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Ayush Sharma

Drama Romance Fantasy


Ayush Sharma

Drama Romance Fantasy

He - She Part 1

He - She Part 1

20 mins 273 20 mins 273


PART – 1


(It was a beautiful sunny day, the coffee shop was full, everywhere seat was fully occupied......)

He - hello if you don't mind can I sit here? ( asked shyly)

She - amm ok!!!

He - Thanks, actually it's almost full and your table was the only space.

She - yeah ok no problem ( she said ignoring him)

He - actually I want to confess something to you. If you don't mind?

She - *smiles* ( and nodded her head)

He - You're my crush from school,

we were in the same school, I know you since the day you walked into the canteen with two pony tale and a handkerchief pinned on your upper pocket with your initials. You looked cute and it took me, heart, away and ...... all I wished is if I will ever be able to date you!!

She - Sorry you was saying something ( she looked at him while removing her earpiece).

He - * Smiles* who me!! no no nothing just humming... Just being me 😅...( said to change the vibe)

She - Cool, do I know you from somewhere?

He - well it depends,

do you know me - I don't think so

do I know you- yes, we studied at the same school?

She - omg! yes yes, I remember you.

am so sorry I didn't realize it's you.

That guy.

He - That guy? what you mean by that guy?

She - You know there were rumors about you the lover boy.

He - wait what Loverboy!! seriously, and btw what was the rumor actually?

She - you know like the tag lover boy,

I don't know actually in detail,

just heard once it twice that

you loved someone from the school and

bla bla stuff...

He - hahaha really, you kidding me, right?

She - No, seriously that's all I heard...

well anyways as I said these were rumors...

He - maybe maybe not.

She - oh so it's true?

aha, lucky girl......

so still crushing or started dating her...

He - am well the thing is.....

( her phone starts ringing......)

She - hey, gotta go, will catch you later around.


( before he could have said anything she left)

He – Smiles.


Waiter - It's been 3 days you're coming here waiting for her,

Do you like her?

He - Like her? what I feel for her is beyond everything, I can't even explain that in words.

Waiter - well in that case I must say she is unlucky that she doesn't know it yet.

by the way, it's been days since she showed up are you sure she is gonna come?

He - she will, I know she will come.

( his friend enters excited)

Friend - hey, here you are!!!.

what are you doing here,

she is at that mall with some of her friends.

He - hi, how do you know?

Friend - because I just came from that place, I saw her there with her friends.

He - okay!!

Friend - she seemed happy, guess she was celebrating something.

He - oh shit yes yes it's her sister's birthday today, that's why she did6nt come here. she must be busy planning her birthday damn how can I forget that.

Friend - You are seriously crazy for her...

like you hardly remember your birthday but you even know her sister's birthday.

He - because she matters to me and you of all know this very well what she really means to me.

Friend - Ok ok Mr. lover boy, by the way, it's been years since you started to love her, when are you gonna tell her?

He - Actually I did tell her that she is my crush from school.

Friend - wait what!!! are you kidding me, what did she say? did she say yes? no wait if she would have said yes then why would you be here you would have been with her celebrating.

so does this mean a no?

how can she say no? is she crazy!

He - wow!! hold on, dude...

yes, I told her, but she didn't hear it.

Friend - now what does that mean?

He - I spoke to her a few days back....we shared the same table....but I messed up...she was using her earpiece and I didn't see it and that happened...

Friend - very good!! why didn't you tell her after she removed it(earpiece)? you should have told her, almost the whole city knows about your one-sided love story when will she know?!

He - it took me years to say it once, and it didn't happen... I guess it's not the right time.

and I don't care whether she knows this or not all I care about her.

and I don't wanna create any scene between her and me...

now if she sees me she smiles....but what if she finds out.... not only I will lose her but I won't be able to see her smile again and that my friend, will be the end of me.

so let it be as it is...

Friend - you are crazy, dude! I just want you to be happy, I don't want you to be broken whatever makes you happy do that, I'm with you.

now let's go will drop you home.

( at the billing counter)

Waiter - Let's catch up tomorrow then.

