Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Drama Romance


Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Drama Romance

A Wait

A Wait

7 mins

It was her first day in her new job. She was so enthusiastic on first day of office, she took blessings from her parents and rushed towards office as she wanted to reach office in time.

She was greeted by all and she was introduced to her immediate senior, who was a young and handsome guy and a professionally groomed Manager.They had some formal talk then her training started alongwith other newly recruits which was for a week.a week got over and actual work started which Samiksha was doing quite sincerely.

They started liking each other at work, they did good job collectively and were praised by senior management. Samiksha and Gaurav became good friends or may be more than that over a period of time.  Her up to date appearance, her smiling face and getting tensed sometimes at work for her urge to be perfect at work all this used to attract Gaurav but he was a very balanced man and felt office is not the right place to express the feelings so he invited Samiksha for coffee in the evening one day and she agreed. 

They were talking informally for the first time and it was a bit awkward for Samiksha as she never had any boyfriend. Gaurav could see her shyness and he said be comfortable, we are just good friends here. Then they talked about their families and few things about their past, like studies and the previous job they both did for a very short time before joining this office. Though Gaurav had completed almost one year in that office. But he said I never become friendly with female colleagues but I don't know how and why I felt that you are different. You are not like other girls. So I liked you. She also said same here, for me also is the same thing. Then before it gets late both went home but during this coffee meeting they realised that besides working together in same office they also have liking for each other.

Then again next day they were formal in office but now started meeting for evening coffee/ Tea and snacks time and started spending time with each other quite frequently. Also once Samiksha was alone at home as her parents had gone out of station. So Gaurav came to her house. And Samiksha prepared a nice snack and tea which they eat together and talked a lot as they had a free time. But she said because I trust you so I said yes to come home. Same way once Samiksha also been to Gaurav' s house. Now because both were eligible bachelors and in good job so their parents started talking and asking them about marriage proposals that they started receiving from relatives and known people. Both were just postponing meetings and told their parents they are not in a hurry to get married. Gaurav had given a hint to his parents that he has someone in mind and when the right time comes will tell them.

2 Months later 

Gaurav gave a one month notice in his office to join some other job in Delhi. Now office colleagues started asking Samiksha, as mostly all were aware about her and Gaurav's special friendship. Now even she didn't have much idea about why and which company he is going to join. 

She knew that Gaurav have plans to shift to Delhi as his father was going to retire from the job and because they had own house in Delhi and his elder brother also staying there with his family.

Now Gaurav told Samiksha in the evening that everything happened unexpectedly that he got a better job offer in Delhi and so he decided to take that job and had to give one month notice, sorry that I didn't inform you. Now they decided that they will spend more time together in this month.Till date they had not discussed 'Marriage' topic seriously. But now for Samiksha this topic was getting serious at home. The month got over. Now while going to Delhi on last moment Gaurav met Samiksha, he held her hand with that feelings for the first time and said ' you will wait for me. I will definitely come and we will discuss and get married.'

It was expected to Samiksha but still she got nervous. As he is now going away from her. What will happen???? 

Anyways she started missing Gaurav in office when she used to see his cabin and his chair and that place. Evening started becoming boring. Colleagues also used to tease her. After reaching delhi Gaurav called her and gave her the assurance but he said we won't talk regularly as I will be busy in so many things and new job and all .

After six months >

Samiksha had already informed her mother when she insisted so much about marriage and also when her mother asked what exactly is going on between you and Gaurav But her mother warned her that what if he go to Delhi and like some other girl and he will forget about what he has promised you. Even her father said look Samiksha Delhi people are smart and clever who knows he may cheat on you. You forget him. We will search an excellent match for you.but she said since I have waited this much let me wait for next two months time. if he don't come then I will do what you say. Her other friends and well wishers also started telling her many such stories where it has happened that boys promise for marriage and then they never come back. But Samiksha was not ready to listen to them.

Gaurav used to talk about their house and his new office and his job there but was not telling Samiksha as to when he will come and meet her parents. 

One and half month got over but Gaurav didn't come. Samiksha started getting worried and used to get annoyed on small things, used to not eat properly. In office also she was not the earlier enthusiastic Samiksha but used to do her work mechanically. She became very thin and was losing that charm on her face. 

One evening she was expecting a call from Gaurav but he didn't call her. So she called Gaurav but his number was not reachable or out of coverage area. She was losing her patience. next day she went to office and told her best friend that I don't know what is the matter but I think Gaurav has ditched me, he will never come back. Now even her friend got worried but told her to keep calm and told her that everything will be fine.

In the evening she left office at usual time and was going to take her scooty from basement of building and she thought someone is there....she was going to start scooty and she got a pat on her shoulder and she heard Samiksha in a very gentle voice, a known voice, she turned back and yes it was Gaurav......she got surprised but also angry on him but then Gaurav said I wanted to give you a surprise. And he said I am coming to your house at 8:30, I can't come with you. You go home , relax get ready and yes I will be there. She told this news at home and they all were very happy and were waiting for Gaurav to come .

Now at sharp 8:30 their door bell rang so Samiksha opened the door and one more surprise Gaurav's parents also were with him. He said how can I talk on this. Let our parents talk. Then everything was decided amongst the families. Gaurav's parents insisted for exchanging ring and did that small function the same evening to fix the marriage and

it was decided that next Month Samiksha and her parents will go to Delhi and also meet Gaurav's elder brother and his family and marriage date can be fixed and it will be in Delhi. All arrangements will be made by Gaurav and his family. 

As decided they all went to Delhi the marriage date was fixed and after two months Gaurav - Samiksha got married.

Everything was as decided and as desired. 

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