Navitha Reddy

Comedy Drama


Navitha Reddy

Comedy Drama

Oh My mother(monster)in-law!!!

Oh My mother(monster)in-law!!!

5 mins

Anjali was busy working on her laptop it was an important task to be completed, suddenly her mobile rings. A call from an unknown number. Anjali picked the call without even looking at her mobile.


a lady from the other side "Hello, is this Anjali??? I am Nelu Aunty".

Haan, Haan Nelu Aunty, What happened? Is everything fine?? That was her irritating neighbor aunty.

No nothing is fine, you please come home early. We are waiting for you.

Anjali panicked, She thought if something happened to her mother-in-law. She spoke in a concerned tone" Aunty what happened?? anything wrong??"

Nelu aunty just said" please come's urgent and disconnected the call."

Anjali did not know what to do now, she closed her laptop, Informed her lead that there is an emergency, and rushed home.

Anjali prayed to god in her heart. She was lost in thoughts, what worse happened?? hope mummy is safe. She thought of calling her husband but hesitated because he was on an official tour. She thought first let me check what happened and based on the situation I can call him.

Anjali reached her apartment parking, She parked her car and ran to lift. It was stuck on the 5th floor. She could not wait, So she ran upstairs till the 3rd floor and reached her flat. Many people were surrounding her flat. Her heart started pounding, she could hear her heart beat faster. She looked around and everyone was staring at her. She thought something worse has happened, her hands were shivering. Nelu aunty saw her and said to another lady "Oh, Look her Bahurani is here". Anjali went inside and found her mother-in-law seated on the sofa. She felt relieved and dumped her bag on the sofa and picked up a mug full of water and drank it in one go. Turned towards Nelu aunty and asked what happened?? why did u call me ?? I left all my tasks and came running thinking it 's an emergency.

Nelu Aunty in a sarcastic tone spoke to her " Oh, you mean to say we are jobless. Look its all because of your mother-in-law,we had gathered here. why can't you teach some manners to her?.

Anjali looked at her mother-in-law, She bent her head was afraid to look into Anjali's eyes.

"What did my mother-in-law do?? She is a very nice person as i know "replied Anjali.

Nelu aunty "What she did?? one or two so many complaints from the society, She had posted about us on Facebook.

So what's wrong if she had posted about you on Facebook. I Was the one who taught her to use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. To know what's happening around the world. To be occupied when I and hubby are not here. What's wrong with that?? Anjali asked Nelu aunty.

What's wrong, See this she showed her Facebook image.

Your mother-in-law clicked my photo and put that in FB, she had written description as "Nelu, nightstand".

People around started giggling, Anjali looked at her mother-in-law, "Mummy any explanation for this".

Sita replied "She was standing next to the lamp, so I wrote that.

One gentleman from the crowd comes front and says, Yesterday my brother passed away and I put the status as lost in deep mourning. your mother-in-law commented, "good job, keep up the good work".Giggles continued among the crowd.

One lady said I had shared my daughter's wedding pics, your mother-in-law commented condolences to you and to your family.

Anjali banged her head with a fist. One old uncle came forward and said, I was suffering from dysentery, I asked for recommendations for doctors. Your mother-in-law commented It's healthy and good for you.

Anjali apologized to the crowd and told them that her mother-in-law is not that good in the English language and she was confused about using the right sentences according to situations. She also said that she would ensure in future these things will not be repeated.

After everyone left, Anjali closed the door and looked at her mother-in-law. She sat like a statue and did not move.

Anjali went to kitchen prepared coffee and got one mug for herself and one for her mother-in-law. Sita in a soft voice said," Sorry Anjali, I did not mean to hurt people."

Anjali smiled and said mummy, it's ok. It happens. next time when you want to comment or post anything ensure you check with me. don't be disheartened.

She picked up her mother-in-law mobile and glanced through pics that her mother-in-law had clicked. She said " Wow Mummy, you click good pictures. you should click a few pics of mine too".A big smile came on Sita's face. She was happy that her daughter-in-law did not get angry with her and complimented her photography skills.

The next day when Anjali was going to the office, she met her neighbor Neha. Neha enquired about the previous day incident.

Anjali said she is like a kid, do you scold your kids if they make mistakes. She is still learning to use social media and her English is poor. If I scold her, she will give up learning. I know she is not perfect, but she is trying to be there... I am proud of her.

Anjali gets a notification on FB that her mother-in-law had tagged her in a pic. She opens it to see what she had posted and to her surprise, It was her childhood pic and the caption was "My Bahu, Anjali without any dress". 500 likes and 50 comments....

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