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Two Friends

Two Friends

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There were two friends very best friends lived in a town many years back. One was sukeshini and other was Sunayana. Both were of the same age. They used to play together as they were residing in the same colony.

But there was a slight problem. Sukeshini was fair and beautiful, and Sunayana was not very fair like Sukeshini but she was whitish.

Sukeshini had long hair and she belonged to a rich family whereas Sunayana had short hair and she belonged to a middle-class family. But still they were best friends. They used to go to school together, do homework together, and eat their tiffin together at school. Everything was fine between the two of them.

One day their classmates started teasing Sunayana by comparing her with Sukeshini. That see she is fair but you are not, she has long hair and you have short hair. She is rich but you are not.

Sunayana came home, she was looking very upset so her mother asked the reason but she didn't say anything.

Now Sunayana started feeling jealous about Sukeshini, they were still friends but not like before. Both were good in studies, their ranks were always close to each other. One year Sukeshini was first and the other year Sunayana.

One day Sunayana told her mother about how their classmates tease her and how she feels jealous and insecure. So her mother told her don't get disheartened. You study hard, behave well, do some extra activities besides studies. Like painting, music, or dance or anything that you like to learn. And she listened to her mother. She got better in studies, in her behaviour. Also, she participated in Music and painting competitions in school and got first prize. Now she was not jealous of Sukeshini. And On the other hand, Sukeshini started taking pride in her long hair, her beauty and being from the rich family her behaviour was a little bit rude.

Both went to university did their graduation.

Both got married, Sukeshini married to an engineer from well to do family. And a decent and rich family from another city came and asked Sunayana's hand for their handsome and doctor son. And that is how her luck changed. Both friends were married now and happy in their in-law's house.

A few days later Sunayana came with her doctor husband to meet her parents. Everybody from town especially a few classmates were just stunned by seeing her as she was looking very beautiful and a bit fair than before her face was glowing.

Even Sukeshini came to meet her parents. Now she had short hair as her husband was not very fond of long hair Both the friends met after a long time. They were very happy to see each other. Now Sukeshini realised her mistake, the way she behaved with Sunayana sometimes because of her proud and arrogant nature. So she apologized Sunayana about her mistake.

Both became best friends again like before and went to in-laws house with their husbands and lived happily.

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