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A Letter to Backbenchers from a Frontbencher

A Letter to Backbenchers from a Frontbencher

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Hello guys,

                     It has been a long time since wee met. I hope you guys all are faring well. I am writing this letter to remind you guys about the moments which we enjoyed a lot. Those were the days which you were used to sitting in the backbench and I used to sit on the front bench of our classroom. But these didn't disturb our bonding. Did you remember the moments which we spent in our classroom with lots of fun, joy, and laughter?

                      On that day when our Mathematics teacher started the new chapter named Probability, we had a fun talk about that topic and the whole class burst into laughter.

You are the guys who exposed your courage to face the problems, with your daring decision

with our principal helped for our relaxation and enjoying the free time on holidays, Sundays of

that year. 

                      With the of you only we treasured all the memories. when we look back into those days it was the prizes, certificates make us feel happy but our funny moments, giggles make us feel happier than that. Do you guys remember, on the annual sports day of our school how much hard you tried and all your efforts gave our team a grand victory? The birthday parties, when it comes to parties you guys really gave your best to make the party grand success. We all together enjoyed each and every moment of our school life.

                     Study hours, it was a big task for our teachers but not for us. Because you guys made the study hours also a wonderful session to know better about ourselves along with our study techniques. On the last day of our school, we can't stop our tears rolling down from our eyes.

That is the day when we realized that we were going to miss each and everyone. On that day we made a promise that we will conduct re-union meetings frequently. Everyone

enjoyed themselves with great pomp and gaiety.

                     I want to convey one thing in this letter that "A diamond will be a diamond wherever it may be. It won't lose its value even it is buried in the dirt."

We took your attitude into consideration not your sitting position. It is a blessing to have you all

as our classmates. Eagerly waiting to see you soon in the forthcoming re-union.

We guys together will rock the show again.


                                                                   First bencher 

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