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nandita A Singh

Drama Tragedy


nandita A Singh

Drama Tragedy

Make Love Not Scars

Make Love Not Scars

4 mins 444 4 mins 444

"Hello my love!" Said Saurabh kissing the forehead of his girlfriend Mehek. He opened the car door for her, closed the door behind and took the wheel. He looked at her and sighed. You look amazing. You surprise me every time you meet me. I can't wait for us to get married.

Mehek smiled at him looking into his eyes. Took his hand in hers and cuddled in reassurance. He drove them to a luxury hotel. Which was far from the city hustle. An evening he wanted to spend just with her.

Mehek followed him to the hotel where the staff gave them a warm welcome. Indeed Saurabh was a millionaire. He could get anyone he wanted but he chose her.

They had a romantic candle light dinner, they ate looking into each other's eyes.

"Won't you say something, darling?" asked Saurabh. Mehek just nodded and looked around sipping the wine. She felt something at the bottom of the glass and noticed a beautiful ring. She couldn't hold her tears back and she immediately took the ring and held it in front of him. He took her hand went on his knee and proposed. Everyone in the dining cheered and applauded.

Everything seemed perfect. They later said goodbye to the staff and went to their room. Saurabh told Mehek that he would be back in sometime and asked her to get freshened up.

After sometime Saurabh came back to the room and knocked but nobody answered. "Great! she slept, what a sleepy head she is." He called the manager and requested a spare key card for the room. He opened the door and went inside but the bed was empty. He looked around, he checked for the bathroom, Mehek wasn't to be found. He was confused as to where could go.

He went up to the balcony and noticed people gathered at the bottom, it was then he realized that Mehek had fallen from the balcony.

He rushed down frantically pushing everyone around, stumbling and picking himself up. He couldn't believe what he saw. When he reached he could breathe. He saw a lifeless body of Mehek in the pool of blood.

He went near her tried to wake her up. A man handed him an envelope and told him that he found this envelope hanging around Mehek's neck.

Saurabh took the envelope, tore it open and started reading. He couldn't believe what he read.

Dear Saurabh,

I am sorry, by the time you get this. I won't be there to tell you that I can't do this anymore. You are rich, handsome and powerful. You can have anybody you want. But please spare me. I can't go through this everyday and pretend to be loving and caring woman you want me to be. I fell in love with you because you were YOU. You were fearless, you didn't care about the society or their norms. Our love was pure, we were happy the way we are. But why? What changed you. Wasn't me being myself enough for you?

Why did you have to change me? What was the point? You shattered my soul, yet I kept quiet because I was in love with you. But now I realized that love has many shades to it. It can't be defined. Your obsession to a perfect body can't be defined. You could accept me the way I am. But you had to change me. You wanted me to be your fantasy. A doll that you can show off in front of your so called family, friends and business partners.

I am a MAN and a GAY by choice Saurabh. You can't change my sex and make me look like a woman to fit into your world. You know who you are. Accept it before this ends you too. There is nothing wrong being a gay Saurabh. You don't need your family or friends to tell you what is right or wrong.

Decide for yourself. I did change my sex for you. Thinking that I'm making a sacrifice for our love. But your obsession to perfection cost me my soul. It has shattered me into pieces. I can't live like this in a woman's body with a soul of a man. Remember that I love you.

Please love yourself Saurabh. Goodbye.

Your love,

Manish aka Mehek.

Saurabh sat down sobbing holding the letter.

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