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Amanpreet Singh

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Amanpreet Singh

Drama Others

Poor Writers

Poor Writers

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Poor writers work day-night,

They get nothing and never sleep tight.

Their aim is to make the society meaningful,

But their own life condition is quite pitiful.

They get respect, 

But never a dime.

So they gulp sometimes whiskey,

And sometimes wine.

They can’t even ask for money,

Because they are considered divine.

Film producers take their scripts for free,

They declare writers didn’t spend a rupee.

But what about years that a writer spends,

Getting nothing in return their whole body bend.

Thoughts are the seed of the change,

Created only by the writers,

If we eliminate writers,

None will be left, except harmful fighters.

We should preserve writers,

And uplift their plight.

Only then our society will reach new heights.

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