He - *smiles* ( and leave).




He was sitting in the coffee house working on his laptop, lost in her thoughts, and just then...

She - Hey Mr.Lover boy still here?

He - Where else will a coffee lover be...

She - oh so you are a coffee lover too!!!

He - Great then you owe me a coffee today.

She - and why so??

He - because you bailed on me last time in the middle of the conversation!!!

and sorry I missed your sister's birthday party!!!.

She - Yeah why didn't you come?

She - Wait what!!! but I didn't invite you,

oh, shit I'm so sorry, I thought you must have seen my invite on social media I shared it on my feeds.

He - Apology accepted, and FYI I don't use social media.

She - what are you for real??? Dude it's the 21st Century, even a 6-year-old kid uses it now and how can you live disconnected from everyone.

He - Really do you really think being disconnected from everyone?

but I don't think so. I feel a real-life connection is better than reel life.

For Example, if I would have sent you a request or Dm to you what are the chances we would be talking.

She - Point taken Mr.

anyways you're quite interesting how about I order you a coffee and talk about your Crush?

Actually that day I left in a hurry and I kept thinking about you.

I mean you and your crush's story and after meeting you I'm a bit curious to know more.

He - Coffee Sure.

and my story is that I don't have any story.

She - Really that's your way to punish me for not inviting you.

That's Not Fair ( she said making a cute face).

He - Hey I can never punish you for anything besides there is nothing to tell you about it because it's all one sided, she has no idea or clue about this.

She - You made me feel sorry and special in the same line.

Btw Why can you never punish me? (she said while making a wired face).

He - am ah eh!!!

because we just met and it's not fair to punish someone you just met.

She - hmm am not convinced but I will go with it only on 1 condition.

He - and what's that?

She - As I have to leave for now getting late but tomorrow you gonna tell me your side of the story.

He - Nodded (and Smiled).



As the saying goes - Except The Unexpected.

She - Hello!!! are you gonna tell me or just keep staring at your coffee??

He - Well I am just thinking what exactly you wanna hear and how should I put the situation into words cause it's all just feelings.

She - Ok I will make it lil easy, I am gonna ask you questions about her you answer what say?

He - umm ok shoot.

She - So how does she look?

He - Well I don't know how others see her but for me she is beautiful and by beautiful, I don't mean just the outer beauty. I know it sounds like the most common thing but what would you call a girl who doesn't do makeup yet feels confident to take a picture anytime and beyond that what will you call a girl who keeps everyone else's happiness before her's. Isn't having a pure heart beautiful?

And FYI she is damn beautiful for others too.

She - Indeed beautiful ( smiles).

He - Exactly ( smiles back).

She - And what else you know about her? I mean being a one-sided lover I guess you must be stalking her all the time, don't you?

He - No I don't stalk her, I never had too. You can say the universe might play well, what I mean is she walked into my life always somehow, First in the same school and after that, There was a moment I thought I won't be able to see her again, and the next moment she was in the same college too with me.

He - And honestly, all I know about her is that she might be an adult but she just a kid, If you want to impress her all you need is to a chocolate oreo ice - cream and she likes watching a cartoon, yes she is socially active but she also loves to spend time with her family.

say anything about how much I know her exactly, cause no matter what There is always something to know about the person you love.

She - firstly Lucky Guy.

Ok next question - How much you love her?

He - Ah!! The most difficult question to answer ever, cause I don't know how to put such a feeling into words.

Like even when she is not with me or not even aware of what's on my mind she still makes my world go crazy.

simply just by her presence, she makes me feel complete, she is my constant source of brightness and hope in my life, even on my worst day if I see her and I see her smiling even from a distance she makes my day better.

If you ask me what is Love? My answer will be She. She is love for me.

He - I don't know if am gonna be a part of her life ever or not, but I'm not gonna stop loving her.

And by any chance, if I am with her I swear to my life that I would never let her down.

I won't do any stupid promise that I won't let her shed a tear or bring down the sun and moon but I will make sure I will be standing by her side always to support her, if she wanna cry I will give her my shoulder, if she is sad I will be her joker if she is happy I will cook for her.

