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My Encounter With Wind
My Encounter With Wind

© Shreya Khubber

Classics Fantasy

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Fifteen minutes past three in the afternoon. I was at my friend's humble dwellings for a small get together. Five of us decided to go out for lunch. We had three vehicles; scooters. Though I knew how to drive, I had learnt it only recently and my fellow gang members could not take the risk of riding with me, so the division was 2:1:2. I being all by myself. It was the end of march and beginning of spring. Sky was crystal clear, no clouds and sun was pretty strong, its heat hitting us like lightning. It was windy as is every March. A perfect amalgamation of hot and cold.

So we drove. Our destination was only half a mile away but the wind was more of a gale. It made it seem like a hundred miles. And the dust made it worse, pretty much like a sand storm, which I know is a bit exaggerated. My hair were going haywire, similar to Medusa's snakes. My already little eyes became littler, the cornea being covered in dust particles. I could hardly see. A force was pushing me on one side, retarding my motion. But I liked it anyways. It was symbolic of the short-lived sense of freedom, we all feel after the final exams are over.

It is a time when we are not bound by homework, assignments, tests and most importantly stress. We can explore, be nostalgic, roam around or simply just do nothing and relax. It's this freshness that drives us these days. So is the wind, marking the end of winters creating a void, waiting to be filled. To be filled with flowers, sunshine, butterflies, smiles and beginnings. Chaos of wind, sunshine and dirt beckons the spring, the beloved season. I met its predecessor and honestly, I loved it more.

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