and before I could reach her it was too late…….”

“AAMAIRA!!!!!!!!” he woke up from his unconsciousness on the hospital bed with a shock.


Amaira -

Ronit am here. Please wake up…I am sorry for everything…I am sorry for behaving like a bitch…Look am here, I realized my mistake…Now please wake up and talk to me…I lost you once when I didn’t know you. But now that I know you I can’t lose you. I beg you please wake up…It’s your Amaira…Today on your birthday, I wanted to tell you that I Love You Ronit…..

Nurse -

You should wait outside.

Let him rest.

Amaira - nodded.

Amaira looked at Ronit wiping her tears and turned around towards the door.

And then...

“AAMAIRA!!!!!!!!”, he woke up from his unconsciousness on the hospital bed with a shock.

And suddenly the vibes changed in the room, Amaira stopped where she was standing hearing her name, his voice melted her heart, an immense vibration of emotion started floating inside her veins. She wanted to smile but the tear which was of sorrow is now turned into happiness. She felt overwhelmed and happy just by hearing her name.

She turned around to look at him and hug him. He falls back on the bed due to weakness and immense pain.

Amaira - Ronittt!! Take it easy….. (She ran to hold his hand and looked him into his eyes.

For a moment they both were lost in each other’s eyes, and connected directly to heart, without saying a word in the silence, yet said so much to each other, tears rolled out from both of their eyes.

Nurse - Please wait outside, We need to do some check-ups.

Amaira - Nodded her head (Slowly taking her hands off from his hands looking directly into each other’s eyes without even blinking for a second until the door closed.

Friend - What happened? What was that rush about?

Mother - Is my son ok?

(His mother held her shoulders tightly and stared into her eyes)

Amaira - (she hugged her and said) He woke up!!!

They are checking him.

Father-Mother - Sister - they hugged each other and wiped their tears and thanked god.

Friend - Am so happy he is ok now. It’s been so many hours.

Mother - Am not going to let him leave the home alone now.

(Doctor came out of the room everyone walked to him)

Doctor - he is out of danger, and everything seems fine.

I Will keep him under observation for 1 more week then you can take him home.

And please come to my office for some time.

(A wave of a smile passed on everyone's face and everyone felt happy)

Friend - You seem quite silent all ok?

Amaira - Hmm (faked smile).

Friend - Seriously!!! Lying to me?

Amaira - No am not lying it’s just seeing him in so much pain that kills me.

He can barely speak anything. It may be the pain or the effect of drugs they gave him for the pain I don’t know. But I can’t see him like this.

Friend - I know it’s hard but see the positive side he is ok now…and he will do the recovery soon cause he has a great reason to get fit fast.

Seeing you by his side surely gave him relief from the pain.

Amaira - You’re Right.

Btw am going down to bring some tea or coffee for uncle and aunty you want something?

(His sister walks out the room looking for his friend)

Sister - Hey, where are you going?

Amaira - To get some refreshments for everyone.

Sister - No you go see my brother. We will go down for refreshments.

Mom asked someone to stay by his side. He’s on meds go fast before he sleeps again.

(She winked and they left) Amaira walked into the room and look at him from the door.

Amaira - Hey, How are you?

Ronit - (Looked at her and smiled) I guess fine.

Amaira - how did all this happen? Couldn’t you be more careful?

What do you think of yourself?

Ronit - aaah!!! Sorry.

But I was in the cab. It was his fault. And I think am really stupid.

Amaira - that you’re for sure.

And please take care of yourself.

Ronit - Hmm. Are you Ok?

And How are you here? The last time you were angry.

Amaira - Yes I was angry at you first but then things happened and I got your letter and when I read it, and your friend told me everything. Then I came to know how stupid I am and then I planned a surprise for you for your birthday

and I planned…..

Ronit…Ronit???You there?Ronit?

Nurse - He is on strong meds he falls asleep.

Amaira looked at him smiled and leaned on him to kiss his forehead. And whispered in his ears….

“Take rest and Get well soon…Will see you soon and then will make everything right. I Love You Ronit”


“Welcome Back Home Brother,” Said his sister opening the door for him.

He smiled, both hugged each other and they went inside.

Ronit - Hey, Did you hear anything from Amaira?

Haven’t seen her after that day.

Friend - I don’t know man. She just disappeared after that. 

She just said she will be back soon.

Ronit - How soon? 

Mother - Enough of you two, now you go rest in your room, will prepare dinner for you.

He went upstairs climbing the stairs thinking about her:

“Where the hell is she, how can she not be here now? I wish I could see her right now. There is so much to talk about.”

And as soon as he opens the door, 

It was dark and there were candles lighted up all around the room making everything visible in the room.

He could see some Balloons hanging through the ceiling with a rope and at the end of the rope, there is a note on each balloon.

He picks the first note:

Hey Mr. Lover Boy I am really sorry for everything and every time I let you down. Am really dumb that I never noticed you. But now I won’t let you down again. I promise.

He picks the second note (with a smile on his face):

Stop smiling you, idiot. You should have come to me before, I wouldn’t have to lose all those years without you. You being in my life is the best thing I can wish for. I will never leave you now. I promise.

He picked 3rd note (this time he had a tear of happiness around the corner of his eyes yet smiling).

And now you’re crying with a smile, perfect. Now that I look back and remember you, I can remember you always found some ways To make me laugh, even on my first day. And now that I am here I will make sure To keep you happy always. I promise.

He Picked 4th and the last note (this time he couldn’t control his emotion 

Feeling overwhelmed).

I know you made me your priority always. You never said anything to me just cause of the fear of Losing seeing me smile again. Now no matter what, you will always be my priority I promise.

He wiped his tears and an immense amount of emotion was flowing inside him. All he said was “I wish I could hug you right now”

She was standing behind him near the door, controlling her tears she ran and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her.

Everything was so quiet that both of them could feel their heartbeats faster with each passing moment.

Being like that for a few moments before he looked at her wiped her tears.

Tucked her hair behind the ears.

He - You look even more beautiful in the candle Lights.

She Blushed and looked another way.

He - now that you are here I want to tell you everything I ever wanted to tell you.

She - Didn’t you already tell me how much you love me that day when I was asking you questions? But then I…

He kept a finger on her lips “sssshhhhhh!!!!”

He - Just sit here. (She sat on the bed and he got on both his knees in front of her)

Looked into her eyes, 

She kept looking at him with a cute puppy face, just like a small baby looking at ice-cream which they badly want.

He - I know you are now well aware of my past and feelings for you, 

But that’s not where we are now. We will be living in present and will build our future.

And a few days back I just came back from death, and let me tell you this one thing that at that moment all I can think of is you,

This beautiful face of you was in front of me, 

Your big and bright eyes,

Your Big and cute smile I could probably die for.

All I regret was that I never told you how much I feel about you,

That I will never have a chance to be with you in this life.

She - But…

He - sssshhhh!!!! Let me finish…


I want to tell you now that you’re here with me in my room which I am still surprised how you made it possible.

But coming back to the point 

(He took her hands in his and looking directly into her eyes.)

Amaira I just want to be with you for whole my life, Every second of my life is dedicated to you You are and you will always be my priority, I may not be the best eligible partner but I will make sure I will do everything to make you smile. I know we are busy with our career but we will figure it out Will make sure to see you every day and make you laugh. I will always be there with you to support you in all your decisions. Even if you’re wrong will still support you in front of everyone, But will always guide you when we are alone. I won’t bring the moon or stars for you, But I will make sure to help you achieve all your dreams.

(Amaira started crying with overwhelmed feeling flowing in her, Ronit stood up and pulled her towards him and looked into her eyes and said)







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