I will make her my first priority in my life cause she is the only person I want to live for along with my family.

She - WOW!!! you made me speechless dude. Just amazing.

Why don't you tell her this? Trust me every girl wants to have a partner like you.

( His friend enters saying)

Friend - Hey dude,

Finally, you told her that you love her.

She - What!!!

(Awkward silence)


(His friend enters saying)

Friend - Hey dude,

Finally, you told her that you love her.

She - What!!!

(Awkward silence)

She: what the hell are you saying? and who are you?

He: he is my friend ( said in low voice)

She - You don't dare to say anything to me.

I thought you're a nice person but I guess you're just like every other guy using a fake story to manipulate and take sympathetic love. I know guys like you very well.

He - (stayed silent)

Friend - hey you're taking it all wrong he is...

( Interrupted in between)

She - Listen you are his friend why should I trust you?

And you Mr. So call lover boy stop doing all this and be a man.

He - I am sorry ( said looking down in low voice)

She - look at yourself you don't even have guts to look into my eyes, shame on you.

I shouldn't have spoken to you.

Just leave now I don't wanna see you again.

He - ... Okay, I promise if you don't wanna see me you will never see me again.

( He smiled and left)

She - and what the hell are you waiting for now.

Friend - ( kept staring at her)

She - what are you looking at now. Go leave

Friend - Who the hell do you think you are?

And who are you to call him fake?

She - mind you words Mr.

Friend - No I won't it's high time now, and I won't sit quite now.

She - what you mean?

Friend - Do you know who that guy was you asked to leave?

She - yes a playboy sitting at coffee house hitting on girls! what else?

Friend - aeh!! How dumb are you actually?

She - hello you are crossing your line now.

Friend - Maybe I am but I am not wrong.

You know why cause you just sent the only guy away who loved you since the day he first saw you,

The guy who is in love with you since 3rd grade, the guy who always kept thinking of you, did sacrifice for you.

She - Sacrifice!!! for me? What nonsense.

Friend - Come on you can't be so dumb!

He is doing so much for you since school days without you even finding out.

I shouldn't have said this but if I am not wrong you were struggling for a job after college right?

And suddenly you got the job, isn't it?. That wasn't a miracle.

She - I got that job cause of my talent.

Friend - You wish. That job was offered to him, he turned it down and recommend you and you know why he did so, cause you were upset and he couldn't withstand seeing you upset for a second.

She - But !!!

Friend - And what you said he must be coming here to hit on girls,

Do you know he lives 30km away from this place he can sit in any cafe but he comes here you know why?

Cause it's the place where you come after office. It's been 18 months he is coming here just to see you sitting in that corner, just to see you smile for a while.

She - ( thinking what to say)

Friend - and you think he is lying then pick up your cell and call anyone from school, college and ask them whom did he love. Forget that just go to the counter or ask any waiter here who you are to him.

You will only get one answer you're the girl he loves.

She - ( starting to realize she did a big mistake)

(Struggling to hold her Tears, about to roll out of her eyes.)

Friend - Look I can keep going on it won't end, but the truth is he is not fake, he is the only person I know who is genuine. And I don't think anyone can love you as much as he loves you.

And he never asked anything in return from you.

She - I...I don't know what to say ( tears rolled out of her eyes all the way down from her face )

Friend - yeah now you don't know what to say.

But do you know why he never confessed to you?

Cause he only had one fear, that the day he will tell you he might lose seeing you smile again when you will see him

and guess what he was right you did the exact same thing.

That rascal knows you so well.

She - shit shit shit!!!

What the blunder have I done.....

Friend - indeed you did.

He always did everything that you wished for...and now you asked him to leave yourself...and now he won't bother you again as he won't break the promise he made to you. Thanks 👍

Anyways please stop crying if he found out he will kill me even now.

I should leave now. Sorry if I crossed my line.

She - wiped her Tears and reached her purse for her phone to call him...





She reached for her purse to call him.

She - oh shit, am so stupid, we didn't exchange our numbers.

