Ayush Sharma

Drama Romance Tragedy


Ayush Sharma

Drama Romance Tragedy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

8 mins

"It was the darkest night of my life!!!. The whole sky around night time went to despairing and repulsive as it occurred at no other time. 

Everyone was busy with rushing towards their home, and the people who couldn't find fitting haven started moving to remain at progressively secure spots anything which they had the choice to find. 

Road hounds are scared to with the hullabaloo of lightning, each time wind encountered the trees it sounds feels like they are trying to state something. 

I was walking around the street in the savagely blowing breeze, pushing me back creation every one of my methods harder to make, it's descending so overwhelmingly feels like the sky is wailing out of the anguish of losing the most critical and important thing, lightning is so wild seems like fogs are outraged, much equivalent to a sign of the last days. 

Clearly, my reality is self-destructing tho. I was crying tears, from the most recent scarcely any hours or maybe from days. I feel like my eyes going to begin depleting soon. I was losing my sense, feeling stifle caught in my own body.

I am developing into my own agony and second thoughts that significantly after this incensed atmosphere where I realize I can hurt myself still I needed to be around here battling through my own considerations. 

I realized this is crazy strolling down the roads when I ought to have remained at my place safe, yet that place it frequents me with her memories. Every place is brimming with her smell her aura everything helps me to remember her. I simply don't have any desire to return from this. Lightning and winds are not harming me as much as my own home.

I began to feel numb as the downpour made me wet and all my body is shuddering with the cool, each drop is hitting me like an arrow. This lightning is chiding me. Each sprinkle of wind feels like, it's hitting me. My body began to surrender. 

I don't have the foggiest idea when was the last time I ate something properly. Now I am getting so worn out on my own psychological and physical condition that I can scarcely feel my legs, my hands, or any piece of my body. My eyes are too swelled that it's difficult to see anything around.

Indeed, even tho I am at the edge of passing out my heart is as yet pondering her. All I have in my psyche was her picture, her wonderfully impeccable face. The shine of face where each time she grins, the twinkling of her pretty eyes looked increasingly excellent each time she took a gander at me.

The manner in which she talks the manner in which she looks the manner in which she carries herself graciously Oh My God!!! Why for what reason is such an excess of transpiring for what reason wouldn't I be able to overlook her. I simply need to embrace her tight in my arms. If this is my last day. I just wanna be in her arms. 

I began shouting taking a look at the sky, Are you tuning in to me, God??

My throat gagged out of pain. I fell on my knees and began punching the earth out of resentment and for the sole reason to lose my internal agony.

Right then I felt somebody is shouting out my name....."RONIT.....Ronitttt!!!"

I pivoted to see yet with the state of my eyes it was not visible. It was blurry but by each passing second it was getting louder and the following second it hit my ears I realized whose voice is that but I needed to ensure if it's genuine or I am just hallucinating.

I slithered towards the corner for the put-away water at the sideways of the road... I filled my palm with that water and sprinkled it all over. It smelled horrible I get it was the channel water but I was frantic to see her face. I sprinkled my face again and slapped my self to pick up the consciousness to give everything I had left to see her only for one final time.

I saw her!!.... Truly it was her voice. She was running towards me, it was her.

Yet since the delightful face was dull that lovely grin all over was not there yet she attempted to grin while looking at me simply like always. Her beautiful eyes were presently red with tears. Even in this downpour I can see her detaches moving from her eyes. She was coming towards me crying and shivering.

I accept god acknowledged my desire to die. I will kick the bucket in her arms today with peace. She, at last, sought me but now I don't wanna bite the dust. I simply need to be with her to make things right to cherish her till the end without being apart.

Finally, after this, I grinned in the wake of seeing my love. I can see she is only scarcely any means from me. I attempted to stand up I don't have the foggiest idea where the vitality is coming from! However I can hardly wait for her to contact me I need to run and take her in my arms.

As I woke up I can see a truck is moving towards her bearing. I attempted to scream and berate her to get the way. But my throat was choked. I attempted to flee yet I wouldn't I be able to even now didn't have the vitality to run ... I took a gander at her and before I could reach her it was too late......."

