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Kodeeswari Thinakaran



Kodeeswari Thinakaran


Rupees 350

Rupees 350

3 mins

In the evening, our Head Mistress Ma'am called us to receive our salary. We were waiting outside her cabin. She called us individually and gave our salary. 

"Miss. Shreya, Please come in."

"Thank you, Madam."

"Miss. Shreya, you have joined here just 20 days ago. So, I will give you a sum of Rs. 350 as your wage. From next month onwards, you will get Rs. 500."

I had joined that primary school to teach Hindi for the 5th std students. It was run by one HM, 5 teachers and merely 50 students. The school authority rented a house and runs the school. There was a tiny playground at the back of the school. Students were very sociable to communicate. 

I was doing my first year Post graduation and my college would get over by 1.30pm. I would reach home by 2.30pm. Then, I would take some rest for an hour.

One day, one of my friends who was working in that school, told me about the vacancy for a part-time Hindi teacher. She told that the salary would be less. I didn't mind about the payment. Immediately, I accepted her request and the next day I went to school.

I took a demo class and the HM Mam told me to join that day itself. I was delighted to take a class for primary students. I would take the class for an hour daily. I taught them to step by step from the Hindi alphabet, words, and sentences. I gave them practice in reading and writing. They were learning the subject enthusiastically and quickly. I was very glad to teach them. That one hour went like a minute. 

One day, our HM Mam called and instructed me, we are going to celebrate 'Annual Day' the next month. I want you to prepare a play in Hindi. I accepted it. I got help from one of my mentors to prepare the dialogues for the play. I gave practice to the students. They learned the dialogues quickly and we practiced daily. They got ready for the function. 

On the day of 'Annual Day Celebration', I was eagerly waiting for the performance of my students. Their turn came and performed well. Our HM Mam appreciated me and the students for our work. 

On that day, when I got the payment from the hands of our HM Mam, I was feeling great like earning money in crores. That gave a joy of contentment in my heart. 

When we sweat more on the job that we admire a lot and receive a meager salary, we will feel elated. 

I can't forget that moment in my life even if I get salary in 5 digits. I can't express that happiness in words. 

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