Waiter - Excuse me, ma'am.

She - Yes!

Waiter - Well I couldn't resist overhearing your conversation, am sorry for what happened.

She - It's okay, am so embarrassed right now.

And I don't have any clue how am I gonna make this right.

I acted like an idiot.

He loved me so much and never asked anything in return.

Waiter - Yeah that's true.

She - do you have his no. Or something to reach out to him?

Waiter - No, I don't have is contact but I might have something for you.

She - what!!

Waiter - One day when we were talking I asked him what if you found out and things went as he's expecting?

He didn't answer me that day but the next day he came and gave me a letter and asked me to keep it safe and if something like this happens he asked me to give you this letter to you.

She - wha..what letter?

( Waiter passes her the letter with a smile )

She - Thanks

She looked at the letter

She - hey do you have his friends no.?

Waiter - Yes.

She - Thanks again

(She calls his friend)

Friend - Hello!

She - Hi, it's me.

I need your help.

I wanna meet him.





I am sorry that things didn't go well.

I didn't want you to find this out in the wrong way.

And if you're reading this I guess you found out and at the moment you reacted and I left without saying a word.

You must be thinking how do I know you so well or what the hell is happening.

Relax, and I know we haven't spoken openly about this, maybe I never got the courage to tell you upfront what I feel about you cause I was always afraid of losing you.

And now that I lost you I guess I have nothing to be afraid of.

Amaira, the day you walked into my life in two ponytails and a handkerchief pinned to your pocket, I started liking you since that day.

There isn't a single day I missed seeing you.

On your good days, I smiled with you.

On your bad day, I gave my best to bring a smile to your face because that's one of the most important things for me.

I was there with you every day, I have been a joker to bring a smile on your face, A knight to fight for you,

A shield to protect you, no matter what I was there for you, and no matter what I will always be there for you.

I don't have any specific reason for why I love you.

I love you cause your the one who makes my heart beat faster,

I love you cause of the way you smile.

I love you cause you're the kindest person I know, I never saw you hurting always stood up for others rights and happiness.

I love you cause you are the strongest person I know.

I love you cause when I close my eyes it's you, I see only.

I use to walk into the dark behind you till you reach home safely.

I was that secret admirer from whom you use to get those chocolates and notes.

I was your secret Santa who gave you the fav mr.teddy that you still have.

I was the secret lover who gave you the first red rose.

I am the Ross looking for my Rachel without her knowing what she means to me.

I started talking to you at the cafe in hope that one day when you will start knowing me, the day you will be my friend, the day you will know what kind of person I am. only and only then I will tell you that you're the love of my life.

But I guess I was wrong.

I am sorry Amaira.

I tried to play a perfect proposal like but I guess I won't get any chance.

And even though we can't be together just do me a favor keep smiling 😊 cause somewhere somehow I might be watching you.

And yes just to clear your doubt

I am not a physio or a stalker,

Am just your stupid

Mr.Lover Boy -


(Amaira after reading the letter.)

Amaira - Do you have his friends no.?

Waiter - Yes

(Amaira calls his friend)

Amaira - hey, it's me.

I need your help

I wanna meet him.

Friend - what for?

Amaira - To finish what Ronit started I need your help and after knowing how good a friend you are I believe you will not deny.

Friend - You go girl.

And he'll.yeah will do anything for my friend.

Btw if you wanna do something it's his birthday after 2 days.

Amaira - I have a perfect idea,

Will see you soon. Thanks.



Amaira - Hey

Friend - Hi, ssup?

Amaira - Stressed

Btw did you get what I asked you for?

Friend - Yes I did but what's your plan?

And why are you stressed?

Amaira - am stressed cause I don't know how it will turn out. Will he come here cause I am here too?

Friend - Relax, I got that covered I didn't tell him you're here. I invited him saying I got a surprise for him.

Amaira - Seriously, you got the surprise?

What's that?

Friend - Am looking at the surprise!

( Winks)

Amaira - ohh!! So I am your surprise to him, how come?

Friend - Well you asked him to leave and that idiot left too, but I stepped in to put some senses in you.