"AMAIRA!!" I shouted while awakening from my fantasy with a similar bad dream once more. I recovered my cognizance and drank water from the jug close to my bed. I took a gander at the check its 5 am toward the beginning of the day and took a profound inhale - "Aaah!! Not once more". I Took out the cigarette to smoke remaining at my window taking a gander at the sky, stars began to blur away as the sun is standing by to rise and winged creatures began to come out of the home to fly and start their day, meandering for nourishment and haven. As I took a couple of puffs I glanced around as normal senior residents of society going for their morning strolls with their babble, I wonder what they would discuss as everything they do is jab their nose in all the circumstance connecting with Single men.

I was lost in my contemplations while watching everything around, I remained there till the sun came out of the mountains far a ways off. It's the most delightful second and most loved piece of the day for me.

As remaining there and gazing at the sun I came up something - 

"Indeed, presently it has become a propensity to live like this. 

It's a forlorn excursion 

Also, the floor is obscure. 

Simply prop up looking for bliss. 

Don't know which road was lost, our grin ....! 

Which once charmed the hearts of individuals".

I checked the time it was time to get ready. So I went to the washroom to make up for lost time with and scour before leaving for school. While brushing I looked into the mirror taking a gander at myself and thinking :

"Light complexion, tall, normal fit body, extraordinary eyes, dark circles on the edge...messed up facial hair" incredible turning totally messed upward.

All things considered, I came here from Jaipur with one dream in my psyche, desert my family my father, and my Lil sister to begin my own promoting organization, and become a brand. Many individuals come to Mumbai to accomplish their fantasies yet not every one of them succeeds, however, I am no other person I comprehend what I am doing and I take the necessary steps to accomplish it.

As I came out after the shower, I saw my telephone had 2 Missed calls from Jay and a Message from him saying 

"Fella running late, Critical work came up don't pause. 

Look you up some other time." 

Overlooking his content as he should be out on the Date, what other work he could have. 

As I arrived at school, I called Mukul yet no answer so I went to the canteen to have my extraordinary tea to KAKA. 

(Kaka is a moderately aged man dealing with canteen, Kaka resembles a dad figure for us, in the past, I had no cash to eat and he dealt with me around then purchased Tiffin from his home and he generally makes an extraordinary tea for me.) 

"Namaste Kaka" I welcomed while strolling towards Kaka. 

"Namaste BetaJi" Kaka reacted while grinning. 

"Kaka please give me my extraordinary tea" I provided my request. 

"Without a doubt, however Where is your tea amigo today?" Kaka inquired 

"Did anybody missed me?" Mukul burst in before I could reply. 

"Discussion of the fiend and villain is here" Kaka answered and chuckled and we went along with him.

we both left the counter and sat down at the table. I was lost in my considerations. 

"Hello what occurred, You appear to be lost someplace?" Mukul shooked me while inquiring. 

"No am here just " I reacted. 

"Same dream once more?" Mukul asked me while causing a commotion. 

"Truly," I turned away at the window while replying. 

"I feel frustrated about you, Move on its been quite a while." Mukul indicated his anxiety while putting his hand on my shoulder. 

I quietly gestured, Mukul was going to state something different however he saw Kaka coming towards us with the Tea so he stayed silent. 

" Here is your Tea and have Poha as I am certain you avoided your morning meal today." Kaka Smiled and left.

We ate peacefully and completed our Tea. 

"Have you heard anything from jay, Haven't got notification from him today, he is as yet alive right?" Mukul asked and attempted to be amusing to help up my mind-set. 

"Definitely got 2 missed call and 1 content from him in the first part of the day" I answered. 

"aah so, at any rate, he is alive, so where right? he is coming right?" Mukul asked inquisitively. 

"he said he will be late today, most likely he bunked address for reasons unknown." I shared the data. 

"cool, cause he should drop me today" Mukul deeply inhaled help. 

I was incomplete before you...

But now that you're gone...

I feel like I am empty from inside.

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