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Amanpreet Singh

Drama Inspirational


Amanpreet Singh

Drama Inspirational

Tension Full Life

Tension Full Life

2 mins 25.2K 2 mins 25.2K

Too much office, too much work,

Now I don’t want to go anywhere, but rest.

Really the life is nothing,

But a very harsh and rude test.

Too much worries, too much hurries,

Now I want to stop a minute and breathe.

My body as well mind has turned red hot,

Now I want some time to be freezed.

Too much burden, too much load,

Despite we live in big colourful mansions.

Someone has rightly said life is not a bed of roses,

But full of tensions.

Even family life is not spared,

If you don’t believe, then step in and dare.

Marriage is another name of living hell,

Only after it, you can hear the divine bell.

Though life is bad,

Though it makes you sad,

Still it gives many things to learn a lot,

If you have right vision, you can learn and easily float (in the ocean of life).

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