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Kamali was studying a Bachelor of Education in a residential college. It was the first time in her life that she had joined in a residential institution. Because she was a day scholar from her school to higher education.

Kamali had a new experience as a hosteller, sharing a dormitory with 20 members. There were 100 students in their hostel. Even though they had academic work, they would spend some time on their hobbies too like playing indoor games, drawing, writing poems, singing, etc.

Most of the girls would be waiting for the visitors’ day to see their parents, siblings, and relatives. They would have visitors’ day twice in a month. For a few girls, parents would not come because of their work. Those girls would chat, work or take rest.

Their warden was strict. She would check their bags and things that their parents had given to them. Kamali’s college was very strict. It was run by the Sisters. She was very delighted to study there, as she had chosen the college of her choice.

Ten Months passed on, their final exams were approaching in two weeks.

One day, in the morning, students were studying for their revision exams in the dining hall. At that time, one of their classmates felt hungry. A teapot was kept there on the table. She went to drink tea. One of their teachers stopped and told her not to drink tea until the study got over. On seeing this, Kamali felt upset and got angry with her teacher.

Then, after some time, another girl went to drink tea. At that time, Kamali showed her index finger as a sign, not to drink.

On that day, they boycotted their breakfast as their teacher didn’t allow them to have tea when they felt hungry and then they went to college. One of the Sisters, who was in charge of their college, had gone out of the station. Their in-charge Sister tried to talk and convince them. But, girls denied talking.

Students sat in front of their college ground and boycotted their classes. Then, one of the senior Sisters from that institution came and Inquired about their problems. She pacified them and then the students went to their classes. The problem was solved.

Just a week before their final exams, Karma started its game on Kamali. One morning, as she woke up from her bed, she felt some pain on her right-hand index finger. She thought that something might have bitten. They did some home remedies to slow down the swelling. But, it started swelling more and she felt pain.

Kamali couldn’t do any work like combing her hair, eating, cleaning her plates or washing her clothes. Her friends helped her in doing these works. She thanked them.

But, in two days, pus started forming in that finger. Kamali felt severe pain. As her final exams were approaching, their in-charge Sister instructed the warden to take her to the hospital in the town. In the hospital, the doctor instructed the nurse to do the treatment. A nurse took a needle and started piercing at the place where the pus was.

Kamali started crying and couldn’t bear that pain. While the nurse was pressing her finger to take out the pus, she was asking God:

“Oh! God, what is this?”

“Why did it happen?”

“What did I do wrong?”

So many questions were in her mind.

Then, the nurse did dressing to that finger. The doctor gave medicine and put an injection. She went to the doctor on alternate days to get injection as her exams were forthcoming in a week.

Kamali found it difficult to hold a pen to write. She prayed to God that she shouldn’t get any pain during her exams. Exam came. Somehow, she completed the exams with that finger.

After a few days, one of their Sisters asked her to show the finger. On holding her finger, she told her that it was ‘Karma’. Now, your Karma had gone with this small wound, as you were in a holy place.

At that time, Kamali didn’t understand the meaning of it.

After some years, she realized the meaning of it and her mistake. Kamali got that wound because of her deed that she did.


Nobody can escape from ‘KARMA’. We have to experience the result of our actions in this birth.




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