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Nikhil Maturi

Comedy Drama


Nikhil Maturi

Comedy Drama

The Birthday Surprise

The Birthday Surprise

2 mins 12.7K 2 mins 12.7K

David was sitting on his bed thinking how he could plan a surprise birthday for his best friend Gerald. David had no clue on what to do and how to execute it. So he called up some of his other friends and they got to work. They all met in David's garage and decided what they were going to do. They decided upon buying a cake from the bakery nearby and get decorations from another store in the neighborhood. In addition to that, they were going to make the party Rubik's Cube themed as David loved playing with the Rubik's cube.

A week before Gerald's birthday, David and his friends went to meet Gerald's parents. When they were about to ring the bell they saw Gerald exiting the house and they all hid behind a bush. They waited until Gerald left, then rang the bell and entered the house. His parents let them inside and they discussed their idea. Gerald's parents thought it was a great idea and they said they were willing to help them. 

They first started gathering supplies and items. After school David and his friends went with Gerald's parents to the supplies store to get decorations and other items. They got all of their supplies and started storing it all in Gerald's house for the big day. A few days before the surprise party, Gerald started getting suspicious and starting asking questions... 

One day when David exited Gerald's house, Gerald saw him and asked what he was doing.

" What were you doing in my house ? ", asked Gerald. 

" Uh ... My mom needed a piping bag ", replied David.

" Okay ... but why do you have a balloon in your pocket? ", questioned Gerald. 

" Uh ... it's my little brother's birthday soon ", said David. 

" You seem in a rush ", said Gerald.

" Oh... no, I'm... not at all ", said David.

" Bye ", said David.

" Bye ... then ", Gerald.

David heaved a sigh of relief then went back home. At David's garage, David and his friends were talking about how Gerald became suspicious. They decided that they had to be extra careful. On David's birthday, a lot of work had to be done. Some people were distracting him while others were setting up the house. At the end of the day, all of them had been questioned by Gerald and they all escaped luckily. At the end of the day, he entered his house and was blown away by it. He thanked everyone and enjoyed his day to the fullest ... 

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