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Classics Fantasy Inspirational

She Is The Fire

She Is The Fire

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She is the power

She started from her home with a kind heart and a broad smile on her face.

She was amused by each and everything she is going through on her way.

The greenery of nature

The chirping of birds

The sweetness of honey

The feeling of cool breeze

The fragrance of flowers

She enjoyed each and everything.

On her way, she met people too.

Some are kind like her, some are rude and some are weird.

They started assaulting her then, she realized the true colors of the people. she developed the fury inside her, which is necessary to face everything in this materialistic world.

This is what made her stay strong in the current crooked society.

From then, her looks became forceful

The fire in her eyes was enough to burn away the evil and demonic thoughts of people.

Now the people won't even dare to stare at her. And finally, she returned home with a brave heart and courage to face everything.

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