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Classics Inspirational Thriller

The Power Within Me

The Power Within Me

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I could see this little boy in the garden playing with his dog. He loved his dog a lot I can tell. Aren’t pets man’s best friend? Or is the privilege given only to dogs? I love pets too but my mum won’t allow me to have one. She says it will be difficult to look after the dog as well as me. We always argue with each other when it comes to adopting a pet. But I know that I can take care of a pet, I can train it to do things. But my mum won’t give in the idea of a pet.

"Amber. Let’s go, it’s getting late." I heard my mum calling me. I moved my joy stick of my electric wheelchair and turned it around. I saw my mum walking towards me. She looked beautiful in her peach blouse and skirt. "Amber, don’t just wander off on your own. I told you not to do so. Didn’t I?"

"Yes, mummy," I frowned. I know my mum was scared to let me go alone even if it means to be just a few meters away from her. I had sneaked out from the get together of all my relatives. It was my cousin’s birthday and they all had gathered at our home to celebrate. Yes, at my home. Because my mum thinks travelling far isn’t good for me.

I am Paraplegia which means I have a spinal cord injury that has left me paralysed on my lower limbs and the nervous system and I have no movement. I wasn’t born like this. When I was 7 years old, I, my mum and dad had been to skiing. I always wanted to ski. That evening after skiing, we were heading out for dinner. When we were crossing the road a speeding car came and hit me and my dad. My mum was right behind us. I and my dad were quite ahead. When the car hit me I remember, I was flung in the air and I could feel myself been thrown up so high and I fell to the ground with a huge thud. Just before closing my eyes, I saw my dad on the other side of the road. I woke up to find myself in a hospital and I couldn’t feel anything. I saw my dad and my mum sitting beside me with a smile on their lips. I could hear them say “can you hear us”. I knew I could hear them but I couldn’t make myself open my mouth. It hurt me badly. I couldn’t speak and I burst out crying.

They said it had been three months before I woke up from that accident. I dint know I was asleep for so long. It felt like I was hit just yesterday. I wanted to hug my mum and dad but I just couldn’t. I had lost sense from my lower part of my body. I remember crying myself to sleep when I realised I would never walk again. It shattered me.

I had changed since the day I knew I would no longer run or walk. I was no longer the same Amber. My mum and dad were doing everything they could to make me stand on my feet. I wanted to be left alone. I would stay in my room and just stare at the roof or the walls. I had asked them to remove everything that reminded me of my old self.

This summer, I am going to be 14 years old. My dad had gifted me an electric wheelchair on my 13th birthday. I think this has been the best gift so far. Because I feel I'm free, I can move around without having someone to push me around. I was standing by the window of my room when my mum called me to join her to have lunch. I could hear everyone in the living room talking and singing and heard some music play. I stood by the window watching the boy play with his dog. I suddenly found the dog looking at me, and I kept staring at it. It felt like we were mind talking.

The next moment the dog started running towards my home. I heard everyone in the living room shouting yelling and screaming. I helped myself out of the room and found the dog at my door step. It was wagging its tail. I just thought to myself I wish I could pet it. And then I saw the dog walking towards me and it just sat beside my wheel chair with its head on my feet. I just froze as I never had touched an animal before. I heard my dad running towards the dog with a stick and I just screamed STOP. And my dad just stopped. I was surprised. Did my dad hear me? How did this happen. My dad just stood there with the stick in his hand without moving. My mum kept calling out my name.

The boy came running and took his dog away. I just sat there in silence. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Everyone were surrounding me and enquiring if I was ok. I couldn’t move. I just looked at my mum and pointed my fingers towards my bed. I just wanted to sleep, my head hurt really badly.

It’s been a week since that incident. I still can’t get over as to how I stopped my dad when I can’t make a sound. My vocal cords are paralysed after that accident. I navigated my way through the house on my wheels and to the garden outside. I sat there in silence. I heard my mum from behind “Amber how many times have I told you not to go out alone, you should have used the bell to call me I would have come.”

“Let’s have tea together. I have made your favourite sandwiches.” I just looked at the cup of tea and wished it would spill, I hated how it tasted. It was a medicinal tea especially for me. The very next moment the cup spilled on the table.