Come on I should get some credit too.

Amaira - hold on, yes you have a role in it but his letter is the reason am here.

Friend - oh you got a letter from him? I wonder which was it?

Amaira - what you mean which one?.

Wait, how many letters are actually there?

Friend - I lost count after 10.

And there is a letter on every situation with the delivery person so if at any place things went south, he ensured you will get his letter accordingly every day and he also wrote letters for every special day too.

Amaira - You mean if I didn't react to that letter I would have got more?

Friend - Exactly, That's Ronit. Never ever gives up.

Amaira - he is seriously crazy. ( Smiled)

Friend - For you, yes he is.

Amaira - are you done,(blushes), now can we start the work?

Friend - yeah sure why not but what am I supposed to do with his photos and these cutouts?

Amaira - Place them at the marked spots. And on the lightings. I need to do some setups on the terrace.

Friend - aye-aye caption.

Amaira - by what time we can expect him?

Friend - he is quite punctual so as per the invitation 7 pm sharp.

Amaira - work, we got very lil time in hand, let's just finish this quickly.

( After doing the setup and preparation they wind up at 5.30)

Friend - Damn man that's a hell of a lot of work. You got some balls making me work so hard in the second meeting when in the first meeting I was the guy in charge.

Amaira - It was your mistake to believe I will let you go so easily.

By the way, Thank you for everything, I owe you one for this

Friend - I did this for him, and if loves you so it's my duty to be there by your side too #brocode.

Now you do get ready it's about time.

Amaira - Yes on it,

But you remember right you have to leave when he comes, switch on the lights after 10 secs he comes in. But just one by one. To keep the spotlight on him and then show him the way to terrace rest I will take care.

Friend - Cool got it all clear.

( Amaira leaves to get ready )

Friend - Hey buddy, where are you it's 6.30 already?

Ronit - on the way dude, will be there in time.

Friend - You better be Mr.Birthday Boy.

Ronit - I don't understand why are you so excited about my birthday. Listen if this turned out to be some prank I am gonna kill you.

Friend - Don't you trust me, your BFF, dude am excited cause it's your bday and after so long we gonna party hard.

Ronit - Don't play the drama card ok.

Now hang up the call I am on my way.


( After some time Amaira walks in)

Friend - Wow!! You're looking breathtaking.

Lady, I don't know what you have planned on the terrace but

He surely gonna remember this day.

Amaira - Thank you.

But where is he? it's 7.05 already.

Too much for mr.puntucal.

Friend - I spoke to him he was on the way.

Amaira - Call him and check where he reached.

Friend - yeah I am also thinking that, but someone is calling me from an unknown number for the last 10 mins back to back. Waiting for the call to disconnect.

Amaira - Pick it up maybe it's important or disconnect if not.

Friend - No let Ronit come once I hand him over to you then I will do other things.

Maybe my crush is calling ( winks)

Amaira - Haha lol. ok, I am going upstairs to do some see if the setup is intact or need some touch.

Text me when he is here.

Friend - Ok.

(His call started ringing from another unknown no.(

Friend - Hello, who the hell is this can't you wait, am busy right now.

Caller - Hello sir, this is an emergency call.

Friend - What emergency?

( He runs to the terrace to Amaira)

Amaira - what are you doing here, I guess I asked you to stay outside...go take your position he is about to come.

Friend - Amaira I need to tell you something.

Amaira - not now later.

Friend - please sit down first.take a seat.

( He grabs a chair and make her sit )

Amaira - what's going on, now you're scaring me.

Whatever it is tell me, he is about to come. I don't wanna ruin it

Friend - he is not coming Amaira.

Amaira - What you mean he is not coming, a few minutes ago you said he is on the way and now you're saying he is not coming.

Don't tell me you told him I am here and he canceled.

Friend - I wish he would have canceled but...

Amaira - But what, will you please tell me something?

Friend - Amaira the call I was getting from an unknown number. It was from the hospital,

( Amaira sensed the vibe on the urge of losing herself)

On the way here Ronit had an accident.

(To be continued in part 2)


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