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Amanpreet Singh



Amanpreet Singh


Save The Men

Save The Men

2 mins 420 2 mins 420

Save the men from brutal hands,

It all happens after the marriage bands.

A man thinks his life has become a heaven,

After marriage, his life becomes as sour as a lemon.

His money is snatched,

His wife unleashes her wrath.

Only after his whole property is confiscated,

Then he realizes since birth he is ill-fated.

When his whole money is drained,

His wife with her cruel words makes his life stained.

Then she kicks at his back,

Then he realizes it is only the wit that he lacked.

When a man runs short of money,

His wife starts calling someone else Honey.

When he tries her to oppose,

A fake dowry case on him is imposed.

Better for a man to keep mum,

He must learn to live his life in a marriage slum.

The atrocities of men have ended, but the women have begun,

Now from whom can he ask for help because there is none.

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