My mum rushed to get a cloth and I kept staring at the cup. Did I just mind control it? What just happened? I stared and thought to myself, was this just an accident? I wanted to try it again because I knew it was me who tilted the cup. I concentrated on the cup focusing it completely through my mind and then the cup was in the air. Was I dreaming? Guess not. I had my mouth wide open looking at what I just did with my mind. My mum came running and stood frozen. I looked at my mum and the cloth she was holding and then I gave a nod looking at the cloth. It was in the air and I commanded it to clean the table. It all looked magical. My mom had a very funny expression on her face, like she had seen a ghost.

I am very ecstatic right now. I just realised, I can control things from my mind. I wish I could run and jump and sing. This was awesome. My mum and dad both were in my room looking at me and checking upon me, like I was sick or something. I looked at my mum and held her gaze at me. I looked in her eye and said, "Mum I'm fine. Don’t worry." And she hugged me so tightly. I could make her hear my thoughts as well. I am so happy right now. I couldn’t believe this was happening for real. I then looked into my dad’s eye and said, "Dad, I love you."

"I love you too, my sweet Amber." I could communicate with them through my mind. I can’t explain it but it seems like it is some strange kind of telepathy.

I don’t know what’s happening with me but I love the new me. I pulled myself up straight on the bed with help of my arms and gestured my wheelchair to come to me, and it did. I have a super power to control things and objects from my mind and communicate with my parents through my mind. It’s totally amazing and freaking at the same time.

I helped myself on the wheels and scooted out of my room and went to the kitchen and looked around to see if I could help myself, I could see my dad from the kitchen window in the garden watering the plants and my mum was in the shower. I could hear her sing which isn’t her forte. We could argue about her singing all day.

I went near the fridge and tried opening it from my magical mind power. That’s what I call it. I saw a loaf of bread on the dining table. A nod and then the loaf of bread just flew towards me. I caught it with my hand placed on my lap and then I took the peanut butter from the fridge helped myself in making a sandwich and poured some milk in my cup. My breakfast was ready. My mum came in looking totally surprised; she looked terrified. I just gave her a smile and winked. She looked at me and then her gaze shifted on the table and said, “Did you just make them, Amber?"

"Yes I did mum," My eyes fixed at hers.

“I can’t breathe, this is not happening. Are you ok Amber? Are you for real?” My mum sat on the chair looking all drained. I went up to her, held her hand and said, "Mum, I think I have power to control things from my mind and also communicate through my mind."

"But Amber, how did this happen and when?"

"I don’t know mum, from the time I saw the dog looking at me I knew I was speaking to the dog through my mind. I think it was my guardian angel. It was that moment I felt something strange happening inside my head."

"Oh, Amber. What nonsense," she threw her hand in the air looking puzzled.

“Mum, believe me, why do you think the dog came up to me that day? It sat beside me. I have never seen that dog before. And when I asked dad to stop, when he was about to hit the dog, dad had stopped. He could hear me out loud.”

“Oh, Amber, I hope it’s not just a dream. I'm finding it hard to believe, what’s happening.”

“I know mum. You must believe it. You can hear me speak to you right.”

"Oh yes! Oh my god Amber, it feels so good to hear you. I love you baby." Wow, my mum hadn’t realised she was speaking to me all this time? I couldn’t stop smiling looking at her.

My dad joined us in a family hug. I told my dad that I wanted to help others with my power. At first he didn’t quite like the idea but then he agreed.

I and dad decided to head to the town to celebrate. This was the first time I was out, other than my visit to hospitals. We took our SUV out and my dad placed my wheel chair at the back of the car and helped me get comfortable in the front seat next to him. We headed out to the town and I pulled the windows of the car down and felt the wind blowing through my hair. It felt nice to feel the air. I was happy with the way my life was changing. I may be a normal teenager but inside I am a super girl.

We reached the town and stopped the car in front of a store. I asked my dad where we were and he told me it was a surprise. He got out of the car and asked me to stay inside the car itself.

I watched him get into a store and after sometime saw him walking back towards the car. I think I saw a puppy in his hand. I couldn't control my happiness. I looked into my dad's eyes and said "thank you".

