Action Fantasy Thriller



Action Fantasy Thriller

The Vanquisher

The Vanquisher

7 mins

New York City was full of ecstasy and sirens. It's 10am. The entirety was normal when a dazzling flash of light followed by a thunderous boom just arrested the entire city as if anyone wrecked a massive thing in the sky. It was actually a work of our savers of the cosmos, The Crusaders and their spearhead Kevlar.

Kevlar had a normal life as a common individual when he was struck by a massive bolt of lightning after which he was not normal anymore. He has the power of speed (he can travel faster than light which mean that he can do time travel), the power of invisibility, and he can lift the whole earth and can break it up into fragments. But his only weakness was his neck and abdomen. The reason was that when he was about to be delivered, his mother slipped off the stretcher which caused him to break his neck and his heart to slip a little towards his abdomen. Also when he was struck by the bolt, he got a slip disk. He always wore an imperceptible shield.

Coming back to the incident, The Crusaders destroyed a planet named Xanax. It was a planet given to the fiends to live far beyond the Milky Way but they exceeded the borderlines and tried to claim other planets so as a punishment the whole planet along with the brutes was cracked to pieces. But there was a humanoid living between them as a member, Volmox. He was so dejected that he now vowed to rule the ether and kill Kevlar.

Volmox was coached by the monarch of the planet Zubedia. He was baptized as Silver Head. Volmox always kept a Black Onyx with him. Without that gem, he didn't go anywhere. He wore it on his forehead that was fit in a gold coronet. He practised intense magic spells for over a decade.

On the other hand, Kevlar was busy in his interim to be normal. He was soon married to cinder and had broods, Lora and Terry. They were as innocent and faithful as their parents.

One day Silver Head's enemies, Roxon and Beatrix together attacked Zubedia to conquer the throne. "Give us the worthy throne of Zubedia." Roxon claimed

"Not until I am here" a very coarse voice came from behind the scene. It was Volmox. Now there was an unfair war, two to one. No one knew what would happen.

Volmox hung his hand in air and a large lump of clouds appeared over the two. A lightening cracked on the heads. They fell on the ground. Everyone thought that Volmox won but majority is not always right.

They stood up with no bruises on them. When they stepped to attack, Roxon and Beatrix saw no one in front of them. After a moment, Roxon was stabbed on the back with large metallic claws. "I cheat, to defeat." Volmox said in a bold voice. "I am impressed; your training is now done." Silver Head said while waking straight into the battle zone.

"Oh really" Volmox said in surprise

"Now then, I don't need you. You better now leave… for heavens" saying this Volmox jabbed the claws into Silver Head.

"Now, I am your king, and perhaps shortly, of the eternity." Volmox gave a grin and marched for the sovereignty.

Day by day, Volmox spread his rule and in a few years, he was regulating the whole outer space.

"Now, only one sphere left" saying this he pointed towards the earth

He held his Black Onyx high and disappeared into nothing.

Back to earth…

Everything was usual when huge gloomy clouds covered the metropolis in just a few ticks.

They collected over New York and blacked out the whole lot. Kevlar even miles away sensed something bizarre. He raced off for New York and found the clouds of darkness, it was sucking souls of the residents from their body and forcing to suicide. The whole New York was sick and The Crusaders had to get it fixed. Anna, one of the crusaders, with throne of the sky flew to the clouds. After that, everything was still. Then something like a meteorite crashed to the earth and dug a hundred meters. "Anna" said Kevlar.

"Who was that" Alex said. He had the power of land.

"V...Vo…Volmox" she croaked and perished away

All other Crusaders except Kevlar rushed to the cloud to fight Volmox.

"Hello, my divine crusader" a voice came from behind which disconcerted Kevlar

"Volmox, then…who….who…crusade-?"

