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Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Abstract Fantasy


Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Abstract Fantasy

Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I Wish

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Sometimes I wish I could meet my inner soul;

Learn the unfelt thoughts the way they are.

The silly tantrums hovering over my caracass;

Shall conceal the brightest hue of my scars.

Sometimes I wish my unseen wings could flutter;

And make me fly into the divine clouds of the sky.

Beyond the mundane layers of selfish zephyrs;

Into the ivory auroras wherein bliss my soul could lie.

Sometimes I wish as blue-winged birds in pristine air;

Flapping those wings o'er trees and snow-clad hills.

Gazing below into the contours of the earth;

To behold few solitary brooks and couples of daffodils.

Sometimes I wish to leave my cage to have another shape;

To live a life perhaps of a kind I have never seen.

Maybe those elfin skeletons crawling on crust;

Or the humongous ones beneath the ocean's green.

Sometimes I wish a perfume I could be;

And a pretty lass with crimson lips shall wear me all around.

I would waft o'er her whitish skin and within her breathing air;

Her dulcet voice would drive my heart to feel her amorous sound.

Sometimes my wishes are beyond the skillful thoughts;

They float and fly as they seek; without my conscious hold. 

Breaking bonds of mundane strings; they crave to watch the stars;

I set them free like a hummingbird; to cherish in their wings of gold.

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