Akkriti Behuray ⟬⟭

Comedy Children Drama Children Stories Abstract


Akkriti Behuray ⟬⟭

Comedy Children Drama Children Stories Abstract



4 mins

Chemistry Period:

A Robotics and Drone-making workshop was going on in our school. So, for the inauguration, a dance program was held. Sounds of the anklets could be heard our class!

SIR: Ay! Where is this Bhool Bhulaiya 2 playing?!

MOST CHAOTIC KID: Sir, on Netflix!

SS Period:

We were discussing about Water Conservation.

MA'AM: At home, when there are two buckets of water at your home, one clean and one dirty, you won't mix them right? So in the same way, people should also not mix pollutants in public sources such as rivers, ponds, lakes. There you bathe yourself, your animals, your vehicles, your clothes and pollute the water. Saari nahaane ki prakriya wahin hoti hai (the whole bathing process takes place there).

A RANDOM GUY OUT OF NO WHERE: Ma'am Saari halke honeki prakriya bhi wahin hoti hai! (Do I even need to explain?!)

Hindi Period:

We were experiencing a power cut at that moment! By mistakenly, our math teacher dropped a had little bit of water on the teachers' table earlier.

MA'AM: Argh my book! Why is this table wet? 

A TRUSFRATED (JK language LOL) GIRL: Ma'am, due to the scorching heat and humidity, table has also started sweating.

English Period:

We were reading about Michelangelo and discussing the points. Michelangelo regarded the pope as a 'burning candle' which the pope mistook. Ma'am gave us example of the quote as Michelangelo described the pope in the same meaning- "TEACHERS ARE LIKE CANDLES WHO BURN THEMSELVES TO ENLIGHTEN THE LIVES OF THEIR STUDENTS." She saw that one of the students wasn't paying attention to her at all and countered him!

MA'AM: Hey, repeat the quote which we discussed just now.

THAT BOY: Ma'am ac-tua-lly (he fumbled for words), TEACHERS BURN OTHERS LIVES! XD (Did he roast ma'am secretly?!)🤣🤣

MA'AM: (A huge facepalm)

Sanskrit Period:

We were sitting in 12-A as they had gone for P.T. period and open space was occupied for KIDDOVATION EVENT. When we were writing sentences, a student of that class entered the room to take his notebook and a tumultuous trio wished him a good afternoon (but of course in order to mock him)

MA'AM: (After the boy left) Don't you have any manners?! I know ya'll were not being respectful rather SARCASTIC!

MOST CHAOTIC KID: Ma'am, (acting like a mom) all these sanskar were given by me!

MA'AM - (frustrated/annoyed)

Math Period:

The period had just opened and ma'am's mood was quite good! She started the smartboard and at that time, she shared an incident of hers with us related to a student of 8C.

MA'AM: Guys, actually I was watching TMKOC yesterday and I saw that Bapuji while sitting on chair fixes his legs first and then comfortably sits as he is really tall. So this reminded me of '(the one whom I mentioned in 2nd incident as he is the tallest of our class)!'

THAT BOY: Ma'am, actually I am only the actor for his role; the thing is that they put VFX and old-age effects to give the character BAPUJI vibes!!

SS Period:

We have started Geography chapter 2 lately and it's on LAND, SOIL, WATER, VEGETATION & WILDLIFE. Ma'am was showing us a presentation and animation on smartboard for the topics- Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

MA'AM: (when wildlife part came) Hush students! Pay attention on this part as after all they are your closest friends.

EVERYONE: Starts acting like their 'friends'.

Math Period:

Again, my had a cheerful mood! She wanted to narrate a funny and cute incident from her past. She starts saying that that it's about 14-15 years. She was the in charge teacher for grade 2 and 3. Here's how the conversation of ma'am and a little girl from grade 2:

MA'AM: Yeah what happened?

THE GIRL: Ma'am my mom got a baby boy

MA'AM: Oh congrats! That means your younger brother. Perhaps how old is he?

THE GIRL: Ma'am (kinda frowns) He is not OLD; He is NEW!!!

MA'AM: Achha ok! How NEW is he then?

THE GIRL: (In a bubbly tone) 2 days!

The same Math Period:

The boy who sits just in front of my bench went to ask 2 doubts regarding geometry to our Math teacher. She told us that she will make us write those as they were quite tricky. She wrote the question along with the figure on the board and instructed us to start solving. She could see that many were clueless about the answer so here's how the conversation goes:

MA'AM: I know that there are many hidden gems of my class full of talent! Let's see who finds x and y the first...

THE MOST CHAOTIC PERSON: Ma'am, 8C got talent!

ME: (Out of an impulse) In IGT there was Kirron Kher, and here we have Kiran Rana Ma'am! Such a coincidence.

EVERYBODY: Ooohh! Almost went crazy

MA'AM: Tryna control her laugh

SS Period

In our school Jana Gana Mana plays before departing so we all stand straight and sing it together. The SS period was going to end and Ma'am told one of the kids (insane) to switch off chrome tabs and smart board. Jana Gana Mana starts to play and ma'am is facing the opposite side of the smart board and we all were facing the smart board.

THAT BOY: (Trying to close one tab but by mistakenly opens one! He types a random letter and there goes a recommendation- KAREENA KAPOOR. He notoriously clicked on it and we were able to see her articles and pictures because he was in NEWS section then IMAGES.)

EVERYONE: Smiling and smirking like crazy, even me! Who wouldn't if Jana Gana Mana is playing and you get a glimpse of any actress.

MA'AM: (Sanity is go-o-o-o-o-one)

THAT BOY: (When National Anthem ended and ma'am was going to turn back he jumped off and closed the tab luckily or else he'd have been dead)

That's why my friend always says why wasn't she in 8C! My class is literally a full dose of entertainment and fun.

Meet you in the next part!

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