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Amanpreet Singh



Amanpreet Singh


You Are My Everything

You Are My Everything

2 mins 12.2K 2 mins 12.2K

You are my shining sun,

You are my sweet moon,

You are my blue sky,

You are my watery earth.

You are my divine temple,

You are my religious church.

You are my sweetest prayer,

You are my beloved God.

You are my heart,

You are also my life,

You are my colourful rainbow,

You are also my beautiful love.

You are my madness,

You are also my eccentricism.

You are my unabated mania,

You are my unfathomed passion.

I don’t know what made you leave me,

But still you are everything for me.

Still you are my sweetest memories,

Still you are my life.

I never think and worry about your departure,

I have no time to regret,

I can’t even miss a single moment of your thought,

Still, I want to live in the paradise bestowed upon me by you.

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