"Relax, Relax, I have no time to speak, but I can show you"

He pointed his limb towards the black clouds which were now more dark and bigger by the gulping the souls

The Crusaders were stuck in the clouds and were vanishing, shouting for their lives. But all of them went in vain. Their life was being forcefully pulled out and with their souls and power the cloud became ten times its original size.

"Volmox" Kevlar's face enflamed with anger

He leaped towards Volmox and grabbed his neck. He pressed it so hard that if it were a common man, he would have definitely destitute his neck. But that was not the case with Volmox. He was a potent and mighty humanoid who ruled the whole cosmos except the earth. Volmox was standing still and was enjoying the moment.

"Only this much, I don't know why people consider you as the most powerful leader." Saying this Volmox clutched Kevlar's arm and tossed him so strong that he knocked a building 40 miles away from the war front slogged way long to a deep steep valley. The universe was in a big trouble now. Kevlar is now the only optimism. "You don't know whom you are against. I still give you a chance, come with me on my side. We may rule and live a comfy life. No one would disagree what you do, what you want them to do." Volmox said

"I may never follow an erroneous humanoid who just want to destroy everything"

"That's what you did with my planet and people, you are just paying back" Volmox yelled with a drop of tear in his eyes

"The monsters crossed their limits, they were punished you chump. It's better to die than to follow your path" Kevlar said while trying to get up the ground

"So that's your last wish, huh!" Volmox said and disappeared. When Kevlar rolled his eyes all over there was no sign of Volmox. As he got up, a claw pierced through his abdomen. It was Volmox! He knew Kevlar's weakness

"Now it's time to say a goodbye, my young Crusader" Volmox said and drew back his claws

"No!" Kevlar shouted

Volmox shoved Kevlar into the valley. Kevlar was now lost forever

"This universe, its eternity, beauty, grace all is mine now

There are no boundaries for me now

I am the real king"

Eons passed away Volmox ruling. The universe has now become murky and gloomy. It was the age of darkness.

One day there was fracas all around. People gathered in places. They were in gripe against the unfair rule

"We want freedom…We want Kevlar" the banners in hands said

"Attention!" Volmox said in his coarse voice now more coarse

"I don't know why you mortals just behave like freaks. What do you want?"

"Freedom from your rule and your soul" a little boy standing beside bellowed in his strident voice

Volmox grinned

"So my youngster, you want freedom, I'll give you that freedom…from your life" Volmox raised his hand high and soon he held a lightning bolt in his hand. The moment he was going to smash the boy with the bolt, something from behind caught his hand and the bolt blasted in the sky.

"Kevlar" said the boy

"Impossible. He was dead…I killed him" Volmox's heart was thumping and he turned red

"Have you seen what happened to me after you threw me?" Kevlar said with a small smile on his face

"But…but your weakness"

"Hmmm…you got it my old adversary. But you forgot my powers. The one power that I have hidden from everyone even The Crusaders was I am granted by the spirits. Thousands of spirits rushed over me turning me alive again."

"You can't win…I am The Vanquisher now"

Volmox again raised his hands in the sky and glared at everyone.

"Your hero will die" when he said this, suddenly something like a bronze celestial sword slashed towards Volmox and expurgated his right arm

Volmox screamed in pain

The bronze sword then chopped off his other arm also

"You still not have the victory Volmox" Kevlar said catching the bronze sword

Volmox hollered so loud that the earth experienced a sudden earthquake

When everyone was screaming and running around, Kevlar saw Volmox growing his arm. Kevlar didn't have the idea to stop it. Then he saw the Black Onyx shimmering in his golden coronet.


Kevlar targeted the coronet and used all his power of speed

There was a big explosion of dust all around

Now, everyone was still willing to know the result of the boom.

When the dust filtered everyone saw that Volmox was not the one who ruled, now he was like a dead body

His Black Onyx was now on the ground

Though Volmox was dying but was still laughing

When he completely disappeared forever everyone cheered.

But no one saw what happened to Kevlar and the gem or rather no one saw Kevlar, where he was gone eternally.

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