Kodeeswari Thinakaran

Drama Tragedy


Kodeeswari Thinakaran

Drama Tragedy



2 mins

 I was horrified. There was a heavy wind on that day. The cloud was as dark as an angry tide. I had never experienced such a situation.

Our house was near the seashore. It was made of thatched roofs. I was living with my parents and two sisters. I was the youngest.

When the heavy wind blew, the roofs of our house were flown away. It started raining heavily. We didn't get a place to shelter. All the roofs in our area were swooped away by that heavy wind. We became homeless people.

After some time, rainwater started flowing heavily on the roads. We were standing in the knee-deep rainwater. My father carried me on his shoulder. I could see water on all sides. People were running here and there for shelter.

Without a break, it was pouring down as emptying the water in the sky for two days. The city was inundated. As our house was near the seashore, all our belongings were wiped away in the flood.

A team came to rescue us. We got into the boat and reached a community hall. There, more than 500 people were accommodated and we got a place to settle ourselves. The volunteers gave us bed sheets, bread, milk, and clothes.

The govt officials came to visit us and inquired about our needs. We requested them to renovate our houses. They accepted our request. The govt declared that they would give 50,000 rupees for the people in coastal areas to restore their houses.

 After a week, gradually people reverted to their normal life. All our belongings were worn away by the flood. We could see only the walls in our house.

 Temporarily, we blanketed our house with a banner sheet. My father's boat and fishing net got damaged. We didn't have money to buy those things.

 The govt officers came to inspect the loss and told us that they would give us funds as per the loss.

 We were waiting for a month to get funds from the govt. But, the officers didn't come. Then, my father went to the tahsildar with our neighbours to inquire about the funds.

 In the office, the clerks asked money to sanction their funds.

"How can we give money to you?"

      "We are homeless and jobless. Don't you have a soft corner on us?"

 Who framed this word 'Bribe'?

 It's omnipresent from the cradle to the graveyard.

 Six months later, we received our fund. They gave us half of the amount only.

 Cyclone twirled our life.    


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