I looked in the eyes of the puppy and said, "Hello ginger." I named it ginger because it was brown in colour with a black nose. I think it liked the name I gave it. It licked my face tickling me. My dad placed ginger behind the car seat. It had its own basket seat. Later we stopped at an ice-cream parlour and ordered ourselves double scooped chocolate ice-cream topped with lots of chocolate nuts. We were happily eating when we suddenly noticed a speeding car stopping at the jewellery shop with a screech. The store was only few meters away from where we were and saw four men who looked armed getting down from the car. Three of them went inside the store while one stood near the car guarded.

We were shocked. My dad tried to start the car but it wouldn't start. The armed man noticed us and he came running towards us. I screamed in my head to stop. And suddenly saw this man in air. Oh! I had completely forgotten I had magical powers. I tried controlling the man in mid-air through my mind and gestured my dad to call the cops and he hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialled for the police station. The three men who were inside the jewellery store came out and upon seeing their companion in the air, they just stood watching with their mouths wide open.

I flipped the man and threw him towards the direction of the other men. He fell right on them. I tried controlling all the men together and tried hard to hold them right there with my mind. They were resisting my control but I didn't let them loose. My head started hurting but I kept my concentration on them. All their jerking and kicking was straining my head and I could feel my blood rushing through my veins. I thought my head might blow up anytime.

I could hear sirens from far away and within no time the cops came and took them into their custody. I could tell that the cops were quite surprised about all this. Me and my dad, we tight lipped about it. The cops were recording everyone’s statements including us. We pretended to be shocked just like they were.

The cops let us go. We drove back to our home. My mum was waiting anxiously to know how our day went. I and my dad decided not to let out secret. Else mum would surely freak out. I showed mum my new pet and she just gave a hard stare at dad. He shrugged and we burst out laughing. I was too tired to have my dinner. I drifted off to sleep. I could feel my dad besides me giving a message to my head.

The next morning I woke up to a loud conversation from the living room. I heard mum shouting at dad.

“Why didn't you tell me that there was an attempt of robbery at the jewellery store and you both were right there at that moment.”

"We knew you would freak out that’s why we didn't tell you and moreover nobody got hurt," explained my dad trying hard to convince mum.

“That’s not what is upsetting me. You should have told me what Amber did yesterday. I had to read it on a newspaper where witnesses claimed a man was in the air and all the four of them couldn’t escape as there were some invisible hands stopping them to move. She is not strong enough. She still doesn’t know her powers yet. She needs to understand before using it out on the street in front of so many people.”

“Nobody saw her do that and nobody will believe it either. It’s our secret. Our little girl is a wonder girl. She is our super hero. Nobody needs to know.”

I signalled my wheel chair to come to me and then I helped myself on to the chair with help of my arms. I went to the living room and they both stopped arguing when they saw me.

I looked into mums eyes and said, "You have to let me be me. I know you love me. I know that you care for me. You are scared that I might hurt myself. But trust me I can take care of myself."

My mum stood watching me with her teary eyes; she just flung her arms around hugging me.

"I always knew you were special. You are a wonder child. I will be there for you whenever you need me." Mum sniffed and wiped her tears and said. “Amber, having this special power means you are responsible for what will happen to you and others. It’s a huge responsibility my dear.”

"I understand mum."

“You can always use it to help others but before you do so; you need to know how and when you can use without anybody knowing it. It isn’t easy as it looks. You need to master your mind to focus. You got a severe headache yesterday. And I know how much it must have hurt.”

My dad was standing next to me holding my hand and agreeing with everything mum had to say.

"We must stay guarded as the world out there isn’t all about good and evil. Once you understand your powers, we can put it for good use," said dad.

“Yes mum and dad. I think I need to do a little bit of training.” I said, smiling. “I have ginger to help me. Isn’t it right ginger?” I looked at my puppy and it wagged its little tail and let out a tiny woof.

I was glad my parents were into this and supporting me. All I knew was that, I was going to use my powers to do good for the people. From this day onwards, I will spend the rest of my life helping whoever was in need. There is no stopping me. I am on a secret mission to do good to the society.

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