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Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

Nikhil Maturi

Abstract Children Stories Drama


Nikhil Maturi

Abstract Children Stories Drama

Moms Are Best Friends

Moms Are Best Friends

3 mins

"Niral !", screamed his mother 

"What do you think you are doing ?", Questioned his mother, Madhu

"Huh, go to your room", hollered Madhu

"Go ! What are you doing here", screamed Madhu 

Teary eyed Niral went to his room, with tears dripping down his face. His cheeks were puffed up and red while he slogged to his room. Tears kept on streaming down his face, he was unable to control it. 

"Stop crying and move", yelled his mom 

"You I know I hate it when you cry", said his mom with a loud voice 

Without another word Niral went into his room. He sat on his bed staring out the window at the plants. He recollected the previous events. He was doing some sample test and he wasted time while losing his focus. He got almost all the answers wrong. Then he just went crazy. Pulling his hair and hitting things. While screaming and shouting at the top of his lungs. In addition to all of this he started crying. Which is something his mom hates the most? 

She exploded : screaming and shouting. She stated past events where he had done wrong and openly stated all the flaws he has. She lectured him for hours upon hours. Eventually sending him away to his room. Niral felt so sad it was unbelievable. He just thought about what happened and wanted to make up with his mom. He went to say sorry but his mom still seemed to be thinking about that. She once again screamed and sent him back. He tried multiple times until she said"I will talk to you in a few minutes sit in your room"...

Niral sat on his bed head down and sorrow. Soon his mother entered the room and sat down beside him. We need to talk she said. And they talked about whatever flaws Niral had and how he could fix. Them Niral openly expressed his feelings and his mother comforted him.They both promised each other a few things and went back to being good friends again. They were having fun and enjoying time with each other until the next day... 

During online school Niral committed a mistake his mother and him had talked about the previous day. His mother just walked away silently. Niral didn't know what happened. He thought whenever everything was going well everything turned around. He didn't understand how he could make the same mistake twice. It just happened, then it was done. He couldn't explain it. His mom was mad that he committed the same mistake twice in a row. 

Once again Niral was sullen and sad. He kept on saying sorry but his mother had none of that. Eventually she understood, even though she was still mad. Once again they talked and got over it this time Niral did not commit the same mistake again and his mother and him were best friends forever. 

A mom is a true friend. Even it might seem that she doesn't care for you at times that is wrong. She just wants the best for you. 

Mom is your best friend! 

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