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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Nikhil Maturi



Nikhil Maturi


Day With Dad

Day With Dad

3 mins

" Come on Sam," said his father, Stan 

" Where are we going " asked Sam 

" Just hop in the car now," said Stan 

" Okay fine," Said Sam

Once they unlocked their blue Honda Accord. That has paint peeling off and tires from the age of the dinosaurs they hopped in and hit the road.

" Tell me now at least " pleaded Sam

" It is a surprise " replied Stan

" Oh .. come on ", replied Sam in deep thought 

After a while, they pulled into Indian Well's a city in California. Sam was thinking why his dad had brought him so far from his home town San Diego. Since Sam was a tennis fan he immediately thought of the Indian wells tournament that was going on now. " No Way," he thought.

A moment later they were pulling into the parking lot for the Indian Wells tournament. 

Once they got out of the car Sam asked his father " What are we doing here ".

 " You like tennis don't ya," his father said.

 " I sure do " replied Sam

" Well Let's watch the match," said dad 

With spirits high, they both entered the stadium and seated down ready for a good match. It was a good match indeed with lots of astounding shots and cracking balls zooming across the court. However it was extremely hot, smoke was coming out from the synthetic court. Other than that the match was truly amazing. There was winners, super-fast forehands, and amazing battles at the net. It was like a war, 2 players battling it out. After 2 hours of intense gameplay, the end was approaching. The crowd was on their seats, and while running down the court a player hit a super fast forehand down the court. The other player ran but was unable to reach and the match was over. 

During all of this Sam was sweating and wanted to sit somewhere cold for some time. Dad to the rescue, Sam's father, Stan already seemed to understand that his son was hot and sweaty so he took him to the ice cream store. Stan brought his son there and encouraged him to go sit down while he gets some ice cream for them to cool down. They eat happily and in surplus then went back to the car. 

" Dad," Sam said 

" Yes," said Stan

" Do you want to go relax and lay down somewhere ? " asked Sam

" Sure," Stan said

" Is the beach good enough?" Asked Stan

" That would be marvelous," said Sam 

" Well let's go find a beach," said Sam's Father 

They hit the road once again and found a beach while returning to San Diego. They had a beach towel in the car and they laid it down on the sand and spent the rest of the day talking and staring at the sun setting down below the sky.

" Thanks, Dad," said Sam

" No Problem, Anything for you," said Stan

They spent the next few hours looking at the sun dip down below the horizon ... 

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